George Farrington’s white convertible eased up into the circular driveway of the Wilson’s Oak Park home. George turned off the lights, and turned to the half lifeless figure on the seat beside him.

“Come on, Laura, you’re home,” he said dispassionately.

Laura straightened up on the seat, half-heartedly running a hand through her snarled blonde hair. She had been crying all the way home, crying until no more tears would come, and her mascara was now rivered in dried streaks along her reddened cheeks. Her mind was made up. Surely George would understand when she told him how terrible she felt about what had happened, and that it couldn’t happen again. And she felt sure he would not tell her husband about her unconscionable infidelity that evening.

“You don’t have to walk me to the door, George,” she said, as her neighbor got out of the car and came around to open her door for her. “I’m fine, really. There’s something I want to say to you.”

“You can tell me inside,” George said carelessly, taking the key she had pulled from her purse as she stepped out of the car. “What we need now is a little hot coffee.”

“No. George, really I…”

“You’re not going to say no to me now, are you?” he said, almost pushing her toward the front door. He unlocked the door, and then stepped inside. George looked for a moment for the illuminated night switch, then flicked it up. The fluorescent lights flickered hesitantly before sharing their energy with the rest of the room.

“George, please, not tonight,” Laura said wearily, “Really, I’m very tired…”

“I like mine black,” her neighbor said curtly, walking into the living room as though he owned the house.

Laura stood in the glaring light for a moment, and then decided it would be easier to give him the coffee, and be done with it. She walked into the kitchen, but could not remember where she kept the coffee. Get a hold on yourself, she thought, as tears started to fill her weary eyes again. How am I going to do anything if I fall apart. Where is the coffee? The white canister stood where it always did on the counter next to the built-in range.

She walked to the counter and removed the wooden lid, automatically scooping six tablespoons of the freshly ground beans into the clean white pot. Staring at the percolator, she became impatient that it would not perk immediately. This is ridiculous, she thought. I’m standing in my own kitchen making coffee for a man who has just made love to me, a man who is supposed to be my friend, and now I’ve used him, and he is going to think it represents something more. Why must I have these problems? What is becoming of me?

The image Laura saw reflected in the glass door of the oven was one of a woman who did not deserve the good life she had, she thought. I look like a whore, and now I’m beginning to feel like one. But I’ll find a way out, I just have to. The coffee started to boil over. It had been perking too long.

“Where’s my coffee,” George shouted from the living room, just before she swung open the kitchen door and entered the room. Her neighbor was sitting on the overstuffed couch in front of the stone fireplace. He had built a fire that was already roaring, and was looking through a new woman’s magazine that Laura had purchased the day before.

“These women’s magazines are unbelievable,” he said, smiling almost contemptuously at her as she crossed the room. “There is more sex and sex problems in this single issue than anyone could ever find in real life. It’s no wonder that women can think of nothing else to talk about, except their sex lives, or the sex lives they wished they had. I probably would too if I read this kind of trash all the time.”

“That’s not so,” Laura said, finding that she was defending herself. She wanted to get to the point and make things clear to George. Confession was supposed to be good for the soul, and she wanted to tell him that she had used him. He was too kind, too intelligent not to understand.

“Those magazines have good advice, George. Maybe if more women read them, and maybe men, too, you and I wouldn’t have the marriage problems we do,” she said, handing him a cup of hot black coffee.

“Thank you. Here, have some of this,” he said, pulling the leather covered liquor flask from his pocket. “I saved some for us.”

“No, George, I can’t…” she protested as he poured a shot into her cup. “What I wanted to talk to you about, George, is this. What happened tonight was a horrible mistake. It just can’t be allowed to happen again.”

“A mistake? Who the hell are you trying to kid, Laura? I’m not a school boy. You practically raped me on the dance floor, and certainly didn’t object when we drove to Mountain View. Now you are going to try to tell me it was a mistake? What’s the matter, didn’t you like it? Say no to that and you take the cake as liar of the year.”

“George, we were drunk…”

“Oh, hell, that didn’t make any difference. You were as horny as a Goddamn bitch in heat.”

“Please,” Laura pleaded. “Try to listen. I don’t want you to misunderstand. You must believe me. I…”

“Drink your coffee. We came inside for coffee didn’t we?” he said. “Don’t shake your head. Drink your coffee!”

Laura obeyed. His tone frightened her, and she picked up the cup, sipping at the laced drink. Surprisingly the liquor he had poured into the cup wasn’t bitter at all. It added a little something to the taste, more of a tang, than an alcoholic taste. She took a big gulp and George smiled.

“George, I was going to try to make Bill jealous. I wanted to use you. I’m sorry for that. I didn’t mean it to go so far. I-I just got carried away.”

