Janice awoke to the morning sunshine streaming into her bedroom, nudging her out of one of the most restful sleeps she could remember.

She yawned and stretched luxuriously, with a deep, happy groan. The memory of Chad’s lush, stabbing prick came back, bringing her to full tingling awareness. How many times had they fucked the day before? Two… three? It didn’t matter. Their fucking had seemed to go on endlessly all night. His vigorous cock had literally fucked her into a satiated stupor. The last thing she remembered was drifting into a drained, satisfying sleep while Chad’s fingers absently stroked her cum-bloated pussy.

Janice smiled just thinking about it. She was totally hung up on her son’s prick and she knew it. There was no longer even the slightest twinge of guilt. For the first time in years she felt really satisfied.

And horny, too. Even thinking about her son made her cunt hot and creamy, itching for more.

With a sigh she rose and dressed, thoroughly enjoying herself. Then, humming a light, airy tune and feeling better than she’d felt in a long time, she made her way downstairs.

“Oh, hello dears. I didn’t know everyone was already up! Am I interrupting a conference?”

Her smile beamed brightly at the three teenagers seated at the kitchen table. Mindy and Chad had just finished their breakfast and Bob had dropped by. They all looked up when she swept in, a little surprised by her breezy tone.

“Hi, Mom. We were just trying to think of something to do today,” Mindy answered immediately. “Can I get you some coffee?”

“That would be wonderful. Thank you, darling.”

As the blonde hopped up, Janice sat down at the table and caught Chad’s gaze for one brief, tantalizing moment. He grinned ma way that made her blush and turn her focus on Bob.

“How are your parents, Bob? I’ve been so busy around the house lately that I haven’t seen them for days! Are they enjoying their new pool?”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so. They’re okay.”

Bob shrugged noncommittally. Then he brightened.

“Oh, and Mom wanted to know if you were interested in going shopping with her this morning. That’s why she sent me over. I almost forgot.”

As Mindy set a steaming cup of coffee before her, Janice laughed. “That’s all right, honey. As a matter of fact, that’s a perfect idea. I think I’ll take her up on it. What time is she going?”

Bob looked down at his watch, then blushed. “Uh, she sent me over about an hour ago. Any minute, I guess.”

He was relieved at her understanding smile. “My, you certainly don’t give a girl much time, do you? Well, I’d better scoot on over there and see what Shara had in mind.”

Taking a quick gulp of her coffee, she rose and gave each of her children a quick peck on the cheek, letting her kiss linger just an instant against Chad’s angular jaw. Then, still floating on the cloudy daze of the previous night’s activities, she made for the back door.

“I won’t be gone long, kids. Have a nice time!” Then she was gone, leaving the three of them alone.

Bob was the first to speak, his voice surprised.

“Boy, your mom sure is in a good mood this morning.”

“Yeah.” Chad shrugged the statement off, hiding the grin that twitched at his lips. Then he changed the subject. “Well, what’re we gonna do today, anyway? Want to go swimming again?”

Bob wrinkled his nose. He’d been doing a lot of that lately. “How about something else? I’m tired of swimming.”

“Like what?”

They had been ignoring Mindy, both knowing that Chad’s older sister wasn’t interested in the kinds of things guys usually did on bright summer mornings.

However, their attention focused instantly on her when she spoke up brightly.

“I know! Why don’t we play a game?”

Both boys stared, neither of them particularly interested in games.

Chad winced at his big sister. “A game? What kind of game?”

“Well…” Mindy hesitated, at a loss. She was in the mood for something exciting, but didn’t quite know what.

That was when Chad gave her an idea. With a sudden mischievous gleam in his eyes, he went on in a daring tone. “How about a game of show and tell, Sis? You can show us your tits, and we’ll tell you how we like ’em.”

He snickered at that drawing a grin from Bob as well.

But that was exactly what Mindy wanted. With a taunting smile that froze both boys, she answered teasingly. “All right, that sounds like fun. But if I show first, then you have to do the same! That’s fair, isn’t it?”

That took them by surprise. What had been meant as a joke suddenly became the real thing.

Bob’s mouth dropped open, but Chad was quick to pick it up with a broad grin.

“Sure. But you have to do the showing first. Then we’ll see who chickens out first.”

“Hey!” Bob blurted out, blushing fiercely, not quite sure that the brother and sister really intended to do what they said. The thought of getting a peak at Mindy’s tits made him hesitate.

“Does that go for both of you?”

Chad nodded and Bob slowly followed suit.

It was just the kind of excitement Mindy was looking for. Now she had the full attention of both boys and that made her cunt itch and gush with excitement.

“All right, then. I’ll go first.”

