There was no avoiding Tina Rogers once she walked into a room. She stood six foot three inches, and had long, jet black hair that fell straight past her waist, brushing the tops of her buttocks. Her long straight hair made her look even taller than she was, and to this she added boots or platform shoes with a three or four inch heel. Yes, she stood out in a crowd, but not only because of her height. Her tell frame was covered with the juiciest arrangement of flesh any man could hope for. Her breasts we large and firm and didn’t need a bra to hold them up, her waist was slim and her hips full-fleshed and very, very suggestive.

Today she wore a halter-top that let the bottom of her breasts swing free, and exposed her middle to the bright sunshine. She also wore a pair of faded dungaree shorts that started about four inches below her cute navel. They ended just an inch or two below her crotch – the crotch that had driven men to do dangerous and foolish things. Her legs were golden tan from the sun. She was sitting in a swing made from some rope and an old, worn-out tire. She swung back and forth from the branch of an ancient, gnarled oak, swinging her legs so that her bare toes brushed the top of the neatly manicured grass.

“Hey Peter,” she called gaily. “Peter, come here and swing me. I haven’t done this since I was seven.”

Peter, tall and bronzed, rose from his lawn chair and walked around behind her.

“I’d rather swing with you than swing you,” he said, placing his hands on her full, rounded ass and pushing forward, sending her soaring up towards the outstretched, leafy branches of the giant oak.

Tina swung back to Peter, and again he pushed her forward and upward, making sure to get a generous handful of her ass. They were alone today at Peter Jamison’s Long Island estate which he had inherited from his parents. He usually spent all summer here and always invited friends to stay for a couple of days or weeks, whatever. The estate rolled over 60 acres and had it’s own dock for sail and powerboats.

Tina swung back and forth, feeling the wind against her face lifting her long hair, sending if flying in all directions. The wind also lifted the edges of Tina’s halter and Peter could see a flash of breast, a hint of cherry-red nipple as the wind toyed with the edges of Tina’s lacy frock. Back and forth, higher and higher Tina swung with Peter pushing her. At the top of each swing she kicked her long legs up high, almost touching the leaves of the tree with her big toe, making no attempt to keep her frock from billowing out and baring her breasts to the winds and the skies.

With each trip of the swing Peter got more and more turned on. He was grabbing a handful of her ass each time she passed him and he wanted more. On her next swing by him Peter reached out and quickly undid one of the snaps at the back of Tina’s halter. She squealed as he did it, but again she kicked up her legs as she approached the branches of the giant oak, letting her now partly loose halter swing free. Peter waited patiently for Tina to make the return swing, and this time he managed to free another of the three snaps. Tina squealed again, laughing as she made the upswing and kicking her legs up again.

This time the halter new up in Tina’s face, entirely baring her breasts. Peter watched with his mouth open as Tina’s breasts rolled back and forth, their rich, red nipples becoming sharp and pointed. Tina pushed the halter back down but it didn’t do any good because as she swung by Peter he undid the last of the snaps and the halter fell away, floating in the air current created by Tina’s swinging and falling to the ground.

Slowly Tina slowed her swinging down. Her breasts rolling back and forth as she swung through the warm summer air felt good. She looked around for Peter but couldn’t see him. Still on the swing she undid the snaps of her dungaree shorts and squirmed out of them tossing them in the air and letting them float off. The smooth rubber tire felt good against her bare ass as she continued swinging and looking for Peter.

She swung back and forth, her head thrown back looking up at the leaves above, letting her hair fly wildly in the breeze when she suddenly felt Peter’s hands grab her and pull her from her comfortable seat. She fell to the ground and wrestled with him, trying to break free from his grip. She felt him flip her over, and for the first time she looked at him and saw that he had shed his clothes.

“So you went and hid behind the tree,” she laughed, breaking from his grip and running across the lawn.