Her neighbor laughed. Use me, he thought, that has got to be the ultimate! She wanted to use me! He couldn’t stop laughing.

“What’s so funny? What did I say, George?” His laughter increased to almost a roar. “Stop it! Please stop it!” she screamed, suddenly afraid of him.

He settled down for a moment, still smiling his lewdly contemptuous smile. Laura was terrified at the grin on his face, and for the first time since she had known him, she was aware that there was more to his smile than mirth. “Why-why are you laughing at me?” she asked.

“I suppose you could call it a private joke. I’ve never been used by a woman before, not to go to bed anyway.”

Laura sipped at her coffee. She was beginning to feel slightly dizzy again. The movements in the room were slowing down, and the fire made it much too hot for her. She wanted to hurry and undress upstairs and climb into bed.

“I told you,” she said. “I didn’t want us to go that far.”

“Sure you did. Don’t you think for one minute that I’m going to believe you. You work well, and fast. I never saw a woman so eager to fuck.”

“George!” she exclaimed, unable to say anymore. The word had shocked her, but the thought it conjured up only excited her. She could not understand the sudden erection of her nipples as he had said it. She stared down into the blackness of her coffee, aware of that same familiar tingling in her body that had led to her earlier loss of control, and she trembled slightly. It couldn’t be happening to her again! She couldn’t be letting herself be betrayed by her body yet another time! She kept her eyes lowered, hoping that George hadn’t seen the brief shivers that had left her shaking almost imperceptively as she sat before the fire.

“Now, don’t worry, Laura,” she heard him say, “There’s no need for Bill to know about any of this. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and besides, if I told him, that would break up our new-found friendship, wouldn’t it?”

Laura looked up quickly into the obscenely smiling face of the man she had thought was so gentle and understanding, and saw at once the full import of what he had said mirrored there with unmistakable clarity.

“You don’t mean…” she stammered. “You can’t mean you expect this to happen again?”

“Sure, sweetheart, why not?” George laughed sadistically. “I mean what the hell – it’s a perfect set-up for both of us. You’ve got my kind of hot little cunt, baby… and I’ve got all the cock you’ll ever need.”

Laura gasped at the purposefully shocking language he was using, and then stood up abruptly, moving angrily toward the fireplace.

“There is no need to talk like that, George Farrington,” she said.

“Oh my, are your innocent little ears offended, my little Cinderella? Tough shit.”

Laura whirled to face her neighbor, stunned and totally confused by this abrupt change of manner.

“You’re not going to play little Miss Goody-Goody with me, baby… not for a minute. You loved every minute of what happened tonight, just like I knew you would… and now you…”

“Like you knew I would…?” Laura repeated, a sudden chill growing in her breast.

George paused, looking up at her, and then his face broke into a large, confident grin.

“That’s right, Laura,” he said, with sadistically quiet emphasis, “like I knew you would.” He watched as Laura sank back down on the couch, dumbfounded, not knowing what to make of his surprising revelation. He saw her small mouth working helplessly around the unspeakable question. “How did I know? Very simple. I could tell you hadn’t been getting any from your husband in a long time, but that was only enough to put you in the right frame of mind. You needed a little help to go all the way, and you’re drinking some of that help right now.”

George couldn’t help laughing out loud as Laura’s eyes slowly left his, and came to rest on the coffee she still held cradled in her hands, unable to grasp the full meaning of what he was saying.

“No, my sexy little neighbor, it’s not just Martinis we’ve been drinking all night. It’s a little something special just for you. You wouldn’t know the technical name, but you might get the picture if I said you’ve had a fly in your drink the whole evening. Have you ever heard of aphrodisiacs?”

Laura gasped audibly as she suddenly realized what George had done to her. Then it wasn’t really her fault! She hadn’t been to blame! She had been drugged… it had all been a horribly premeditated plot, and she’d just been the innocent victim!

With a cry of anguish and anger both, she flung her coffee cup into the fireplace, where it hissed and gurgled out its life in the roaring flames. Then she turned the full fury of her attack on her unsuspected tormentor, not even aware of what she was saying.

“You… you… bastard!!” she cried out. “You had this planned all along! You used me… used me…!! Just like I was nothing more than…”

“That’s right, Laura, I used you,” came the icy reply, “just like you thought you had used me.”

“Get out!!” Laura screamed hysterically. “Get out of my house right, now, you… you… Goddamned…”

George ignored her spluttering, and calmly reached over to refill his cup from the coffee pot Laura had brought in, adding a healthy shot from his leather flask. He was going to need it before this night was over!