Without hesitation she reached down and grasped the border of her tee shirt, pulling it over her head in one, single deft motion and tossing it aside.

She wasn’t wearing a bra and the two boys goggled as her big tits bounced free, swaying and jutting out with ripe creaminess and two taut, pink spires.

It happened so fast that neither of them reacted at first. Chad really hadn’t expected his big sister to accept his dare in front of their next-door neighbor and the sight of her juicy, stiff-nippled tits caught his breath.

It was Bob who breathed out first. “Oh, shit!”

Delighting in their astonished gazes, Mindy felt her nipples fatten and expand even more, aching with pleasure. She stood up and posed before them, her hands defiantly on hips, her shoulders brazenly arched back to thrust her tits forward toward their stares.

“Well?” she said after a moment’s frozen pause. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it? I did my part, now what do you think?”

“Uh…” Bob gulped, for the first time taking in the spectacle of the alder girl’s lush, ripe tits.

Grinning more broadly than before, Chad said what was on both their minds. “Jesus, you have a great pair of tits! They’re terrific!”

Their feasting eyes made Mindy’s cunt gush with horny enjoyment. Without hesitation she took the game a step further. “Now you have to show me what you’ve got. I went first and now it’s your turn. And don’t tell me you haven’t got anything either, because I can see them from here!”

She fastened her wide blue eyes on their swollen crotches, and both boys made embarrassed sounds.

“Aw, come on…”

“Hell, Sis, that’s not fair and you know it!”

“Oh, isn’t it?” She made her voice all sweetness as her hands suddenly shot up, cupping her big, bounteous tits and hefting them outward for their examination. “Maybe you need some encouragement. If you let me see what I’m interested in, I just might be persuaded to let you both kiss these a little. That’d make it fair, wouldn’t it?”

Chad and Bob glanced at each other. Her proposition sounded more than fair to each, of them. Reminded of their session with Bob’s mom, they overcame their mutual shyness with a glance and a slight shrug of their shoulders.

“Yeah,” Chad answered, already rising from his chair. “That sounds plenty fair. How about you, Bob?”

Bob nodded, rising as well. In unison, they hastily tore at their jeans, fumbling with the snaps and zippers. There was the rustle of demin and a moment later the two boys stood nude from the waist down, their rigid cocks jerking straight at her.

This time it was Mindy’s turn to gasp at sight of the two beautiful, veined pricks bobbing up just for her. She was getting hornier byte moment and the temptation of their cocks was too good to pass up.

“Well what’re you standing there for?” she demanded, holding her tits out boldly. “Come here and get your reward for being such good boys. After all, you earned it!”

“You bet we did!” Chad chortled as they rushed forward.

Each boy scrambled toward her, his hands eagerly darting out and latching onto a large, pliant tit. Their heads sank forward and their mouths closed greedily on her nipples.

Clasping at their hungry, lunging heads, Mindy reached down and firmly grasped their cocks in her fists, squeezing and urging them on as they began to suck.

“Ohhhh, oh that’s nice, that’s really nice! Suck my titties good, ahhhh.”

She pumped on their pricks as they lapped and kissed and sucked her nipples into slick, throbbing spires of sensation. To her amazement, Bob’s cock was every bit as huge as Chad’s and just as thick, surging in her fingers as if it had a life of its own. She’d never had two fistfuls of cock all to herself before and the feel of the scrumptious, wagging pricks broke down any pretense that this was just a game. She wanted more now, much more. She wanted to fuck their cocks, and her pussy was bursting with creamy agreement. As they gobbled her saliva-streaked tits, she pumped their pricks harder.

“Ahh – that’s soooo good! Keep sucking me like that! Ohhh… oh fuck that’s nicer than ever! More, suck me more! Yesss!”

They nuzzled and mouthed her enormous nipples, rolling their tongues over the fattened spikes and nibbling at their hot, wet goodness. Both boys also twitched their hips as well, gliding their pricks in and out of the moaning girl’s fists. Mindy groaned and pumped faster oozing juicy heat.

Then, just when she was on the verge of coming, Chad pulled back.

His face was flushed and the smile that spread over his lips was really a tight grimace of lust as he spoke out in a gravelly tone. “Now, mmm, how about showing us some wore? Come on, Sis, you’ve gone this far. How about letting us get a look at your pussy, too?”

Bob heard that and jerked his head back in surprise. The mammoth tit between his lips slid free as Mindy wiggled, squeezing their cocks.

“Ahhh, all right,” she smiled back, not bothered by the least twinge of inhibition anymore. “I, I guess that’s fair, since it’s my turn again.”

