1. C Box. Blue Heaven
  2. C Box. Three Weeks to Say Goodbye
  3. C Corwin. Dig
  4. C Corwin. The Cross Kisses Back
  5. C Corwin. The Unraveling of Violeta Bell
  6. C Harris. When maidens mourn
  7. C Holliday. Her animal act
  8. C Kornbluth. His Share of Glory The Complete Short Science Fiction
  9. C Ralston. Abused young virgin
  10. C Ralston. Donny_s hot mother
  11. C Ralston. Family affair
  12. C Ralston. Family in heat
  13. C Ralston. Horny office girls
  14. C Ralston. Hot loving widow
  15. C Ralston. Overeager teenager
  16. C Ralston. X-rated lady cop
  17. C Reiss. Sing
  18. C Roberts. Captive in the Dark
  19. C Sansom. Sovereign
  20. C. Cherryh. Exiles Gate
  21. C. Adams. Version 2.0
  22. C. Box. Back of Beyond
  23. C. Box. Below Zero
  24. C. Box. Blood Trail
  25. C. Box. Breaking Point
  26. C. Box. Cold Wind
  27. C. Box. Dull Knife
  28. C. Box. Force of Nature
  29. C. Box. Free Fire
  30. C. Box. In Plain Sight
  31. C. Box. Nowhere to Run
  32. C. Box. Open Season
  33. C. Box. Out of Range
  34. C. Box. Pronghorns of the Third Reich
  35. C. Box. Savage Run
  36. C. Box. The Highway
  37. C. Box. The Master Falconer
  38. C. Box. Trophy Hunt
  39. C. Box. Winterkill
  40. C. Brittain. A Bad Spell in Yurt
  41. C. Brittain. Daughter of Magic
  42. C. Brittain. Mage Quest
  43. C. Brittain. The Witch, the Cathedral
  44. C. Brittain. The Wood Nymph, the Cranky Saint
  45. C. Brittain. Voima
  46. C. Brown. Fraternizing
  47. C. Bryant. Broken
  48. C. Cherryh. Cuckoo’s Egg
  49. C. Cherryh. Fires of Azeroth
  50. C. Cherryh. Forty Thousand in Gehenna
  51. C. Cherryh. Gate of Ivrel
  52. C. Cherryh. Kesrith
  53. C. Cherryh. Kutath
  54. C. Cherryh. Regenesis
  55. C. Cherryh. Shon’jir
  56. C. Cherryh. Swift-Spear
  57. C. Cherryh. Wall of Shiuan
  58. C. Chivers. The Gun
  59. C. Daugherty . Fracture
  60. C. E. Murphy. No Dominion: A Garrison Report
  61. C. E. Murphy. Wayfinder
  62. C. Forester. 10 Lord Hornblower
  63. C. Forester. 12 Hornblower and the Crisis
  64. C. Forester. Hornblower’s Charitable Offering
  65. C. Friedman. Dominion
  66. C. Gortner. The Tudor Conspiracy
  67. C. Goto. Dawn of War
  68. C. Graham. The Solomon Effect
  69. C. Harris. What Darkness Brings
  70. C. LaSart. Ad Nauseam: 13 Tales of Extreme Horror
  71. C. Lawrence. Silent Screams
  72. C. Lawrence. Silent Stalker
  73. C. Lawrence. Silent victim
  74. C. Moore . Scars of the Earth
  75. C. Murphy. Demon Hunts
  76. C. Murphy. The Pretender_s Crown
  77. C. Murphy. The Queen_s Bastard
  78. C. Murphy. Urban Shaman
  79. C. Omololu. Intuition
  80. C. Omololu. Transcendence
  81. C. Palov. Ark of Fire
  82. C. Palov. Templar’s Code
  83. C. Ralston. Turning on her teachers
  84. C. Redwine. Deception
  85. C. Sansom. Dark Fire
  86. C. Sansom. Dissolution
  87. C. Sansom. Dominion
  88. C. Sansom. Winter in Madrid
  89. C. Volney. The Ruins, Or, Meditation On The Revolutions Of Empires
  90. C. Werner. Blighted Empire
  91. C. Werner. Dead Winter
  92. C.E. Murphy. Coyote Dreams
  93. C.E. Murphy. Heart of Stone
  94. C.E. Murphy. House of Cards
  95. C.E. Murphy. Mountain Echoes
  96. C.E. Murphy. Raven Calls
  97. C.E. Murphy. Spirit Dances
  98. C.E. Murphy. Thunderbird Falls
  99. C.E. Murphy. Truthseeker
  100. C.E. Murphy. Walking Dead
  101. C.E. Mutphy. Hands of Flame
  102. C.J. Sansom. Heartstone
  103. C.J. Sansom. Revelation
  104. C.M. Palov. The Templar’s Quest
  105. C.S. Harris. What Angels Fear
  106. C.S. Harris. What Remains of Heaven
  107. C.S. Harris. When Gods Die
  108. C.S. Harris. Where Serpents Sleep
  109. C.S. Harris. Where Shadows Dance
  110. C.S. Harris. Why Mermaids Sing
  111. Cairo. Daddy Long Stroke
  112. Cairo. Deep Throat Diva
  113. Cairo. Kitty-Kitty, Bang-Bang
  114. Cairo. The Kat Trap
  115. Cairo. The Man Handler
  116. Caitl?n Kiernan. Black Wings: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror
  117. Caitlin Kiernan. Alabaster
  118. Caitlin Kiernan. Beowulf
  119. Caitlin Kiernan. Silk
  120. Caitlin Kittredge . Street Magic
  121. Caitlin Kittredge. Bone Gods
  122. Caitlin Kittredge. Dark Days
  123. Caitlin Kittredge. Demon Bound
  124. Caitlin Kittredge. Devil’s Business
  125. Caitlin Kittredge. Soul Trade
  126. Caitlin Kittredge. The Iron Thorn
  127. Caitlin Kittredge. The Mirrored Shard
  128. Caitlin Kittredge. The Nightmare Garden
  129. Caitlin R. Kiernan. The Red Tree
  130. Caitlyn Willows. Dean’s List
  131. Caleb Carr. Killing Time
  132. Caleb Carr. The Alienist
  133. Caleb Carr. The Angel Of Darkness
  134. Caleb Carr. The Legend of Broken
  135. Calvin Bernard. Daughter_s hot mouthful
