Books adding

Books files or archives with ones send to



  • Before you send books for adding, make sure that they are not in the library already. If the book is already there, but it contains errors or you have another translation, then your book can be added with or without replacing of old version.
  • We accept only books in fb2 file type which are made according to the rules of compilation the books of such a type of file. If the book has been converted into fb2 from another type of file, make sure that the format of the text has not been broken.
  • If the book is divided by sections, these ones must be properly designed in the markup of fb2.
  • Indicate the full name of the author, the original language and the year of first publication, if known.
  • Specify genres that already exist in fb2 library.

If the e-book was compiled with errors, most likely we will not correct them and won’t publish it, so try to send a fully ready and properly compiled e-books.

You can find more information on the compilation of e-books here.