Wordlessly, he pursued her and again caught her and pulled her to the ground. They rolled over and over in the soft grass, he entangled in her long, smooth, muscular legs. She wrapped her legs around him firmly and locked them together, trapping him. Peter struggled vainly, but he couldn’t break loose. He continued squirming and managed to turn himself around so that he was facing her. Now his mouth was right at the patch of black hair behind which her sweet slit was hidden.

He lashed out with his tongue, poking through the hair and running his wet, pink, tongue up and down her cunt-lips. He felt a shudder run through her body and he felt the grip of her legs around his waist loosen, but this time he didn’t try to break free. He continued lapping his tongue up and down in long leisurely strokes. From bottom to top and from top to bottom, very slowly, keeping an even tempo.

Tina lay back, completely relaxed now, supporting herself on her elbows. Her head rocked from left to right as she fell deeper and deeper under the spell of Peter’s slow, rhythmic lapping at her cunt. Her long hair swept back and forth, brushing through the grass. Her legs had locked themselves first but were now spread wide open to receive Peter’s tantalizing, teasing tongue. Her buttocks alternately squeezed tight and then relaxed, pulsating to the rhythm of Peter’s licking.

Tina felt the pressure beginning to build, and now she slid forward, trying to get Peter’s tongue into her twat deeper, but Peter pulled back, keeping his tongue only at the doorway to her pleasure hole. Now Tina started moving up and down in the direction opposite to the one Peter was working in. Her body shuddered as she got more and more excited. She brought her thin, long-fingered hands to her breasts and squeezed them slightly. They were full and ripe and her cool fingers felt good against her hot breasts. Her nipples were hard, and their points were tender to the touch. Slowly she dragged her hands across her breasts, one finger at a time, lingering a little each time one of her fingernails reached her aching nipples.

Her breath became more and more shallow as Peter speeded up the movements of his tongue. She groaned softly as she felt herself relinquish control of her body and felt the orgasm welling up and taking over her consciousness.

“Now, Peter, now,” she whispered, summoning up all her strength to utter those three words.

Her prayers were answered as Peter suddenly shot his tongue out and poked it deep into her honey pot, licking the sweet, fragrant juices that surged through her roaring cunt. Peter felt her body buck and toss as she came again and again while he made circular motions inside of her, wrapping his tongue around her clit, and pulling on it, poking his tongue deep into her slit and running it up and down the back wall. She pressed her crotch against his face, trying to swallow his entire head with her orifice.

“Take me, Peter, take me,” she cooed as she felt the first waves of orgasm fading away. She fell flat on her back and spread her legs.

Peter advanced further up her body on all fours. His dick was firm and ready to do its worst on Tina’s body. He crawled forward slowly, his pink prick pointing forward. Their faces were even now, and he leaned down to kiss Tina. She took his mouth and poked her tongue into it, still tasting the remnants of her juices. She loved the taste and she ran her tongue around his clockwise and counter clockwise, licking the last few drops of her pussy juice that Peter hadn’t swallowed.

She felt his hands on her breasts, grabbing them firmly and squeezing them, bringing her relaxed nipples back to erection. Her legs were spread apart as far as she could stretch them, so far that her cunt-lips had poked through the dense swatch guarding them. The edges of her pussy-lips were pink and glistening with the juices of her first orgasm. She could feel the tip of his prick dangling low enough to barely kiss her cunt-lips, she wrapped her arms around him and tried to pull himself up, to swallow his delicious tool.

She squirmed under him, rubbing her breasts against his hairy chest and feeling his prick swing back and forth just touching and tantalizing her anxious cunt. Slowly he lowered himself onto her, letting his cock sink into her twat a little at a time, rationing out the pleasure, so that she didn’t come too soon. First the head of his prick sank into her cunt – she sighed – then a little bit of the shaft – she groaned – then he let a little more sink in – she whimpered, and finally he shoved it all the way in, battering the back wall of her twat.

“Aaarrgh,” she cried, bucking and convulsing under him.

