Chapter 7

“Hello, Joan.” Amanda Westmore stood in the compartment doorway as the girl rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Is it that late already?” yawned Joan. She felt as though she had only slept a moment before Amanda’s knock awakened her.

“It’s nearly noon,” said Amanda, “but I can well see how you might be tired. Look, dear! I’ve brought Eric with me.”

“Oh, Eric!” Joan’s sleepy mood changed instantly and she was wide awake. “Let me have him,” she said anxiously, reaching down toward the box on the floor beside Amanda.

“Not yet, my dear. First, you and I have got to talk.”

“There’s nothing to be said.” Joan was sullen. “What’s done is done and there’s no way to undo it. Believe me, I’ve tried to think of ways ever since it happened.”

“Never mind feeling sorry for yourself, Joan. I won’t hear any more of it. Right now we’ve got to talk about what you’re going to do from now on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you certainly can’t stay with the circus after all the trouble there has been. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of that yet.”

Amanda’s voice was stern.

“Well, I…”

“It’s time you faced life; my dear. You can’t go on being irresponsible to everything but sex. There’s not always going to be someone around to clean up your messes.

“Oh, but Amanda! What can be done?” Joan burst into tears.

“Everything’s already ruined. Mae’s dead and they’re going to shoot Andy.”

“No, they’re not, my dear. At least that’s one part that’s changed.

Here. Blow your nose on this and stop your sniffling.”

“What do you mean they’re not?” Joan managed between sobs. “Myrna said-“

“Myrna’s a fool. She’s locked in her trailer and won’t open the door for anyone. Not even after I told her through the door that the zoo was willing to take Andy after all. I’ve just spent the morning on the phone with the curator and everything’s all agreed. Honestly, sometimes I think Myrna’s a bigger child than you are.”

Joan had stopped crying and she was waiting breathlessly for Amanda to finish speaking.

“Oh! You mean Andy doesn’t have to be destroyed? You mean it?? Oh, Amanda, you’re wonderful!” She leaped off her bed and into the startled woman’s arms before Amanda could protest.

“Easy, girl, easy,” Amanda said, infected by the girl’s cheer in spite of herself. “What if your neighbors were to see us right now?”

“Who? Lawrence and Gloria?” Joan giggled. “They don’t care, and Gloria is blind. Besides, they’ve been working for hours by now. But if you’re worried, come in and close the door.”

Joan stepped back into the compartment and sat down on the bed. Before Amanda could stop her, she reached down and took Eric’s box onto the bed with her.

“Joan, let’s not start right now, dear.”

“Come in and close the door, Amanda,” Joan said firmly without looking up from unfastening the door on the king snake’s box. It was open then and Joan stuck her hand into its dark confines. Slowly, and with a peculiar sound, the great snake uncoiled and then wound up the girl’s arm.

“As you wish,” Amanda submissively complied. “You’ve never been with Eric, have you, Amanda?” Joan asked as she saw Amanda was fascinated with the big king. He glided up Joan’s arm and wound around her shoulders, then on to the back of her neck and returned so that he paused on her breast and hissed.

“What’s that sound, Joan?” Amanda was mesmerized by the snake. “Just a sound Eric makes when he’s happy.”

“Do all snakes make it?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I’ve never had another snake besides Eric. It’s a sound that king snakes make all the time though.”

Eric was gazing at Amanda steadily. The gaze had an unsettling effect on her even though she was fascinated by him. Her breath grew heavy and a light sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lip. It was as if she were in a trance.

“Do you want him?” Joan asked, amused by the expression off Amanda’s face.

“Well, I…”

“Never mind. Take your clothes off. Eric doesn’t like the feeling of clothing.” Joan’s voice was matter-of-fact, but her tone left no doubt in Amanda that it was an order, not a request.

Amanda wore a conservatively cut, black wool suit. As usual she was naked beneath it. And despite the fact that Joan knew she would be, the contrast between the woman’s voluptuous curves and the nearly old maidish outfit she wore gave Joan an instant of delight. In fact, neither of the Westmore sisters wore anything beneath their clothing, although Myrna chose to accentuate her sex with tailored leather while Amanda strove to make hers disappear.

“Why do you always wear such out-of-style clothes, Amanda? It’s as if you wanted people to find you ugly.”

“In a way, I do;” said the woman as she unzipped her skirt at the side and pulled it over her hips from her sitting position on the bed. “That way I can keep my affairs private to some extent. It’s something you should consider, Joan, if you’re going to continue with bestiality.”

Amanda’s mound was covered with a heavy, vibrant growth of ebony curls.

Even heavier than Myrna’s, Joan thought as the woman began unsnapping her high collared coat. Her breasts swung out from between the parted black cloth as if anxious for breath. The exertion of getting undressed while sitting down seemed to make the woman’s breath come more heavily than before.

Her nipples are purpler than Myrna’s and they seemed softer to the eye, Joan thought.

“Lie back, Amanda. I want to suck your tits.”

“With my coat still on?”

“As you wish.”

Amanda lay back and her black jacket spread like wings by her sides.

Joan led Eric down her arm with a serpentine, hooded motion while she scooted forward until she was able to nestle her head between Amanda’s pendulous breasts.

“Aren’t you going to put Eric away?” Amanda asked tremulously, staring with wide eyes up at the snake’s head waving from Joan’s hand. He looked as if he wished to strike.

“No,” Joan said as she took Amanda’s gourd-like breast in her hand and brought the soft plum tip to her mouth.

“Does he bite?” Amanda’s voice was caught between a gasp of pleasure from Joan’s kiss and curiosity.

