i n t e r o f f i c e m e m o

FROM: Dr. Andersen

TO: Rich Gossage, Admin. Wing

SUBJECT: Theodore Jones


Am still loath to try the shock treatments on this boy, altho I can’t explain it even to myself-call it hunch. Of course I can’t justify hunch to the board of directors, or to Jones’s uncle, who is footing the bill, which, in a private institution like Woodlands, don’t come cheap, as we both know. If there is no movement in the next four to six weeks, we’ll go on with the standard electroshock therapy, but for now I would like to run the standard drug schedule again, plus a few not so standard-I am thinking of both synthetic mescaline and psyilocybin, if you concur. Will Greenberger has had a great deal of success with semi-catatonic patients as you know, and these two hallucinogens have played a major part in his therapy.

Jones is such a strange case-goddammit, if we only could be sure what had gone on in that classroom after that Decker individual had the shades pulled down!

Diagnosis hasn’t changed. Flat-line catatonic state w /some signs of deterioration.

I might as well admit to you up front, Rich, that I am not as hopeful for this boy as I once was.

November 3, 1976


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