For two weeks, life for the Radwin’s seemed to have returned to normal. Charles and Lisa had enjoyed each other in bed more than ever before, and if resentment still lingered on the husband’s part for his wife’s infidelity, he kept it well hidden. She had not seen Don Carpenter since that horrible night in Malibu.

Lisa was lingering over her coffee one brilliantly sunny, unseasonably hot California day, when there was a knock on the door. She went to answer it and was somewhat surprised to see Rachel Carpenter standing there, a large friendly smile on her face. Disarmed by the dark-haired actress’ warm greeting, and momentarily having forgotten that Don had implied his wife’s complicity in his illicit seduction of her, Lisa welcomed her neighbor into her home.

“I’ve been meaning to visit for some time,” Rachel said with great charm, “but I’ve been working on a new film for Bogdanowitz and I simply haven’t had a free moment.”

“Would you like some coffee,” Lisa offered, leading the other woman into the kitchen.

“Well, I’ve already had my morning coffee, but I did bring a little surprise for you.” And so saying, Rachel pulled from her large purse a bottle with a curious Victorian label on it.

“What’s that?” Lisa asked.

“Vin Mariani,” the movie star answered. “It’s one of the last remaining bottles of this stuff… a wonderful medicinal concoction from another era… You know Nick Ranker, the rock star…”

“Sure,” Lisa said, her eyes brightening. As a teenager, one of her first memories of erotic longing had come listening to the wildly pulsing music of Ranker and his super group the High Rollers. “Well, Nick bought the last remaining case of this stuff at an auction, and the darling gave me several bottles as a gift.”

What Rachel Carpenter failed to reveal to the young wife was Vin Mariani’s main ingredient was cocaine, legal in the nineteenth century, and the occasion for the gift was an orgy she had attended with Nick when his group had toured the United States several years before.

“Would you like some…”

“Is it alcoholic…? I don’t know… I haven’t even had lunch yet.”

“Live a little, kid,” Rachel said, as if she would not take no for an answer… “Get a couple of glasses for us will you dear.”

Rachel poured the darkly sweet liquid into cordial glasses that Lisa provided, and they both drank from it. “It tastes kind of funny,” the young blonde wife said hesitantly…

“You’ll see… the taste rather grows on you,” Rachel smiled to herself. It wouldn’t take long for the drink to work its magic on an innocent woman like Lisa Radwin, and Rachel poured herself three glasses in the time it took Lisa to finish one. She raised her last glass in a salute to Lisa, who had just finished her first, and drank deeply. She could feel the warmth of it trailing down into her stomach adding fuel to her churning excitement. But her voice was gentle, almost casual, when she said: “How about us taking a little soak in that Japanese tub of yours?”

“Sure… I’ll just get my suit…”

“Nonsense… you don’t need that… it’s just us girls…”

“Well, I-I…” Lisa stammered, feeling that something was wrong but not knowing exactly what. After all, they were both women. And for some reason, she was finding the idea quite appealing, giving her a little thrill of excitement at the prospect of sitting in the warm swirling water with her beautiful neighbor. Her tender young cunt began to tingle, and she finally said: “I guess it’s okay… I mean, no one can see us… it’s so private back there.”

Wonderful, Rachel thought. The little darling doesn’t know about the spaces in the hedge between our yards… How I’ve enjoyed watching this young bathing beauty… when Don would give me a chance.

The two women went out to the yard and Lisa turned on the Jacuzzi heads. By the time she returned to Rachel’s side the Mariani, with its aphrodisiac effect, had full and irrevocable control of the young wife now, though she was still not fully aware of the transformation the beverage was encouraging in her. She giggled as she began to remove her clothes. Rachel watching her intently and holding her heaving breath, began to remove her own clothes and the two females stripped themselves at the same instant. Lisa stared at the large, perfectly formed breasts of the lovely older woman, and tried to stifle another giggle; they were really nice tits, and Rachel’s gaze feasted on the rounded young firmness of her neighbor’s breasts, the fire leaping wildly in her stomach.

