Jim and Dawn giggled and splashed water around like a couple of kids. They were in the shower at home, getting ready for bed after the party at Larry’s.

“I just can’t believe how everything worked out,” Jim chuckled. “Larry said he’d hire me back half-time and Rick promised to put me on weekends as a bartender at the club. I owe you a big apology, honey. You made everything work out just fine.”

Dawn giggled as she soaped Jim’s broad, glistening back. “You don’t have to apologize,” she said. I’m just glad everything worked out. Now we’ve got new people to party with and I’m happy, too. There’s only one more thing I want and I’ll be perfectly happy.”

“What’s that?” Jim asked, squeezing her pretty, smooth titties between his soapy fingers. “I’ll give you anything you want, honey.”

“Anything?” Dawn giggled, grinning up at him.

Jim felt his tired cock harden into instant life as he heard the sexy tone to her voice. His eyes opened wide as she reached for the jar of Vaseline in the medicine cabinet. He was beginning to get the general idea.

“I… I saw Tanya and Larry try something the other night,” she said, blushing a little. “I thought maybe we could do it too. It looked like an awful lot of fun.”

Jim laughed and wrapped a big towel around her lush body. He lifted her up in his arms, Vaseline jar and all, and carried her into the bedroom. “Now what’s all this?” he asked as he placed her on the bed.

“Well… Larry smeared Vaseline all over his cock and then he… fucked Tanya’s asshole,” Dawn replied, blushing even more. “I know it sounds kind of strange, but she sure acted like she loved it. I… I kinda want to try it too. Will you do it to me, Jim? Will you shove your nice hard cock in my little shitter?”

Jim looked a little surprised. His mouth dropped open and he swallowed once or twice, noisily. “Uh… sure I will,” he replied. “Didn’t it hurt, though? Your asshole’s pretty small. I don’t want to hurt you honey.”

Dawn beamed. “Tanya told me that if you use enough Vaseline, it doesn’t hurt at all,” she said. “She said it feels really good, once you get used to it.”

“Well… sure I’ll do it,” Jim agreed. “Just tell me what to do and I will.”

He looked a little puzzled. I still don’t see how it’ll fit,” he admitted.

“Your asshole’s a lot smaller than my prick.”

“That’s why you have to use the Vaseline,” Dawn giggled. “That makes it all nice and slippery. Then your cock’ll slip right in.”

Jim reached out for the jar and unscrewed the top. “Let’s try it and see,” he urged. “I’m ready for anything. That whole party at Larry’s made me so horny that I’m willing to try anything tonight.”

Dawn turned over on her tummy and got her knees under her. Then she raised her buttcheeks high in the air and spread her legs. It felt funny to be in a position like this. She felt kind of strange with her asscheeks quivering in the air. It made little darts of apprehension run through her tummy and, even though she tried to hold still, her butt quivered uncontrollably. She hoped that Tanya was right. It was hard to believe that something as big as Jim’s cock wouldn’t hurt when he shoved it in her tiny, puckered asshole.

“You’re supposed to put Vaseline all over my shitter too,” she gasped. “Get a lot of it on there. That way everything’ll slide nice and easy.”

Jim dipped his fingers in the jar and got a big gob of the grease on his fingers. Then he rubbed it all over his hard cock. It felt really good, rubbing it in like that. It was really a pretty sexy thing to do. His cock slid and jerked under his fingers and he almost forgot all about Dawn’s little asshole, held high in the air, waiting to be greased too.

“Hurry,” Dawn gasped. “I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Get some on your finger and shove it up my shitter, honey. That’ll stretch it out so it’ll be all ready for your big, hard cock.”

Jim’s hand shook as he plunged his finger in the jar again. Dawn’s asshole was really pretty. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed that before. It was all pink and puckered and it looked like a sweet little rosebud, waiting for him to pluck it.

“Hold still,” he gasped. “Let me stick my finger right in.”

Dawn shook all over. She peeked around at Jim and saw his greasy-finger nearing her little asshole. It made her shiver with lust and excitement. She hoped it would work like Tanya had promised. It really looked almost impossible. Jim’s cock was so big that her asshole would have to stretch a long way to accommodate that big prick of his.

“Do it,” she urged. “Hurry… before I get all scared about it.”

Jim rubbed his fingertip all over hot-hot little asshole. The Vaseline melted almost immediately as it touched her puckered bum. It ran down in greasy streaks all over her pretty pussy. He dipped his finger in the jar again and made sure that his finger was well-coated. Then he aimed for the puckered pink ring, of her tiny shitter and shoved forward gently.

“Ooooooh,” Dawn squealed as his finger slipped right in her little virgin asshole. “That feels really funny. It doesn’t hurt, though. It just feels really greasy and tight.”

