Don Carpenter, completely naked, his long hard cock standing straight out and throbbing from his darkly hirsute loins, watched with salivating lust the enticing sight of Rachel licking and sucking the passion-crazed young wife’s cunt while she fingered herself in time to the lewd slurpings of her mouth and tongue.

The middle-aged actor’s balls were throbbing with his increasing excitement, and he held his cock in the palm of one hand now, stroking it lightly, his feverish eyes unblinkingly glued to the carnal scene being enacted on the blanket just a few yards away. He had been waiting behind the bushes that divided their two backyards as per Rachel’s plan, and when the lovely blonde wife had shed her clothes and climbed bare-assed into the redwood tub, he’d shed his own clothes and settled down to watch. It had been quite a show so far, with Rachel’s hands moving over Lisa’s lithe young body and then Rachel’s mouth and tongue…

On the blanket, the pretty young wife’s cries of animal pleasure were becoming louder and louder as the older woman continued to swirl and flick her tongue around the velvet-like softness of Lisa’s pulsatingly soft cunt lips. Her buttocks were jerking and spasming beneath the plunging poker of a tongue. She was going to cum soon, she had to cum soon, it was building and building and building…

Rachel, her own brain a bubbling cauldron of lust and near orgasm as she flailed her finger faster and faster over her throbbing clitoris, down into her wetly fevered pussy, sent her tongue pistoning into the young wife’s vagina like some insane, motor-driven machine. Lisa writhed and squirmed beneath the insane licking until she thought she would surely go mad from the sheer ecstatic rapture in her young loins and belly. Her head flailed like a broken puppet’s, swirling her long damp tawny ham in the late sunlight, grinding her crotch up into the older woman’s lusting face and tongue, and she felt the gathering waves of her orgasm rising, rising, rising to unbelievable pitch…

And then she was there!

She was cumming!

A deep, almost half-human scream erupted from Lisa Radwin’s throat as she locked her hands hard in Rachel’s dark hair, drawing the other woman into her crotch with all her might. Her juices began to flow from her widespread cunt, inundating the voluptuous older woman’s famous face and tongue, flowing down along Lisa’s trembling rectum to pool in fragrant stickiness on the blanket. She screamed again and again and Rachel covered Lisa’s mouth with her hand so as not to rouse the whole neighborhood, and then she too was cumming, as with her other hand she rubbed her own clit and sent her entice body oscillating with wave after wave of surging cum.

Then, at long last, both girls collapsed as their driving climaxes abated. Lisa emitted a long, exhausted, satiated sigh, her head lolling to one side, her eyes closed, her brain refusing to comprehend anything except the wondrous feeling ebbing gently through her body now. She released Rachel’s hair and opened her thighs to allow her to remove her head from between the fevered legs.

Rachel lifted herself onto her knees, grinning down at the beautiful blonde wife, the juices of Lisa’s orgasm making her face and mouth glisten wetly in the sunlight. Her head lifted, the smile widening, and her eyes sought the hedge where she knew that Don had been hiding and watching. A new thrill of excitement went through her as she saw him step out from behind one of the bushes, not needing any further summons, and start toward the blanket, completely nude, his huge prick proceeding him like some pagan battle standard. He couldn’t wait, Rachel knew, not with what he’d just witnessed; I’ve given him one hell or an act to follow, though, she chuckled to herself… one hell of an act!

Don reached the two naked women, standing above them holding his cock tightly in his right hand, his face split in a lascivious leer. “Jesus, Rachel!” he muttered hoarsely.

The voluptuous film star laughed deep in her throat, sliding backward on the blanket so she could watch what was about to happen next. Her eyes were already fevered with anticipation, with renewed sexual excitement, and her insatiable pussy was again throbbing. She saw Don drop to his knees, still holding his massive penis, and lean his head down close to the half-comatose young wife’s face. Rachel held her breath…

Lisa’s eyelids fluttered open and spread apart and she blinked rapidly, focusing her gaze. Then she gasped, her hands clutching convulsively at the blanket beneath her. She was staring up at the darkly handsome actor’s huge, blood swollen penis, held lewdly above her face, the dark red head glazed with a thin sheer of seminal emission. Lisa, still drugged from the Vin Mariani, trembled and shivered, her brain whirling with more than confusion, with increasing and renewed lust as she continued to gaze hypnotically at the palpitating expanse of the man’s huge prick. She couldn’t seem to help herself… all she wanted was cumming, was the wonderful sensations once again churning through her flesh extinguished by the spiraling ecstasy of orgasm. That’s all she could think about… all she could care about…

“I want you inside me, Don… Please… Please…”

Then Don, still holding his cock and bending lower, began to stroke the wet, hard head over the naked tits of Charles Radwin’s wife, bringing the nipples into instant hardness, causing deep groans of desire to emanate from the young wife’s passion-drugged throat. He continued to massage her firm, full breasts with the head of his throbbing prick for several seconds feeling his balls burgeoning with desire and his heart threatening to burst through his chest cavity with anticipation as his mind dwelled on what he would only momentarily be doing to this tight-assed little cunt so totally subjugated before him.