  136. Calvin Mason. Gang bang sisters
  137. Cam Banks. The Sellsword
  138. Cambria Hebert. Text
  139. Cameron Haley. Mob rules
  140. Cameron Haley. Skeleton Crew
  141. Cameron Jace. Cinderella Dressed in Ashes
  142. Cameron Stracher. The Water Wars
  143. Cameron West. The Medici Dagger
  144. Camilla L?ckberg. The Drowning
  145. Camilla L?ckberg. The Gallows Bird
  146. Camilla L?ckberg. The Hidden Child
  147. Camilla L?ckberg. The Ice Princess
  148. Camilla L?ckberg. The Stone Cutter
  149. Camilla Lackberg. The Lost Boy
  150. Campbell Black. Raiders Of the Lost Ark
  151. Camy Tang. Sushi for One?
  152. Candace Bushnell . SEX and the CITY
  153. Candace Bushnell. Summer and the City
  154. Candice Hern. The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance
  155. Candy Mann. Lusty Lady Lovers
  156. Captain Devereaux. Venus in India
  157. Cara Black. AL01 – Murder in the Marais
  158. Cara Black. AL05 – Murder in Clichy
  159. Cara Black. AL06 – Murder in Montmartre
  160. Cara Black. AL07 – Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis
  161. Cara Black. Murder at the Lanterne Rouge
  162. Cara Black. Murder in Belleville
  163. Cara Black. Murder in the Bastille
  164. Cara Black. Murder in the Sentier
  165. Caris Roane. Born in Chains
  166. Carl Barat . Threepenny Memoir_ The Lives of a Libertine
  167. Carl Burton. Sex teaching teacher
  168. Carl Conley. Ranch Roundup Family Style
  169. Carl Hiaasen. A Death in China
  170. Carl Hiaasen. Chomp
  171. Carl Hiaasen. Flush
  172. Carl Hiaasen. Hoot
  173. Carl Hiaasen. Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen
  174. Carl Hiaasen. Nature Girl
  175. Carl Hiaasen. Skin Tight
  176. Carl Hiaasen. Skinny Dip
  177. Carl Hiassen. Basket Case
  178. Carl Hiassen. Double Whammy
  179. Carl Hiassen. Lucky You
  180. Carl Hiassen. Naked Came The Manatee
  181. Carl Hiassen. NativeTongue
  182. Carl Hiassen. Sick Puppy
  183. Carl Hiassen. Stormy Weather
  184. Carl Hiassen. Tourist Season
  185. Carl Isley. Dog show girl
  186. Carl Ross. Boy-loving Mother
  187. Carl Ross. Hot lips secretary
  188. Carl Ross. The horny teacher
  189. Carl Sagan. Broca’s Brain: The Romance of Science
  190. Carl Sagan. Contact
  191. Carl Sagan. Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space
  192. Carl Sagan. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
  193. Carl Sagan. The Nuclear Winter
  194. Carl Sagan. The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God
  195. Carl Sargent. Black Madonna
  196. Carl Sargent. Nosferatu
  197. Carl Sargent. Streets of blood
  198. Carl Tatem. Daughter_s little friend
  199. Carl Tropper. Suburban Wives and Their Sexual Infidelity
  200. Carl Van Marcus. An unholy lust
  201. Carl van Marcus. Naked and helpless
  202. Carl Van Marcus. The girlfriend_s revenge Volume One
  203. Carl Van Marcus. The girlfriend_s revenge Volume Two
  204. Carl Van Marcus. The lady disk-jockey
  205. Carl Van Marcus. The motorcyclist_s wife
  206. Carl Van Marcus. The tempted bride
  207. Carl Van Marcus. The watching husband
  208. Carl Weber. Baby Momma Drama
  209. Carla Neggers. Abandon
  210. Carla Neggers. Betrayals
  211. Carla Neggers. Breakwater
  212. Carla Neggers. Cold Dawn
  213. Carla Neggers. Cold Pursuit
  214. Carla Neggers. Cold Ridge
  215. Carla Neggers. Cut and Run
  216. Carla Neggers. Night’s Landing
  217. Carla Neggers. Tempting Fate
  218. Carla Neggers. The Carriage House
  219. Carla Neggers. The Harbor
  220. Carla Neggers. The Mist
  221. Carla Neggers. The Whisper
  222. Carla Neggers. The Widow
  223. Carla Neggers. White Hot
  224. Carlene Thompson. Don
  225. Carlin Romano. Philadelphia Noir
  226. Carlos Castaneda. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
  227. Carlos Castaneda. The Wheel Of Time
  228. Carlos Fuentes. Destiny and Desire
  229. Carlos Fuentes. The Death of Artemio Cruz
  230. Carlos Fuentes. The Years with Laura Diaz
  231. Carlos Zaf?n. Rose of Fire
  232. Carlos Zaf?n. The Angel’s Game
  233. Carlos Zafon. The Midnight Palace
  234. Carlos Zafon. The Prince Of Mist
  235. Carlotta Graham. A wild yearning
  236. Carlotta Graham. An animal threesome
  237. Carlotta Graham. Teacher_s bonus
  238. Carlotta Graham. The animal urge
  239. Carlotta Graham. The lap dog
  240. Carlotta Graham. The Teacher’s dog
  241. Carlson Melody. Stealing Bradford
  242. Carlton Adams. The blackmailed teenagers
  243. Carlton III. The Cannibals of Candyland
  244. Carlton III. Zombies and Shit
  245. Carlton Mellick III. Satan Burger
  246. Carly Phillips. Body Heat
  247. Carly Phillips. Brazen
