Charles had been sound asleep when Lisa finally arrived home the night before, and the beautiful young wife had spent a guilty sleepless night at his side. She awoke early to avoid seeing him before she could pull herself together with a shower and some coffee, yet still felt nothing but a confused agony when Charles finally came downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning, darling,” her handsome blonde husband greeted her. “You were with the Carpenters pretty late last night…”

“Oh well, they had such entertaining stories about the old Hollywood… it was just fascinating…” she lied, and hoped Charles would not ask her too much more about the previous night. She breathed a deep sigh of relief, when he merely sat down at the breakfast table and buried himself, as was his usual custom, behind the LA Times.

“How would you like your eggs this morning, darting?” she asked.

“Over easy,” he mumbled, and then suddenly, with an abrupt motion that startled her, he threw his paper down. “Damnit,” he said… “I promised myself I was going to enjoy breakfast with my wife this morning… and this damned force of habit almost made me forget…”

“Oh, that’s okay, dear…” My God! she thought. She appreciated his desire to be a better husband… but why couldn’t he have picked another morning to turn over a new leaf. Her nerves were all on edge, and Charles was so perceptive, she was terrified that he might start prying about what was bothering her.

“It’s not okay, Lisa,” he answered, “and I know it.” He reached out one powerful arm and grabbed her by the back of her head, pulling her mouth down hard on his. Lisa didn’t return the kiss, feeling suddenly a confusion of feelings where guilt and anger at Charles mingled painfully in her heart.

“I realize I haven’t been much of a husband to you lately, darling,” Charles said, assuming her coldness was merely her pent up resentment. “I’ve been really working like a son-of-a-bitch. But now that the first rushes are in – and they look terrific, just incredible – I’m gonna have more time for you, honey. I’ve seen a lot of big shots in this town, and they seem empty and half alive. And that’s not going to happen to me. And I’ve met their wives – bored miserable women who spend their time on Rodeo Drive spending money to cover themselves in furs and expensive clothes, and they look like zombies because their hearts have been untouched for years…”

Charles’ speech surprised his wife, and she wanted desperately to believe that things would be different. After all, she had put up with this neglect for so long, it shouldn’t be so easy to rectify with just a short speech. But she didn’t resist as, wordlessly, he took her hand and led her toward the stairs. Her tormented mind did not want to make love, and she held back as he started to climb the stairs to their bedroom.

“What’s wrong, Lisa?” Charles asked, turning to her.

“Nothing… I… there’s just so much I have to talk to you about…”

“Words can always wait, my love?” Charles smiled suggestively.

Lisa paused, gazing up into her husband’s eyes. “I love you, darling,” she finally said.

“And I love you, and that’s all that matters,” Charles replied.

Lisa responded dutifully as he kissed her gently on the lips. She wanted him so badly, but her conscience still fought her desire, her thoughts turning to Don Carpenter again, and what had happened only the night before in the Malibu beach house. She still remembered the erotic pleasure of his expert kisses, the unbelievable excitement of his huge cock as it had slipped inside her, hurting her and yet bringing pleasure at the same time. She could not forget the degradation he had submitted her to, but somehow the thought still managed to excite her. And even now, with her eyes closed, she could imagine the man who was holding her was their famous neighbor and not her husband.

“Let’s go to bed,” Charles said, waking her from her illicit reverie. The pleasure of his husky voice in her ear aroused the only barely suppressed desires within her, and she could feel her honey-brown nipples tighten beneath her sheer nightgown. He held her tightly to his side and the legs rubbed sensuously together, exciting her even more as they walked up the steps to their bedroom.

Lisa felt her husband’s large hand cup her smooth breasts, covered only by the thin material of her gown as he stepped slightly to the side and let her go through the door before him. Lisa felt her mouth begin to involuntarily salivate and she knew she wanted to suck Charles now, suck him even as she had her sadistic neighbor: but she knew that she could not, not unless he tried something first. She dared not to do anything that would reveal to her husband that she had been unfaithful. She knew she could never let him know about Don and the threat he posed to their lives. What was she going to do?

