The huge giant of a man smiled secretly to himself, a kind of childishly innocent smile, as he gazed around the living room full of well-dressed, softly talking people. The air around him was filled with the tinkle of ice in glass tumblers, the low, musical hum of cocktail conversation, and just the barely perceptible promise of excitement in the looks that shot from one guest to the other, inviting, teasing, and luring challenges from one to the next.

Jackson stood with his huge arms crossed formally across his chest, like some kind of Arabic bodyguard, watching the guests with moronic enchantment, as though they were putting on a play for his benefit alone. In particular, he watched two people: his boss, Peter Lessing, whom he always kept on eye on, and Laura Wilson. As for Lessing, Jackson felt a deep, almost dog-like devotion to the man who had found him in the gutters of skid row and elevated him to the position of trust and responsibility he now held. Jackson knew that it was only through Mr. Lessing’s kindness that he was alive and happy today: he owed everything to his benefactor, and would have done anything his boss told him to.

As for the other person who drew Jackson’s half-witted but undivided gaze, Laura Wilson, she moved back and forth unaware that the burly giant could hardly take his eyes off her. But Jackson kept staring in a way that was not so much lusting as it was fascination – the fascination a child might have with a promised toy. For Mr. Lessing’s friend, Abby Farrington, had already pointed the beautiful little blonde woman out to him, and Jackson could hardly wait to meet her – and play with her. He wondered excitedly how long it would be before his boss’ friends began to play their wonderful games… like they always did at these parties.

“Laura, darling, are you enjoying yourself?”

Laura Wilson turned quickly to face the familiar voice, and then shrank inwardly as she realized it was Abby Farrington.

“Yes, lovely, thank you,” Laura replied politely, and quickly moved off towards the drinks table, hoping to catch a glimpse of her husband Bill. She didn’t catch the almost venomous glare that Abby threw at her back as she retreated.

Laura didn’t want to talk to Abby, didn’t even want to see her. Since the last weekend, when she and Bill had spent such an orgiastic and humiliating two days at the Farrington’s beach cottage, she hadn’t seen either George or Abby once, and that suited her just fine. Laura wedged herself in among the crowd at the bar, managed to grab herself a fresh glass of whatever the party’s hosts were serving as punch, something exotic and very strong, and then moved back out of the crowd of people around the table, thinking of what had happened the weekend before.

After that terrible experience in the cabin of the Farrington’s sailboat, Bill and Laura had had a long and soul-searching conversation, suddenly freed from all inhibitions about discussing their predicament by the violent shock of the unnatural act they had just allowed George Farrington to involve them in. They had both admitted, in all honesty, that, in spite of their moral repugnance at what they had done, they had still become physically excited, no, ecstatic, during the course of the act. But they had agreed, no matter what the consequences, to refuse to participate in any more of the Farrington’s perverted schemes.

They had gone up to the beach house from the boat landing, and had curtly refused the drink George had offered them. Instead they had informed him that he could do whatever he wanted, that Bill’s job and even their happiness in Oak Park was not worth the humiliation and degradation that they were going through as a result of George’s blackmail.

Laura took a healthy swallow of her punch, and gazed around the crowded living room of the Lessing’s palatial home, her eyes coming to rest on George Farrington’s deceptively charming face. She looked quickly away, and he didn’t see her. But his face, so seemingly rational and sincere, brought back to her with complete clarity his response to their ultimatum the week before.

George and Abby had listened quietly to the Wilson’s somewhat hysterical, and yet fully convincing resolve to end their association with the Farringtons. George knew, although Bill and Laura didn’t, that he never really planned to use what he knew about Bill’s shady past; at least, he had never planned to use it to run Bill out of Oak Park. He had used it, and intended to go on using it, to supply his own sex life and that of his wife’s with interesting and new faces.

But as George had listened that weekend, he had realized that the Wilson’s just weren’t going to be able to take much more – and it didn’t upset him that much. As far as he was concerned, he knew he could find a lot more willing subjects of his obscene manipulations than the Wilsons, and besides, he had thought to himself, Laura Wilson is never going to really put herself out completely… not while her husband is around. She would never outgrow that puppy love of hers.