“Now calm down, Laura,” he finally said. “Calm down, and we’ll talk about this like two adults.”

“There’s nothing to talk about!” the young wife hissed furiously, “I’m going to tell Bill everything, do you hear? Everything!! And when he finds out…”

“… he’ll divorce you, right?” George finished for her.

“No! Never! Not when I tell him what really happened!”

George looked at his neighbor’s distraught young wife, at the sexy swirls of her long blonde hair as it tumbled in alluring disarray across her perspiring forehead, at her heaving breasts and turgid nipples so clearly outlined under the thin material of her dress, and smiled.

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe Bill would understand everything,” he teased. “But, somehow, I don’t think you’re going to tell him.”

“And why shouldn’t I tell him? What makes you think I won’t tell him?” Laura said confidently, feeling that somehow she now had the advantage.

“I don’t think you’ll tell him because if you do, I’ll wreck his career forever, that’s why.” George’s voice was still deathly calm, and it made Laura suddenly very uneasy.

“You couldn’t. You have no way…”

“Oh, don’t I?” George got up now from where he was sitting, and moved so that his back was facing the fireplace, and his eyes danced over Laura’s tear-streaked face like a cat playing with his prey. And then, very, very softly, he asked: “Does the name Ferguson mean anything to you?”

Laura felt the room swirl just momentarily as she heard the name, and tried desperately to compose her face into some semblance of control.

“No… no, it doesn’t!”

“Then perhaps Coast Financing might jog your memory.” George waited patiently as Laura tried to say something. “Oh, come now, Laura… it wasn’t so very long ago.”

The trapped young wife’s eyes never left her neighbor’s as she sank down on the sofa. There was no use trying to hide anything. It was obvious that George Farrington somehow, unbelievably, knew everything.

“How… How do you know this?” Laura murmured almost silently.

“Pure chance, actually. Had a friend of mine down for the weekend a few weeks ago. His name is Matthews… lives in San Francisco. You’ve lived in San Francisco, too, I believe?” George didn’t wait for an answer. “Well, Matthews and I just happened to be talking one evening… oh, he’s the president of a finance company in San Francisco, in case you’re interested… and I happened to mention that I had some neighbors who’d just moved from San Francisco, name of Wilson… Bill Wilson. Well, the name was familiar to my friend, believe it or not…” George came closer to Laura, and looked down on her pitilessly, “… and that’s how I know your husband’s an embezzler, sweet lady.”

“He’s not!” Laura cried out, cupping her face in her hands. “He’s not!”

“Maybe not. But will his present employer think that?”

Laura could not comprehend the full impact of what was happening to her: her world was tumbling down on top of her like a fallen fortress, whose walls had been demolished by a tremendous onslaught of cannon fire. Fear was building in her, but so was another unexplained emotion. For the first time in her life she knew that she was completely at another person’s mercy, and she was surprised to find that she wasn’t as frightened of that fact, as by the uncertainty that life now held for her.

“Do you think you can afford to tell Bill now? I don’t think so, Laura. No, you are going to do everything I tell you, baby, and without delay. If not, Bill will suddenly find it very hot here in Oak Park.”

“George…” she started to argue with him, but knew there were no words that would change his mind. “What about Abby? She’ll find out sooner or later.”

“You still haven’t caught on, have you?” George laughed. “Abby knows all about this tonight. Do you think she could get a headache after spending half the day getting ready to go out with us? Not on your life! She was out getting herself screwed half silly, just like you. The only difference is, she’ll probably never see him again. But I plan to see a great deal of you.”

Laura sat motionless as her neighbor lowered himself to the couch beside her. To her horror she also felt a familiar tingling between her locked thighs, a tingling she knew now had come only from the insidious drug she’d been given.

George continued. “I’m going to see a lot more of you, starting now.”

“What do you mean?” the distraught young woman asked, between the soft sobs that were beginning to come from her throat. The shock she had suffered, realizing that he was not the kind of man she had thought, still clouded her mental senses and she could not quite grasp what he wanted.

“You’re not stupid, Laura. Figure it out for yourself.”

“You don’t mean that you expect me to continue…”

“Precisely. You enjoyed it as much as I did, probably more. We can continue for a long time, with no annoyances from your husband. His past mistake has become our good fortune. He can’t object, and for that matter, neither can you… You’re trembling. Are you afraid?”

Laura could not answer. Her voice was caught in her throat, and though she felt the heat from the roaring fireplace, her abused body shivered all over with tiny chills. It might have been easier for her if she hadn’t already submitted to this horrible monster once. But the thought of making love with him a second time moved another uncontrollable shudder through her helpless body.