  248. Carly Phillips. Cross My Heart
  249. Carly Phillips. Hot Item
  250. Carly Phillips. Hot Number
  251. Carly Phillips. Hot Property
  252. Carly Phillips. Hot Stuff
  253. Carly Phillips. Lucky Break
  254. Carly Phillips. Lucky Charm
  255. Carly Phillips. Lucky Streak
  256. Carly Phillips. Sealed with a Kiss
  257. Carly Phillips. Secret Fantasy
  258. Carly Phillips. Seducme Me aka Erotic Invitation
  259. Carly Phillips. Simply Sexy
  260. Carly Phillips. Simply Sinful
  261. Carly Phillips. Summer Lovin’
  262. Carly Phillips. Under the Boardwalk
  263. Carmen DeSousa. Creatus
  264. Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban. Immortal Love
  265. Carmen Jenner. Welcome to Sugartown
  266. Carnell, Thom. No Flesh Shall Be Spared
  267. Carol Berg. Flesh and Spirit
  268. Carol Berg. Breath and Bone
  269. Carol Berg. Daughter of Ancients
  270. Carol Berg. Guardians Of The Keep
  271. Carol Berg. Son of Avonar
  272. Carol Berg. THE SOUL WEAVER
  273. Carol Clark. Burned
  274. Carol Clark. Fleeced
  275. Carol Clark. He Sees You When You’re Sleeping
  276. Carol Clark. Hitched
  277. Carol Clark. Laced
  278. Carol Davis. Mom’s busy bedroom
  279. Carol Dweck. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
  280. Carol Ericson. Circumstantial Memories
  281. Carol Ericson. Eyewitness
  282. Carol Marinelli. Innoncent Secretary, Accidentally Pregnant
  283. Carol O’Connell. Crime School
  284. Carol O’Connell. Find Me
  285. Carol O’Connell. Killing Critics
  286. Carol O’Connell. Shell Game
  287. Carol O’Connell. Stone Angel
  288. Carol O’Connell. The Man Who Lied To Women
  289. Carol O’Connell. Winter House
  290. Carol O’Connell. Bone by Bone
  291. Carol O’Connell. Dead Famous aka The Jury Must Die
  292. Carol O’Connell. Mallory’s Oracle
  293. Carol O’Connell. The Chalk Girl
  294. Carol Shields. Unless
  295. Carol Sister O’Marie. The Missing Madonna
  296. Carole Douglas. Brimstone Kiss
  297. Carole Douglas. Dancing with Werewolves
  298. Carole Douglas. Silver Zombie
  299. Carole Douglas. Vampire Sunrise
  300. Carole Douglas. Virtual Virgin
  301. Carole Wilson. Laura_s ball club
  302. Carole Wilson. Second grade teacher
  303. Carole Wilson. Two sisters
  304. Carole Wilson. Video Games
  305. Caroline Cherryh. Chanur’s Homecoming
  306. Caroline Cherryh. Chanur’s Legacy
  307. Caroline Cherryh. Chanur’s Venture
  308. Caroline Cherryh. Downbelow Station
  309. Caroline Cherryh. The Kif Strike Back
  310. Caroline Cherryh. The Pride of Chanur
  311. Caroline Spector. Worlds Without End
  312. Carol-Lynn Waugh. The Twelve Crimes of Christmas
  313. Carolyn Cherry. The Last Tower
  314. Carolyn Cherryh. Cyteen
  315. Carolyn Faulkner. Generation Stables
  316. Carolyn Gregg. La Petite Mort
  317. Carolyn Haines. Wishbones
  318. Carolyn Hart. Dead By Midnight
  319. Carolyn Hart. Ghost at Work _a Bailey Ruth Mystery
  320. Carolyn Hart. Ghost in Trouble (2010)
  321. Carolyn Hart. Merry, Merry Ghost
  322. Carolyn Hart. Southern Ghost
  323. Carolyn Hart. Spooked
  324. Carolyn Keene. An Instinct for Trouble
  325. Carolyn Keene. Deadly Doubles
  326. Carolyn Keene. Easy Marks
  327. Carolyn Keene. Greek Odyssey
  328. Carolyn Keene. Hit and Run Holiday
  329. Carolyn Keene. Mystery of Crocodile Island
  330. Carolyn Keene. Stay Tuned For Danger
  331. Carolyn Keene. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall
  332. Carolyn Keene. The Clue in the Jewel Box
  333. Carolyn Keene. The Hidden Staircase
  334. Carolyn Keene. The Ringmasters Secret
  335. Carolyn Keene. The Secret of Red Gate Farm
  336. Carolyn Keene. This Side of Evil
  337. Carolyn Keene. Trial By Fire
  338. Carolyn Keene. Two Points to Murder
  339. Carolyn Keene. White Water Terror
  340. Carolyn King. Mother_ s Friend
  341. Carolyn Turgeon. The Fairest of Them All
  342. Carrie Bebris. North by Northanger
  343. Carrie Bebris. Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor
  344. Carrie Bebris. Pride and Prescience
  345. Carrie Bebris. Suspense & Sensibility
  346. Carrie Bebris. The Deception At Lyme
  347. Carrie Bebris. The Intrigue at Highbury
  348. Carrie Bebris. The Matters at Mansfield
  349. Carrie Cuinn. Cthulhurotica
  350. Carrie Fisher. Wishful Drinking
  351. Carrie Jones. Entice
  352. Carrie Jones. Need
  353. Carrie Vaughn. After the Golden Age
  354. Carrie Vaughn. Discord’s Apple
  355. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand
  356. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty and the Midnight Hour
  357. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty and the Silver Bullet
