I couldn’t wait any longer. My bladder was bursting and my father was in the bathroom, halfway through Rigoletto. “Daddy, please get out of the shower so I can use the toilet!” I cried. Both my hands pressed into my crotch to hold back the flood and I trampled about in agony.

“Can’t you wait another minute?” Dad loved his showers so much that my mother suspected him of having an affair with the nozzle.

“I have to pee right now!” I cried out. “Just come out for a moment, I won’t be long.”

“Oh, what the hell, come on in and do it, I’ll turn my back,” he said. That made sense. After all, he was my father and he’d seen me do everything at one time or another. Now that I was eighteen that familiarity had long passed away, of course, but under the circumstances it was necessary to recapture it. I pushed the door open and walked into the steam-filled room to make my way toward the toilet. So desperate was my need that I hardly spared my father a glance. I assumed he’d have his back toward me. But when I reefed my panties down and squatted over the bowl, and let the first burst loose, I looked up to find him looking right back at me.

“Don’t look!” I admonished him. Clouds of steam swirled between us, the rush of water resounded through the tile-lined space, and I suddenly became conscious of being alone with him. Reflexively my hands drew the terry cloth robe to and my eyes drifted away from his. But in the process they drifted past his cock. For a moment I was transfixed! His cock was long, thick, brown, and half hard, poking out from a jungle of dark hair and straight at me. The dark red knob throbbed as if it was about to fire. His balls hung low, two eggs suspended in hairy leather, dangling between two powerful thighs. A shudder ran through me, electric and mysterious. My hands clutched at my robe, drawing it tightly over my tits, and my legs pressed together in sheer terror. I had finished pissing. And yet I sat there, staring at that thickening member. He was fully erect now. His cock tilted toward the left of him and the thick ridge of flesh running up the lower side was clearly visible. It reminded me of a blood slit in a knife or a bayonet, and once more I shuddered while crazy, tiny twinges ran through my cunt.

Absently I reached for the toilet paper and wiped my pussy, in the process letting my robe fall open. Only when I had flushed did I realize how bold that was. Now Daddy had seen me touch myself! And no doubt he had caught a glimpse of my tits as well. They were too big to hide these days. He said nothing. When I finally managed to look him in the eye he just smiled and started another aria, singing in his fine baritone voice while the shower cascaded water all over his strong, tanned body. For some reason I felt dizzy when I walked out, my legs weren’t too steady, my hands hardly had the strength to open the door. “Thank you, Daddy,” I said. No answer.

Back in my room I sat down heavily on the bed and tried to clear my head. This evening was the big one, the date to end all dates. Frank would be proposing to me, there was nothing surer. Why didn’t it matter to me anymore? For as long as I could recall, Frank had been the one, so handsome and poised, always ahead of the other guys; and now that he’d been offered a scholarship in Europe he had to marry me if he wanted to take me with him. The more I tried to straighten out my thoughts, the more Daddy’s cock dominated my mind’s eye. I slipped out of my robe and began to put on the clothes I’d chosen for this date. No bra – my tits fascinated Frank. He was always talking about how big they were and how he loved to see them bobble about under my shirt. They were big, I reflected, gazing into the mirror and viewing myself from the side, very firm and high. The rest of me was slender. Mum was always urging me to eat more but I liked myself this way. I remained standing before the mirror, running a brush through my long, black hair and gazing at my tits. Veronica liked them, too. She was always touching them and comparing them to her own little ones.

Jeans next, tight enough to hug my crotch. Veronica said that really drove men wild. The center band ran right along the split of my pussy and caused a labialike bulge to form. I turned and stood on my toes to get a view of my ass in the mirror. Lean but shapely, pert Frank called it. I stepped into the platform shoes and did them up. Now the outfit was complete. I was tall, slinky, big-titted, my pussy lips bulged between my thighs, my hair had a deep luster and it felt as smooth as flax. Could Frank resist me after all this preparation?

It seemed not. When he came to the front door I noticed him swallow heavily and when he spoke it sounded silly, as if he couldn’t bring the words out. My mother came to see us off. She bestowed loving glances on Frank. One day he would be an important man and I would be his wife. That’s what she wanted. My mother, Veronica, and Frank had teamed up to get me to this pitch of expectancy. They had given me tips, hints, and methods for catching a man, either explicitly or implicitly, and like a good girl I had taken heed of them all. But at that moment, when a wedding band was literally within reach, I found myself thinking of my father’s cock.