And now he started in earnest, pushing and pulling, tugging and shoving, in and out, over and over again, with smooth even strokes. He felt the waves of pleasure wash over his body. Tina was, moving with him, grinding their hips together, feeling his chest slam against her breasts. Again and again, he didn’t let up. Tina’s mouth fell wide open, but she was paralyzed and couldn’t scream the scream of pleasure that she so wanted to let out.

Suddenly she felt a drop of his sweet juices flow from his prick. Peter was about to come, and the drop sent her reeling into the netherworld where she was feeling so much that she could feel nothing. But Peter slowed down, he wasn’t ready to come yet, but Tina couldn’t last any longer, her body circuits overloaded she tried to scream but only a gurgle emerged from her throat, and her body became stiff as a board as she lost control of herself and lay panting below Peter as he continued plunging his cock in and out of her, not giving her a moment’s rest and getting her body churning again.

For a moment Tina’s body relaxed. Her toes unclenched and she eased her grip on Peter’s back. The hot, pink flush that had spread across her chest retreated slightly, but only for a moment as she felt the passion stirring in her again under Peter’s continued assault. Her breathing became shallow again and her body ached for more as Peter continued his plunging. She cried softly as she felt him continue, she craved the juices that were stored up in his body and were just waiting for the chance to spill freely into her waiting crevice. She hungered to feel the source of life which was within Peter’s body rush furiously into hers, she needed more than the drop or two that he had carelessly allowed to escape into her a few moments ago, she wanted pints, quarts gallons, oceans, of Peter to pour into her and take over her body.

“Owwaarrgh,” Peter groaned as his body went stiff. He could hardly move, he had lost control of the finely toned machine that was his body and now all the tensions that had built up would rush madly out of his body and fill Tina’s to overflowing. Tina knew what was going to happen now and she laughed as she shifted her legs, but before she could move them more than an inch Peter’s body arched and she felt his semen roar into her gully like a flash flood, drowning her clitoris, rushing into her womb and filling it and overflowing to mingle through the thick patch of hair that became sticky now as Peter’s juices coated them.

Slowly, very slowly, Peter started recovering from his orgasm. He rolled off Tina and lay beside her, smiling at her as he watched her reached into her cunt and scoop up the semen which was beginning to drip out. She licked her fingers, which she had poked into her pussy and offered them to Peter who tasted his own semen, too. It was sweet and sticky, and there was plenty of it.

“You should bottle it and sell it,” Tina whispered to him as they lay in the shade of the tree.

“I’ve had offers,” Peter smiled, watching as Tina now put both her hands to her twat to catch the juices that were dripping out. Both her hands were coated and she put them to her breasts, smearing them with her sticky hands in large circular motion. Her breasts glistened as she spread the liquid over them, and then poked into her crack for another handful of the gooey goodies which Peter had squirted into her. Slowly and methodically she continued painting her body until she was covered from head to toe, smiling at Peter as he rested and watched her.

She threw her head, brushing all of her hair behind her and then lay down on Peter, her glistening sticky body, clinging to his, as they dozed off in the shade of the giant oak.

As Peter dozed he saw images of the days gone by flash through his mind, the day, in particular, that he’d first met Tina Rogers.

He’d heard a lot about her, but had never met her. He, Peter Jamison, spent a lot of time on the party circuit, and had attended more than just a few orgies. All of his money had been inherited, so he didn’t have to do much by the way of work – just keep an eye on the lawyers and accountants. And at every orgy he’d heard the same thing over and over again, “you haven’t been to an orgy until you’ve been to one with Tina Rogers.”

He’d gotten intrigued by this build-up and started looking forward to the day he finally ran into her. A couple of months ago he’d been invited to an orgy and his hosts, Julie and Fred Miner, had told him that Tina Rogers would be there. And that was all the invitation he needed.

“Do you know anything about her?” Peter asked Julie.

“Not really. I know she’s been to college and that she worked as a nurse for a while, and then as a dancer, but nobody knows much about her, really. But what does it matter. You’ll have a bang-up time if you can nail her,” Julie laughed. “But remember,” she warned, “I want you first.”