Jim moved his finger around, trying to stretch the tight virgin hole. It seemed to be getting bigger as he moved his finger around in a circle. Dawn’s little asshole was clutching his finger so deliciously that he could hardly wait to jam his big cock in that blazing little hole of heat. It was a lot tighter than her pussy. He knew that it would feel really great to have his cock plunging in that tight, hot hole. His cock jerked and swelled as he thought about what it would feel like.

“Do it honey,” Dawn begged. “Hurry… I’m getting so hot with you playing with my little asshole like that. Stick it in, honey. Let’s do it right now. My little shitter’s stretched out enough hasn’t it?”

Jim laughed. He’d never seen Dawn so horny. His stiff finger in her asshole was really making her jump. He could see how hot she was getting. She was shoving her little ass right up against his hand and wiggling around lustily. Her whole body was quivering and shaking in passion. He could hardly wait, either. He wanted to shove his hard cock right into that burning little tight hole.

Jim pulled his finger out of her spasming asshole and aimed his cock at the pulsing little pink hole. He pressed the head of his cock right up against her twitching asshole and pushed forward gently.

“Ooooooh,” Dawn squealed. “Push harder, honey… you’ve just got to get it in.

I want to feel your big, hard cock in my asshole. Shove harder! I don’t care if it hurts anymore. I just want you inside my hot shitter.”

Jim shoved forward harder. He felt her little quivering shitter stretch a little and the tip of his cock popped right in. He gasped as the heat of her twitching asshole kissed the tip of his cock. It felt like he was shoving his cock into a volcano it was so hot.

“Oooooooh,” Dawn squealed again. “Keep shoving, Jim… don’t stop now! I want your cock in all the way. Harder, Jim… do it really hard!”

Jim tensed his butt and shoved forward as hard as he could. There was another little pop and his cock went sliding all the way into her tight, hot asshole.

He didn’t stop shoving until the head of his cock was completely buried in her tight little shitchute and his balls banged up against her soft asscheeks.

“Ooooooh,” Dawn moaned. “It’s… it’s really tight. Move it around a little, honey. Fuck it back and forth, just like you do in my pussy.”

Dawn bit her lips. It really hurt. She didn’t want Jim to know that, though. If he thought it hurt, he might stop and she wanted to find out if her asshole would stretch the way Tanya had promised. Tanya said it would hurt a little at first. It was supposed to get better though. She shivered all over and pushed her asscheeks right back against Jim’s hard cock. “Fuck me,” she moaned “Come on, honey… fuck me hard.”

Jim pulled his cock back and jammed it in again. Her little asshole was so tight and hot that his cock felt like it was burning up. He’d never felt anything like this. It was fantastic. Her shifter nipped and squeezed at his cockshaft until he thought he was going to blast for sure. He held his breath and plunged faster and deeper with each thrust.

“Mmmmm,” Dawn moaned. It was beginning to feel better now. If she just relaxed and let Jim in, it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. She could feel her asshole stretch out and it was beginning to feel quite good. It still stung a little but it was a good feeling even with the stinging. At first it had felt just like she was trying to take a dry, lumpy shit but it was better now. Now her asshole was quivering and wrapping itself around his prick and shuddering with hot little thrills. It was beginning to feel almost like he was fucking her pussy, except different. Her pussy spasmed every time he plunged his hard cock in her little shitter. It was really strange, but it was feeling better and better.

“Oooh, yes!” Dawn gasped “Harder, honey it… it feels really good now. I like it, Jim…I really like it!”

Jim’s long cock jerked in the tight chute of her ass. He liked it too. It was hotter and tighter than flicking her pussy. Her asshole squeezed him harder too. It felt so good that he felt his balls begin to swell up and throb between his legs.

“Ooooh, honey,” he moaned. “I don’t know how much longer I can last. Your ass is so tight… Jesus! It feels just wonderful, honey!”

“Touch my pussy,” Dawn demanded, spreading her legs even wider. “Play with my pussy and fuck my ass at the same time.”

Jim didn’t even take time to think. He slipped his hand between her legs and reached up to finger her hot, creamy pussy. He found the hard, little bump of her clitty and flicked it back and forth with his finger tip. Then he slid down the satiny slit of her cunt and found the spasming hole of her pussymouth.

Jim took a deep breath. He could feel the cum rising in his balls. He wanted to get Dawn off before he came, though. He stiffened his finger and plunged it into the tight, creamy hole of her cunt.

“Oooooooh,” Dawn squealed. “Yes, honey! Ooooh, that feels so good. Fuck both my pussies, honey. Fuck your cock in my shitter and your finger in my pussy. Stuff me up, honey. Fill me up with your finger and your cock.”