Even as those words came out she was unsnapping and unzipping her own jeans. They slithered down over her full hips and slender legs, sliding to her feet, parities and all. She stepped lithely from them, delighting at the boys’ hisses as they got an uninterrupted view of her golden, moistly matted cunt.

“Is that good enough for you?” she asked with a little giggle, taking in their tortured expressions. “And… and since we’re at it, you may as well get a feel of it, too. Who wants to be first?”

Obviously, they both wanted to be first. Two hands grabbed out at once, fingers dipping between her spread thighs and tangling in the wet, fuzz-clad crevice of her dripping pussy.

Mindy squirmed delightedly as ten fingers groped her pussy all at the same time, gouging along her drooling slit and burrowing up the slick entrance of her pussy. An instant later Bob and Chad each had a finger up inside her. Like two small, rigid cocks they glided in and out as more fingers massaged her jutting clit and even probed the tight rim of her ass.

It didn’t take much of that to have Mindy churning with hot, frantic pleasure. Her juices streamed down to cover both boys’ hands with wet enticement.

Suddenly she couldn’t stand it anymore. Abruptly puffing away from their groping fingers, she dashed over to the kitchen table and sprawled out on it, flopping her legs wide.

“Hurry!” she panted, arching up to give them the whole view of her flared, pink pussy slit. “Hurry, somebody get a cock into me right now, before I explode!”

Then it wasn’t a game any more – it was the real thing.

At first the boys stared at each other, uncertain as to which of them should be first. Then Chad nodded and Bob strode forward.

“Shit, you really are as horny as Chad said! How about this, Mindy? Is my cock good enough for you?”

Hastily guiding his engorged prickhead to the sopping edge of her pouting pussy mouth, he heaved.

Mindy let out an ecstatic wail as his hard, thick cockmeat speared into her, sinking home until it was buried to its base, throbbing tightly in the vise like grip of her soft, melting cuntwalls.

“Yes!” she cried, hunching up on his wonderful prick and grasping it with her undulating pussy, sucking for every beautiful inch. “Yes, it’s good, so fucking goooood, fuck me with it, Bob, fuck me hard! Screw meeeee!”

Bob moved his prick in and out, letting it slurp back and forth in her tightly wedged cunt and watching with a hypnotized expression as his cock drove all the way into her golden-haired pussy. He was actually fucking Mindy Blake for the first time ever! And it was every bit as good as fucking his own mom.

“How’s this feel? You really like it, don’t you? Tell me, Mindy! Tell me how much you like it!”

His prick stabbed with increasing eagerness she grunted out the words. Its pistoning motion had his balls and thighs gleaming with pussy juice and he rammed his cock into her harder with every stroke.

“Uhhhhh!” Mindy gave a cry of pure bliss as she writhed on the table, practically screaming out in response. “Love it! I love it! Ohhh, that’s so fucking good, tick it to me faster!” She wrenched up on his pounding prick, thrashing her pussy around its hugeness in an oblivion of sheer hunger.

Chad, who had stood by, patiently watching the spectacle until his balls ached, decided on some action himself.

Moving around the table and climbing up on his knees, he brought his stiffened prick to his big sister’s lips and shoved it at her mouth.

“Let’s both fuck her at once!” he said, sliding his cocktip along her full lips. “Just like we did your mom – let’s really give her some cock! She’ll love it better than ever!”

For Mindy’s part, he didn’t need to do much urging at all. She felt his big, hard prick gouging at her mouth and instinctively opened her lips to let it slip between them. His cock slipped easily down her throat and then she turned into a whirlwind of fucking and sucking, taking them both at once.

“Oh fucking shit, she’s really doing it!”

Bob’s gleeful gasp of surprise turned into a groan as he plunged his cock furiously up the gorgeous blonde-fuzzed pussy. His increased activity was matched by Chad’s, as he drove his prick down his sister’s throat more eagerly than ever.

It was the most cock she’d ever taken before and Mindy was in a daze of pure rapture as she drank and fucked on both their delicious pricks at once.

Almost instantly she was thrashing in the first swells of climax, soaring up on the hard table and wrapping her cunt and mouth around their hard, thrusting cocks in total abandon.

Her orgasm tore through her, quickly followed by the gasps of the two boys as they lunged to climax as well.

Bob was the first to conic. His body shuddered and spurt after spurt of his hot, filmy jism ripped through her cunt.

That was quickly followed by Chad’s release as he wrenched down with a fury that slammed his prick all the way between her stretched lips and sent his load of cum rippling down her throat.

The three of them were a twisting tangle of fulfillment, hunching and surging and driving each other to completion.

She gulped at her brother’s jizz while her undulating pussy gulped in Bob’s load of cum. More full of cockcrow than she’d ever been before, Mindy sucked on the two pricks until they were drained.