“Sure,” Peter replied, glad to take care of Julie if he could only have a shot at the mysterious Tina Rogers.

The Miners really knew how to throw an orgy. They had their own four story townhouse in the East 70’s and there were plenty of soft alcoves and hidden corners where guests could adjourn to once they found someone of their liking. Of course, the kitchen was well stocked with food and booze and there was always grass, hash and coke to be had. Unlike many other hosts, the Miners never rushed anyone to leave, guests could stay overnight or for a few days if they wanted to, there was plenty of room and plenty of loving.

The Miners usually invited a dozen or so people – four or five men and seven or eight women, so there was always enough to go around. When Jamison showed up at the door, Julie answered it, and practically dragged him in before he could even smile a hello, and before he could even shed his jacket she was in his arms, whispering, “Kiss me, you fool.”

Peter gave her a hug and kiss. It was obvious that Julie had been drinking and smoking for a while before he’d arrived. He surveyed the room and saw that he didn’t know any of the people there except for Fred, who waved to him and then turned his attention to the two women he was with, both short, but one was plump with a well rounded figure, and the other thin, with full, prominent breasts. In a corner there was a willowy blonde wearing a see-through blouse with nothing under it and a pair of hot-pants that revealed a curl or two of her thatch poking around the edges of her outfit.

The blonde had a drink in her hand, and had her other hand firmly planted at the point where the legs of her hotpants came together. She looked warm and content and Peter smiled at her, as he felt Julie’s hand grab his and pull him off into a corner.

“Your wonder girl, Tina Rogers isn’t here yet, sweetheart, so let’s go upstairs. I’ve got a surprise for you,” Julie whispered.

She led the way and Peter followed, to the room adjoining the master bedroom.

“This is our surprise only Fred and I know about,” she said as she pulled a drape to reveal a one way mirror that provided a full view of the master bedroom.

Peter looked down at Julie. She and Fred were both in their 40’s, but Julie could do more to him than a 24-year old. She was five foot four inches and had a perfect figure, with breasts that still had the firmness of a teenager’s, a tiny waist and full, lush hips that housed the prettiest pussy in town.

Before she’d met Fred, Julie had been the highest priced call girl in town, and anyone who’d had her said she gave the best blow job in the world. Julie was retired now and it was only Fred and a few close friends who got to enjoy her skills now.

Julie stood in front of Peter watching Fred and his two friends getting ready to swing into action. Peter looked at Julie and felt his dock rising. Tonight she wore only a sheer tank-top and a handkerchief sized micro-skirt that revealed the bottoms of her well rounded buttocks. They both watched as Fred stripped and flexed his muscles, while the two women slipped out of their clothing, very seductively wiggling and squirming across the room.

They could see Fred getting turned on, as the two girls did a little dance across the room, letting their breasts swing free. They pushed Fred down on the bed and climbed on top of him, the plump playmate squatting over Fred’s face and teasing his mouth with her pussy, snatching it away and pushing his head down, each time he tried to stretch up for a bite.

The slim dish meanwhile was busying herself with Fred’s tantalizing tool, running her tongue up and down and poking the tip of her tongue into the little hole atop Fred’s weapon.

Suddenly the curtains snapped shut. For a moment Peter was startled. The room was dark and he could hardly see anything. He had been very engrossed in the scene being played out on the other side of the mirror and had made a mental note that he’d have to have a shot at the slim creature who was eating Fred.

“Enough looking, lover boy. Let’s have some action,” Julie breathed is she stepped out of her tiny skirt. She had already pulled off her tank-top and now stood stark naked before Peter. She rotated her hips slightly, beckoning to him with the thick patch of red hair that looked like it wag almost stuffed into her cunt.

Peter took the hint and undressed while Julie went to the bed and arranged herself, turning first this way and then that, letting her ivory skin rub against the velvet sheets. She pulled Peter down to her and gave him a long kiss, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth and letting it curl around his tongue. His cock hardened, and he tried to push Julie down on the bed, but she fought him, staying on top of him and kissing his entire body, working her way down from his mouth to his chest.