“Your breasts are so perfect,” Charles half-moaned as he put his hand to her firm breasts and kneaded the softly pliant flesh. The now trembling wife put her arm around her husband’s powerful waist as they walked toward the bed, her other hand rubbing across the growing bulge in his trousers as she reached to unfasten his belt. She must try to make him happy; she must try to be a good lover for him, and then somehow, some way, they would make out all right.

The young couple stood facing each other as they worked at each other’s clothing. Hurriedly, Charles slipped the nightgown over her head and tossed it aside at the same time taking off his pajama bottoms which she’d drawn down to his ankles. The tops came off quickly and he kneeled before the temple of her womanhood as the sweet scent of the dampness that was flooding her desperately yearning vagina entered his dilated nostrils and he kissed her belly, nibbling at the golden skin about the silky pubic hairs that glistened in their clean blondeness.

Kiss me lower, darling, Lisa prayed silently to herself. Do what Don did, please! Make me want you more than I wanted him!

The long time without sex had caught up with Charles, and he was now fined with desire. His thobbingly erect penis felt now as if it were going to burst… and Lisa had not even touched it yet in its fully naked state. He could sense himself being filled with a rising torrent of passion that he could not hold back, and there was no method, no plan to his love-making. He was guided only by what was closest, and at that moment the softly wet lips of her moistly flowing vagina were nearer to him than anything. Not thinking that his wife might reject him, he lowered his head a few inches and started to nuzzle his nose between her legs into the silky resilient hair that covered the enticingly raised mound of her womanhood.

Instead of being revolted as she had always been, Lisa found herself further excited by the fact that her husband was venturing into hitherto forbidden territory, that he was going to do it to her just like Don had! Her straining heart pounded at a furious rate as she felt his nose slide through the dew-dropped pubic hair between her trembling legs, and part it gently for an infinitesimal moment. But then, immediately, he pushed her back on the bed, and she fell with her legs spread wide resting most of her weight back on her shoulders as she lifted her quivering hips to open herself to his probing mouth.

“Ooooohhhh,” she moaned lasciviously. “Don’t stop darling. That’s sooooo gooood.”

Charles was too engrossed to be surprised at his pleading wife’s actions. He thought that his wife, too, had been without sex all this time and would be ready for anything. He would not even be surprised if, in order to satisfy herself, she had been masturbating during their long abstention. The thought of Lisa finger-fucking herself brought an involuntary twitch to his blood-filled penis, already jerking in anticipation of what was to come, and he nuzzled in closer, his tongue licking wetly at the smoothly pink flesh that enclosed the puckered, hair-lined opening to her becoming vagina. Then, pulling himself up so that he, too, was completely on the bed, he felt her tugging desperately at him, urging him to turn his muscular body so that she could also indulge in sucking him.

God, Charles thought to himself. She’s really ready. I’ve never seen her like this before. Eagerly, he turned so that his massively thrusting cock neared her swaying head, pulling at her phallus-like clitoris with pursed lips at the same time, torturing the moistly throbbing bud until Lisa thought she could no longer stand it.

“Oh, my darling,” the quivering young woman gasped aloud as she pulled her husband’s aching shaft of flesh toward her pursed lips and with a lascivious groan, sucked the huge bulbous head into her moist warm mouth at once, swirling her tongue around it voraciously.

“Ooooohhhh, baby,” Charles moaned in ecstasy, feeling her hot lips hungrily caress the length of his painfully hardened cock. Her sharp teeth toyed carefully with the edges of his sensitive glans-eye, like razor blades cutting into the swollen flesh, and then gulped at him lovingly, even though her mouth was not as full as it had been with Don Carpenter’s great cock. This was better, because this was the man she loved! The man she really loved!

The young husband pointed his tongue and expertly entered the openly waiting passageway to his wife’s velvety soft insides, her silky flesh burning at his touch. The tongue circled quickly around the inner flesh of her seeping vagina, while he sucked at her with steadily increasing fervor.

