Tina’s body was sore all over. Her asshole had been thoroughly cornholed, her cunt had been reamed sore and her throat had been scraped and banged. Her tits were aching from the sucking and biting she’d gotten, but Tina loved it. In fact, her body never felt good unless it had been brutally overused and although the humping she’d done before the wrestling match with Donna was nothing to sneeze at, what happened afterward was even better.

Donna had been left lying in a corer to nurse her wounds and two of the men had picked Tina up and carried her to the bar and threw her atop it. Someone had fashioned a wreath of plastic flowers and someone else jammed it down over Tina’s head. The flowers felt scratchy, but Tina continued to wear them, and after a couple of rounds of drinks, Tina fulfilled one of her greatest fantasies. She took on every, man and woman in the room, two and three at a time.

The evening faded into a blur for Tina but she recalled one man shoving his cock up her asshole while another chewed her cunt, and others grabbed at her tits. Male and female hands together pawed her. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands prying her lips apart and before she knew it someone shoved his rod into her mouth. Tina threw her head back and swallowed it eagerly. It wasn’t very big but it went down easily and soon she could feel come pouring down her throat and over her lips and dripping down her chest, where it mingled with the sweat and oil and where the groping hands of the group massaged it vigorously into every pore of her skin.

Tina was sound asleep and continued dreaming her muddled dream of the night before, a constantly changing cavalcade of cocks, rods, cunts, slits, tools and hands, hands, hands, tearing at her body using her. She couldn’t remember who did what, but she knew that everything was done because even in her sleep she could feel that her body ached deliciously. There was one thing that Tina did remember because it was an entirely new experience for her.

One of the men pulled the others off and pushed Tina down to her knees. He stepped back and let loose a long stream of piss, hosing Tina’s hot body down with his delicious liquid. It felt hot and it felt good as it splashed her nipples and over her tits and trickled down her body. Soon another stream joined the rust and then another and another. Soon Tina was being doused by an ocean of hot piss and it felt good. Tina cupped her hands and caught some of it, playfully flinging it back at her attackers and at the women who watched. Another woman dropped to the floor beside Tina, joining her under the barrage of piss, flinging it at the others as she caught it in her cupped hands. The hot piss washed the sweet oil and come off Tina’s body and Tina wondered how the barrage of urine could keep coming for so long, but somehow it did.

And when the men emptied their bladders they reached for two seltzer bottles behind the bar, squirting it at the two women who wallowed in the cold fluid which was a welcome change from the hot streams of just a few minutes.

Tina was wet from head to toe and now she blacked out again remembering only snatches of the rest of the evening. She’d humped George and Cliff again, and had had a very long sensuous session with Alice and had finally ended up with Marshall, a short squat fireplug of a man who looked totally sexless, but could nevertheless hump the brains out of any poor working girl. Marshall had dragged Tina off to a corner and taken her on a trip around the world, coming rust in her asshole, which had opened nice and wide by now and was eager to accept any tool, then in her cunt, which was scraped sore but still ready for action and climaxing in her mouth by sending torrents of come deep into her stomach. Tina hadn’t eaten all night, but she really didn’t need to with all that sweet come she was devouring.

Tina felt a hand gently squeezing her tits and she started waking up, realizing now that she was in the back seat of a limousine. Tina opened one eye and surveyed the surroundings. She was completely nude, with a large cloak draped around her body. The screen between driver and passenger compartments was closed and she was aware that Marshall was squeezing her tits gently.

“Wake up, baby, we’re almost there,” he whispered.

“Where?” Tina replied, yawning as she squeezed that one word out.

“The airport,” he laughed. “We’re going off to Haiti, my love, to visit my little shack on the beach.”

“That’s nice,” Tina yawned, looking around the little passenger compartment. Now her eyes fell on Donna who was sitting on the jump seat, her head bent low over Marshall’s crotch giving him a blow-job. Marshall’s cock was obviously still as good as ever despite the humping of the night before because it was as big and stiff as it ever was, and it was much too large for Donna to swallow.

“What’s she doing here?” Tina snarled at Marshall.

“Don’t worry, she’s promised to behave herself I’m sure you two can learn to get along, right?” Marshall asked Donna.

Without missing a beat of her blow-job, Donna nodded her head and Marshall shivered as the sensations of the wiggle spread through his rod and up into his body.