But George had known, as well, of their plans for the Wilsons at the Lessing’s party that weekend, and had realized how upset Abby would be if she didn’t get the chance to carry through on her own little practical joke. And so he had very deftly convinced the emotional distraught Wilsons that, rather than force him to tell Bill’s boss everything, they should be willing to accept a compromise.

Of course, Laura had known nothing of the Farrington’s waning interest in them as the subjects of their perverted sexual needs, and she still didn’t know, as she wandered aimlessly around the crowded living room. She only knew that, when George had offered them the compromise of his promise to keep forever silent about Bill’s past, in return for their full participation and cooperation in both that weekend at the beachhouse and at a party of some friends of theirs the next week, she and Bill had accepted. Of course, they had talked it over first, and had realized that George might not be intending to keep his promise; but still, they had finally decided to accept his because their continued life in Oak Park was at least worth taking the chance. What could they lose, that they had not already lost in the suffocating closeness of the cabin on the Farrington’s boat?

The rest of that weekend had been sheer torture, but they had survived it. It was amazing to Laura, and to Bill too, that the Farringtons could find any pleasure in simply using the unwilling bodies of their guests in spite of their obvious distaste and reluctance… but apparently that didn’t bother George and Abby. In fact, the more turned off they became by the whole proceedings, the more the Farringtons seemed to enjoy themselves.

And now, as she walked unknowingly past the attentive Jackson, who still stood immobile by the door, Laura realized that this evening was probably going to contain even more humiliating concessions on her part. But she knew she could bear them, if only because it would be the last time she would have to.

“Attention everybody, attention!”

It was the host’s, Peter Lessing’s voice that boomed over the crowded room, silencing the people that stood around expectantly in little groups of twos and threes.

“I think everyone’s ready for the main course of the evening, what do you say?”

There was an enthusiastic murmur from the group, who were evidently well aware of what was now going to happen.

“All right then! What are we waiting for?” came a very masculine voice from one side of the crowded room, and suddenly, amid wild exclamations and giggling laughter, the whole assemblage suddenly began undressing, without preamble, or even a moment’s hesitation. It was as though a nonverbal but familiarly understood cue had been given, and the response was a sudden eruption of activity.

Laura stood off to one side, completely amazed at the transformation that had come over the group. What had been a normal, even sedate cocktail party, now had suddenly become a frenzied and laughing tangle of arms and legs, of various and sundry pieces of clothing that were quickly shed and hurled around the room at anyone who happened to be standing nearby. At once, Laura realized what was going on, and what was going to happen. She didn’t have to be told that this group had done the same thing many times before, and yet she wondered with fearful curiosity what her part in the monstrous game was going to be.

She didn’t have long to wait before she found out. She saw George Farrington crossing to her from across the room, his powerfully built body completely naked, his huge cock swinging limply heavy against his hairy loins as he walked. She knew she couldn’t afford to run, couldn’t afford not to go along with whatever was going to happen, and so she waited until he got up to her. Her head swam with the liquor she’d consumed, and she wondered whether that punch had been doctored with the same kind of persuasive aphrodisiac that she’d fallen victim to so often the past two weeks.

“Well, Laura, aren’t you going to get undressed?” George’s question was more a command than a statement, and she began automatically to obey. She removed her clothes quickly, until she was standing in only her brief bikini panties, her smoothly round breasts left free to fall unencumbered into the cool air of the crowded room. As she undressed, she looked around for her husband, Bill, and at last spotted him on the other side of the room. With a start, Laura saw that Abby Farrington was standing in front of him, teasing his shirt on his manly chest, and letting one hand play games with the belt and zipper of his sports slacks. Bill looked up at that moment, caught his wife’s gaze, and smiled bravely, as though telling her silently across that crowded room, that everything was going to be all right, and that after this one last trial, they would be free forever from the Farrington’s perverted curse. Laura smiled back at him in answer, and then saw Abby looking at her with such an undisguised look of anger and hatred, that it made her laugh. Her laugh seemed to serve as a cleansing for her frightened soul, and as the young wife turned back to face her tormentor, George Farrington, for the last time, she smiled challengingly at him as well.