“I’m gonna suck you dry, you big mother-fucker,” she breathed as she took his weapon into her mouth and started tonguing its shaft. Suddenly Peter felt very hot, he felt his cock twitch and he felt that he was losing control. Peter gritted his teeth together and tried to control himself, but he couldn’t. Julie was still the best blow job in town and now she was extracting his semen from his against his will.

“I’m thirsty, you mother-fucker. Don’t fight me, I can make you come any time I want,” she breathed while still holding his cock in her mouth.

She switched tactics. She stopped sucking and now started biting gently all along his hot shaft, and then abruptly she sucked again, and this time, Peter couldn’t hold back. Suddenly he felt Julie open her mouth even wider than it had been and swallow his entire shaft, just as it started spurting its sweet semen down the gorge of her throat. She gurgled happily as she felt his juice sloshing in her mouth and spilling down her gullet. God, he tasted good.

She let the lower part of his shaft slip from her mouth and clamped her fingers around it, shutting off the flow. Under her, Peter lay half-dead wondering what Julie held in store for him. He found out very quickly.

Still keeping her fingers clamped around his dick, Julie scampered around and put the head of his cock against the small opening of her ass. Peter felt the head of his prick penetrate the opening slightly, and then Julie released his cock, letting it spurt the rest of its load into her eager ass, letting it lubricate the tiny hole so that his massive weapon would slide smoothly into her tight little asshole. She sat on him and rode him up and down, up and down, as she’d seen movie cowboys do, only instead of a horse, she had a stud, a super stud under her, and his big dick was firm and strong and it penetrated her ass so deep that she could almost feel his cock poking into her stomach.

The faster she rode him, the more she could feel the pressure building inside of her until she could stand it no more. Suddenly, without warning, she went catatonic – all of the energy in her body slipped away and she surrendered to her orgasm, shaking and shuddering, her mouth wide open but unable to release a sound.

Lying under her, Peter could almost feet her tight little sphincter twisting his cock off as it clenched and unclenched spasmodically, forcing him to come again, and squirt his come deep into Julie’s ass. She slipped off of him as his cock shrank back to normal, and lay beside him, his arm around her panting.

“I can still give a hell of a ride, can’t I lover boy?” she asked between gasps.

“If you were still making me pay for it, you could still charge the highest rate, hot-pants,” Peter complimented her as he, too, took a few moments to regain his breath.

As they lay there, the door opened and Peter caught a glimpse of the thin bombshell who had been eating Fred earlier. Following closely behind her was a tall, beautiful woman and it didn’t take Peter a minute to figure out that this was the Tina Rogers he had been waiting for.

“Oh, I didn’t realize someone was in here,” the shorter woman exclaimed.

“That’s all right, honey,” Julie spoke up. “I was just leaving. Tina, I want you to meet Peter Jamison. Peter, Tina.”

Peter was staring at Tina intently. She was wearing a shortie frock that barely covered her hips, and made her long, long legs look even longer.

“Hi,” Peter said.

“Hello,” Tina replied, coolly.

“Peter, this is Donna Gerea,” she said, distracting Peter for a moment. He turned and nodded to her, but was still peering intently at Tina.

“Donna, why don’t you come with me, sweetheart, and let these two get acquainted. I’m sure you want a drink,” Julie hinted, getting out of bed and taking Donna by the hand, and leading her to the door. Donna looked disappointed, but followed obediently.

“You two kids have fun now,” Julie laughed as she towed Donna out of the room. The door closed with a loud click. Wordlessly, Tina turned and walked to the door and threw the bolt, locking the room. She stood for a moment in the shadow of the door. Peter could see that three of the buttons on her frock were already opened, and now he saw Tina reach for the fourth button and pop that one open, too. Then the fifth button – and the six – and the seventh. Peter could see her large firm breasts and the expanse of tanned, olive skin that stretched from between those breasts down to her navel. Very slowly and deliberately, taking another step forward, she popped the eighth button open, and then the last.

