Moving quickly and breathlessly, Darrell and Maisie stripped off their clothes. When they were both naked, she moved into his waiting arms. Their mouths met as her arms slid around his neck. He tongued her fiercely, for he was not only afire, he was much braver now that he knew she could at last be his. He reached down between them, found her pussy, and began to play with it. She brought her own hand down, wanting to move his around to her rectum, but instead she found his cock and began stroking it.

He groaned through the kiss, working a finger up into her, pushing his hips back and forth so that his tool slid up and down in her fisted hand. “Jesus, Jesus!” he gasped, pulling away. He picked her up bodily and carried her to the bed, laying her down and sliding over her at the same time. Keeping his upper body raised on stiffened arms, he leaned over and tongued her tits, rubbing his face between them at intervals. He kissed his way down her belly, moving his body accordingly, and found her pussy with his mouth.

Maisie made one attempt to turn over and present her ass to his questing mouth; then she groaned spreading her legs, and groped for him. Getting her message, Darrell kept his mouth busy on her as he turned his body around, straddling her. She reached up to take his prick by the root, pushing his balls back with the back of her hand, and slid her mouth over the flaming head. She felt his tongue entering her at the same time, and they matched their motions. He tongue-fucked her while she slid her mouth up and down him tool, and then he brusquely pulled himself away. “Kee-rist, another second of that and I’d of come down your throat!”

“You almost got a mouthful, too, honey,” she laughed, looking up into his lust-contorted face. He looked down into hers, his dark eyes full of expression – a sort of still-surprised triumph. Bracing himself on one elbow, he reached out and grasped one of her firm tits. He leaned over and kissed the nipple, then tongued it to hardness. He put his mouth over it and sucked, Maisie ran her hand up and down his strong back; she ran it over his firm buttocks, found his anus and fingered it. It excited him; still sucking on one tit, he moved his body until he had straddled her again and started fucking, hitting her all over the fleecy-haired vee. She spread her legs and reached down between them, grabbed his cock and pushed it into position. She felt a shot of pain as he drove it in, but once it was there the pain receded, and as his mouth moved up her breast, her throat, over her chin and to her lips, as they kissed deeply again and he fucked her, there was nothing but pleasure. She was amazed that she could receive such exquisite sensations from being fucked in the cunt, but in a matter of moments, as excited as he, she was matching him stroke for stroke, taking him all the way with each stroke.

He pulled his mouth away from hers. “What are we doing?” he demanded. “What are we doing?”

“We’re fucking,” Maisie answered.

“Yes, yes, we’re fucking! At last I’m fucking you! Oh, God, fuck, baby, fuck!”

She tried, but she couldn’t pump any faster than she already was. He didn’t mind – he hadn’t really meant for her to speed it up. He had no intention, desire or ability to do so himself; he just continued to drive his tool in and out of her with lusty, ball-bouncing thrusts. His mouth went over hers again, but with each stroke he cried out, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She loved it, but she wondered if he was ever going to climax. She was trying to hold off, to wait for him, but the lusty thing was scraping the inner lining of her unaccustomed pussy, touching her deep, and finally she couldn’t help it. She cried out, thrusting herself against him, biting his lip, and he knew from her quivering pussy that she was having an orgasm. He chuckled, slowing down his stroke. He pumped to a halt. He laughed. “Oh, this is beautiful! This is ab-so-lutely beautiful! Christ, I’m so used to pumping myself off… oh, honey, you have no idea how beautiful this is!”

Maisie was gasping for breath. Her arms slid around his neck, and she pulled him down tight against her. His chest squashed her tits, his hard tool was still in her cunt, and she loved the feeling of it. Her ass was practically forgotten. He chuckled against her cheek. “Honest to God, you have no idea how it feels to get a woman to come before I did! God, I could go on like this all might!”

A huge, warm feeling flooded through her. She tightened her arms around him, pushed her legs outside of and over his. It felt wonderful having his strong body covering hers, his turgid manhood buried in her; she wanted it to last forever. But she knew, at the same time, that it could only be for this night – or however much of this night he could keep going. Then he would leave, and she would probably return to her anal habits. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax mentally, to enjoy what she could for as long as it would last.

He raised his head and looked down into her face. Leaning over, he kissed her eyelids, and then her lips. “Like having my cock up inside your cunt?” he asked softly.

“Love it,” she answered honestly, smiling but still not opening her eyes.

“Maybe I’ll leave it in there all night. What would you think of that?”

“Ummmm,” she smiled. “I’d love that, too!”

He kissed her again, brushing his lips over hers, over her nose and eyelids. Looking down at her again, he said, “What do you think of my screwdriver now?”

She opened her eyes and smiled again. “It’s marvelous. The most beautiful tool I’ve ever had. And it’s in just the right place.” And she realized now that while she would always love having a prick up her asshole, there were other ways to have just as much pleasure, if not more. With such a satisfying piece of meat buried in her, she knew that no form of sex should ever be considered abnormal or perverted. Sex was where it was at – and she was going to be a swinger in every possible way.

But Maisie also knew that Darrell was not going to keep his tool buried in her cunt all night. Before he finally left her for good, he was going to find out what asshole fucking was like, too!