“Oh, darling,” Lisa gasped, uncontrollably. “Oh Don, please hurry, Don…”

Don! The name lanced through Charles’ brain like a pistol shot. Don! She had called him Don! His huge cock suddenly deflated like a burst balloon in her mouth and her lower jaw dropped at the sudden shriveling of his rock-hard penis, unaware in her wild sexual reverie of what she had said. Charles raised himself on the bed and looked at his wife incredulously. His eyes red with hurt and anger, sheltered by arched brows that could have belonged to Satan himself.

“You called me Don,” he said, almost in a whisper.

Lisa’s face turned to a mask of terror as she remembered. She had said Don! Oh God, it was over: she was exposed and vulnerable and from the enraged look on her husband’s face, she thought she might never get the chance to explain before, in his wild, jealous rage he killed her. She froze as he suddenly lifted himself erect on his knees.

“You BITCH!” her distraught husband screamed as he slapped her viciously across the face, a red welt immediately rising where his hand had struck. Tears of pain and betrayal began to stream down her still heated cheeks.

“No, Charles… I-I didn’t. You’re wrong,” she pleaded, looking at him beggingly, knowing that he didn’t believe her.

“You just couldn’t resist that big stud, could you,” Charles shouted, and then slapped her again. The room seemed to crackle with the sound of his hand striking her face. “How long?” he shouted at her, getting off the bed and walking to the closet, facing the closet door. “How long, you whore?” he demanded, then slammed his fist through the wooden panel.

Afraid to answer, she sobbed while he waited.

“Answer me!” he yelled at her, turning so that she could see his blood red eyes, filled with tears of rage. His powerful fists were clenched at his sides, and every muscle in his tall body was tight and straining at his skin.

“Once,” Lisa answered, waiting for his reaction. “Only once.”

“Bullshit!” he roared. “So you expect me to believe that?” He took a step toward her and her voice broke as she spoke.

“Please, Charles… you must believe me! He drugged me… last night… Rachel couldn’t be with us… it was all a plan… he drugged me… I wasn’t myself… I…”

“He fucked you last night?” he asked, his voice suddenly becoming sinisterly quiet. He moved closer to her, standing over the defenseless figure as she cowered pathetically on the bed, trying to tell him what had happened.

“Y-yes,” she sobbed.

“Then say it, you little whore,” Charles hissed, leaning on his knuckles over her. “Say he sucked you!”

“Yes!” she yelled back. “He fucked me… he fucked me… he fucked me!” And then she broke and started sobbing recognizing the lewd grin on her husband’s face as the same one she had seen when Don had ravaged her at the beach house just last night.

“Did he play with this?” Charles asked, putting his fingers on the still tingling bud of her clitoris Lisa nodded helplessly as he began to toy with the erectly swollen organ that already ached from so much attention. “Or this?” her husband continued, shoving his finger cruelly into the dampened opening of her vagina. “What else did he do? This?” and he bent his head a bit at the softness between her splayed legs. “Tell me!”

This wasn’t her Charles. She could not believe that the depraved man down there between her wetly trembling thighs was her own husband, and she started to mumble what had happened to her, feeling his tongue drive deeper into her burning cunt as she half-whimpered out the sordid story of her obscene adultery, playing with her, bringing her quickly to a new height of tense excitement as she talked.

“And he made me suck him,” the tortured wife groaned with mixed pain and pleasure, her body writhing beneath his nibbling lips. “His… he was almost soft when we started and he made me suck it.”

Charles’ cock too, was soft, but as he nibbled at the open mouth of his unfaithful wife’s moistened cunt he turned his body on the bed above her. She knew exactly what the gesture meant and bent he bent her head, grabbing the limply flaccid cock and swallowing it deep in her wet mouth. It grew rapidly as she began to suck at it, the rosy bulbous head rising in temperature until it heated the entire inside of her vacuuming mouth.

“Then what?”

“He made me hum while I sucked him,” Lisa answered, her eyes closed with shame.

“Then hum, bitch,” Charles commanded. “Suck me and hum, just like you did with him!”