“Well, George, what now?” she said bravely.

George grinned into his neighbor’s defiant face, and without a word, summoned Peter Lessing to his side.

“Ah, Mrs. Wilson, my dear!” Lessing said, “We have quite a surprise for you this evening.”

“No doubt,” Laura retorted, amazed at her own brashness and lack of fear. Perhaps it was the punch. Her head was already spinning terribly, even though she’d only had two glasses. Yes, she thought unconcernedly, they must have doctored the punch. Suddenly, Laura was aware that she was being ushered up to a small stage in one corner of the living room, which had been hidden from view before by a large curtain. She noticed that everyone in the room now was naked, over twenty-five people, and that many were already engrossed in every kind of manipulative foreplay imaginable, sprawled here and there around the room on pillows and cushions that had been brought out from somewhere. As she walked, Laura tripped over a couple, falling on the floor and bruising her shoulder. I must be drunker than I thought, she thought to herself dizzily. But maybe that would get her through the embarrassment of whatever her hosts had planned for her… at any rate, she hoped so. She didn’t like the way the two naked men were hustling her toward that stage or the way many of the people in the room were turning their heads and bodies so that they could see the stage without any trouble.

And then, she was on the stage, and found herself lying on her back, staring worriedly up at the ceiling. What was it? What were they going to do to her? She closed her eyes in sudden dread, and hoped that she could survive it without complaint.

And then she heard an amazed gasp from the crowd of people surrounding her, and felt two large, ungainly hands pulling at the silkiness of her panties, forcing them down over her now trembling thighs, and exposing to the smoke-filled air her defenselessly presented loins. She hadn’t either the strength now, or the will, to open her eyes. Through her now drugged brain, only one thought managed to penetrate: the hope that whatever was going to happen would happen quickly, and be over with.

“Ready?” she heard Peter Lessing’s excited voice after a few moments, and she tried to close her arms over her helplessly exposed breasts as she felt the hot breath of a man breezing across her stomach.

“Ready,” came an answer in a heavy guttural voice.

Laura’s eyes popped open at the sound of the deep voice that boomed out six feet above her head, and she stared with sudden panic as she looked up to the underside of the largest penis she had ever imagined, jutting straight out from Peter Lessing’s valet’s body in magnificent but frightening erection, curving slightly upward toward the incredibly bulbous head.

“Oh, noooo…” Laura gasped aloud. Jackson’s feet were on either side of her head, and his hairy muscular legs rose from the small stage like giant monuments to the threatening phallus at their apex. Laura sank back horrified into the mount of cushions where she lay, all her courage and strength sapped by the sight of his animalistic nakedness.

“Well, Laura, now you know what’s expected of you, don’t you?”

Laura turned her head to the side, and stared into the obscenely smiling face of Abby Farrington. She could see that George’s wife was enjoying every moment of her paralyzing fear, reveling in the helplessness she saw written all over Laura’s innocent young face.

“This… this is your idea…?” she managed to whisper, still stunned by the enormity of her predicament.

“Yes, dear…” Abby answered her quietly. “Now we’ll just see how strong you really are. Jackson here is going to give you the time of your life, and we’re all going to watch. Sound like fun?”

“You’re sick,” Laura said, suddenly lucid. “You’re all very, very sick.”

“Yes, my dear, and by the time Jackson is through with you, you’ll be just as sick as we are,” Abby laughed easily. “Go on Jackson,” she said to the man still standing above Laura, “it’s time for that treat we promised you.”

