The Ten

The only ones known to psychiatrists, attorneys, police and the media at the time of the trial.

  1. William Stanley Milligan (“Billy”), 26. The original, or core, personality, later referred to as “the unfused Billy,” or “Billy-U.” High school dropout. Six feet tall, 190 pounds. Blue eyes, brown hair.
  2. Arthur; 22. The Englishman. Rational, emotionless, he speaks with a British accent. Self-taught in physics and chemistry, he studies medical books. Reads and writes fluent Arabic. Though he is staunchly conservative and considers himself a capitalist, he is an avowed atheist. The first to discover the existence of all the others, he dominates in safe places, deciding who in the “family” will come out and hold the consciousness. Wears glasses.
  3. Ragen Vadascovinich, 23. The keeper of hate. His name is derived from “rage-again.” Yugoslavian, he speaks English with a noticeable Slavic accent, and reads, writes and speaks Serbo-Croatian. A weapons and munitions authority as well as a karate expert, he displays extraordinary strength, stemming from the ability to control his adrenaline flow. He is a communist and atheist. His charge is to be the protector of the family, and of women and children in general. He dominates the consciousness in dangerous places. Has associated with criminals and drug addicts, and admits to criminal, sometimes violent behavior. Weighs 210 pounds, has enormous arms, black hair and a long, drooping mustache. He sketches in black and white because he is color-blind.
  4. Allen, 18. The con man. A manipulator, he is the one who most often deals with outsiders. He is an agnostic, and his attitude is, “Make the best of life on earth.” He plays the drums, paints portraits and is the only one of the personalities who smokes cigarettes. Has a close relationship with Billy’s mother. Same height as William, though he weighs less (165). Hair parted on right, he is the only one who is right-handed.
  5. Tommy, 16. The escape artist. Often mistaken for Allen, he is generally belligerent and antisocial. Plays the saxophone and is an electronics specialist and a painter of landscapes. Muddy-blond hair and amber-brown eyes.
  6. Danny, 14. The frightened one. Afraid of people, especially men. He was forced to dig his own grave and was then buried alive. Thus he paints only still lifes. Shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, short and slender.
  7. David, 8. The keeper of pain, or the empath. Absorbs all the hurt and suffering of the other personalities. Highly sensitive and perceptive, but has a short attention span. Confused most of the time. Dark reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, physically small.
  8. Christene, 3. The comer child, so called because she was the one to stand in the comer in school. A bright little English girl, she can read and print, but has dyslexia. Likes to draw and color pictures of flowers and butterflies. Blond shoulder-length hair, blue eyes.
  9. Christopher, 13. Christenes brother. Speaks with a British accent. Obedient but troubled. Plays the harmonica. Hair brownish-blond like Christenes, but his bangs are shorter.
  10. Adalana, 19. The lesbian. Shy, lonely and introverted, she writes poetry, cooks and keeps house for the others. Adalana has long, stringy black hair, and since her brown eyes occasionally drift from side to side with nystagmus, she is said to have “dancing eyes.”

The Undesirables

Suppressed by Arthur because they possessed undesirable traits. Revealed, for the first time, at the Athens Mental ] Health Center to Dr. David Caul.

  1. Philip, 20. The thug. New Yorker, has a strong Brooklyn accent, uses vulgar language. References to “Phil” gave police and media the clue that there were more personalities than the ten known ones. Has committed minor crimes. Curly brown hair, hazel eyes, beak nose.
  2. Kevin, 20. The planner. A small-time criminal, he planned the Gray Drug Store robbery. Likes to write. Blond hair, green eyes.
  3. Walter, 22. The Australian. Fancies himself a big-game hunter. Has an excellent sense of direction and is often used as a “spotter.” Suppressed emotions. Eccentric. Has a mustache.
  4. April, 19. The bitch. Boston accent. She is filled with thoughts and plans of diabolical revenge against Billy’s stepfather. The others say she is insane. Does the sewing and helps with the housekeeping. Black hair, brown eyes.
  5. Samuel, 18. The wandering Jew. Orthodox in his religion, he is the only one who believes in God. Sculptor and wood-carver. Black curly hair and beard, brown eyes.
  6. Mark, 16. The workhorse. No initiative. Does nothing unless he’s told by the others. Takes care of monotonous labor. If there is nothing to do, he will stare at the wall. Sometimes referred to as “the zombie.”
  7. Steve, 21. The perpetual impostor. Laughs at people as he imitates them. An egomaniac, he is the only one of the inner selves who has never accepted the diagnosis of multiple personality. His mocking imitations often cause trouble for the others.
  8. Lee, 20. The comedian. Prankster, clown, wit, his practical jokes get the others into fights, and causes them to be thrown into solitary confinement in prison. Doesn’t care about life or the consequences of his actions. Dark-brown hair, hazel eyes.
  9. Jason, 13. The pressure valve. With his hysterial reactions and temper tantrums, which often result in punishment, he releases the built-up pressures. Carries off bad memories so the others can forget them, causing amnesia, brown hair, brown eyes.
  10. Robert (Bobby), 17. The daydreamer. Constantly fantasizes of travel and adventure. Though he dreams of making the world a better place, he has no ambition or intellectual interests.
  11. Shawn, 4. The deaf one. ?hort attention span and is otten assumed to be retarded. Makes buzzing sounds to feel the vibrations in his head.
  12. Martin, 19. The snob. A New Yorker and flashy show-off. Boasts and puts on airs. Wants things without earning them. Blond hair, gray eyes.
  13. Timothy (Timmy), 15. Worked in a florist shop, where he had an encounter with a homosexual who made advances that frightened him. Went into his own world.

The Teacher

24. The Teacher, 26. The sum of all twenty-three alter egos fused into one. Taught the others everything they’ve learned. Brilliant, sensitive, with a fine sense of humor. He says, “I am Billy all in one piece,” and refers to the others as “the androids I made.” The Teacher has almost total recall, and his emergence and cooperation made this book possible.


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