Once inside the Mercedes, Lisa closed her eyes and leaned back against the headrest. She was tired… so tired…

When she opened her eyes again, she realized they had driven way past the gates to Bel-Air and were traveling at great speed down the Pacific Coast Highway. Before she had gotten her bearings, Don had made a left turn and was driving past the gates of Malibu Colony.

“I thought you’d like to see our beach house,” Don said matter-of-factly, as he got out of the car. They walked to the other side and opened her door, holding his hand for her to grasp as she nearly stumbled from the interior of the automobile. “It’s just so beautiful out here at night… especially with this full moon… look at the way it shimmers so silvery on the water… all the diamonds Liz Taylor owns can’t sparkle like that.”

Lisa was still dazed from her nap and silently followed him into the moonlit house. The wall facing the sea was made entirely of glass and the moon shown in making it unnecessary to turn on the lights. Somehow it seemed perfectly natural to her that Don should put his arms around her tiny waist as he stood behind her, looking over her soft shoulders at the magnificence of the ocean before them. In fact, she felt strangely at home in his arms. For a moment, the guilt returned, but it was swept away in an instant as Don slowly lifted his arms, positioning his hands at the fullness of her quivering breasts. At first Lisa jumped at his electric touch, but then her still-marijuana drugged mind and body gave themselves over entirely to the comforting, relaxing sensations his hands were giving her.

Don smiled as he felt all resistance flow out of his helpless victim. He could feel the taut nipples of her voluptuous breasts pulsating eagerly beneath the thin material of her light dress. The cool air and events of the night had kept them almost hard since they had been seated side by side at Dino’s Lodge, and his expert ministrations urged them on.

Lisa’s head lolled back without resistance against his shoulder as he urgently massaged her softly resilient flesh. She put her hands over his, entwining the fingers.

“Oooooooooh, Don,” she murmured softly, her aroused body shifting with the movements of his hands, pulsing with the undulations of the waves in the ocean before them. There was no thought now of her husband, no thought of the man she had vowed to love, honor, and obey. Only the gentle urging of his hands manipulating her tingling flesh into the white-hot heat of desire.

Cupping her hands over his, she started to turn, but Don took the lead and pulled her around to him. They stood, their bodies touching the full length, and looked at each other. He’s so good, she thought. So gentle. Nothing he could do would be wrong… nothing… The rock-hard bulge in Don’s trousers twitched lewdly against her smoothly flat belly, and she felt the dampness between her legs renewed as her thoughts suddenly envisioned what the huge swollen member would feel like worming around deep inside her love-starved cunt. There was no turning back now. It had been too long… much too long. And almost eagerly she let Don draw her lips to his and kiss her, softly at first, then more urgently.

Her lips pressed hard against his, open and willing to take his tongue as it probed the depths of her unresisting mouth. Small moans of erotic stimulation gurgled from deep in her throat, and the drug she had unwittingly consumed made his touch seem Godlike. She felt as if she were in a strange erotic movie where passion and an all consuming desire mattered above all else…

They stood motionless as Don pulled his lips from hers and gazed momentarily into her eyes. He knew she was ready, but she surprised him by how ready she was.

“Oh, please,” she cried, her body trembling like a leaf in the wind. “Let’s make love, Don.” Her words were those of a woman who hungered for escape from the fears that plagued her insecure life. She was afraid of being alone, afraid of being unloved, and her words surprised her as much as they did Don, but she did not try to take them back. She had said them, and she somehow, through the honesty of her alcohol and marijuana-dimmed mind, knew she wanted him. The drug had taken complete control of her mind and body and nothing else in the world mattered.

Don Carpenter laughed triumphantly to himself and led his young neighbor, trance-like, into the bedroom of the beach house, never releasing his hold on her rock-hard nipples.

Lisa felt her conscience shouting at her as she sank down onto the soft bed and lay gently back trembling, her legs slightly parted and waiting to be taken. And, in spite of her desire, she was somewhat afraid: it was all new to her and for all practical purposes, she felt like a virgin. No man had ever touched her except her husband, but now he seemed like only a dream. Everything was so unreal. She couldn’t stop her brain from whirling around crazily, and each movement of arms and legs and bodies as the couple came together in a fiery embrace was slow motion, preplanned, unhindered by inhibition.