“Okay, baby… up on your hands and knees… That’s it, cunt… now turn around a little.”

Obediently, the lust-incited woman followed the naked actor’s instructions, poising her body on all fours, her firm, rich round little buttocks presented to him, the tight little crevice between them wet with her vaginal secretions and with the saliva of the voluptuous brunette who waited eagerly only a few feet away for what she knew was about to happen. Don knelt behind Lisa, breathing raggedly with inflamed desire, and began to stroke the full splendor of her quivering ass moons with venereous glee. The lubricated hand of his massive cock was rubbing against her moistly secreting vagina, eliciting moans of increasing delight from the mindless blonde before him. He leaned farther forward so that the hard fleshy head of his cock rested against the hungrily waiting opening of her vagina, then moved his hips lightly until suddenly, savagely, he lunged forward and plunged his cock far up into her hotly welcoming vagina, burying it to the hilt, touching her cervix with the tip of his cock.

He clutched at her hips, flexing deeper and harder into the warm depths of her vaginal passage from behind, like an animal, feeling his balls slapping hard against the tiny nub of her clitoris, the pressure of his lunge pushing her head down against the blanket and the ground beneath it painfully.

“Oooooohhhh… ooooohhh, fuck it… fuck it… fuck it good baby,” the blonde wife moaned crazily…

… And just a few feet away, in stunned disbelief, stood Charles Radwin, a startled gasp bursting from his throat at the sight he had found in his own backyard. He stood absolutely motionless for a long, breathless second, then his body began to sway and his vision clouded, and it seemed for a moment as if he would collapse. He put out his hand blindly, encountered the patio railing, and leaned his weight against that. With his other hand he rubbed the hot sweat from his eyes, clearing his vision, and stared stupefied at the carnal sight his brain at first had almost refused to comprehend.

His lovely wife… the women he loved and trusted… was being fucked from behind like an animal by Don Carpenter, as his wife Rachel watched rubbing her own warmly secreting cunt with glee.

The shocked husband fought to sort out his wildly swirling thoughts, searching for some explanation to the salacious carnality being enacted right before his eyes, in the cherished privacy of his own backyard. But no answer was ready, and he could only stare as if hypnotized at the lascivious actions of his beautiful wife and the rutting middle aged man fucking long and hard into her from behind.

But then his eyes fastened on another incredible sight exposed to his shocked eyes. The dark hair-fringed cunt, moist and glistening in the afternoon sun, of Rachel Carpenter, who was staring with inviting lasciviousness at him now.

And suddenly, insanely, his cock began to stir and throb crazily in his pants, to rise slowly into an erection as he stared at the lewdness before him. God, it couldn’t be true. But he was being wildly aroused by the sight of his wife being fucked like a dog… and his desire was building for the famous actress whose thighs were spread before him.

Then Rachel rose to her feet and began moving towards Charles. As he began to walk similarly toward the dark-haired beauty, his prick was hammering with a fiery intensity and his balls were aching, aching with the need for release, aching with the need to take part in the obscene orgy.

Now, just a few feet from the couple on the blanket, Rachel stood before him, naked and proud, her pelvic region thrust out to him, the sun shining tantalizingly off the dark brown, thickly soft pubic hair partially hiding her wet pink insatiable cunt. Her smile was age-old, her face sheened with excitement and sweat, and she stared straight into his burning eyes. “Hello, Charles, darling,” she cooed softly.

“Lisa… my wife…” he groaned mindlessly, his painful confusion returning momentarily.