“I want some more of that tight little pussy of yours, baby, and right now,” George said, grinning lewdly and looking down at Laura’s unconsciously exposed knees. “We’re going up stairs, to bed. There’s enough aphrodisiac in the two cups that we’ve had to keep us going all night.”

Laura recoiled at his words, realizing fully for the first time what he was saying. She really had been drugged! All of this had been so premeditated that every detail had been taken care of. Laura realized that more than a victim of circumstance, she had become a victim of a drug, a horrible drug that took her control away. Aware of the cause, she now knew why everything had gone into slow motion the whole evening. She knew why his touch had been so satisfying earlier, so intriguing.

“Let’s go,” George continued, “I don’t like to waste time. We’re going to screw in your husband’s bed. Won’t you like that? I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never had it before, and you won’t stop begging for it until you can’t take anymore!”

Again the deliberate coarseness of his words caused Laura to gasp, and yet she knew at the same time that he had a hold on her she couldn’t possibly break out of. If she didn’t give in to his obscene desires, she knew that he could, and would, go to Bill’s boss and ruin all their chances for continuing the wonderful life they’d managed to build for themselves in Oak Park. The worst part of it was that if anyone at Bill’s meeting in Dallas knew about his past, their life could be ruined just as effectively. So that while Laura had no choice but to give herself to her lustfully scheming neighbor, in order to keep him silent, she knew full well that it might be to no avail: that Bill might come home and tell her that they’d been discovered anyway. And yet there was nothing she could do! She had to submit to George Farrington on the chance that Bill came back from Dallas undiscovered.

Laura was helpless as George Farrington pulled her from the sofa, turned her around, and unfastened the back of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. Her panties were in her purse, where she had put them after they had finished in the car and now she was completely naked as the flaming warmth of the fire licked over the sensitive nerve-endings of her skin like some evil tongue of the devil of lust. Her soft-ripe nipples rose quickly at the sudden exposure to the air, but she stared straight ahead as in a trance as he surveyed her luscious body. In spite of her immobility, she couldn’t ignore the unwanted feelings of arousal that were being born of the horrible drug she had unwittingly taken, and she seemed to sense the physical presence of her neighbor’s eyes as they traveled over the whiteness of her nakedly exposed body, looking searchingly for flaws that they would not find.

George undressed himself as she stood a few feet from him, his huge penis stiffening now, and swaying lewdly as he stepped toward her. That was the massive organ which had given her so much before, she thought dazedly, and now, it didn’t seem to be what she wanted at all. But her body knew differently. A faint dampness began to swell in her velvet-soft vagina, moistening the dark warm passage and softening the already trembling lips of her silken cunt.

“Upstairs,” George commanded, and Laura felt her body obeying mechanically. With all the willpower that she could muster, she tried to stop her legs from moving, but it was no use. Each step was as if she were walking on a cloud, moving in a dream world, floating with every motion. She felt his hand touch her softly swaying buttocks as he followed her up the long staircase.

The drugged young wife stopped and turned on the stairs to look down at the man following behind her. She watched his large, still semi-hard cock swing back and forth like a pendulum as he climbed the stairs, and moaned when, his face level with her naked loins, he bent forward and kissed the silken hair on her softly trembling pubic mound. The heat of his lips seared lewdly through her, and into the nakedness of her over-stimulated skin. She could feel his tongue wet a small portion of her nakedly exposed flesh, and the goose bumps rose all over her as it brought an involuntary shudder rippling through her milk-white body.

Oh no! I can’t do this, Laura screamed helplessly to herself, and she turned panic-stricken to run into the sanctuary of her private bedroom. George followed her quickly into the room, his smile still bright, even in the dim light. He was a man sure of himself, sure in the knowledge that he could possess this defenseless young girl any way he wished and that no one, particularly she, would stop him.

Laura dropped to the edge of the bed and watched him, her eyes open wide and her tortured mind knowing she could retreat no further. There was nowhere else to go… nowhere to escape to…

“I didn’t know you were so anxious.” George teased sadistically, his lewd grin broadening. “I’m glad you see things my way. If we cooperate, our times together will be most pleasurable for both of us.”

Laura sat on the bed, looking at him in total disbelief. Her gaze was fixed on his eyes, and she clenched her hands desperately into the bedspread.

“I can’t do this, George! I don’t care what happens, I can’t let you do this!” But her words were quiet and unconvincing and there was no authority and only a minor note of conviction in them. Laura knew that the speech she was trying to make would do no good. Her body was warmed by a fire of betrayal that was building down between her shaking legs, a fire stoked only by the obscene picture of the naked man standing before her, and for some reason she knew she would not be able to resist if he so much as touched her.