Lisa felt her neighbor’s legs tangle in hers, pressing hard against her velvety thighs as his moist tongue pursued a course under her throat and down her bare chest to the voluptuous valley between her youthfully firm breasts, and she reveled in his touch. No man had touched her for a month. No lips had tried to caress her breasts as these were doing. She felt him slip the straps of her dress over her tanned shoulders and pull the top lower until suddenly her quiveringly erect nipples were free in the air, free to be touched and tantalized.

“Oooooooh, yes,” she whispered. “That feels so good.” The young wife spread her well-tanned thighs farther apart so that she could feel the fullness of his strong body pressing heavily against the wetness between her legs. She felt him grasp her wrist as he pulled her hand down to his throbbingly erect penis, and she voluntarily stroked the incredibly massive muscle that was trying to free itself from the imprisonment of his clothing. She rubbed softly at first, then harder, hearing Don groan in appreciation. For a moment she stopped as he half rose and stripped her dress from her body.

Don halted long enough to look down in the dim moonlight at the sleekly sensuous curves of the woman who lay beneath him. There was no flaw, no blemish. He could see the shadowy triangle of soft golden pubic hair beneath the white silk of the bikini panties she wore, and he tugged at them until she lifted her hips to ease their removal.

While he hurriedly undressed himself, Lisa lay hypnotically back, watching, waiting as his straining cock sprang free from his shorts. It was as large as any she had ever imagined – even when she had been stroking it she had not thought it would be as large as this. Charles was nothing compared to the giant of a man that kneeled on the bed beside her now, and a shiver of lewd anticipation rippled through the young woman again as she thought of his erect cock’s pleasure-giving thickness grinding around deep up inside her warm moist belly.

For a long moment, the famous movie star knelt about the young wife’s trembling form, his breath coming in quick and excited gasps. Then he fell upon her, ravaging the softness of her naked flesh with passionate kisses, his massive cock pressed hard against the outside of her squirming thigh, its heated length searing into her tortured nerves. She writhed against him, trying to get him to change his position, but he was the leader, and ran his hand quickly down her sides and across the soft silken mound at the base of her helpless belly. She could feel his fingers grope for a moment, spreading the softness of her silken pubic hair, and then, finding the smooth fleshy slit between her legs, suddenly slip into place and begin gently massaging her already swollen clitoris.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped. It had been a long, so long, and now, now she was going to be taken by another man, by none other than the movie star hero of her teenage years – by Don Carpenter himself! Forcing all thoughts of guilt from her mind, she lifted her hips to meet his lewdly insinuating finger and increase the pressure against her neglected womanhood.

“Put it in,” she begged. “Please put it in.”

Don responded by swiftly slipping his middle finger into her hungrily open vagina, and pushing deeply, expertly.

“Ooooooohhhhh,” she sighed as he began to rotate it around up inside her warmly seeping passage in large circles, caressing the softly fleshy walls of her burning cunt with a maddening thoroughness she had never known before.

“Ooooooh, God, Don…” she groaned through her tightly pressed lips. Then he slipped another finger into the open passage.

“How do you like that?” he asked gently, knowing he was driving the helpless girl out of her mind.

“Oh, yes, please, more!” she sighed, sucking in her breath from the excruciating pleasure he was bonging her.

Don moved his fingers back and forth inside her, like a small child walking with his fingers. Lisa closed her eyes and pumped her aching loins upward again and again. Her vaginal opening had tightened from so little use, but now it seemed to flower open farther and farther as his obscenely probing fingers excited her to greater and greater heights, vanquishing all the ugly frustration of the last few months.

“Please,” she murmured, tiny beads of sweat forming on her forehead. “Take me now, Don, please! I can’t stand it any more!”

“Yes, now!” the burly actor hissed, then guided his massive cock up between her widespread legs and against the tightly pleading opening of her desire-inflamed cunt. He probed for a moment, teasing the softly hair-lined lips and feeling the enticingly tender flesh beneath him open wider. “Oooooooh, ooooo!” Lisa cried as she felt the bulbous head slip wetly inside her sex-starved vagina, worming slowly into her yearning passage and filling her with all the hardened male flesh she could stand. Her lust-incited senses completely controlled her as her famous neighbor thrust his pulsating cock deeper and deeper up into her spastically heaving belly. “Oh, more, more!” she cried aloud, kicking her legs open wider around his pistoning body to take him as deep as she could up between them.

