Mikhail Lermontov. A Hero of Our Time

Language of original: Russian
The period of writing: 1838-1840
First published: 1840, Iliya Glazunov & Co

Part I[1]


Part II. Conclusion of Pechorin’s Journal

[1] the division into parts this way makes no sense (Nabokov called it “purely fortuitous”) and seems to have been an invention of the clumsy editor of the second edition. Russian literature did not yet have a tradition of the prose novel, while European printers at the time usually divided novels into separate volumes for convenience and sales. If one wanted to read the book in chronological order of the fictional events, it would be this way: Taman, Princess Mary, Bela (The Fatalist comes in the middle of this), Maksim Maksimich, and the Preface. However, the order Lermontov uses does spiral in on Pechorin’s character effectively. By the way, there are references in the book to “a long chain of tales” and teases about “a fat notebook” of remaining material, but, sorry, this is all we’ve got.