Almost as if she were bored, Tina stretched her arms out and pulled the frock open, sliding her hands out of the armholes and letting the frock slide down her long and slender legs to the floor. She stood before him now, a vast expanse of olive skin, except for her cherry-red nipples that were perched at the points of her rounded breasts. Only one thing, remained hidden and that was the pleasure spot, still behind a pair of flowered bikini-panties that really didn’t hide a thing. She put both her hands to her waist and moved them down spreading the bikini’s waistband and sliding it over her hips and letting it slip to the floor. Her right arm snaked out and hit the light switch returning to darkness the room in which Peter had just fucked Julie.

“Ready fm more?” Tina asked Peter, who was still reclining in the bed taking in the sight of the magnificent specimen of womanhood who had just undraped herself.

“Whenever you are, my love,” he answered, shifting to give Tina room to lie down.

“Jesus,” she said, “I’m horny as hell, don’t play with me, just fuck me to death.”

Peter could feel her hand reaching out and encircling his cock. The performance Tina had made out of undressing had turned him on again, and he was ready, willing and able to scramble her brains with his cock. It was as if he and Julie hadn’t done a thing.

“Fuck me, lover boy, fuck me,” she breathed as Peter tolled over and covered her body with his. She had stretched her legs in a split, much as ballerinas do, and her gash protruded from her crotch. Her cunt lips were wide open, and Peter could see a thin film of pussy juice along the pink ridge of her cunt lips. She tugged on his cock and pulled it to her, inserting its tip into her and pulling Peter down on top of her so his prick slid all the way home to the back of her gash.

Despite her size, Tina had a nice, snug cunt, Peter discovered, not small by any means, but warm and tight. She wrapped her arms around him to hold him still while she moved under him, so despite the fact that he was on top of her, it was she who was fucking him. Up and down, up and down, she tossed and moved doing all the work. Peter marveled at the strength in her, and at the smooth, yet tantalizingly rough cunt walls that were sending shivers of pleasure racing through his body.

“Let loose, come on man, squirt into me,” she gasped, still tossing Peter up and down. “I’m coming, I’m…”

Peter felt her body convulse, and then felt his own bodily tensions go over the crest and he could feel himself squirting into her. He could also feel the walls of her cunt contracting and wringing every last drop of his semen out of his cock. He’d never felt anything like it.

The rest of the evening was lost in a blur. He was hot for Tina, and although he made it with two or three other women, it was Tina he really wanted. He pursued her all night long and at last she promised to come out to his estate for a visit.

The sleep wore away and Peter could see that Tina had been awake for a while. As a matter of fact she had been sucking his cock for a while, too, while he was still off in slumberland. His dick was only partially hard, but when he was fully awake, it stiffened to its full glory very quickly.

Tina climbed over his legs and straddled them revealing the hungry lips of her cunt.

“My daddy was in the Army and he always said, ‘If it moves, fuck it!’.” Tina laughed as she neatly tucked his dong into her and started moving up and down, feeling his swollen cock stimulating the walls of her slit.

“Your daddy was a very wise man,” Peter said as he watched the Amazon fuck the daylights out of him.

It didn’t take long before both of them came again, their juices intermingling in Tina’s hot little cunt. And then, again, they collapsed like balloons from which the air had been released.

They rested for a few moments, and then Tina rose.

“I’m gonna shower and head back for the city,” she said to Peter.

“But you said you’d stay for a couple of weeks,” he complained to her, “you’ve only been here for one.”

“I know, but I gotta get back to work,” she smiled.

“You never told me what you do,” Peter countered, still mystified by this beautiful woman who seemed to have no visible means of support.

“Oh, I do a little of this and a little of that,” she smiled.

“What’s the big secret?” Peter asked.

“Nothing,” she grinned as they walked back to the house. “I kinda wander here and there and get some bread together, that’s all.”

“Come on, what do you really do?”

“Nothing, lover boy,” she smiled, “I’m an orgiast, and you can look that up in the dictionary.”