Don was surprised at her fury, and her lust-abandoned moans excited him further. He stopped for a moment, his great shaft of blood-engorged flesh sunk inside her to the hilt, his sperm-filled balls brushing lightly against the softly rounded moons of her smooth buttocks. He watched as she thrashed her head from side to side, her mouth open, tears of wild, erotic pleasure in her eyes.

“Please, Don, please, give it to me!!”

And the lust-swollen member inside her began to stroke slowly in and out between her helplessly trembling thighs, a few inches only at first. Out for an inch or two then slipping wetly back inside again as Don took control of himself. He wanted this to last; he wanted Charles Radwin’s wife to remember this for the rest of her life!

Lisa groaned as she felt the maddening movement caressing the moistened walls of her fully dilated cunt. She lifted her trembling knees higher and her tensed buttocks strained up off the bed, her hungrily throbbing vagina reaching violently up for Don Carpenter’s white hot rod of flesh as it began to increase its maddening pitch. In perfect control, Don guided his massively straining cock, with merciless precision, lengthening each stroke a fraction of an inch more with each grinding thrust. Charles Radwin’s wife groaned beneath him and settled into the rhythm, meeting his driving pelvis with her own moistly contracting cunt, tormented beyond her wildest dreams.

Her insides felt as though they were about to burst. With each stroke the brilliant strobe-like flashes in her mind intensified. She thrust upward, harder and harder, trying to fill herself completely with his licentiously pulsing hardness. Never had such a great cock filled her, never had she known such excitement. The marijuana Don had given her intensified every feeling until she thought she would go insane.

Lisa dug her nails into his hard-driving buttocks, and her lover’s hands grasped at her soft flesh, nearly pulling it from her. The pain of his strong grip heightened her torturous pleasure, and every inch of her body caught on fire with dancing electric shocks snaking their way at the speed of light through her helplessly writhing young body, throwing her into a nether world beyond the reality of the world outside, concentrating her entire being on the unbelievable sensations the man above her was giving her.

Her buttocks began to tighten orgasmically, the muscles grasping at the monstrous cock driving into her and flexing desperately around it. Her tiny anus puckered foward again and again, and she tried to hold back for a moment longer, making the seconds last. Even in her wild, untamed fury everything was slow motion… each seemed like a minute… the muscles in her cock-filled belly were responding to the call of her clasping buttocks and tingling anus… she was almost there… almost…

A great wave welled up inside her and the first convulsions started lazily, far down in the hidden depths of her quivering belly, and rolled downward like the sea with increasing power until it hit the bottom of her grinding pelvis at her cuntal opening, crashing against her just as Don’s pelvic bone crushed into her. The next came faster, snapping like a whip.

“Aaaarrggggghhhhhh! Now! God, I’m cumming now, oh, oh, I’m cummmmmiiinnnnng! Aaaarrrrggghhhhh!!” she moaned out adulterously into the night air.

The twisting young woman jerked up again as her entire being seemed to snap again and again the violent waves of her orgasm crashed through her and she rebounded with them, jerking upward again and again. Her orgasmic juices filled her desperately sucking vaginal passage, lubricating it more and more until the warm liquid sensation was too much for Don to bear. Unable to prolong the delicious sensation, he rose up, throwing his head in circles from side to side.

“Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!” he roared, like an animal about to attack, and the pressure in his heavily swinging balls burst as his white-hot cum erupted from his straining testicles and spurted from his cock-head deep up into her desperately flowering cunt.

Lisa was still cumming when she felt his semen hotly filling her naked belly, adding more fuel to the already unbearable fires of her lust.

“Oh… ooooooohhh, God… oooohhhhhh!” she cried out and her head rolled helplessly from side to side on the squeaking bed as Don fell on top of her completely spent, crushing her with his weight. Her eyes were closed, but her attention was still focused on the furnace within her, still smoldering in the aftermath of her spent passions. Her legs dropped limply as she felt Don’s cock soften inside her, and then slip from her wetly satiated cunt with a satisfying plop.

She lay still for awhile, trying to force her mind to stay on the present, on the pleasure she had just experienced, on Don’s heavy breathing as he still lay on top of her. But the violence of her orgasm had loosened the hold the liquor and marijuana she’d taken had gained on her, and she became aware of the persistent gnawing that was building up inside her; the gnawing of her repressed conscience.


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