George walked toward her, until he stood only a foot from where she sat, and held out his hand to touch the enticing softness of her young breast, teasing a dark brown nipple expertly with his fingers. His massive cock hung waiting like a patient cobra between his legs, soft and heavy.

“You’ve finished with your childish tantrum, I hope?” he questioned rhetorically, and then pulled her closer to him, holding her unresisting head close to his hairy stomach. She could smell the odors from their sexual encounter only a short hour before, and her heart began beating faster. “Suck it!” he commanded, pushing her head lower to his waiting penis. “I want it in that pretty little mouth of yours. Suck it!”

Laura was frightened as she felt her vagina involuntarily fill with more secretions as the obscene thought whirled around in her confused mind. She had read of fellatio, before, but had never tried it, not even with Bill. It was too awful, too perverse!

“I can’t,” she groaned pitifully. “Please, George, don’t make me do it. I just can’t!”

But the heavy hand on her head pushed her mouth closer to the soft smooth cock-head that hung a few tantalizing inches from her frightened face. Tears flowed from her eyes, across her already streaked cheeks to the skin of his muscular abdomen.

“You can, baby, and you will!” George hissed forcefully. “Now suck it!!”

Laura leaned hesitantly forward and brushed her soft lips against the top of his still half-limp cock, moving her unwilling mouth toward the swollen end. The huge bulbous head was terrifying to her, and yet, in spite of her fear, she knew she had to obey. There was no other way. She must obey George and the new, exciting craving which she began to feel form inexplicably deep within her traitorously acquiescing belly.

Her lipstick-covered lips opened slightly as she reached out toward her neighbor’s massive shaft of flesh, and the soft rubbery head slipped easily into her saliva filled mouth. She was amazed all over again at how large it was, and how well it filled her mouth. She didn’t notice it growing at first as she sucked his awakening manliness gently and rubbed her tongue softly at the foreskin. But then it grew more quickly as it filled with pulsing blood, and Laura’s eyes opened wide with alarm as it responded excitedly to her wetly nibbling caresses. But, oh God, it was growing too fast, too big for her mouth! It would choke her!

She started to release her grip on the almost fully erected cock, but George pulled her head back harder against him. The jerking penis now seemed almost white-hot as it grew to its full size against her swirling tongue, hard and throbbing, and she could feel his quickened pulse as the huge cock-head swelled impassionedly in her mouth. Unable to catch her breath, she gasped, almost choking on the over-sized shaft of male flesh that reached far back into her ravaged throat, but George kept his firm grip on her head, and she found herself gradually beginning to adjust to the obscene intrusion. Careful not to bite him, lest she incur his wrath, she slowly and deliberately began to suck again, moving her head almost imperceptibly back and forth.

“Use your tongue more, you hot little bitch,” he growled down at her, his eyes locked lustfully on the top of her bobbing blonde head as he watched the soft inner flesh of her ovalled-lips drawing back slowly from his swollen penis, and then sinking back around again as she slid them forward.

Eager to please, Laura began swirling her tongue around the now fully erect hugeness of his throbbing cock as best she could. Her head moved faster as it slid back and forth along the length of his rock-hard shaft, never allowing it to leave her mouth completely, but always keeping a tiny fraction of an inch inside the shelter of her lips. George had thrown his head back, no longer holding her head, and was still standing as she sucked him. The wetness of her clasping mouth and the constant sucking had put him into a euphoria, and he clenched his muscular buttocks in a rhythmic flexing movement, in time with her head as it slid along the length of his hotly aroused cock.

“Hum,” he commanded. The single word was enough for Laura to begin making a humming sound in her throat and nasal passages. She felt completely debauched now. Not only must she suck this horrible man, but she must submit to his even more depraved demands, whatever they might be. Tears filled her eyes as the sound of her humming grew louder in her tortured ears. She wanted to scream, she wanted to stop and run out of her bedroom, out of the world… but it was too late. As she sucked and moved her lips more and more around his blood-engorged hardness, a new feeling was creeping into her mind. Urged by the drug-heightened needs of her body, and coupled with the sound of her voice, she felt a passion rising in her which she could not control. She could feel every inch of the twitching rod of flesh in her mouth, and the hair of his muscular thighs brushing against her aroused breasts as she moved. Instead of revolting her, the obscene length of aroused male flesh suddenly became an object of desire. Whether from the drug, or her own need, she began to suck harder, wanting more and more. All thoughts of shame were erased as she began to lose herself in the ecstasy of the moment.