Then Rachel’s eyes drifted lower and she sucked in her breath sharply, as Lisa’s blonde pussy mound glistened in the almost high-noon sunlight, the hint of her tiny oscillating clitoris peeking out from the folds of her pink cuntal slit. Then Rachel turned away, lest Lisa see the look of intense lust contorting her face and interpret it correctly even though the rising passion was probably consuming her own mind by now. “Come on honey, let’s climb in.”

For a few moments, both women sat in the warm whirlpool tub without touching. But soon Rachel could stand it no longer; her whole being was crying out for release… for action, and she had to move… this very instant.

“Would you like a little massage,” Rachel offered.

“Mmmmm!” said Lisa, her eyes half-lidded, her brain filled with desire and torpor as the water swirled around her nipples, swirled between her legs and played with her hardening clitoris.

Rachel placed her hands on the young wife’s shoulders, and then slid them smoothly down her arms along the sides. Rachel’s breathing was ragged, spewing hotly from between her teeth, but Lisa seemed to take no notice.

“It feels so good, Rachel,” she murmured softly.

The provocative, lust-ridden actress’ dark eyes were hotly feverish as she moved her hands below the water level, moving slowly around Lisa’s full, firm breasts. The older woman’s cunt was secreting the liquid of her desires heavily into the warm water now, and she was almost trembling from pent-up arousal as she continued stroking, slowly, gently, slowly, gently.

Her hands slowly circled Lisa’s breasts, and her legs began to open and close, open and close, with the burning fire in her loins. Lisa saw the dark nipples rise under her ministrations, growing firm and hard in the warm water, and suddenly Lisa moaned, her eyes going shut all the way.

“It feels good, doesn’t it, honey,” Rachel’s mesmeric voice droned. “Let’s climb out of the tub and I’ll rub your legs too…”

Almost somnambulant, Lisa climbed as if in a dream from the tub while Rachel spread a blanket for them to lie on…

Not breaking the trance-like state, Lisa lay down and Rachel continued her massage, moving her hands down first one shapely leg and then the other, over the knee and calf and into the softness of Lisa’s inner thighs, causing the young wife to spread her legs wide. Now more of her tender, young, pinkly moist cunt was revealed to the older woman’s soft slit and stroked it up and down, up and down, up and down…

Lisa’s body twisted and arched, legs scissoring, at the delicious sensations which were flooding through her flesh at the manipulations of the towel on her hot, damp cuntal furrow. Dimly, a part of the young wife’s mind cried out that what Rachel was doing was wrong… was even worse somehow than Don’s seduction of her… and her pussy was tingling… tingling… tingling…

The voluptuous, dark-haired movie star let her fingers slide once again over Lisa’s rigid nipples and then down across the smooth, flat glistening belly to touch the downy pubic hairs, moving her hands around and down the young wife’s flanks, bringing them back up again inexorably. Then one of her long fingers parted the soft, moist, hot crevice of her cuntal slit, parted it gently to touch the button of Lisa’s clitoris, bringing it immediately erect, stroking it carefully. The blonde’s hips began to undulate more freely on the towel, and her dazed mind cried: So nice, this is so nice… it’s wrong… but I don’t care… I’m so excited I just want to cum.

Then Rachel leaned forward and, taking one of Lisa’s hands, moved it over her own quivering breast, guiding the limp finger over her diamond-hard nipple, feeling her pussy secrete flaming juices of desire. She bent further forward, touching her lips to Lisa’s parted mouth, letting her tongue flick across the warm softness. The young wife moaned softly, knowing she shouldn’t accept the other woman’s mouth, not caring, lost in the wonderful feelings surging through her body. Her arm came up, encircled Rachel’s neck, and a low moan of ecstasy escaped the voluptuous brunette’s throat as her tongue began to work insanely inside Lisa’s mouth and her finger began to slide with an ever-increasing rhythm up and down the tawny-haired wife’s slit, rapidly moistening with her arousal at the manipulations.