Laura stared with disbelief as Abby stood up, and walked to where Bill waited for her, his face twisted in impotent rage as he realized what the Farringtons planned to subject his wife to. But Laura, realizing that any show of rebellion at this stage might ruin any chance they had to escape the Farringtons once and for all, managed to smile weakly at him, telling him without words that he should restrain himself, and that she would survive this last indignity with the same success she had survived all the others. And Bill returned her smile, giving her hope, and restoring the strength that she’d lost. Bravely, she turned her face up to the half-witted giant who stood above her, gazing with determination into his curiously gentle eyes.

“All right, Jackson,” she said, “I’m ready.”

She uttered a silent prayer for herself as the giant bent to kiss her, his big teeth showing through his half-parted lips. His breath was strangely sweet, and she made no sound as his heavy lips sensuously caressed her helpless neck. The aphrodisiac accented the physically electric touch of his sensuous lips upon her bare skin, and her legs weakened as he leaned his huge body on top of her.

His massively swollen cock lay against her thigh, almost reaching to her waist and its ungodly hugeness outlined against her defenseless flesh frightened her. She looked for her husband, and saw that he was sitting next to Abby Farrington, and her fingers were teasing the hardness of his erect cock as he gazed with disbelief at what was happening to his wife. But Laura knew he could not prevent Abby from seducing him this evening, anymore than she could prevent the child-like but dangerous Jackson from taking her; and the realization that Bill was to submit unwillingly to Abby served to give Laura courage to face her own terrible test.

Laura stared at the lustfully staring eyes of the group of strangers that had now pressed close to the stage, peering lewdly at the exotic enchantment of her own naked body. They were all paired off in groups of two, fondling, teasing, manipulating each others bodies in wanton lasciviousness, and suddenly, Laura’s mind was filled with anger, with a rage that consumed her drugged brain.

They don’t even know me, she thought angrily, they don’t care what happens to me. They only want a show that will excite them, that will give them some kind of perverted kick. Well, what the hell, flickered through her tortured mind, if that’s what the bastards want, then I’ll give ’em a show they’ll never forget!

Unexpectedly, Laura rose to a sitting position beside the huge valet, gently pushing at him, so that he would lie on his back. The giant obeyed like a small child, not knowing what she wanted, but willing to follow her commands. Perhaps she wouldn’t mind what he was going to do, maybe she would even learn to like him, he thought innocently. Certainly he didn’t want to hurt the pretty lady… Mr. Lessing wouldn’t like that.

Laura closed her eyes and tried to smile, hiding her disgust at the ugliness of Jackson’s innocent face. She doubted if a brain like his even held the intelligence to add simple figures, but she realized that they were both nothing but playthings of the group, both sacrifices to the group’s perverted pleasure. Laura’s mind suddenly softened toward the giant beside her: after all, they were both victims of these people’s selfishness. Suddenly, Laura saw Jackson not as a danger, but only as a great child who was being abused by his master, abused as she herself was. She determined that she would give the people clustered around her a performance with the half-witted man that none of them, she was sure, had ever dared themselves.

All the eyes in the room were intently glued to Laura’s seductive preliminaries now. Everyone had expected to witness a wild and brutal ravishment, and Laura’s sudden assent and participation in the obscene act had stirred their perverse expectations even more. Abby was watching impatiently, waiting for the moment Jackson would thrust himself into her, would rip her open with the rampaging cudgel of his superhuman cock. Her hand was still massaging Bill’s throbbingly erect penis, and Laura could see that part of Abby’s plan was to be taken by Bill as she watched his wife being screwed to death on the stage. But Laura had other plans.

She turned her head, and gazed into the childishly staring face of the giant beneath her, trying to divine the odd look she found there. And then she saw that he realized too, through the tangled processes of his insufficient brain, that they had become kindred spirits. He knew, as she did, that they were being used for other people’s perverse gratification, and that thought made him ashamed. He realized that this girl was so beautiful that she wouldn’t ever have had anything to do with him if she hadn’t been forced, and with that realization came a curious shyness, almost embarrassment at what his boss was having him do.