“I couldn’t find your clothes when we left,” he said to Tina, “so I just wrapped you in your cloak. We’ll get you some new ones once we land in Haiti.”

The limousine rolled through the airport gates and into the private hanger where Marshall kept his Lear jet. Tina hopped from the car and hurried into the plane, barefoot and bare-assed. The inside of the plane was cold and Donna, who followed Tina into the plane pointed to the rear compartment.

“It’ll be warmer in there,” she said as she took Tina’s hand and led her in.

“Make yourselves comfortable. We’ll take off in about half an hour,” Marshall shouted to the girls and then turned to talk with the attendants. He’d pilot this flight himself.

The rear compartment was outfitted with a twin bed-sized cot and Tina, still sleepy lay down on it and drew the cloak around her. She was still cold and shivered in the unheated airplane. Donna kicked her shoes off and lay down beside Tina, squirming under the cover and offering her body to Tina to help her keep warm.

Donna, who was still fully dressed, had a hot little body and Tina appreciated the gesture. She curled up and pressed her body beside Donna’s, rubbing their cheeks together. Tina was beginning to warm up now, and she leaned over and kissed Donna on the cheek. Donna stirred slightly and turned her head, offering her lips to Tina.

Tina was willing to bury the hatchet and she accepted Donna’s lips, returning the kiss. Their lips almost came glued together. Tina’s were cold and Donna’s were burning hot. Before Tina knew what happened, Donna had rolled over on her and had poked her tongue deep into Tina’s mouth. Her tongue rolling around in Tina’s mouth felt good and Tina felt herself becoming aroused again. Tina reached for Donna’s blouse and started undoing. Donna shifted her body to make Tina’s task easier. Only three of the buttons had been fastened and it took barely a minute until Donna’s healthy tits were hanging loose, brushing over Tina’s tits.

Donna’s tits showed the signs of last night’s battle, but they felt good and hot as they brushed against Tina’s. Donna rolled over on her back and slipped her micro-skirt down her hips, letting it fall to the floor. Tina, who was just returning to consciousness felt an overpowering urge to eat her sweet pussy and now, still huddled under the cloak which covered them both, squirmed down toward the foot of the bed so she could sink her teeth into Donna’s furry little gash. Last night she had kicked and scratched it as viciously as she could and now, just a few hours later, she was barely able to control herself as she sniffed the sweet cunt and licked the little pink nc above it and the rich, fleshy lips which shielded it. Donna who had fought so hard and so dirty the night before knew that this morning things were different. She had been vanquished and beaten, but now she was being loved.

Donna spread her legs and arched her back offering her hungry little cunt up to Tina who was anxious to accept it. Tina started slowly licking Donna’s cunt from top to bottom and from bottom to top in long, slow, smooth motions, curling her tongue through the cunt hair and teasing Donna’s cunt lips to get her warmed up for the final assault. Little beads of moisture started dripping from Donna’s cunt and hanging from the edges of her cunt lips. The drops of pussy juices were either absorbed by the furry cunt hair or were licked away by Tina who was savoring every drop of Donna’s sticky-sweet pussy juice.

Donna was having trouble controlling herself and now she started writhing against the mattress, feeling her smooth skin roughened up by the unfinished fabric. Donna desperately wanted to feel Tina’s tongue take the plunge deep into her body, but Tina was playing the tease now and she knew that she had Donna on the ropes and Tina was enjoying slow process of torturing Donna. Tina moved her tongue up and down and back and forth across Donna’s little hair-pie, lingering at the pink lips which were enlarged now by the flow of blood that rushed down to Donna’s cunt.

Tina was enjoying herself too damned much to let Donna off the hook completely and she continued the slow motion. Donna was too hot and she couldn’t take any more. She arched her hips higher and higher, trying to suck Tina’s tongue into her cunt, but it was to no avail. Tina had Donna and she wasn’t letting go. But at last the pressure became too much. The juice continued to flow from Donna’s cunt and to lick it faster, Tina had to stick her tongue into Donna’s hole and as she did, Donna arched her back almost a foot off the bed, rising up to swallow Tina’s tongue.

The result was as if a time bomb had gone off. Donna started seeing stars and stripes as her orgasm raced through her body, short-circuiting her entire nervous system. Donna’s body was locked into the arched position as she squeezed out a long, soft moan. Tina kept her tongue inside Donna because the juice was flowing lavishly now. But at last – it seemed like it had gone on for hours – Donna’s orgasm ended and she collapsed in a bundle, rolling up almost into a ball in a corner of the mattress.