The two boys pulled away at last, their cocks wet and dripping.

“Man, that was good!”

“Wow, what a pussy! I could fuck that all day!” Chad laughed. “Hell, why not? How would you like that, Min? Want to fuck us some more?”

Mindy’s voice was a purr as she reached down to fondle her soaked, cream-filled cunt, smiling sleepily.

“Yes,” she sighed, gasping slightly as her fingers slid over her drenched pussy and eased the last tingles of orgasm from it. “Yes, I want to fuck some more. But you’re going to have to do something about these before I came.”

Her hands flew out, one rasping Chad’s limp cock and the other wrapping about Bob’s softened prick.

Their grins were joyful as she kneaded and tugged life slowly back into their two lovely cocks. Both of their grins tautened with hunger as their pricks responded, rising up once again.

“Well shit, what’re we waiting for?” Chad’s voice was triumphant as he moved into a new position. “Come on, Bob, let’s both fuck her at once this time. That’s the way to really do it!”

Bob eyebrows went up. But a moment later he understood what his friend meant, as Chad crawled around to clamber atop his willing sister and plunged his prick to its hilt inside her already heated cunt.

Mindy gave a happy cry as he eased his cock to her, gyrating his hips to ream out her pussy with his jabbing hardness.

Then, before she quite realized what was happening, he grabbed her jutting asscheeks and twisted.

One second she was on her back, her pussy perfectly sheathing her brother’s cock and strumming on it for more. The next she found herself swung up on top of him into a straddling position, her weight settling down over his stiffened cock and his hands pulling her asscheeks wide to display her pink, winking asshole to Bob’s gaze.

“Go ahead, give it to her right where she needs it most,” he chuckled, forcing his sister forward so that her slick, glistening ass pouted out for Bob’s attention. “Fuck her right in the ass, while I take my turn fucking her cunt. She’ll love it, won’t you, Mindy?”

At first Mindy didn’t quite know what to say. She’d never been ass-fucked before and didn’t know if she’d like it or not.

Rut the force of her own weight sent Chad’s prick sliding up her cunt with twitching vibrations, wilting her with lust again. Whether she wanted it or not, she was ready for anything.

“Yesss!” her voice gasped as she creamed and wiggled, no longer hesitating in the least. “Yes, oh get your cock in my ass so you can both fuck me! Hurry, I want it now, nowww!”

Despite his initial surprise, the session with his mother had taught Bob what to do next. He clambered between the sobbing girl’s out flung legs and placed the tip of his cock against her tight, little ass and then heaved.

Mindy shrieked in a mixture of bliss and agony as her asshole was split apart by his huge cock. The knobbed head of his cock shoved between her clenched ass lips and forced them open for more. Soon inch after straining inch of rigid prick was sliding up her asshole, stretching her inner walls taut against Chad’s upthrusting cock.

Almost before she knew it, both Mindy’s holes were filled with jabbing cock. The two boys were grunting and pummeling their pricks into her with renewed delight. Her reaction was every bit as horny as theirs. She cried out and writhed, hunching onto both pricks at once and viciously pistoning herself onto them for more.

“Nnhhuuuuuh! Ahhh – yes, yes, fuck meeee! Harder, harder! Fuuhhhhh…”

Reeling in the middle of an unexpected sandwich, she soared to fresh frenzy as the eager cocks tore into her with a completeness she’d never suspected possible.

“Christ, look at her go!” Bob laughed, tearing into her ass just like he had his own mother’s. “Man, can she take it! Oh fucking sit! She’s gonna suck the jizz out of my balls just like – uhhhh!”

Before he could complete the sentence he was wrenching in ecstasy, already to the point of exploding.

Chad responded identically, overwhelmed by the hunching, sobbing girl who lurched atop him and took both their pricks. Her big tits bounced and her body arched like a bowstring.

None of them had ever experienced such a thorough fucking before. This time they came with an intensity that had them all crying out.



Two geysers of cum flooded into her at once, one drilling into her cunt and the other ripping through her asshole in hot fountains. She pumped wildly, taking both their shooting pricks in her holes and sucking them dry of their precious jism as she climaxed again and again, shrieking joyfully.

Mindy had never come so hard in her life. She was an explosion of pure completion, her cunt spasming as if it would go on forever.

It was only after she’d taken all their jizz – after the two boys were totally drained and collapsed in a panting heap, that reality focused once more.

“Ahhhhmmmm,” she cooed, satiated. “So good, that was so good, ummm…”

Their pricks were still lodged in her wet, cum seeping holes. Chad and Bob grinned at each other. Their game had been a complete success.

And, as far as they were concerned, it had only just started.