Laura smiled down at him, and saw the doubt clear from his eyes. They understood each other now, and Laura knew that she would emerge from this evening unscathed. She turned again to look at the spectators, saw that they had not stopped their fondling, but were still looking eagerly toward her as she straddled Jackson’s heavily breathing chest. She saw her husband Bill’s middle finger inserted deftly into the wriggling vagina of Abby Farrington, and quickly turned away.

Then she felt herself lifted off Jackson’s chest as he rolled over and placed her nakedly susceptible body beneath him, moving her with a gentleness that she would not have suspected he possessed. In grateful response, she reached up and scratched the broad expanse of the brutish giant’s back, feeling him move his incredible weight up over her with an erotic shiver, until he was straddling her, his hair-covered loins directly in front of her suddenly comprehending eyes.

He wanted her to suck him!

God, she didn’t know if it was possible, his fully erected rod of male flesh was so incredibly massive. And yet Laura knew she had to try, had to show all the staring women in this room that she was better, braver, and could take more than any of them would ever dare.

Laura slid her fingernails along the small of his back and over the valet’s muscular buttocks pressing them slightly toward her face, until his tremendous cock was only an inch from her lips, and in his excitement a single drop of clear translucent liquid seeped from the throbbing tip. She removed her hands from his trembling buttocks and reached up toward his desperately straining loins.

“Aaaahhh,” the man sighed as she took hold of his achingly throbbing cock with both her hands, her touch light, yet firm. The crowd moaned their approval in unison, instantly excited by the prospect of watching this innocent housewife sucking the giant man hovering over her face.

Bill tried to rise from where he was sitting, but Abby stopped him, again pulling his hand to her steaming loins, and thrusting his fingers up into the soft wet folds of her burning vagina.

Laura pulled her hands toward her mouth, still stroking the pulsating cock gently back and forth. She bent her head slightly forward and her tongue darted out at the single clear drop on the glans-eye, licking it lasciviously back into her eager mouth. She closed her full lips and swallowed the sweet droplet, rolling her head to the side at the same time and looking at Abby.

Laura didn’t know why Abby was trying to humiliate her, but knew that she had failed anyway. As she swallowed the single savory droplet of Jackson’s sweet semen, she saw Abby’s face cloud over with the look of a woman who was defeated.

Laura swirled her tongue around her soft lips, moistening them for all to see, and then turned her head back to the pleading cock she held between her cupped hands. Another shining droplet appeared, and she opened her now moist lips and pulled him closer to her, closing her lips wetly over half of the huge white hot head.

“Oooohhh,” the gargantuan valet moaned as she gently began to suck at him. Laura’s mouth was already almost opened to its fullest extent and she didn’t know if she could get even the bulbous head of his bull-sized cock inside. But she stretched her jaws even wider and pulled him gently until, with a sudden grunt of straining effort, she swallowed the whole of his sensitive cock-head into her buttery soft mouth.

A gasp came from the women who watched. None would have attempted it, though they would have wanted to. Laura relaxed her jaw for a minute, playing with the tip of the impaling organ that filled her warm moist mouth. Her sensitive tongue licked small circles on the broad underside of his sensitive glans, sending fiery needles of electric sensation up his back to his imprisoned brain. No woman had ever given him this kind of erotic treatment voluntarily, and it was driving him almost insane!

He closed his eyes almost trance-like as she started to suck harder and pull more of his swollen cock into her desperately straining mouth. Laura knew that she could not take much more, but her sudden hunger was becoming insatiable, and, she savored the moisture rising in him and sucked as though her life depended on it. Not even half the massive cock had fit into her mouth, when she realized it was impossible to take anymore.

Laura slid her impaled head back and forth as best she could, hearing Jackson moan each time she did. She wanted to swallow all of the tremendous cock, to show them all, but knew it was no use. She was already well aware of the growing erotic sensations between her own naked thighs, that were being fanned out of control by the lewd feeling of his monstrous cock filling her oral cavity, and the gentle caressing of his sperm-laden balls as they brushed teasingly across her nakedly exposed breasts.