  358. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Goes to War
  359. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Goes to Washington
  360. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty in the Underworld
  361. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Raises Hell
  362. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Rocks the House
  363. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Steals the Show
  364. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty Takes a Holiday
  365. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty’s Big Trouble
  366. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty’s Greatest Hits
  367. Carrie Vaughn. Kitty’s House of Horrors
  368. Carrie Vaughn. Steel
  369. Carrie Vaughn. Voices of Dragons
  370. Carson McCullers. Reflections in a Golden Eye
  371. Carson McCullers. The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories
  372. Carson McCullers. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  373. Carter Chris. The Death Sculptor
  374. Carter Sprague. My Sisters And I
  375. Caryl Emerson. The Cambridge Introduction to Russian Literature
  376. Casey Daniels. Dead Man Talking
  377. Casey Daniels. Tomb With a View
  378. Casey Mayes. A Killer Column
  379. Cassandra Claire. The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship
  380. Cassandra Clare. City of Ashes
  381. Cassandra Clare. City of Bones
  382. Cassandra Clare. City of Fallen Angels
  383. Cassandra Clare. City of Glass
  384. Cassandra Clare. City of Lost Souls
  385. Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Angel
  386. Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Prince
  387. Cassandra Clare. Clockwork Princess
  388. Cassandra Clare. Saving Raphael Santiago
  389. Cassandra Clare. The Runaway Queen
  390. Cassandra Clare. Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale
  391. Cassie Alexander. Moonshifted
  392. Cassie Alexander. Nightshifted
  393. Cassie Alexander. Shapeshifted
  394. Cat Adams. Blood Song
  395. Cat Adams. Demon Song
  396. Cat Adams. Siren Song
  397. Cat Adams. The Eldritch Conspiracy
  398. Cat Adams. The Isis Collar
  399. Cat Adams. To Dance with the Devil
  400. Cat Devon. The Entity Who Came for Christmas
  401. Cat Devon. The Entity Within
  402. Cat Marsters. Mad, Bad & Dangerous
  403. Cat Patrick. Revived
  404. Cate Tiernan. A Chalice of Wind
  405. Cate Tiernan. Awakening
  406. Cate Tiernan. Black Magick
  407. Cate Tiernan. Blood Witch
  408. Cate Tiernan. Book of Shadows
  409. Cate Tiernan. Changeling
  410. Cate Tiernan. Eclipse
  411. Cate Tiernan. Full Circle
  412. Cate Tiernan. Night’s Child
  413. Cate Tiernan. Origins
  414. Cate Tiernan. Reckoning
  415. Cate Tiernan. Seeker
  416. Cate Tiernan. Spellbound
  417. Cate Tiernan. Strife
  418. Cate Tiernan. The Calling
  419. Cate Tiernan. The Coven
  420. Catharine Dworkin. Pornography and Civil Rights: A New Day for Women’s Equality
  421. Catherine Aird. Henrietta Who?
  422. Catherine Aird. Last Respects
  423. Catherine Aird. The Religious Body
  424. Catherine Aird. The Stately Home Murder
  425. Catherine Alliott. A Rural Affair
  426. Catherine Asaro. Aurora in Four Voices
  427. Catherine Asaro. Nebula Awards Showcase 2013
  428. Catherine Asaro. The Night Bird
  429. Catherine Asaro. The Quantum Rose
  430. Catherine Cookson. The Gambling Man
  431. Catherine Coulter. Backfire
  432. Catherine Coulter. Beyond Eden
  433. Catherine Coulter. Blindside
  434. Catherine Coulter. Blowout
  435. Catherine Coulter. Born To Be Wild
  436. Catherine Coulter. Double Take
  437. Catherine Coulter. Eleventh Hour
  438. Catherine Coulter. Hemlock Bay
  439. Catherine Coulter. KnockOut
  440. Catherine Coulter. Lyons Gate
  441. Catherine Coulter. Pendragon
  442. Catherine Coulter. Point Blank
  443. Catherine Coulter. Riptide
  444. Catherine Coulter. Sherbrooke Twins
  445. Catherine Coulter. Split Second
  446. Catherine Coulter. Tail Spin
  447. Catherine Coulter. The Cove
  448. Catherine Coulter. The Edge
  449. Catherine Coulter. The Maze
  450. Catherine Coulter. The Target
  451. Catherine Coulter. Whiplash
  452. Catherine Coulter. Wizards Daughter
  453. Catherine Crier. Final Analysis
  454. Catherine Gayle. A Perfect Pearl
  455. Catherine Gayle. Leg-Shackled
  456. Catherine Gayle. Of Love and Lust
  457. Catherine Gayle. One Lonely Night
  458. Catherine Knutsson. Shadows Cast by Stars
  459. Catherine Merridale. Ivan’s War
  460. Catherynne Valente . White Lines on a Green Field
  461. Catherynne Valente. Deathless
  462. Cathleen Schine. The Three Weissmanns of Westport
  463. Cathryn Fox. Magic & Mayhem
  464. Cathy O’Brien. Trance Formation of America
  465. Cathy O’Brien. Trance Formation of America (w/o documents)
  466. Cathy Thacker. A Cowboy Under The Mistletoe
  467. Catriona Kelly. Russian literature. A short introduction
  468. Cecelia Ahern. The Book of Tomorrow
  469. Cecelia Ahern. The Gift
  470. Cecelia Ahern. There’s No Place Like Here
  471. Cecelia Holland. Floating Worlds
  472. Cecil Forester. A Ship of the Line
  473. Cecil Forester. Flying Colours
  474. Cecil Forester. Hornblower and the Atropos
  475. Cecil Forester. Hornblower and the Hotspur
  476. Cecil Forester. Hornblower and the Widow McCool
  477. Cecil Forester. Hornblower in the West Indies
  478. Cecil Forester. Lieutenant Hornblower
  479. Cecil Forester. Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
  480. Cecil Forester. The Commodore
  481. Cecil Forester. The Happy Return
  482. Cecil Forester. The Last Encounter
  483. Cecilia Dominic. The Mountain’s Shadow
  484. Cecy Robson. A Cursed Embrace
  485. Celeste Anwar . Carnal Thirst
  486. Celeste Anwar. Carnal Appetite
  487. Celeste Anwar. Carnal Knowledge
  488. Celeste Anwar. Born Of Night
  489. Ch?gyam Trungpa. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism
  490. Ch?hei Kambayashi. Good Luck, Yukikaze
  491. Ch?hei Kambayashi. Yukikaze
  492. Cha’Bella Don. Dirtiest Revenge
  493. Chaim Potok. The Chosen
  494. Chaim Potok. The Gates of November
  495. Chalmers Johnson. Blowback, Second Edition: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
  496. Chalmers Johnson. Dismantling the Empire
  497. Chalmers Johnson. MITI and the Japanese miracle
  498. Chalmers Johnson. Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic
  499. Chalmers Johnson. The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic
  500. Chamberlain, Diane. The Shadow Wife
  501. Chan Koonchung. The Fat Years
  502. Chandin Whitten. Beautiful Misery
  503. Chang-Rae Lee. The Surrendered
  504. Chantelle Shaw. Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence
  505. Charisma Knight. Silver Bracelets
  506. Charlaine Harris. A Bone To Pick
  507. Charlaine Harris. A Fool and His Honey
  508. Charlaine Harris. A Touch of Dead
  509. Charlaine Harris. An Apple for the Creature
  510. Charlaine Harris. An Ice cold Grave
  511. Charlaine Harris. Crimes by Moonlight
  512. Charlaine Harris. Dancers In The Dark – Night’s Edge
  513. Charlaine Harris. Dead Ever After
  514. Charlaine Harris. Dead in the Family
  515. Charlaine Harris. Dead Over Heels
  516. Charlaine Harris. Deadlocked
  517. Charlaine Harris. Death’s Excellent Vacation
  518. Charlaine Harris. Grave Secret
