Chapter 8

“Why not stop by Myrna’s trailer on the way to the dogs?” Amanda suggested as they stepped out of the railroad car.

“All right.” Joan skipped down with her hands clasped behind her back.

Like a youngster she pretended there was a hopscotch figure and jumped a leggy dance through all nine squares in the imaginary pattern.

Will she never stop being a child? Amanda wondered as she watched the girl hop. For her sake, I hope not too abruptly, she thought.

Myrna’s trailer was next to the elephant wash and one of the brutes trumpeted a greeting upon seeing the girl. She couldn’t have, thought Amanda. It’s too ridiculous to even think about. Why do I always think the cause is sex when it comes to Joan? Perhaps because it so often is.

They reached Myrna’s trailer and found the door ajar. She was not home when Amanda stuck her head in and called.

“I wonder where she’s gone.” Amanda’s face wore a worried frown.

“Perhaps we should look for her.” Joan shared her concern. “Maybe she’s with Andy. You said you told her about the zoo.”

“That’s a good idea. Where do they keep the cages?”

Joan led Amanda across the grounds to the big side tent. It was noon at the circus, and everybody was bustling about. The yard and tents were filled with people, yet they all ignored the pair.

Evidently they felt the loss of Myrna’s act was reason enough to ignore the girl, and Amanda felt a chill despite her heavy wool suit.

Gradually Joan’s skip became a walk, then a shuffle as she glanced around at the stony faces.

“Have you seen Myrna?” she asked one person hopefully, and an arm waved vaguely in the direction they were heading. That was all.

Their mood changed to one filled with grim purpose. Myrna’s whereabouts became their sole goal and the dogs were forgotten in the car.

Amanda had the impulse to call aloud. But she stifled it as they passed into the shade of the big tent. It was hot and still. Amanda guessed that everyone would be avoiding the area of Andy’s cage and wondered if it would not be silly of Myrna to go and mope there. If she knew her sister at all, she had a hunch she would not be there.

Myrna was not anywhere in sight when the lion’s cage came into view.

And Joan stopped in her tracks.

“She’s not here.” Joan’s voice was quiet and reserved.

“Is that Andy?” Amanda asked about the proud golden cat. She could see him prowling behind the bars. She heard him cough, then growl low and plaintively to Joan.

“Let’s go,” Joan said, unwilling to approach any closer to the lion.

Amanda understood. There was no need to punish the girl. She felt guilty enough-of that there could be no doubt, especially after seeing her swift change of mood.

“Where next?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t know.” Joan turned away and started to leave when a sound caught her ear. “Over here.” She suddenly changed her direction. Like a dog following some distant calling, she stood poised for an instant, then headed for the training ring.

As they approached the noise, Amanda saw ahead the broad, incredibly muscular back of what to her mind she thought must be Tarzan, or some such manifestation thereof. He was magnificent from behind and covered only with a loin cloth. God, breathed Amanda to herself, what a beautiful man-beast from the rear!

“That’s Justice,” Joan said as she heard Amanda’s breath quicken.

“My God! He looks beautiful!” Amanda breathed in a whisper.

Justice must have heard them approaching, for he suddenly turned and Amanda saw his front was even better looking than his rear. He was easily the most perfect man she had ever seen. She could not get over the shock and her pussy began to throb. She faltered with the intensity and felt the lips of her twat soften and cream against each other with desire.

He turned back for a moment to whatever it was he had been looking at before they came up, then suddenly back to them as if he were caught between two opposing forces.

I want him, Amanda thought. Like nothing I’ve ever wanted before! Her pussy creamed until she thought she could feel it run into her pubic hair.

“There’s Myrna.” And although Joan’s voice interrupted Amanda’s thoughts as they reached the man, Amanda did not seem to hear. She was locked into a rapturous stare of sheer desire and Justice could not help staring back.