“Eat her,” she heard someone whisper from the crowd. Jackson recognized the voice and knew that he must obey. Mr. Lessing would punish him if he did not obey; though it took all his will and strength to pull away from the warmly moist shelter of Laura’s mouth, he knew he must. He had no choice.

Laura slackened her jaws when she felt the big man pull himself away from her, turning her head to see the panting crowd at their side. They had, without exception, put down their drinks, and some were now watching as they crouched down on all fours, their mouths hanging open obscenely, waiting for the next move in this parody of passion. Abby had dropped to her knees in front of Bill and Laura saw her eyes looking sideways at her as she sucked hungrily at his swollen cock. He was leaning back on both hands, supported by his trembling arms, as he excitedly watched Jackson’s pulsating penis slowly pull away from his wife’s tightly ovalled lips.

“Oooohhh, Jackson!” she cried out as she felt his smooth tongue part the golden pubic hair that sparsely covered the soft pink lips of her exposed cunt. Her words even further excited the spectators, as they realized that she was now completely at his mercy, totally under his power, and that she was enjoying it! They watched as Jackson used his large fingers to hold the soft lips of her quivering cunt apart, pulling his head back a few inches to focus his eyes on the sweet loveliness he was about to invade. It looked so clean, so pure, and the intoxicating smell was sweet, like the smell of fresh rain in a forest. He had never experienced anything so clean, so innocent, so eager to please him… and now he would please her, he reasoned in dim-witted gratitude.

His tongue darted lewdly out at Laura’s already swollen clitoris, erect and throbbing with the desire to be kissed. He pursed his lips and planted an almost affectionate kiss on the tiny pulsating bud, groaning in child-like reverence as he did so. The nakedly aroused women around the stage sighed as they watched, their own jealous loins now burning with desire for the brute, and Laura moaned quietly and smiled at his gentleness as she waited with bated breath for the next tingling touch.

“Oooooohhhh,” she moaned ecstatically as he licked slowly along the brightly exposed crevice that glistened with her own warmly lubricating moisture, not feeling at all guilty for the pleasurable sensation she was giving voice to.

She rolled her head from side to side slowly in rhythm with the probing tongue that prodded her to greater and greater heights of ecstasy, finding its way to the intimately soft flesh of her inner cunt and darting quickly inside. She felt herself jerk slightly toward him, and his fingers held the soft moons of her yielding buttocks apart while he toyed with her rubbery puckered anus, sending electric thrills of immediate arousal to further inflame her desperately pleading hunger. She could feel his tongue searching the moistly flowing opening of her vagina, playing with the smooth pink flesh at her most secret entrance. It hardened slightly and probed further up into her darkly pleading passage, curling to the very depths of her sexual being. Her eyes blinked furiously, causing weird shadows to dot the ceiling, and her desire suddenly knew no bounds. God, if he didn’t fuck her soon she was going to explode from the sudden heat of her obscene passion. Nothing existed for her any more except the wild sensations that were flooding out of her freely flowing vaginal canal, inundating Jackson’s desperately sucking mouth in a furious deluge.

“Fuck me, Jackson! Please I beg you. Fuck me now, split me, but please, fuck me!” Her begging screams shocked the whole room. None of the people were ready for it. The sudden outburst was like an order for all the couples beside the stage to fall upon one another with the same abandon that Laura was experiencing; and they did so, turning on each other almost as if choreographed to do so, the men thrusting their lust-hardened rods of hungry flesh almost violently up into their desperate partners of the moment. Even Bill’s attention was torn from the stage as he succumbed to his irrevocable need to release the pent-up force of his lust into the undulating cunt of the voracious Abby Farrington.

Jackson in his wild excitement crawled up and kneeled between Laura’s widely splayed legs, poising the head of his blood-engorged cock at the throbbing entrance to her wetly trembling cunt. Laura relaxed her aching loins as best she could, hoping that his initial thrust would not hurt too much, tears of sexual tension filling her eyes and streaming down her cheeks as he touched the hotly pulsating head of his angry cock against the tight pink opening and pushed slightly.