  519. Charlaine Harris. Grave Sight
  520. Charlaine Harris. Grave Surprise
  521. Charlaine Harris. Last Scene Alive
  522. Charlaine Harris. Many Bloody Returns
  523. Charlaine Harris. Must Love Hellhounds
  524. Charlaine Harris. One Word Answer
  525. Charlaine Harris. Poppy Done to Death
  526. Charlaine Harris. Real Murders
  527. Charlaine Harris. Shakespeare’s Champion
  528. Charlaine Harris. Shakespeare’s Christmas
  529. Charlaine Harris. Shakespeare’s Counselor
  530. Charlaine Harris. Shakespeare’s Landlord
  531. Charlaine Harris. Shakespeare’s Trollop
  532. Charlaine Harris. Sweet and Deadly aka Dead Dog
  533. Charlaine Harris. The Julius House
  534. Charlaine Harris. Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
  535. Charlaine Harris. Wolfsbane and Mistletoe
  536. Charlene Sands. Exquisite Acquisitions
  537. Charles . Flunkeyania
  538. Charles Ardai. Fifty-to-One
  539. Charles Benoit. You
  540. Charles Brokaw. The Lucifer Code
  541. Charles Brooks. Chimney-Pot Papers
  542. Charles Bukowski. Factotum
  543. Charles Bukowski. Ham On Rye
  544. Charles Bukowski. Post Office
  545. Charles Bukowski. The Captain Is Out to Lunch
  546. Charles Bukowski. Women
  547. Charles Collins. No Thoroughfare
  548. Charles Cumming. A spy by nature
  549. Charles Cumming. The hidden man
  550. Charles Cumming. The Spanish Game
  551. Charles Cumming. The Trinity Six
  552. Charles Cumming. Typhoon
  553. Charles De Lint. Dreams Underfoot
  554. Charles De Lint. Memory and Dream
  555. Charles De Lint. The Ivory and the Horn
  556. Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol
  557. Charles Dickens. A Message From the Sea
  558. Charles Dickens. A Tale Of Two Cities
  559. Charles Dickens. All The Year Round
  560. Charles Dickens. Barnaby Rudge — A Tale Of The Riots Of Eighty
  561. Charles Dickens. Bleak House
  562. Charles Dickens. David Copperfield
  563. Charles Dickens. Doctor Marigold
  564. Charles Dickens. Dombey and Son
  565. Charles Dickens. George Silverman’s Explanation
  566. Charles Dickens. Great Expectations
  567. Charles Dickens. Hard Times
  568. Charles Dickens. Holiday Romance
  569. Charles Dickens. Hunted down
  570. Charles Dickens. Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit
  571. Charles Dickens. Little Dorrit
  572. Charles Dickens. Master Humphrey’s Clock
  573. Charles Dickens. Miscellaneous Papers
  574. Charles Dickens. Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy
  575. Charles Dickens. Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings
  576. Charles Dickens. Mudfog And Other Sketches
  577. Charles Dickens. Mugby Junction and Other Stories
  578. Charles Dickens. Oliver Twist
  579. Charles Dickens. Our Mutual Friend
  580. Charles Dickens. Pictures from Italy
  581. Charles Dickens. Short Stories
  582. Charles Dickens. Sketches by Boz
  583. Charles Dickens. Some Christmas Stories
  584. Charles Dickens. Speeches: Literary & Social
  585. Charles Dickens. Sunday Under Three Heads
  586. Charles Dickens. The Adventures of Oliver Twist
  587. Charles Dickens. The Battle of Life
  588. Charles Dickens. The Chimes
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  593. Charles Dickens. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
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  595. Charles Dickens. The Pickwick Papers
  596. Charles Dickens. The Seven Poor Travellers
  597. Charles Dickens. The Uncommercial Traveller
  598. Charles Dickens. The Wreck of the Golden Mary
  599. Charles Dickens. Three Ghost Stories
  600. Charles Domville-Fife. Submarine Warfare of To-Day
  601. Charles Duhigg. The Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
  602. Charles Finch. A Beautiful Blue Death
  603. Charles Finch. A Burial at Sea
  604. Charles Finch. A Death in the Small Hours
  605. Charles Finch. A Stranger in Mayfair
  606. Charles Finch. The Fleet Street Murders
  607. Charles Finch. The September Society
  608. Charles Gannon. Fire With Fire
  609. Charles Grant. The Pet
  610. Charles Henderson. Marine Sniper
  611. Charles Jackson. England Expects
  612. Charles McCarry. The Miernik Dossier
  613. Charles Mccarry. The Tears Of Autumn
  614. Charles Orangetree. Diary of the Last Seed
  615. Charles Richards. A Kingdom Of Love
  616. Charles Richards. The hot swappers
  617. Charles Richmond. Sold into slavery
  618. Charles Sheffield. Aftermath
  619. Charles Sheffield. Between the Strokes of Night
  620. Charles Sheffield. Convergence
  621. Charles Sheffield. Dark as Day
  622. Charles Sheffield. Divergence
  623. Charles Sheffield. My Brother
  624. Charles Sheffield. Proteus in the Underworld
  625. Charles Sheffield. Resurgence
  626. Charles Sheffield. Starfire
  627. Charles Sheffield. Summertide
  628. Charles Sheffield. The Amazing Dr. Darwin
  629. Charles Sheffield. The Compleat McAndrews
  630. Charles Sheffield. The Mind Pool
  631. Charles Sheffield. The Spheres of Heaven
  632. Charles Sheffield. The Web Between the Worlds
  633. Charles Sheffield. Tomorrow and Tomorrow
  634. Charles Sheffield. Transcendence
  635. Charles Stross. Accelerando
  636. Charles Stross. Equoid
  637. Charles Stross. Glasshouse
  638. Charles Stross. Halting State
  639. Charles Stross. Iron Sunrise
  640. Charles Stross. Missile Gap
  641. Charles Stross. Neptune’s Brood
  642. Charles Stross. Overtime
  643. Charles Stross. Rule 34
  644. Charles Stross. Saturn’s Children
  645. Charles Stross. Singularity Sky
  646. Charles Stross. The Apocalypse Codex
  647. Charles Stross. The Atrocity Archives
  648. Charles Stross. The Clan Corporate
  649. Charles Stross. The Family Trade
  650. Charles Stross. The Fuller Memorandum
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  652. Charles Stross. The Jennifer Morgue
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  654. Charles Stross. The Revolution Business
  655. Charles Stross. The Trade of Queens
  656. Charles Todd. A Bitter Truth
  657. Charles Todd. A Cold Treachery
  658. Charles Todd. A Duty to the Dead
  659. Charles Todd. A False Mirror
  660. Charles Todd. A Fearsome Doubt
  661. Charles Todd. A Lonely Death
  662. Charles Todd. A long shadow
  663. Charles Todd. A matter of Justice
  664. Charles Todd. A pale horse
  665. Charles Todd. A test of wills
  666. Charles Todd. An Impartial Witness
  667. Charles Todd. An Unmarked Grave
  668. Charles Todd. Legacy of the Dead
  669. Charles Todd. Proof of Guilt
  670. Charles Todd. Search the Dark
  671. Charles Todd. The Confession
  672. Charles Todd. The red door
  673. Charles Todd. Watchers of Time
  674. Charles Todd. Wings of Fire
  675. Charles Waite. Survivor of the Long March
  676. Charles Warner. The Gilded Age / A tale of today
  677. Charles Willeford. The Burnt Orange Heresy
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  679. Charles Williams. Aground
  680. Charles Williams. All the way
  681. Charles Williams. And the deep blue sea
  682. Charles Williams. Big city girl
  683. Charles Williams. Dead calm
  684. Charles Williams. Girl Out Back
  685. Charles Williams. Go Home, Stranger
  686. Charles Williams. Gulf Coast Girl
  687. Charles Williams. Hell Hath No Fury
  688. Charles Williams. Hill Girl
  689. Charles Williams. Man on a Leash
  690. Charles Williams. Man On The Run