“Yes, darling… your wife… she’s enjoying it, isn’t she? She’s enjoying Don’s big hard cock inside her…”

“Oh God… Oh God…”

“Why don’t you and I do the same thing, Charles?” she droned on. “Why don’t we fuck like they’re fucking… all of us fucking together, Lisa and Don, you and me… your cock is so hard, Charles. I can see that it is, wouldn’t you like to have it inside my ass, honey, fucking me with your big cock while you watch Lisa…”

A low, tortured guttural sound purled from the lust-incited husband’s throat and by that sound, Rachel knew that she had won. She stepped forward, pressing her hot, voluptuous nakedness against his body, her hand slipping down to cup and stroke his cloth-encased genitals. He didn’t move, his eyes still fastened on his wife, and just stood there as the panting brunette unfastened his belt, pulled his trousers down and his undershorts aside, and began to stroke his naked, bulging cock, her little finger extended downward to tantalize the burgeoning sac of his balls. She pressed her naked firm breasts against his bare arm, rubbing the nipples over the hairy flesh, and began kissing him on the neck and throat with her hot, moist lips as she continued to fondle and caress his prick and testicles.

On the blanket, Lisa Radwin had begun to moan in delighted pleasure and her brain was reeling furiously, while her long silken blonde hair swirled like a soft cloud around her head. The totally abandoned, totally aroused young wife buffeted back harder and harder against the dark-haired actors pistoning shaft, feeling his bloated testicles slap harshly against her throbbing clitoris.

“Oooohhhh, yessss, Don,” she heard her voice screech, “do it to me… harder, harder, do it, do it, uuummmmmm!”

Charles heard his desire-drugged young wife cry out, the words which she chanted so passionately, so mindlessly, words which now were tremendously exciting to the lust-delirious husband, causing his cock to palpitate with incredible pressure in the tight, hot clasp of Rachel Carpenter’s fingers. Charles kissed Rachel now with his eyes wide open, watching his wife before him. Lisa’s eyes were closed, her head flailing wildly, and there was such a look of wanton passion on her face that it was incredible. God damn! This is insane.

Below, his throbbing cock lurched crazily in Rachel’s hand, and furiously he stabbed his tongue into the older actresses mouth to savor her sweetness. She matched his fury as she sucked back avidly and his hands were brutal now with passion, confusion and anger. For a moment, Rachel released her grip, and Charles knew what he wanted to do… her pussy, gleaming at him in the sun was like a hot molten magnet… He had to eat it, had to lick the moist hot opening to her womanhood. He grabbed one of her full mooned buttocks in either hand and his fingers dug cruelly into the soft pliancy of her flesh, which oozed through his fingers like kneaded bread dough. She moaned softly up into his mouth. At the same time he heard Lisa on the blanket.

“Oh… Oooohh! That… feeels… so… gooood!”

Charles knelt between Rachel’s legs and groaned aloud as he dropped his mouth down between the satin smoothness of Don Carpenter’s wife’s lusciously tapered thighs. Her pussy glistened brilliantly with viscid moisture, and he could see it waiting there, so red in the sunlight, waiting for his tantalizing tongue. He poised there for a moment, and Rachel reached out, put a hand behind his neck and pulled his head down gently, but firmly. “God… Charles…” she breathed. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

Without hesitation, then, his tongue snaked out to bore deep into the pulsating mouth of her cunt. He heard her sighing moan and felt the erotic shock of it in her body, as she greedily undulated her hips up to his face.

Wave after delightful wave of building sensations shimmered through Lisa Radwin like summer heat lightning, as she lay there naked in her own backyard, while Rachel’s husband fucked into her cunt from behind. She was so involved with the ecstatic enjoyment of what was happening to her that she was only casually aware of someone else’s presence in the yard. All she wanted was to be fucked and fucked until she exploded like Mount Vesuvius.

Don’s mammoth cock was driving her absolutely wild with rapture. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck,” she cried wildly as his balls were dancing insanely on the sensitive head of her clitoris.

Kneeling between Rachel’s thighs, his own tongue plunging in and out of her moistly warm vagina, Charles heard his wife’s plea to Carpenter. The obscene sounds made by the man’s fucking cock came clearly to him from just a few feet away. God damn! As much as jealousy still tore at his heart, it was still the most incredibly erotic situation he had ever found himself in.

And then he heard Don Carpenter’s wife whispering to him: “God! Charles… lick my clit… keep licking… don’t stop!”

Shifting his mouth upward then, he did as she bade him, and she moved her hips in tempo with his darting, licking tongue. “Oh, that’s it! That’s it! Ooooohhhhh!”

Lisa hadn’t cared that there was someone else in the yard… until the words she had just heard penetrated her consciousness. Charles! Oh God! Was she crazy… Who else could it have been? And Rachel was demanding that Charles lick her clitoris…?

She looked over in the direction of the sound and saw Rachel with her legs spread, her naked husband kneeling between her smoothly tapering thighs… his mouth pressed tight to her loins. It was Charles! Oh Godd! This is awful… this is insane! She moaned aloud pitifully then, a mixture of anguish, shame, jealousy… and sexual arousal, as a flashing light caromed around inside her skull.

