Our first declaration of love has to be for Holly Root, our agent, our cheerleader, our adorable ninja, and the baddest badass out there. Remember that time we put on our big-girl pants and told you all of our secrets? You accepted our piglet side with as much enthusiasm as the rest of it. Thank you for letting us tick the All of the Above box. You are an amazing human.

The excited-fangirl kind of shoutycaps for Adam Wilson, our editor at Gallery, for immediately getting BB, for getting us, and for margin notes that had us laughing for (literally) days. Also, we’re happy to know at least one guy has read this story. We promise we’ll never use “vulva.”

To Dawn, for her unwavering friendship and her enthusiasm when we suggested making this into something new. Thank you to Rachel, for carefully beta’ing the original fanfic. Moi, you are an amazing friend, and the best head of Office R&D BB could ever ask for. And although a blanket, heartfelt thank-you to the fandom will never suffice, it’s the best we can do in this space. Rest assured, the space you can claim in our shared history is much more massive. Your love for this story, even after it’s been down for over three years, has kept it very much alive. We hope you enjoyed the reworked book as much as you did the original. May you all have your La Perlas ripped at least once.

Beautiful Bastard prereaders—Martha, Erin, Kellie, Anne, Myra, and Gretchen: reworking this into a book with you all was The Most Fun, and we loved every comment, squee, edit and ::vowel sound:: Your excitement has kept us going even when we suspected we might be insane to do this, and especially when we were sure we were. Thank you for taking time to read every word, even the dirty ones we made you read a hundred times.

But perhaps most of all, we want to acknowledge the support of our families. SisterShoes, Cutest, Ninja, Bear, Blondie, and Dr. Mister Shoes—you give us more than encouragement; you indulge us with time, and love us even at the peaks of our silliest obsessions.Thank you for being the best part of every day, and the reason we embarked on this adventure in the first place.