  691. Charles Williams. The Sailcloth Shroud
  692. Charles Wilson. A Bridge of Years
  693. Charles Wykes. Brothers And sisters
  694. Charles Yonge. The Constitutional History of England From 1760 to 1860
  695. Charles Yonge. The Life of Marie Antoinette
  696. Charles Young. Dangers of the Trail in 1865
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  698. Charlie Huston. A Dangerous Man
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  700. Charlie Huston. Caught Stealing
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  702. Charlie Huston. Half the Blood of Brooklyn
  703. Charlie Huston. My Dead Body
  704. Charlie Huston. No Dominion
  705. Charlie Huston. Six Bad Things
  706. Charlie Huston. Sleepless
  707. Charlie Huston. The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death
  708. Charlie Huston. The Shotgun Rule
  709. Charlie Stella. Charlie Opera
  710. Charlize Benett. Fifty Shades of Lies
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  712. Charlotte Armstrong. Something blue
  713. Charlotte Armstrong. The Case of the Weird Sisters
  714. Charlotte Armstrong. The Unsuspected
  715. Charlotte Bront?. Jane Eyre
  716. Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre
  717. Charlotte Gilman. The Yellow Wall-Paper
  718. Charlotte Lamb. Compulsion
  719. Charlotte North. The seduction of Laurie
  720. Charlotte Yonge. Abbeychurch
  721. Charlotte Yonge. Old Times at Otterbourne
  722. Charlotte Yonge. That Stick …
  723. Charlotte Yonge. The Trial
  724. Charlotte Yonge. The Two Guardians
  725. Chekhov, Anton. The Complete Short Novels
  726. Chelle Bliss. Untangle Me
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  728. Chelsea Cain. Heartsick
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  731. Chelsea Fine. Avow
  732. Chelsea Handler. Are You There, Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea
  733. Chelsea Handler. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
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  736. Cherie Colyer. Hold Tight
  737. Cherie Priest. Boneshaker
  738. Cherie Priest. Clementine
  739. Cherie Priest. Dreadnought
  740. Cherie Priest. Ganymede
  741. Cherise Sinclair. If only
  742. Cherise Sinclair. Breaking Free
  743. Cherise Sinclair. Hour of the Lion
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  751. Cheryl Bradshaw. Sinnerman
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  753. Cheryl Tardif. Submerged
  754. Chesley Sullenberger. Highest Duty
  755. Chester Anderson. The Butterfly Kid
  756. Chester Himes. All shot up
  757. Chester Himes. Cotton comes to Harlem
  758. Chester Himes. If he hollers let him go
  759. Chester Himes. The big gold dream
  760. Chester Himes. The crazy kill
  761. Chester Himes. The Heat’s on
  762. Chester Himes. The meanest cop in the World
  763. Chester Himes. The real cool killers
  764. Chet Williamson. Reign
  765. Chevy Stevens. Always Watching
  766. Chevy Stevens. Never Knowing
  767. Chevy Stevens. Still Missing
  768. Chevy Stevens. The Other Side
  769. Chico Williams. The Ups and Downs of Life
  770. Chico Williams. Two Flappers In Paris
  771. Chil Rajchman. Treblinka
  772. Chili Peeler. Manhattan madness
  773. Chimamanda Adichi. The Thing Around Your Neck
  774. China Mi?ville. Iron Council
  775. China Mi?ville. King Rat
  776. China Mi?ville. Looking for Jake and Other Stories
  777. China Mi?ville. Un Lun Dun
  778. China Mieville. Embassytown
  779. China Mieville. Jack
  780. China Mieville. Kraken
  781. China Mieville. Perdido Street Station
  782. China Mieville. Railsea
  783. China Mieville. The City and The City
  784. China Mieville. The Scar
  785. China Mieville. The Tain
  786. Chinua Achebe. Chike and the River
  787. Chinua Achebe. Things Fall Apart
  788. Chitra Divakaruni. One Amazing Thing
  789. Chris Bohjalian. Before You Know Kindness
  790. Chris Bohjalian. Midwives
  791. Chris Bohjalian. Secrets of Eden
  792. Chris Bohjalian. Skeletons at the Feast
  793. Chris Bohjalian. The Night Strangers
  794. Chris Braak. Mr. Stitch
  795. Chris Cant. Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers
  796. Chris Carter. The Crucifix Killer
  797. Chris Carter. The Executioner
  798. Chris Carter. The Night Stalker
  799. Chris Cleave. Incendiary
  800. Chris Cleave. Little Bee
  801. Chris Crutcher. Whale Talk
  802. Chris Cutler. CASSIBER 1982-1992
  803. Chris Evans. A Darkness Forged in Fire
  804. Chris Evans. Ashes of a Black Frost
  805. Chris Evans. The Light of Burning Shadows
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  807. Chris Grabenstein. Fun House
  808. Chris Grabenstein. Mad Mouse
  809. Chris Grabenstein. Ring Toss
  810. Chris Grabenstein. Rolling Thunder
  811. Chris Grabenstein. Tilt-a-Whirl
  812. Chris Grabenstein. Whack A Mole
  813. Chris Holm. Dead Harvest
  814. Chris Holm. The Big Reap
  815. Chris Holm. The Wrong Goodbye
  816. Chris Jordan. Measure of Darkness
  817. Chris Jordan. Torn
  818. Chris Knopf. Hard Stop
  819. Chris Knopf. Head Wounds
  820. Chris Knopf. The Last Refuge
  821. Chris Knopf. Two Time
  822. Chris Komodo. Getting warmer
  823. Chris Kuzneski. Sign of the Cross
  824. Chris Kuzneski. Sword of God
  825. Chris Kuzneski. The Hunters
  826. Chris Kuzneski. The Lost Throne
  827. Chris Kuzneski. The Plantation
  828. Chris Kuzneski. The Prophecy
  829. Chris Kuzneski. The Secret Crown
  830. Chris Kyle. American Gun
  831. Chris Kyle. American Sniper
  832. Chris Lynch. Kill Switch
  833. Chris McCain. Mastering VMware® Infrastructure3
  834. Chris Metzen. Revelations
  835. Chris Mooney. The Dead Room
  836. Chris Mooney. The Killing House
  837. Chris Mooney. The Missing
  838. Chris Mooney. The Secret Friend
  839. Chris Mooney. The Soul Collectors
  840. Chris Mooney. World Without End
  841. Chris Moriarty. Spin Control
  842. Chris Moriarty. Spin State
  843. Chris Moriarty. The Inquisitor’s Apprentice
  844. Chris Nickson. At the Dying of the Year
  845. Chris Nickson. Cold Cruel Winter
  846. Chris Nickson. Come the Fear
  847. Chris Nickson. Constant Lovers
  848. Chris Nickson. The Broken Token
  849. Chris Northern. The Last King’s Amulet
  850. Chris Pierson. Chosen of the Gods
  851. Chris Pierson. Divine Hammer
  852. Chris Pierson. Sacred Fire
  853. Chris Pierson. Spirit of the Wind
  854. Chris Randolph. Stars Rain Down
  855. Chris Redding. Corpse Whisperer
  856. Chris Ryan. Battleground
  857. Chris Ryan. Firefight
  858. Chris Ryan. Flash Flood
  859. Chris Ryan. Greed
  860. Chris Ryan. Killing for the Company
  861. Chris Ryan. Osama
  862. Chris Ryan. Outbreak
  863. Chris Ryan. Stand By, Stand By
  864. Chris Ryan. Strike Back
  865. Chris Ryan. Survival
  866. Chris Ryan. Tenth Man Down
  867. Chris Ryan. The Increment
  868. Chris Ryan. The Kremlin Device
  869. Chris Ryan. The One That Got Away – Junior edition
  870. Chris Ryan. The Watchman
  871. Chris Ryan. Twister
  872. Chris Ryan. Vortex
  873. Chris Ryan. Who Dares Wins
  874. Chris Ryan. Wildfire
  875. Chris Ryan. Zero Option
  876. Chris Simon. A real hot number
  877. Chris Ward. The Cold Pools
  878. Chris Wooding. Retribution Falls
  879. Chris Wooding. The Ace of Skulls
  880. Chris Wooding. The ascendancy veil
  881. Chris Wooding. The Black Lung Captain