Jim thrust his finger deeper. He fucked it in and out like his cock was fucking her little asshole. Then he felt something very strange. It made him catch his breath and his cock jerked lustily. He could feel his cock fucking Dawn’s asshole right through the thin wall of her pussy. There it was, moving back and forth and he could feel it happen. The discovery was so exciting that he just couldn’t hold it any more. He let out a yell of passion and his balls jerked and pumped wildly.

“I’m coming!” he shouted. “I can’t help it, honey. Oh, Jesus! I can feel my cock right through your hot pussy. I can feel it jerk… Oh, honey. You come too! Come on baby… come with me!”

Dawn’s pussy twitched. Her asshole twitched too. She felt the hot, wild thrills run through her body and her nipples swelled up and poked out at the sheet under her. It felt like they were going to poke holes right through the mattress, they were so hard. Her legs quivered wildly and she pushed her asscheeks back at Jim, meeting his plunging cock with her horny little shitter.

“Do it!” she gasped. “Blast my shitter, honey. Blast my shitter and I’ll come with you!”

Jim lunged so hard that the bed started squeaking. It made a loud noise. Dawn’s asshole started squeezing right along with the bed springs. It clutched Jim’s hard cock tightly and squeezed dithmically. She could feel the thrills building in her whole body. It wasn’t just her pussy that was feeling so good. It was her shifter and her pussy both. She shivered and poked her ass high in the air so that Jim could fuck her even harder. His cock felt hot and heavy in her asshole. She could feel it swell up so big that it felt like he’d rip her wide open. Even that was exciting, though.

Jim lunged fiercely in her hot, sucking asshole. He gasped and puffed in lusty passion. It felt like his cock was encased n hot, slippery rubber that was, squeezing the cum right out of his balls. He just couldn’t hold his passion back any longer. His cock stiffened and then his balls pumped forcefully, sending a blast of hot, thick cockcream right up her clutching, squeezing asschute.

“Aaaaagh!” he yelled. “Here it comes, baby. Here comes a hot load of cum right up your little shitter!”

Dawn’s body quivered. Her titties rubbed against the sheet and a series of tickly thrills shot from her nipples down to her hot, sucking pussy. She twisted around under his plunging cock and squealed lustily. The thrills were so sweet and hot that she could hardly stand it.

“Aaaaagh!” she squealed. Jim’s cock was blasting right up her hot little shitter. She could feel it jerk and then the cum was spurting right up her sucking shitchute, making it all shuddery and slippery with his thick, hot cream.

Dawn’s pussy squeezed. Her asshole sucked him all the way in and swallowed the hot cum that was shooting up her asschute. She felt the same excitement she used to get when her mother gave her an enema, except it was even better. Both her pussy and her asshole were twitching wildly and the blasting thrills made her head dizzy.

“Aaaaagh!” she squealed. “My asshole’s swallowing your cum. Give me all of it, Jim! Shoot all your hot cream up my shitter!”

Dawn felt the hot thrills sweep through her whole body and carry her up to the peak of passion. Then she was coming, in a blaze of passion, screaming out her lust and delight.

Jim’s long, hard cock pumped and pumped. His hot cream filled up her spasming asshole and ran back out again to drip down her legs in a steady stream of wetness.

“Ooooooh!” she squealed. “Oh, Jim! It’s… it’s wonderful! I love having your cock in my asshole. I love ass fucking, honey! I just love it!”

Dawn felt her fingers scratch at the sheets. She was do delirious with passion that she didn’t even know what she was doing. Her titties throbbed incessantly and her pussy came and came around Jim’s stiff, plunging finger. Her asshole squeezed and nipped in bursts of passion and she hollered and squealed until she was so hoarse she couldn’t squeal any more.

“Shhhhh,” Jim giggled. “The neighbors are gonna hear you. Jesus, honey! You never came like that before.”

Dawn giggled wantonly. She felt Jim pull his long cock out of her squeezing asshole and she collapsed on the bed, laughing happily. “No wonder Tanya said I’d like it,” she giggled. “I never knew it would be that good. Now I know why she was squealing and begging Larry to fuck her harder. That was the most wonderful fuck in the world, honey.”

Jim shook his head in amazement. “That sure was good,” he gasped. “I never felt anything like that in my life. I think it’s a good thing you got that job, honey. You met Tanya and she really turned you on to some super fun.”

Dawn giggled. “I think our hard times are over,” she said softly. Then she reached down and patted Jim’s long cock. It began to stiffen in her hand and she giggled again. “At least some of our hard times are over,” she teased.

“There are some things that just seemed to stay hard all the time and I don’t mind a bit!”