Tina had pulled her tongue back and fallen on the other side of the bed, and now she was aware of the movement of the plane. She looked out the window and could see that the plane was in the air, but she could still see the runway. She and Donna who were rolling and jumping on the bed had just missed the takeoff.

It was very considerate of Marshall not to wake them and interrupt the humping session just because he was taking off. Tina smiled. It had been a nice smooth takeoff both for Marshall piloting the plane and for her piloting Donna, who was just now regaining her composure.

Donna reached a hand to Tina and then the other and embraced her. Their tits rubbed against each other and warmth spread through both bodies.

“It’s been a long time since I had it that good,” Donna whispered to Tina, embracing her.

“Neither have I, baby,” Tina replied, continuing the embrace and rubbing her tits back and forth across Donna’s.

“Let’s lie down and rest,” Donna urged Tina. “It’ll be a long flight and there’ll be a lot for us to do once we land.”

“You’ve done this before?” Tina asked.

“Uh huh,” Donna nodded, “and it’s a real blast.”

“Tell me about it,” Tina asked.

“No, you’ll see for yourself. It’s always better that way,” Donna smiled. “Relax, it’s fun.”

“Well, then, tell me about yourself,” Tina asked. “I know nothing about you. Tell me about the first time. Tell me about how you lost your cherry.”

Tina lay back and held her arm out for Donna to lay atop and curl next to her.

“Okay,” Donna said, a twinkle in her eye, as she reclined and thought about her long-lost cherry.

“When I lost my cherry, I lost it with a real bang. I was a cheerleader and the football team was playing for the state-wide championship. Until that day I had been a pretty little virgin, even my boyfriend had never gotten beyond my tits. Anyway, the team was losing at half-time so we decided to goose them a little. We promised them us if they won,” Donna laughed.

“Hell, for your body, I’d go out there and knock ’em dead,” Tina laughed.

“Anyway, the coach went along with it and we didn’t even know how to have an orgy. But the team won and after we got back home, the coach arranged for us to have a barbecue behind the school stadium,” Donna continued.

“He knew what was going to happen and he didn’t care because we won the championship. Anyway, we all got there and nobody knew what to do except Ethel. She was the shortest one of the cheerleaders but she had the biggest knockers, and rumor had it that she would hump anyone.

“Anyway, she had already slept with most of the team and she showed us how to do it. She shucked off her clothing one piece at a time. Most of the guys were drunk and they were cheering like mad. Shit, it was an awful scene. I mean, there we were, a dozen virgins scared out of our pants. Most of us had a tiny little boobies, and bare little slits, and there she was with a pair that hung like watermelons and a big hairy gash.

“Most of the guys started getting undressed, and they were practically tripping over their hard-ons. Anyway, a couple of guys made it with her and then the action really started. We were dancing around all nude and it started raining and we wallowed in the mud – humping and fucking. I don’t know where I learned to do it all but it seemed so natural that I just kept doing it. I must have had five or six guys that night and one or two of the girls, including Ethel.”

Donna looked down at Tina who had just dozed off as she had finished her little tale. Donna lay back and thought more about that magical evening that was at first so frightening, but turned out so beautiful. There was, of course, more to tell than she had told, and now she lay back and thought back to those innocent sixteen-year-old days.

Yes, Ethel had been the first one to wave her hairy gash at the boys, but most of them had wanted Donna and the first to get her was Mark, tall and thin and leader of the team. Both were still dressed when he wrapped his arm around her and with his other hand reached up her skirt. Donna made no effort to resist. She knew she was going to get laid that night and she was glad that Mark picked her out.

His strong hand plucked at her panties and pulled them down. Donna could feel the chill air on her almost-naked pussy. Mark laced his fingers over her cunt lips and plucked them slightly. Donna felt a feeling like she’d never known before. Her whole body started singing and she had barely been touched.

Mark pulled his hands away and started undressing. Donna followed suit, stripping her skirt and sweater off without any restraint, but pausing, afraid to pull her bra and panties all the way off. One look at Ethel, her legs waving in the air and some football player riding her, and another look as Mark skinned his shorts off convinced her. She’d barely finished stripping when Mark grabbed her in his arms and started smothering her with kisses. She felt his cool skin and his erect organ pressing against her and she let her body hang in Mark’s arms.