She could hardly keep her breath as she tried gasping for air, sucking all the time and trying to get more moisture into her mouth. She wanted it wetter and hotter! She wanted him to cum in her mouth, filling her with the fiery cum she could feel churning in his lust-tightened balls. She wanted to be debauched and used as she had never been before! Oh God, she wanted it! The only thing that was important now was the pulsating shaft of burning flesh she now held trapped between her eagerly sucking lips.

Above the sound of her sucking and humming she could hear George gasp. Her firmly rounded buttocks were bouncing up and down on the bed, her teeth hurting him as she sucked desperately, but she wanted him to cum, to cum now! Her own fires burned hotter between her trembling legs, and her free hand lifted itself from the bed and slid to her pleading vagina. Quickly she inserted her middle finger and began lewdly finger-fucking herself to the rhythm that her mouth was beating on his desperately straining cock.

Suddenly, George’s gasp changed. “Aarrrrgggghhh,” he moaned aloud as the dam behind his balls broke loose. His hips jerked forward, ramming into her mouth ferociously as the heated fluids of his orgasm spurted deep into her contracting throat, spewing more and more of his thick white cum. She nearly choked trying to swallow the sticky warm liquid as it filled her mouth, bloating out her cheeks almost to the bursting point.

George relaxed as the moment of his orgasm passed, but let her continue sucking him. His deflating cock felt as if it were fine crystal being shattered into a thousand needles of broken glass. He looked down to see her hand between her open legs, desperately trying to work herself to a climax and he grabbed it and jerked her fingers from her vagina with a quick, wet sucking noise.

“That’s mine. You let me take care of that. Do you want me to suck or fuck you?” he grinned down lasciviously, enjoying the torture he was putting her aroused young body through. But his friend’s wife was too excited to do anything but keep sucking at his now deflated cock, and he had to pull her head away forcefully, allowing a thin trail of sperm to follow from her lips. But her mouth remained open. She needed his cock so badly, and she leaned forward to put it back between her sperm-glistening lips. She wanted it hard, and hard now.

“Answer my question,” George hissed, lifting her face so that he was gazing directly into her lust-glazed eyes. “Shall I eat you or fuck you? Make up your mind, bitch!” He knew that for the moment with his deflated cock he could never enter her, but he taunted her with the cruel words of hope.

“Lie back on the bed, if you won’t answer me,” he said, and watched her roll over flat on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could, her churning hips grinding hungrily down into the softness of the mattress, her obscenely begging vagina pointed directly at him. “Tell me you want it,” he said. His grin widening at her helpless need.

“I want it,” was all Laura could murmur in her agony of desire.

“Not that,” he yelled. “Tell me the words. Say what you want, baby. Tell me you want to be sucked and fucked!”

“Yes, please… Please fuck me, suck me, anything, just do it to me! Now, please!” she begged, her blonde hair lolling helplessly from side to side on the mattress, her brain and vagina on fire from the combined influence of her own lust and the aphrodisiac she’d had.

Laura could not believe her own words. She had never ever consciously said words like that before, but he was forcing her to now. Tears of confusion, shame and passion flowed freely from her eyes, but the fire licking down in her belly needed quenching. “Please,” she cried unashamedly, “Please fuck me. Oooohhh, please!”

George was smiling again. This was exactly what he had wanted. With her so excited, so confused, he could do what he pleased with her helpless body. He picked up her right foot in one hand and kissed the bottom, causing a chill to run up her silken leg like a zipper, opening every pore on her needfully trembling thigh. No one had kissed her foot before. It was totally new, totally exciting. She felt as if his tongue had reached into the depths of her very being.

Carefully, slowly, he kissed at her foot, moving slowly to her ankles, then up her uncontrollably quivering leg. She knew what was coming. Just as she had never sucked Bill, her husband, too, had never eaten her. He had tried to kiss around her loins before, but she had always stopped him at the last minute, her puritanical upbringing triumphing over her desire. But all that seemed to be forgotten now in the depths of her obscene debasement. Now she reached down to grab George’s hair and pull him faster to the dilated pink lips of her throbbing cunt, but he slapped her hands and proceeded at his own speed until, a seeming eternity later, she could feel the beat of his hot breath tickling the soft inner flesh of her spasming thighs.

“Are you ready for this?” he grinned up from between her legs, delighting in teasing her and knowing she was near the breaking point. Any more delay and she would turn into a raving maniac.

“Yes, yes,” she gasped, looking down between her heaving breasts at his leering face. “Please, now suck it, suck it good!”

Satisfied that she could take no more teasing for the moment, George spread the soft hair-lined cuntal lips of his neighbor’s wife with his fingers, and flicked out his practiced tongue at the swollen bud of her already erect clitoris.

“Oooooohhh,” she moaned, closing her eyes tight and spread her quivering legs wider.