Rachel stretched her body out on the blanket beside Lisa, moving hard against her, reveling at the contact of the flesh, her own passion seething hot and eager. She moved her head away from the blonde’s mouth, began kissing the turgid, swollen aureoles and nipples of her sweetly tender breasts, then dipped down over the smooth, sweat slickness of the young wife’s belly, then lower still until she was breathing hotly, excitedly, into the silkiness of Lisa’s pussy mound.

Her stroking hands massaged the young wife’s breasts unceasingly, coming down now along Lisa’s flanks and then moving to the slim smoothness of her thighs. With tender movements she parted the unresisting flesh, drawing Lisa’s legs even wider apart to reveal the complete moist pinkness of the semi-drugged woman’s vaginal slit. Rachel began to impart hot, wet kisses through the velvety growth of tawny pubic hair, tongue extended like a hot poker as she squirmed her body lower and lower on the towel, mouth and fiery probe seeking the oscillating nubbin of Lisa Radwin’s clitoris.

Then the older woman’s tongue came in contact with the moist hot bud, began to circle it teasingly. In a reflex movement, her breath shuddering between her teeth and her brain whirling with sudden raging desire at the electric, forbidden touch, Lisa’s hands came up to wind themselves in the dark tresses of the voluptuous actress. Rachel let her hands slide upward again over the soft belly to Lisa’s firm full tits, cupping and squeezing them hungrily while her mouth and tongue continued the wet assault of the young wife’s clitoris.

Rachel’s sharp white teeth took the throbbing button between them finally, nipping it gently, running her tongue round and round in it continuous circles, reveling in the sharp pungent taste. Lisa cried out sharply, her hands tightening on the darker woman’s hair, her buttocks beginning to swirl madly on the blanket from the waves of delicious desire being transmitted through her flesh.

Lisa’s head began to flail from side to side on the blanket in total abandonment, and Rachel opened her mouth still wider, moving her tongue downward along the smooth, heat-moistened slit to the throbbing hair-fringed opening of the young woman’s cunt. She began orally to fuck Lisa then, harder and faster, faster and harder, sliding her hot wet tongue far up into Lisa’s dilated clasping channel, reveling in the unintelligible whimpering sounds the blonde wife made as she swirled and flicked her probe around the velvet-like interior of the pulsatingly soft cunt lips. The whole of Lisa’s flowing vaginal plane was opening in naked abandonment to the brunette’s churning face, and then Rachel cupped the soft white little buttocks with gentle hands, fingers kneading the quivering hot flesh, as she thrust her tongue deep, deep into the searing liquid depths of the young wife’s cunt.


Charles Radwin couldn’t believe his luck. As soon as he finished dictating a few more letters to Mrs. Lucas, he would be free for the rest of the afternoon – and since he was going to have to work until very late the following night, he felt no qualms about leaving the office for the afternoon.

“Will there be anything else, Mr. Radwin?” the middle-aged secretary asked.

“No Mrs. Lucas,” he smiled pleasantly… “Just type those up and give them to me in the morning… And if there are any emergency calls you can reach me at home… but when I say emergency, I mean emergency…”

“You’re going to spend some time with that poor neglected wife of yours, aren’t you Mr. Radwin…”

“That, my dear woman, is absolutely right… just between you and me of course. If anyone asks, you can say I’m negotiating a contract on the golf course and can’t be reached…”

“Right… well, have a good day.”

In the car on the way home, he began to think of lovely Lisa waiting for him and he began to get a hard on… yes… this afternoon was for just the two of them… and what he wanted more than anything was to soak in a whirlpool of the Jacuzzi with his voluptuous blonde wife and then fuck her in the clear heat of the afternoon sun in the privacy of their own backyard.


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