“No,” Joan mumbled over the hardening nipple. Eric hissed. “Oh, Amanda, this has all been like a nightmare here!”

“I warned you, dear.” Amanda’s tone grew sultry and low in her throat.

She felt her nipple grow rigid and vibrate with Joan’s words. She whimpered, “Oh, Joany!”

“But it’s all been better since I got my key back.” Eric hissed in accordance with the girl’s brightened tone.

“What has, dear?” Amanda asked distractedly. “Aren’t you listening?!”

Joan nipped at the turgid purple nipple with reprimand in her voice.

“Oh yes,” Amanda moaned.

“You like to get hurt a little bit, huh?” Joan’s voice was a suddenly enlightened question, as if she had unexpectedly seen the light. Eric hissed.

“It must have been a nightmare here,” Amanda agreed when she heard the change in tone of Joan’s voice.

“But then Justice returned my key. I’m sure the only reason he kept it was because he likes me to suck his cock!”

“What on earth are you talking about, dear girl?” Amanda sat upright since apparently Joan had lost interest in her breast. Eric hissed.

“Oh, it’s all so complicated,” Joan said, exasperated with the thought of going back over the last two weeks. “I’m just happy that Andy’s not going to be destroyed. That’s all. Never mind me when I’m tense. Here.

Lie back down again, lover. I’m not finished with that breast.”

Amanda could see that Joan was in no mood for further talk so she started to lie down, when her jacket bunched uncomfortably beneath her.

She straightened up and said, “I’d really rather this were off-if you don’t mind?”

“No, go ahead.” Joan hesitated her body as it was about to follow Amanda down, and Eric hissed as if to say ‘Okay.’

Amanda eyed him ruefully as she shrugged the jacket off.

Joan giggled when she saw the expression pass across Amanda’s face and said, “I keep forgetting that you’ve never been with Eric, really. He likes you; I can tell.”

Eric hissed.

Amanda feigned as if to swoon and remained silent, congratulating herself on her self control. Without further teasing Joan suckled onto Amanda’s areola.

“Oh yes,” Amanda moaned as a shock of pleasure lifted her hips off the bed.

“Ummm,” Joan hummed then deepened it to a gurgle while Eric hissed.

Her hand made its way across the woman’s furry belly and into the lush thick brush around Amanda’s snatch. Her finger went in and located the soft flesh where it rolled over the bone and became a pouting slit. Her finger tip found the cut and rubbed back up sending a radiation of bliss singing through Amanda. She stroked and the lips pouted wider to take the digit in.

Amanda heard a strange sound grow into her consciousness through the waterwell of pleasure in which her mind was fogged. It was like a river flowing nearer by the second. Just the dull, pounding roar of a fast river with the hiss of water sizzling bubbles on the air. Pop! Amanda started.

“Is that sound Eric, dear?” Amanda was afraid to look around so she stared with apprehension at the blank page of the grey ceiling in the compartment’s vaulting walls.

“Ummm,” Joan’s answer was muffled by the growl in her throat.

“It is! I just know it is,” Amanda’s voice rose to a small wail.

“Hush,” said Joan taking her lips off the rubbery nipple.

“Where is he, Joan?” Amanda’s voice was full of trepidation.

“Rubbing his neck on your cut, if I’m not mistaken.” Joan’s finger snapped the nipple in mock annoyance.

“Oh, dear God!” Amanda groaned and tried to faint.

Joan roared with laughter at the response and Eric stopped his rubbing neck. He hissed.

A shudder of titanic proportions ran up Amanda’s frame. “Oh, Lord!” she moaned.

“Hush! You’ll throw Eric’s rhythm off, if you don’t stop.”

“I can’t help it!” Amanda moaned like a bawling cow. Then she moaned and shuddered again.

But surprisingly enough, the king snake resumed his slow stroking at the top of Amanda’s venus mound as if undisturbed.

“He’s doing it again,” Amanda wailed, but Eric kept right on as Joan plunged her lips back to the quivering breast.

This is foolish, Amanda thought. He’s not going to hurt me-she thought, squirming her hips as the snake’s head grazed her clit-besides, it feels kind of nice. She moaned.

Joan heard the change in tone and hummed pleasurably to herself. Good.

Amanda was digging it.

Joan licked quickly away from one breast to the other. She unloosened her arm from the snake’s twist and gave Eric’s tail to the abandoned breast for support. He clung on with a steady, sure grip while his neck never missed a stroke.

Amanda moaned, her pleasure increasing. Timorously, her hand came up to feel the snake’s body as it used her breast for a curling base. His scales were cool against her skin. But when her fingers felt the huge muscle his body was, she sensed the fierce life that beat within.

“It feels good,” Amanda ventured as she felt her hips respond. Joan smiled and growled her assent.

“I wish Prince were here.” Joan raised her lust-glazed eyes for a moment to watch Eric stroke.

“He is, dear, in the car. And so is Duke. Oh, Joany, I’m going to cummmmmmmm!!!!!” Her voice trailed off as the orgasm hit her and she bucked like a horse.

“Easy, baby,” Joan cooed. “You’ll disturb Eric and he may get angry.”

Amanda stilled at once. Though it took incredible effort, she went rigid and stayed that way as much as she could while her orgasms shuddered through her-all the way into her tight asshole. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Amanda’s voice rose.

Mercifully, Joan dipped her arm beneath the snake’s body and took his head up weaving in the air.

“Shall we go get Prince, Amanda?” Joan’s eyes wore that cheshire grin again.

Amanda could not speak. She could only nod her head while her eyes said, yes, yes, yes!