What is this? Must be Myrna’s sister, Amanda. Looks like a strange one to me, Justice thought. But the look of lust on Amanda’s face took place in his eye as a beautiful event. Forgetting her clothes he suddenly wanted his hands on her naked flesh. His cock hardened and Joan saw the head peek past the loin cloth edge like a gnome.

“Look over his shoulder, Amanda. Your sister’s fucking Clyde.”

“What?” said Amanda from a daze.

Justice heard her clearly, though, and shot Joan a look of incomprehensible depth.

“There’s Myrna, Amanda.”

“Oh, I see,” said Amanda from far off. Her voice sounded as if she had not really, though her eyes were focused to the center of the ring.

There was Myrna with her head thrown back nearly to the ground while she straddled the front of the sitting pony’s haunches and rocked a bugaboo. She was absolutely lost in a world of her own and the horse’s.

The sight was so enthralling that Amanda’s hand covered the huge ‘O’ of surprise her mouth had become as she sighed, “Oh my!”

Slowly Myrna was lowering herself, then rising up as all the while her body danced in torrid rocking jabs around the pony’s cock. Her mouth hung slack while her eyes seemed rolled up into her head from the thin line of white Amanda could see. She lolled her head from side to side.

Primitive snarls stuck in her throat, then grunted up with the rasp of each breath.

Jesus, thought Amanda. Christ! But I want a man. And her eyes roamed away from the horse fucking her sister to Justice’s face. She was hardly surprised when he read her thoughts and grinned.

Just then Myrna screamed. It was clear from the contortions her body was going through that she had reached her peak.

It’s ironic, thought Amanda, she cums on a horse cock like the world’s at an end-while I look into the eyes of the first man I’ve admired in more years than I can count. Sometimes coincidences can be weird!

A mood of melancholy fell over Amanda as the full impact of the tragedy which had taken place during the last twenty-four hours took hold of her. She mused to herself, Poor Myrna. Somehow I feel free of her now and I don’t know why. And deep inside I’m so glad. Oh, you beautiful man thing, I want you so bad I ache all over?

Her fingers fumbled with the jacket which suddenly had too many buttons. She was frantic to expose herself to Justice. When her fingers would not work fast enough to satisfy the craving urge, she ripped the heavy wool away from the buttons with a powerful thrust that left her in an Amazonian stance.

And that was how Amanda felt as she tore the coat from her shoulders and stood proudly before Justice, bared to the waist.

Her breasts heaved with her sudden passion and rose and fell voluptuously before his eyes. His cock stiffened as he had never know it to before, and a sudden rage took hold of him. Almost as if it did not exist he shred her skirt front with both hands and let his eyes drink in her magnificently nude body.

She stood before him, a little timid because of his strength but with raw desire firing from her eyes and heated pants escaping her parted lips.

Would he like her? Was she beautiful enough for this god? Her loins ached to feel his pecker in her and she wondered how long her legs would hold her up. Already she felt as heavy as if she were with child.

She wondered if this was what was meant by love at first sight.

“Ahemm,” Joan pointedly interrupted the gluttony on which both Amanda and Justice were thriving at the moment. “Ah, it looks like Myrna’s about through over there with Clyde. If, ah, you two lovebirds will excuse me, I think I’ll get me a piece of that stud.”

Myrna was indeed coming to her senses. She extracted her body slowly from the rod on which she was impaled. It was evident that Clyde had not cum.

His black shaft stood stiffly a foot along his belly and the blunt head looked about to burst. Joan was wearing her leopard leotards and quickly she unzipped them down the front and back until her cunt was fully exposed. The elastic material shrunk away from the middle of her body and she was naked in a swath of ivory flesh.

While Myrna staggered away with bleary eyes, Joan knelt as if praying before the horse’s phallus. She bowed her head like a serf and licked Myrna’s cum off the horse prick’s blunt tip.

Damn the girl. She’s always ready, thought Myrna as her eyes cleared and she saw Justice and a naked woman rush together like two raging cats. Where did they come from? But she should have remembered that Amanda would be with Joan. And vaguely she remembered Justice watching her fuck the horse.

God, but it had been good! For once it did not hurt at all.