Quickly Lisa obeyed. From deep within her desperately working throat came a sound she had heard only once before, the sound of a woman humming as she greedily sucked at a man’s blood-swollen cock. She could feel the massive rod of her husband’s male flesh twitching and throbbing in her mouth, leaking small drops of warm pungent sperm as she sucked, which she swallowed greedily. The growing furnace between her own legs was beginning to burn through her entire body, as Charles sucked at her and shot his invading tongue again and again deep into the openly presented lips of her receptive cunt.

“Then did he fuck you?” he asked her, raising his head from her loins for a moment.

“Not exactly,” Lisa gasped, almost unable to control her voice. He wouldn’t, she thought. Her own husband wouldn’t do what Don Carpenter had. He’s not that cruel.

“What do you mean, not exactly, bitch?”

“He-he did it to me from behind,” she stammered, unable to look at his contorted face.

“In the ass?” Charles’ voice rose incredulously. “He fucked you in the ass?”

“Yes, oh yes, but please don’t. It-it hurts, darling, it hurts so,” the tormented young wife pleaded as though her life depended on it.

He pushed at her puckered anus with his finger, contemplating if he should go on with his torment. But then he stopped, realizing that obviously Lisa had been forced to do it that way and he would have no part in that. Besides, he had had enough revenge for now. What he really wanted was to drive his cock deep within her and remind her that her body belonged to him and no one else, and if they were to talk, they would do it later. He quickly turned his strong body on the bed, meeting her tear-streaked face with his. Her eyes were reddened by her crying, and he felt a pang of remorse as he brought his mouth to hers and kissed her brutally, crushing her lips with his.

She in turn wrapped her smooth arms around his neck and ground her pelvis up into his burning loins.

“I won’t do that,” he said to her, “but I’m going to fuck you like Don never could! Do you want me to fuck you like that?”

“Yes, Charles, please. Fuck me as hard as you can, harder than ever before. Please fuck me now!” Lisa pleaded, wanting in her agony for him to destroy her so that their love might be born again.

Charles repositioned himself above his wife’s defenseless body, and thrust at her with all the strength in his tremendously swollen cock, finding the entrance to her adulterous cunt and plunging himself deeply into her.

“Ooooohhhh,” she moaned. “Oooooh, I love you. I swear I do, darling. Fuck me, please!” Her obscene words and wild groaning excited Charles to an instant frenzy. For half an hour they had been tormenting each other with sex and with words, and he could hold back no longer.

He began to thrust himself up into her hotly contracting pussy as hard as he could, not caring to make it last, wanting only to fill his wife’s traitorous cunt to the brim with his vengeful seed.

Each stroke was like the first for Lisa, except that it was more and better and harder than the last. Each time he drove into her, she kicked her spasming legs out wide and drove her hips up to meet him, feeling as though she could cum immediately. They were both on fire, as though trying to destroy each other, fighting more than loving: he wanted revenge on her and she wanting to appease his manhood, trying to hurt herself as they drove harder and harder against each other. It was only moments before they reached that goal they both so desired.

“Oh, aarrgghhh!” Charles groaned as his climax hit him like a crashing thunder bolt. His white-hot sperm pulled its torturous way up from the depths of his heavily-slapping balls like a hungry bear falling upon a stray piece of meat, the milky hot liquid shooting out in wildly uncontrolled spurts toward the heat that burned inside the spastically straining belly of his wife beneath him. Lisa grunted, contracting the muscles of her enflamed cunt tighter and tighter around his drivingly plunging cock as he erupted again and again and spewed spurt after spurt of his long-stored sperm into her suddenly tensing body.

“Oh yes!” Lisa wailed hysterically. “I’m cumiinngg, toooooooo!” and she arched her smooth back upward like a tilting wagon about to go over the edge of a cliff into nothingness. As her husband’s scalding sperm filled her to the bursting point and mingled wetly into her own, her spasming muscles contracted rhythmically time and again, blurring her senses until it seemed as though she and Charles were no longer separate entities but one person, one unity, forged together into one sensuous being that groaned out ecstatic climax with the wanton abandon of a new birth, a new being. God! She hoped it were so! It had to be so! The future was void if it was not.


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