And then the truth came to her in a flash… so many things she had read and heard about in the last few years… freedom… sexual freedom… It was alright, it was good… this was what it was all about… and she could enjoy it… she could love it… and God! She hoped she could make Charles understand how wonderful it was to be this liberated.

Then, dimly through his own lust, Don heard Rachel’s lewd obscene urgings and his eyes opened, blinking and he turned his head to see who she could be talking to. Then, his face going pale with shock and surprise, the middle-age actor poised with his cock held on the outstroke, only the throbbingly swollen purplish head sunk between the widened sweating thighs of young Lisa Radwin. Son of a hitch, he thought. It’s her husband… and… holy shit… he’s turned on by what we’re doing and he’s eating my wife like she was an ice cream sundae… What a kick… what a wild fucking kick…

The knowledge of the presence of Lisa’s husband and of his joining in their orgiastic pursuits sent new waves of burgeoning passion through the dark-haired actor now that his first fears of reprisals had been banished. Ale thrust his powerful cock brutally forward, far up into the blonde’s cuntal channel, harder and faster, deeper and deeper, abandonedly reveling in the slap of his loins against the trembling white moons of Lisa Radwin.

Rachel was panting wildly now, and she began to whine crazily: “Charles… Oh God… Charles… Enough… I’ve got to… have your… cock… in my cunt… fucking me…”

But once again his mind was playing havoc with his passions and suddenly the sound of her words drove him bark to the unacceptable reality that his wife was being fucked by another man, and Lisa’s wild cries of pleasure were driving him mad now. He couldn’t stand it any more! Don Carpenter was not going to have Lisa to himself.

“Goddamnit, what are you going, Charles?” Rachel Carpenter shrieked as Charles’ head jerked up between her hands, pulling away from her wet, widely parted thighs. “Don’t leave me now… Oh… Jesus… not now!”

But he struggled upwards, putting away from her hands sliding down his arms. The wet liquid noises Lisa was making and Don’s heavy excited breathing had incited the young husband almost to the point where he was hardly aware of what he was doing. He was a wild uncontrollable animal and all he knew was that he wanted nothing more than to ram his cock into his own wife, ram it into her anywhere, into the first available opening. Quickly he moved toward them. He stood before his wife’s passion contorted face now, rubbing his cock against her lust-moistened lips until she opened her mouth to him and took the satin-smooth throbbing cock’s head into her mouth. Lisa began to suck on Charles’ cock greedily, while he began to thrust wildly into her mouth. He kept her lips clamped tight over the hardened shaft of his cock, while at the same time relaxing her throat so that she could take all of him. She could tell by the wild, jerking expansion of his lust-hardened shaft as it plunged in and out of her mouth, that it wouldn’t he very long at all before he came to a sperm-jetting climax.

“Damn you, Charles… you son of a bitch!” Rachel screeched. “You could have had her later… why didn’t you fuck me first? I’m steaming for your cock right now, my ass is aching for your cock, you bastard…!”

But neither husband nor wife heard the vicious, spitting epithets of the voluptuous, spurned movie star, and she was left alone, crouching, watching, her hand slipping down dispiritedly to fondle her own genitalia to seek release of her billowing passion.

Lisa could feel her husband’s secreting shaft batter against her larynx now, and her lips ovalled madly as she attempted to suck the hot white load of sperm from her husband’s balls like a siphon to her own aching, waiting throat.

Behind her, the middle-aged actor watched the wildly lust-inciting sight of Charles Radwin fucking his big hard cock into the eagerly sucking mouth of his wife. Carpenter was driven on to crazed fucking of her vagina as he realized that the release of his incredible load of sperm was near its end, his balls throbbing like two wild things as they slapped hard against the wet, soft furrow of Lisa’s cunt.

She rolled and flung her buttocks back now against Don’s forward driving shaft, feeling it deep in her cunt but interested in, concentrating on, her husband’s prick in the warm wet grotto of her mouth. She moaned and mewled around his lust-throbbing cock like a depraved animal, totally abandoning herself now, her hips and tightly clenching vagina swirling more wildly around Don Carpenter’s shaft, her lips and tongue wildly tasting every ridge and vein of her husband’s prick.