Mark held her against his body, kissing her and kneading her ass as he held her. So this was paradise, Donna thought as she felt Mark scoop her up in his arms and carry her towards a quiet, grassy corner where he laid her down gently.

“I’ve never done this before,” Donna whispered to her ardent young lover.

“Don’t worry. I have and I’ll take care of you,” he smiled, kissing her full on the lips and working his way down her body, kissing each of her young tits, sucking on the tiny, erect nipples and licking gently her midsection. Donna had practically no hair shielding her cunt and Mark licked gently over the exposed lips, watching them grow red as they filled with blood.

Donna was getting excited. She’d never felt the kind of blush that spread through her body. She’d never even masturbated before and now her body was super-heated with passion. She didn’t quite know why, but she spread her legs wide. She didn’t know what was happening because her eyes were shut tight and her hands dug deep into the grass around her. She clenched and unclenched her hands, digging up the grass and she wiggled her hips back and forth under the attack of Mark’s tongue which brushed back and forth over and around her ever-reddening cunt lips. Donna was uttering short moans and grunts as Mark flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt. Suddenly Donna felt her whole body catch fire, every fiber of her skin and bone was flaming and she wanted to scream, scream, scream, but she found her jaws locked in the wide open position unable to utter a sound. She didn’t know it yet, but she’d had her first orgasm. And there were more to come.

Very gently, Mark lay his body atop Donna’s. It felt nice and cool against her burning skin and still reacting automatically. Donna raised her legs and locked them around Mark’s waist. She could feel his stiff rod pressing against her cunt lips and she could feel him pressing down and his rod about an inch inside of her stopped by the membrane cross her cunt hole.

Suddenly, it was all over. In one blinding flash of pain, the tender little skin was ruptured and Mark’s cock slipped all the way into her little hole. The pain was quickly replaced by pleasure as Mark started rubbing his cock in and out, in and out, against the fragile walls of her twat.

For a second time, Donna felt her body catch fire and felt the blood pound through every vein in her body. Orgasm number two, and still she wasn’t sure of just what had happened except that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her before.

And that best thing happened to her again and again that night as she tried the other championship team members. Her young cunt, which had done nothing for the previous years of her life was filled to capacity with her own pussy juice and the come of the others. Donna was the most popular member of the cheerleading team and after that first session with Mark one of the most willing. She had to learn exactly what that hot, fiery feeling that started in her cunt and spread through the rest of her body was.

She tried big cocks and little ones, thick ones and thin ones and each of them went sliding into her warm little hole and pounded her without mercy, which is just what she wanted. Soon her rapidly learning little twat would grow hairy as Ethel’s had, and Ethel, who until that night had been the most popular girl in school, and the easiest lay, found herself displaced by the little vixen with lots to learn and the enthusiasm to learn it.

Donna’s dreams were interrupted now by the bump-bump of the small jet landing. Tina was just waking up now also, and Donna could see that although both were asleep, each in their own dream world, they had both been dreaming of the same thing. Tina’s mouth had fallen open and she had drooled in her sleep down her own chest and onto Donna’s, who, on the other hand, had found her own index finger buried deep in her own slippery-wet cunt.

“Well, we’re here,” Marshall smiled, poking his head out of the cock pit.

Tina reached for the cloak in which she’d been wrapped, but Donna interrupted her.

“You won’t need that here,” she laughed. “We’re right on the beach near the house. There’s no one around but the servants and they’re used to it.”

“Well, that’s nice, I could use, a bit of catching up on my tan,” Tina smiled, wiping her own tits with a bit of the cloak and reaching to do the same for Donna.

“Okay, girls, hop out after me and let’s head for a nice, cool drink at the house,” Marshall said, opening the door to the plane and hopping to the ground.

Donna bowed low to Tina and motioned her to the door.

“Thank you, love,” Tina smiled at her former rival, putting her arm around her and squeezing gently. Donna had a fine body and Tina was glad that she was finally beginning to appreciate it.

Donna felt a warm glow from Tina’s squeeze and put her own arm around Tina’s back allowing it to fall over Tina’s ass, gently running one of her fingernails along the crack of that smooth, shapely ass.

Both of them stepped nude out onto the wing of the small jet and blinked fiercely as the bright sunshine flooded across their bodies and jumped onto the hot, sandy beach.