She heard a sound come from Amanda similar to the babylike wail of cats fucking at night. She was struck with how much Justice and Amanda actually resembled fighting cats as they clawed each other in a frenzy of flesh.

Amanda tore Justice’s loin cloth off his muscle-bound hips and fell to her knees before his massive prick. Humbly she kissed the turgid end.

Myrna glanced at the pony and Joan and thought the sight of them was like an echo of her sister and Justice.

Joan raised herself and carefully straddled the huge black prick of the horse, while another look in the opposite direction revealed Amanda gobbling Justice’s organ into her mouth in a froth of frenzy. Justice churned his hips and raised his arms as if he were lifting a tremendous weight. He screamed his passion at the top of his lungs, while Joan lowered her body like a rag doll onto the blunt leg-shaped prick.

Myrna’s eyes cast about for something to use to join in the orgy. Her eyes fell on the training whip she had left by the side of Clyde.

Quickly she strode over to it and picked up the dildo handle. The ivory was as always cold and perfectly shaped so that the bone-hard glans had a little nick on its underside.

Anxiously she wormed the whip between her legs as the coiled rawhide spun out in a lazy tail between her legs. Myrna felt the glans nick her clit and a little chevron of delight shivered in her pussy. “Oh yes, so fine!” she said to the orgy at large, as she dipped the dildo to her hips and snaked the tail of the whip between her legs.

One of its snarls wound around Joan’s ankle and reminded her of Eric as she plunged herself up and down on Clyde’s cock as if she were the stripes of a barber pole. Her hands came up to her breasts and she ground her palms around her nipples while her nose flared. Her face wore an expression of utter bliss as she felt Clyde begin to cum.

Justice broke his scream off in mid-note, and he seized Amanda by the shoulders. So suddenly did he seize her up that her teeth scraped a raw place entirely around his prick as he pulled her sucking mouth off of him.

As if she were no more weight than a lamb he lifted her to him, then past his hips so that her legs caught around his waist. She locked her ankles together at his back. She rocked back and Justice’s stiff rod popped like a stake between her thighs. Amanda grew wide-eyed at his enormous strength and she felt like butter in his arms. She shuddered as his cockhead perfectly fitted itself to her pussy’s flowering lips and he plunged the mass of himself home. Amanda screamed her joy.

Myrna saw the horse’s nostrils flare while his eyes grew enraged with lust. She knew he had begun to cum. She watched Joan’s lithe form absorb the spasm as if it held balm for her womb. Her body shook with the throb of the horse’s cumming while Myrna felt her own box electrify with the charges of the dildo. She switched the whip tail with tremendous energy and it hissed through the air with an audible parting of wind.

Amanda heard it and thought for a frantic instant that Eric was about.

Was she hearing him again? But how could he have escaped from his box, locked in Joan’s compartment? She looked up and found her sister jacking off with the whip handle. It was only the sound of the whip.

She wondered where Joan was. Then she saw, but it did not matter because Justice’s immense prick filled her to completion and she floated off into an ethereal orgasm of her own.

Justice came like a cannon shot. He boomed his hips forward as if he were on wheels for the big iron gun. He seemed to measure his thrust on the brink of an instant’s cliff, then hurl the cannon ball of his cum into Amanda’s empty womb. Take seed, they both wished together in that moment. And looking into Justice’s eyes from her position in the air as she was impaled upon his rod, Amanda knew she did not care who saw. She was in love. And so was Justice Holt.

Their mouths came together and formed the flower of an eternal kiss: a kiss like a meat-eating orchid having a feast. They gloried in its bestiality. Amanda knew she had finally won it all.

Joan was the picture of contentment as she let the wilting horse’s cock sheath itself. She clung to Clyde with weak knees.

Myrna was alone seeking orgasm in a masturbatory reverie: the place of solitude which she had trained Amanda to occupy. Events had come full circle and now Myrna held Amanda’s place in the order of things. A just ending to a fairy tale story, Amanda thought happily.