Nothing was ever like this, she thought as he flicked with his hardened tongue again, this time letting it rest a little longer on the throbbing center of her pleasure. Her head thrashed back and forth on the bed, and she breathed in heaving gasps. He slid his tongue down the moist hair-lined furrow from her pulsating clitoris to the opening of her wetly dilated cunt, and thrust it into the warm wet channel as far as he could.

“Oh, oh, ooohhh,” she cried. “Harder, harder.”

He continued licking her, pushing his tongue in along the slippery smooth walls as far as it could go. His hands clenched at the cheeks of her snow white ass and a single finger slid its way across the milky flesh to the rubbery ring of her exposed anus. He probed at the opening softly and she writhed her hips at the unexpected touch. She hadn’t anticipated what was about to come.

“Don’t stop,” she begged as he lifted his head from between her legs. But her excitement had seemed to arouse George quicker than he had thought, and now his quiveringly erect cock demanded yet more satisfaction.

“Turn over,” he commanded harshly.

No, she thought, as she struggled to roll her body over as he had commanded. He can’t be, he isn’t! Knowing that George would go to any length to humiliate her further, she was afraid of what might happen. She and her husband had always had sex in the regular position with no variation. Now what was to happen? Her mind, fogged by the drug and the lusting minuets that his tongue had played in her fiery vagina, could do nothing to control her body. She did as he said.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded again as he massaged the softly yielding flesh of her perspiring buttocks. Then his thumbs spread the ivory-white cheeks apart, exposing the tiny elastic ring of her puckered nether opening, and he bent and kissed one cheek and slithered his tongue to her virgin anus, licking at it gingerly for a moment.

“Please, no,” Laura whimpered down into the bedspread. “Not that.” But her lust-filled neighbor pushed against her defenseless thighs as she tried to close them. The bed and her twitching legs were wet with her own excited fluids, and George smiled as he noticed the liquid remnants of the extreme pleasure that he had given her before. Now, now he would do something that no man had ever done to this young wife, not even her husband. He slipped one insinuating finger along the soft crevice between her fearfully tensed buttocks until it reached her unused anal opening. He probed it with no success. She was fighting him with all of her might, clenching her small buttocks as tight as she could.

“Please, no,” she cried again. “It’s wrong, it’s wrong… arrggghhh,” she moaned as he pushed his middle finger into the tiny rubbery opening up to the first knuckle. How tight, how sweet it is, he thought, as he watched his hand and her squirming bottom as he pushed his finger farther and farther up into the vainly resisting channel. Then, with a final thrust, he embedded his finger all the way to the hilt, his palm pressing flat into the soft flaccid cheeks of her violated buttocks.

“Ooowwwwweeeee,” she moaned. “It hurts. Stop, please stop!!”

“Quiet, sweetheart,” George whispered. “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

There was a cruelly unyielding relish in his voice as he began to rotate his probing middle finger around deep inside her to loosen the tightly flexed passage. He could feel the buttery smoothness in her virgin rectum as he skewered her like an animal, and his grin widened more at the lewd thought of taking her anally. But to Laura, writhing beneath his hand, it felt as though her whole rectum were pierced with pain, as though he were going to tear her open. A moment later, in her confusion, she thought his finger had grown larger, but with a piteous moan realized that he had slipped a second finger into her back passage.

Laura was sobbing openly now, crying wetly like a child. The pain tore at her insides like a hotly probing poker, and her frustration at being able to do nothing to stop this awful rape built a rage in her, a rage that would know no normal release. But there was nothing she could do to stop her cruelly sadistic neighbor… she was completely at his mercy.

Satisfied that Laura’s anal opening was primed for him, George removed his fingers, and repositioned his anxious body. His weight shift on the bed wasn’t noticed by the young wife, and Laura had no idea what he was going to do until, suddenly, she felt his huge overheated cock sliding up the crevice of her untouched buttocks toward her unsuspecting anus.

“You’re going to like this,” George crooned evilly. “It’ll only hurt for a minute.”

Laura’s eyes opened wide in terror as she heard his words and felt his great massive cock probing the tightly puckered opening of her virginal rectum. This was the ultimate submission, the ultimate disgrace. She had been used by this man in the worst ways she could have imagined, and now he would do this to her, push his obscene cock deep into her, where not even her husband had done it to her before!

George nudged his fleshy weapon forward slightly, and Laura tried to clench her rectal muscles tighter – but his warming up exercise had left the muscles tired and useless.