Charles was moaning in excited cadence now, staring down at his wife’s slavishly working mouth around the great girth of his penis and he could see her taut, firm young breasts sway back and forth along his cock. He could see her lips clinging to the head of his immense weapon on the backstroke of her head, and he could feel the pressure of his impending cum constricting his swinging testicles painfully, the twin blocks of desire slapping enticingly off the small, sweat-covered chin of his young wife as she sucked him.

Lisa began to nibble with her sharp white teeth the rock-hard, bloated skin of his blood filled cock, sipping at it as if it were a gigantic straw and his semen was a delicious ice cream soda and she wanted all of it in her mouth, wanted him to cum, her husband, wanted to taste his hot seed as it filled her mouth to overflowing. More wildly she sucked him now, flinging and robing her buttocks back against the pile-driving weapon on Don Carpenter, caught between the two pistoning cocks as if she was a pull toy on two huge rubber bands.

And then suddenly Don’s fingers dug painfully into Lisa’s quivering hips, the nails drawing blood from the soft sweating globes and he began to chant crazily, his eyes rolling in their sockets. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming… I’m cummmiiingggg!” His cock began to jerk then as he pummeled insanely forward into the young wife’s anus, and Lisa suddenly felt his fire-hot semen erupt along his urethra tube from the burning cauldrons of his testicles and fill her rectum to overflowing, felt the searing liquid run down along the crevice of her churning buttocks along the backs of her thighs, and pool on the blanket beneath her flailing body.

“Aaaaaggghhhhh!” she gurgled in mindless delight around her husband’s cock, the pressure of Don’s thrusts as he continued to jettison more and more torrents of steaming hot seed into her anus driving her face forward so that her lips and her nose were pressed tightly against the wiry bristles of her husband’s thick pubic hair, his prick all but strangling her convulsing young throat and the masculine aroma of his heaving genitals like an added aphrodesia in her flaring nostrils.

Then quickly, Charles increased his pace and the length of his stroke knowing that he couldn’t last much longer, feeling the volcano that was his balls almost brimming over.

Lisa felt the awful emptiness in her unfulfilled vagina now and desperately reached back with her own finger to continue what Don had left unfinished. Now the desperately aching husband was slamming into his wife’s mouth with increasing force, drawing his swollen cock nearly out of her tight, moist lips clasping at it hungrily, then plunging in again until his swollen testicles slapped hard against her chin. The pressure was mounting, mounting, in his billowing scrotum, and his head swam wildly with the impending knowledge of his cumming, of his filling his wife with torrents of rushing, hotly burning seed…

“I’ll do it for you… I’ll do it… Oh Don… darling… eat me while I suck on Lisa.” Rachel’s voice reached the blonde wife’s ears as if from a great distance, and then she felt something warm and sharp piercing her cunt… the other woman’s tongue, while at the same time Rachel pushed Lisa’s own hand away.

Lisa began now to toss her head in frenzied abandoned ecstasy, impaled on the other woman’s tongue while her mouth was impaled on her husband’s rock-hard shaft. Her mouth was fastened to his cock and she sucked still harder, trying to milk it, as her pussy was trying to milk Rachel’s pistoning tongue.

“I’m almost… there…” Charles shouted in mindless ecstasy and she was almost there herself, as was Rachel, whose own steaming cunt was now being expertly manipulated by her own husband’s tongue and mouth.

Charles increased his pace even more, deepening his thrusts as she writhed wildly beneath Rachel, grinding up and down on her tongue with incredible fury, her legs twitching wide, her toss curling as she lurched her legs wide and upwards. He knew that both women were near orgasm now and he pounded deeper, deeper into Lisa’s throat.

“Ooooohh, ohhhh, ooohhhhh,” Lisa chanted around his cock as she felt her orgasm climbing to the very pinnacle.

And then she convulsed between her husband and Rachel, as her pussy walls began to secrete their warm gushes of wet sticky fluid around Rachel’s tongue. She was cumming, cumming… And then Rachel too, felt her own orgasm approaching and suddenly the two women were groaning wildly, uncontrollably at the same time as their orgasms hit simultaneously.

And Charles could hold back no longer as his own hot churning sperm was about to race through his cock to fill his wife’s mouth. He jerked wildly, spasming, her mouth sucking at him feverishly, and then his orgasm struck fully and his balls erupted burning fire from within them, causing his body to tremble in palsied motion. His juices spurted from the opening in his prickhead far into the waiting throat of his wife’s still moaning mouth… a never-ending flow which almost choked her as she furiously worked to swallow every last drop of his wonderful cum… Until finally he collapsed, spent and satisfied.

But now Don Carpenter’s cock was erect and excited once again and he was moving towards Lisa with the idea of fucking her still once more.


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