  882. Chris Wooding. The Fade
  883. Chris Wooding. The Iron jackal
  884. Chris Wooding. Weavers of Saramyr
  885. Christa Faust. Fringe The Zodiac Paradox
  886. Christa Faust. Money Shot
  887. Christa Wick. Curve Patrol
  888. Christa Wick. Sexting Curves
  889. Christa Wick. Slow Hand Curves
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  947. Christine Feehan. Samurai Game
  948. Christine Feehan. Shadowgame
  949. Christine Feehan. Street Game
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  952. Christine Warren. Hungry Like a Wolf
  953. Christine Warren. Huntress
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  995. Christopher Hitchens. The Missionary Position
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  998. Christopher Isherwood. Lost Years
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  1002. Christopher Krovatin. Venomous
  1003. Christopher Moore. A Dirty Job
  1004. Christopher Moore. Bite Me
  1005. Christopher Moore. Bloodsucking Fiends
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  1027. Christopher Priest. The Prestige
  1028. Christopher Priest. The Separation
  1029. Christopher Priest. The Space Machine
  1030. Christopher Priest. The Watched
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  1033. Christopher Reich. Rules of Betrayal
  1034. Christopher Reich. Rules of Deception
  1035. Christopher Reich. Rules of Vengeance
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  1037. Christopher Reich. The Runner
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  1040. Christopher Smith. Bullied
  1041. Christopher Smith. Fifth Avenue
  1042. Christopher Smith. Running of the bulls
  1043. Christopher Stasheff. King Kobold Revived
  1044. Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock Enraged
  1045. Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock is Missing
  1046. Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock Unlocked
  1047. Christopher Stasheff. The Warlock’s Companion
  1048. Christopher Stasheff. Warlock and Son
  1049. Christopher Stasheff. Warlock’s Last Ride
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  1058. Chuck Logan. After the Rain
  1059. Chuck Logan. Homefront
  1060. Chuck Logan. The Big Law
  1061. Chuck Logan. The Price of Blood
  1062. Chuck Logan. Vapor Trail
  1063. Chuck Palahniuk. Cannibal
  1064. Chuck Palahniuk. Damned
  1065. Chuck Palahniuk. Diary
  1066. Chuck Palahniuk. Doomed
  1067. Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club
  1068. Chuck Palahniuk. Fugatives & Refugees
  1069. Chuck Palahniuk. Invisible Monsters
  1070. Chuck Palahniuk. Invisible Monsters Remix
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  1072. Chuck Palahniuk. Phoenix
  1073. Chuck Palahniuk. Pygmy
  1074. Chuck Palahniuk. Rant: The Oral History of Buster Casey
  1075. Chuck Palahniuk. Snuff
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  1077. Chuck Palahniuk. Survivor
  1078. Chuck Palahniuk. Tell All
  1079. Chuck Palahniuk. The Ghost Who Came to Say He Was Sorry
  1080. Chuck Palahniuk. Zombie
  1081. Chuck Selwyn. Sleep-In For Daddy
  1082. Cinda Chima. The Enchanter Heir
  1083. Cindi Madsen. Cinderella Screwed Me Over
  1084. Cindi Madsen. Cipher
  1085. Cindi Rebel. The horny housewife
  1086. Cindy Dees. Medusa’s Master
  1087. Cindy Dees. Night Rescuer
  1088. Cindy Dees. Target
  1089. Cindy Gerard. Killing Time
  1090. Cindy Gerard. The Way Home
  1091. Cindy Jones. My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park
  1092. Cindy Sutton. Rough Sex Gangbang (
  1093. Claire Adrian. Incest, A Way Of Life
  1094. Claire Castillo. The anal wife
  1095. Claire LaZebnik. Knitting Under the Influence
  1096. Claire McNab. Dead Certain
  1097. Claire McNab. Kookaburra Gambit
  1098. Claire McNab. Quokka Question
  1099. Claire McNab. The Dingo Dilemma
  1100. Claire McNab. Wombat Strategy
  1101. Claire Thompson. Tracy in chains
  1102. Claire Zorn. The Sky So Heavy
  1103. Claire Zorn. The Sky So Heavy
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  1105. Clara Park. The Siege
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  1107. Clare Cassandra. What Really Happened in Peru
  1108. Clare O’Donohue. The Lover’s Knot
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  1110. Clarence Tydings. The unfaithful girlfriend
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  1113. Claudia Bishop. Death Dines Out
  1114. Claudia Bishop. Murder Well-Done
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  1118. Clayton Emery. Jedit
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  1122. Clayton Emery. Whispering woods
  1123. Clea Koff. Freezing
  1124. Cleo Odzer. Goa Freaks: My Hippie Years in India
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  1126. Cliff Ryder. Black Widow
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  1129. Cliff Ryder. The Powers That Be
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  1134. Clifford Simak. A Heritage of Stars
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  1139. Clifford Simak. Cemetery World
  1140. Clifford Simak. City
  1141. Clifford Simak. Contraption
  1142. Clifford Simak. Cosmic Engineers
  1143. Clifford Simak. Death Scene
  1144. Clifford Simak. Destiny Doll
  1145. Clifford Simak. Dusty Zebra
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  1147. Clifford Simak. Enchanted Pilgrimage
  1148. Clifford Simak. Eternity Lost
  1149. Clifford Simak. Fellowship of the Talisman
  1150. Clifford Simak. Hellhounds of the Cosmos
  1151. Clifford Simak. Honorable Opponent
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  1156. Clifford Simak. Neighbor
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  1162. Clifford Simak. Project Pope
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  1164. Clifford Simak. Ring Around the Sun
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  1170. Clifford Simak. The Creator and Other Stories
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  1172. Clifford Simak. The Money Tree
  1173. Clifford Simak. The Street That Wasn’t There
  1174. Clifford Simak. The Thing in the Stone
  1175. Clifford Simak. The Visitors
  1176. Clifford Simak. The Werewolf Principle
  1177. Clifford Simak. The World That Couldn’t Be
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  1179. Clifford Simak. Time is the Simplest Thing
  1180. Clifford Simak. Way Station
  1181. Clifford Simak. Why Call Them Back from Heaven
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  1183. Clifton Adams. Boomer
  1184. Clifton Adams. Gambling Man
  1185. Clifton Adams. Never Say No To A Killer
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  1188. Clifton Adams. The Law of the Trigger
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  1206. Clive Barker. Imajica 02 – The Reconciliator
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  1209. Clive Barker. The Damnation Game
  1210. Clive Barker. The Great and Secret Show
  1211. Clive Barker. The Hellbound Heart
  1212. Clive Barker. The Thief of Always
  1213. Clive Barker. Weaveworld
  1214. Clive Bedford. Mistress of torment
  1215. Clive Cussler. Arctic Drift
  1216. Clive Cussler. Atlantis Found
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  1218. Clive Cussler. Blue & Gold