“Aaaarrrggggghhhhhhh, it hurts,” she screamed as the rubbery red crown of his rock-hard cock wormed its way into her forbidden passage. “No, no, no!” she sobbed, begging him to stop. But it was no use and she knew it. The fiery dagger forced its way farther and farther into her and there was no respite. The pain raked her insides and she felt as though she might pass out, but a last ounce of courage kept her conscious. But, oh God, she thought, her brain screaming inside her head, it hurts, it hurts so…

Laura wasn’t aware of when the change came, when the borderline between pain and pleasure was crossed. The change came without warning. The shock, the newness, turned to a sudden and almost masochistic pleasure, and the pain of his forced entry disappeared completely. The red hot crown of her neighbor’s bludgeoning cock rubbed against her tender insides, caressing the hitherto untouched rectal flesh with undreamed of sensations. She felt herself rocketed on a sea of passion, rolling with each wave as he pushed at her. She also felt herself respond, lifting her abused buttocks higher, and then pushing backward to slap them hard against his pistoning pelvis as he rammed mercilessly into her.

“Ooooh, ooh, oooh,” she grunted, streams of perspiration pouring heavily from her forehead. Their bodies dripped with sweat as they worked harder into a frenzied fury, racing to the climax, each wanting to get to the finish first. Her final subjection to her neighbor’s depraved desires had become the fiercest and most erotic moment of her life. She was being used as she had never thought possible, and she liked it! She liked it! He forced her to do as he wished and she wanted it no other way. There was no thought of her husband Bill or anything else that had been so important to her only a few minutes ago. The intensity of the moment had overtaken her. Bodily pleasure was all she craved and she was getting all that and more too. She was getting it all!

George could hold back no longer. The rubbing of his lust-engorged cock along the sides of her overheated rectum was taking its toll. He had nearly split her open. But his concern was no longer for forcing her to do what he wanted, for he was rapidly approaching the end of his control. He was at the very threshold of his climax, the pressure deep in his sperm-bloated balls forcing him steadily over. The first spasm of his orgasm unleashed itself deep in his loins as the white hot sperm swarmed up through his desperately contracting penis.

“Now,” he said to the ceiling. “Now, I’m cumming, I’m cuummmmmiiinnnnngggg!!”

The stabbing jets of his cum shot from his erupting cock like a blasting rocket, the fiery hot liquid spewing into Laura’s lasciviously rotating rectum in streaming wet torrents. She felt as if her belly were being filled with the thick hot cum, the same cum that she had swallowed only a few short minutes before. With each slowing thrust of his wildly slamming cock, he forced his burning semen deeper and deeper up inside her and pushed her closer to the edge of her own cataclysmic orgasm.

“Aarrrrgggghhhhh,” she groaned, as she pushed hard back into him again. It felt like a thousand hornets were stinging at her as the muscles of her nakedly writhing belly contracted like a huge serpent, then rose up and struck at its unseen victim. “I’m cumming, too!” she howled. “I’m cummmmiinnnnggg, tooooo!” Like an animal freed from its darkened cage and finally able to see the light of day, she was stunned and blinded by the awesome power of her ravaging climax. It seemed to go on and on forever until, with one final scream of pleasure, Laura fell forward on the bed exhausted. Never before had she experienced such a total involvement in an orgasm. But also, the end of the climax brought the end of her desire. The love potion she’d unwittingly drunk had been no stronger than to last until she had cum one time, and now it was drained from her ravaged body like everything else.

The pain returned to her anus where George’s cock, still half-hard, rested. His reddened penis was sore from the lewd fucking he had just given her tight rear passage, and gently he tried to pull his deflating hardness from her. But even though her nether passage was wet with his sperm, the pain remained and he realized he would have to pull himself out quickly, like removing a splinter. The faster he pulled, the faster the pain would cease.

With one mighty jerk he yanked his huge member from her backside with a sudden wet, sucking noise. “Oooooh!” she groaned half consciously, tears flooding from her eyes. The final indignity, she thought hazily. She suffered with silent sobs as George rose from the bed and started to leave the room. He would have to dress downstairs in front of the fireplace.

“You loved it, didn’t you?” George whispered, “and you’ll want it some more, won’t you? Anyway, I want to give it to you.”

“Yes,” she said limply, “I liked it, I loved it.” She was astounded by her words. In the span of a few short hours, she was becoming a slave to this man who now seemed to own not only her body, but was bidding for her soul. She seemed to have no control to resist him, and she knew that she would do anything he asked. She had no choice – it meant protecting Bill, it meant protecting her sanity – there was no other way.

Laura fell quickly into an exhausted sleep as George left the room to dress, and to take another swallow from the small, leather covered flask as well. He would need some more of the potion, he thought with amusement.

His wife Abby was expecting him at home.


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