“Ugghhh, God!” Laura moaned, as he ground his way gently up inside her. The pain was not as bad as she had expected. He was being as careful as he could until his uncontrollably throbbing cock was buried halfway into her fully aroused cunt. Then, with a single impatient thrust which he could hold back no longer, he drove himself the rest of the way up into her.

“Aaarrrggghhh!” she screamed insanely. “Oh, God it hurts!” as she felt his sperm-filled balls slam heavily into the helpless softness of her upturned buttocks.

She sobbed as he started to stroke into her with long smooth, piston-like movements, but knew at the same time that the worst was over now that his battering cock had stretched her tightly constricted cunt to accommodate his unbelievable immensity. The tremendous pain turned to a sudden all consuming pleasure, as her well lubricated passage swallowed the whole of his blistering cock and digested its ecstasy-giving hardness into erotic sensations that threatened to explode inside her ravaged belly. The fit was tight, but her flowing sexual moisture made it feel as though his jerking cock was slicing through hot melted butter as it slid lasciviously in and out between her splayed-open thighs.

Jackson knew he couldn’t control himself much longer, couldn’t keep from filling this fragile young girl beneath him with all the force of his long-idle testicles. It had been so long since he’d had a girl… so long. He could already hear couples in the audience who were groaning out their orgasms, and that lewd thought was enough to set off the incredible explosion from deep in his balloon-like balls.

“Uuuuggghhhnn,” he cried, trying to stifle a scream, and his wildly ejaculating sperm burst in Laura’s writhing cunt like an erupting geyser, spewing into and filling the whole of her tremendous belly until she thought surely she would burst from the rapidly building pressure. But the milky thick liquid gushing from his desperately jerking penis into her receptive vagina only drove her to greater and greater heights, her sweat-soaked legs kicking out and quivering helplessly in the air on either side of his pounding hips.

The lewdly hungry tension deep inside her sperm-filled vagina grew and grew and she knew she was only seconds away… seconds… seconds… away from the mind-shattering release of her own lust. She kicked out viciously against Jackson’s pounding loins, the concussion of their writhing bodies quickly setting off the detonator of her own orgasmic explosion.

“I’m cumming, oh God, fuck harder, I’m cuuummmiing! Give it to me, fuck me! Ram it to me till I die! Aaaaaeee! Oooooh!” Her head rolled helplessly from side to side, the long blonde strands of her thrashing hair whipping into the cushions like a snapping bull whip, her eyes bulging wide as though they were straining to leap from their sockets. On and on it went, until Laura thought she would go mad: Jackson’s still spewing cock igniting wracking spasms deep within her, destroying her, filling her, making her think that he would drown her with his copiously flowing seed.

And then as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The blubbering Jackson collapsed in a helpless heap on top of her, and her own arms and legs fell limply out on the still shaking cushions beneath them. They lay still for a moment not even able to move, their breathing coming in short, recuperative gasps. And then a command from the side of the bed from a voice that she only dimly recognized: “Get up, Jackson. My turn to plow this little beauty now.”

And she felt the large hulking weight of the man who had given her so much pleasure lift obediently from her, his huge, log-like cock slipping from her sperm filled vagina with a slight sucking noise…

And then another weight pressing her legs wide apart and falling heavily down on her satiated body… a weight that she recognized belonged to Peter Lessing.

But Laura didn’t care. She didn’t care anymore who took her that evening. Even if she had known what the rest of the night would be like, how she would be used as a receptacle for the perverted lust of almost every man who had come to the party… even then she would not have cared.

Because she was free now, free from the awful curse that had loomed over her head these past weeks, free of the fear that curse had brought with it! Each man that came to her would be just one step closer to the next morning, when she would wake with her own husband by her side, ready to begin again, ready to face the world and the often perverted people who made it up, ready to hold her head up proudly and say: There is nothing more you can do to me! I am free! I have won! And now my life is my own!!

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