  1219. Clive Cussler. Corsair
  1220. Clive Cussler. Crescent Dawn
  1221. Clive Cussler. Cyclops
  1222. Clive Cussler. Dark Watch
  1223. Clive Cussler. Deep Six
  1224. Clive Cussler. Devil’s Gate
  1225. Clive Cussler. Dragon
  1226. Clive Cussler. Fire Ice
  1227. Clive Cussler. Flood Tide
  1228. Clive Cussler. Golden Buddha
  1229. Clive Cussler. Iceberg
  1230. Clive Cussler. Inca Gold
  1231. Clive Cussler. Lost City
  1232. Clive Cussler. Lost Empire
  1233. Clive Cussler. Medusa
  1234. Clive Cussler. Mirage
  1235. Clive Cussler. Pacific Vortex!
  1236. Clive Cussler. Plague Ship
  1237. Clive Cussler. Polar Shift
  1238. Clive Cussler. Poseidon’s Arrow
  1239. Clive Cussler. Raise the Titanic
  1240. Clive Cussler. Sacred Stone
  1241. Clive Cussler. Sahara
  1242. Clive Cussler. Serpent
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  1246. Clive Cussler. The Chase
  1247. Clive Cussler. The Jungle
  1248. Clive Cussler. The Kingdom
  1249. Clive Cussler. The Mayan Secrets
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  1251. Clive Cussler. The Navigator
  1252. Clive Cussler. The Race
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  1257. Clive Cussler. The Striker
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  1263. Clive Cussler. Treasure of Khan
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  1272. Clive Lewis. The Horse and His Boy
  1273. Clive Lewis. The Last Battle
  1274. Clive Lewis. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
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  1277. Clive Lewis. The Voyage of the ‘Dawn Treader’
  1278. Cobo Abe. The Woman in the Dunes
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  1280. Cody McFadyen. Shadow Man
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  1284. Col Buchanan. Stands a Shadow
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  1286. Colette Gale. Bound by Honor
  1287. Colette Gale. Unmasqued
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  1292. Colin Cotterill. Killed at the Whim of a Hat
  1293. Colin Cotterill. Love Songs from a Shallow Grave
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  1295. Colin Cotterill. The Coroner’s lunch
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  1314. Colin Forbes. By Stealth
  1315. Colin Forbes. Cell
  1316. Colin Forbes. Deadlock
  1317. Colin Forbes. Double Jeopardy
  1318. Colin Forbes. Precipice
  1319. Colin Forbes. Rhinoceros
  1320. Colin Forbes. Terminal
  1321. Colin Forbes. The Greek Key
  1322. Colin Forbes. The Heights of Zervos
  1323. Colin Forbes. The Janus Man
  1324. Colin Forbes. The Leader And The Damned
  1325. Colin Forbes. The Main chance
  1326. Colin Forbes. The Power
  1327. Colin Forbes. The Savage Gorge
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  1329. Colin Forbes. The Stone leopard
  1330. Colin Forbes. This United state
  1331. Colin Forbes. Year of the Golden Ape
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  1333. Colin Harrison. The Finder
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  1337. Colin Nelson. Reprisal
  1338. Colin Tabor. The Fall of Ossard
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  1347. Colleen Gleason. The Clockwork Scarab
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  1358. Colleen McCullough. On, Off
  1359. Colleen McCullough. The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet
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  1361. Colleen McCullough. Too Many Murders
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  1370. Con Demerest. Her anal perversion
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  1395. Connie Willis. Jack
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  1404. Connie Willis. Uncharted Territory
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  1406. Conor Fitzgerald. The dogs of Rome
  1407. Conor Fitzgerald. The Namesake
  1408. Conor O’Clery. Moscow, December 25, 1991
  1409. Conrad Sloan. The family pet
  1410. Conrad Williams. Decay Inevitable
  1411. Conrad Williams. One
  1412. Constance Knight. Gushing ballerinas
  1413. Cooper Jilly. Emily
  1414. Cora Carmack. Finding It
  1415. Cora Carmack. Keeping Her
  1416. Cora Carmack. Losing it
  1417. Cordell Scotten. Renegade
  1418. Cordwainer Smith. Norstrilia
  1419. Coreene Callahan. Fury of Desire
  1420. Cormac McCarthy. All The Pretty Horses
  1421. Cormac McCarthy. Blood Meridian or the Evening Redness in the West
  1422. Cormac McCarthy. Cities of the Plain
  1423. Cormac Mccarthy. No Country For Old Men
  1424. Cormac McCarthy. The Crossing
  1425. Cormac McCarthy. The Road
  1426. Cormac McCarthy. The Sunset Limited
  1427. Cornelia Funke. Inkdeath
  1428. Cornelia Funke. Inkheart
  1429. Cornelia Funke. Inkspell
  1430. Cory Doctorow . Makers
  1431. Cory Doctorow. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
  1432. Cory Doctorow. Eastern Standard Tribe
  1433. Cory Doctorow. Little Brother
  1434. Cory Doctorow. Printcrime
  1435. Cory Doctorow. Rapture of the Nerds
  1436. Cory Doctorow. Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
  1437. Cotton Smith. Ride for Rule Cordell
  1438. Courtney Summers. Defy the Dark
  1439. Craig DiLouie. Pandemic
  1440. Craig DiLouie. The Infection
  1441. Craig Dilouie. The Killing Floor
  1442. Craig Dilouie. Tooth And Nail
  1443. Craig Esposito. Kate’s Pain Lessons
  1444. Craig Hickman. The Insiders
  1445. Craig Johnson. A Serpent’s Tooth: A Walt Longmire Mystery
  1446. Craig Johnson. As the crow flies
  1447. Craig Johnson. Cold Dish
  1448. Craig Johnson. Death Without Company
  1449. Craig Johnson. Divorce Horse
  1450. Craig Johnson. Hell Is Empty
  1451. Craig Johnson. Kindness Goes Unpunished
  1452. Craig Johnson. The Dark Horse
  1453. Craig Lancaster. 600 Hours of Edward
  1454. Craig Lancaster. Edward Adrift
  1455. Craig Robertson. Cold Grave
  1456. Craig Robertson. Random
  1457. Craig Robertson. Snapshot
  1458. Craig Robertson. Witness the Dead
  1459. Craig Russel. Eternal
  1460. Craig Russell. A fear of dark water
  1461. Craig Russell. Dead men and broken hearts
  1462. Craig Russell. Lennox
  1463. Craig Russell. The Carnival Master
  1464. Craig Russell. The Deep Dark Sleep
  1465. Craig Russell. The Long Glasgow Kiss
  1466. Craig Russell. The Valkyrie Song
  1467. Craig Saunders. Tides of Rythe
  1468. Craig Smith. Cold Rain
  1469. Craig Taylor. Warming her young body
  1470. Craig Thomas. A Different War
  1471. Craig Thomas. A Wild Justice
  1472. Craig Thomas. Emerald Decision
  1473. Craig Thomas. Firefox
  1474. Craig Thomas. Firefox Down
  1475. Craig Thomas. Sea Leopard
  1476. Craig Thomas. Snow Falcon
  1477. Craig Thomas. The Bear’s Tears
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  1480. Crissy Smith. Bid High
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  1482. Cristopher Stasheff. Escape Velocity
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  1484. Cullin Mitch. The Post-War Dream
  1485. Curran . Zombie Pulp
  1486. Curt Aldrich. Bound, whipped and raped schoolgirls
  1487. Curt Aldrich. Daughter loves horses
  1488. Curt Aldrich. Deep Crotch Mother
  1489. Curt Aldrich. Four-way bride
  1490. Curt Aldrich. Hot widow, no panties
  1491. Curt Aldrich. Little Beth _s boyfriends
  1492. Curt Aldrich. Politician_s Teacher
  1493. Curt Aldrich. Wild neighborly wife
  1494. Curt Colbert. Seattle Noir
  1495. Curtis Peebles. Dark Eagles: A History of the Top Secret U.S. Aircraft
  1496. Curtis Sittenfeld. American Wife
  1497. Curtis Sittenfeld. Prep
  1498. Cybele’s Secret. Juliet Marillier – Cybele’s Secret
  1499. Cynthia Hand. Hallowed
  1500. Cynthia Hand. Unearthly
  1501. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Body Line
  1502. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Fell Purpose
  1503. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles. Game Over
  1504. Cynthia Kadohata. Kira Kira
  1505. Cynthia Kadohata. The Thing About Luck
  1506. Cynthia Omololu. Dirty Little Secrets
  1507. Cynthia Ozick. The shawl
  1508. Cyril Hare. Untimely Death aka He Should Have Died Hereafter