Frank took me to a restaurant and, as expected, he popped the question. It was a romantic moment and I gave him my answer right away. It was all settled, we would be married in a week’s time, the day before he was due to depart. “Let’s go home and tell my parents,” I said after the dinner was over.

“Wait, wait, let’s talk some more first,” said Frank with a strange look in his eyes. He drove us to the lake and parked in the darkness, turned the radio down low, and faced me. His breathing was irregular and his hands were restless. I knew what he wanted but I didn’t know how to give it. Every part of me was willing. The sight of my father had loosened the last of my inhibitions and now my pussy throbbed deeply and my nipples literally itched with desire. Frank didn’t know it but I was his to do with as he pleased that evening. In the past we had confined ourselves to light petting, but that wouldn’t do it anymore for me. And when he took me into his arms I did everything to make him see how available I was. I melted against him, let one hand brush casually along the swollen bulge in his lap, and let my blouse open a bit so my tits would incite him. Frank’s hands were everywhere, touching me, caressing me, and his hot kisses landed all over my face. He seemed to be caught in a frenzy of lust and I coasted along with it contentedly.

“Oh, Jackie!” he moaned, “I want you so!” More kisses. He was waiting for me to say something and I didn’t know what to say. I kissed him back as passionately as I felt, and his hands became bolder, sliding in through the buttons of my blouse to get at my bare tits, fitting in between my upper thighs to put pressure on my pussy, and I just went along with it.

“Let’s take our clothes off,” he whispered. I nodded but he had to do it for me. My body was trembling as he pulled my tight jeans off, I felt kind of faint, and instead of coming back up to kiss him I let myself recline back with my legs spreading widely, lasciviously. Frank stared at my pussy in the dim light of a nearby neon sign. There was silence, tension, in the car now, both of us poised, ready, all he had to do was take me. But then he shook his head. “No, not before we’re married,” he said hoarsely. “That wouldn’t be right.”

“But we can have some fun, can’t we!” I said, and I sounded very plaintive to myself.

“Sure we can,” he said, running the palm of his hand over my cunt. “As long as we can restrain ourselves.” His finger traced the outline of my cunt, barely touching my flesh, round and round until I could hardly stand it. Light as his touch was, my cunt was super-receptive. The smallest sensation sent long ripples of passion running through my body, and when the tip of his finger brushed along that little knob between my labia, I thought I would scream! However, in the two years Frank and I had been going together I had learned a lot about self-discipline. He wanted me to be the demure virgin and I had cast myself in that role willingly. But the charade had been exposed somehow and besides, in a week’s time we’d be going all the way.

“Make love to me, Frank,” I moaned, twisting my hips from side to side and lassooing him with my legs to draw him closer to my cunt. “Let’s not wait another second.” He still had on his underpants but I could feel his stiff cock throbbing under me.

“Please, Jackie, don’t make it hard on me,” he said, pushing me away. “Go on, get dressed.” He jumped out of the car and stood by the side of the lake. One hand was on his hip, the other was moving to and fro. It took me a while to work out that he was doing something to his cock. When he returned I asked him what the matter was, and he just muttered something about blue balls. I was in the dark about everything, but I’d managed to slip back into my tight jeans and my blouse. Frank drove me home at breakneck speed. He didn’t say a word until we were in front of my place again. “I’m sorry, honey,” he told me, “but you were tempting me too much. A guy can only stand to be straight for so long and no longer. One more week and then you’ll be my virgin bride. Isn’t that worth waiting for?”

“I don’t know,” I said. He thought I was just saying that because I didn’t know what else to say. With a broad smile he opened the door for me and we walked up the driveway to break the news to my parents. Mother was in seventh heaven. She hugged Frank and called him her son, and then sat down to planning the logistics of the wedding. Dad shook him by the hand and said all sorts of nice things to him, but he was less than ecstatic. As for me, I couldn’t enjoy the occasion. A part of me wasn’t there. My body was besieged by mysterious impulses, strange tremors, my tits tingled and I could feel that my pussy was wet. Apart from those sensations, there was also a burning resentment. Frank had rejected me. His reason had nothing to do with it as far as I was concerned. I had offered myself and he had refused, leaving me feeling on edge and crazy. I played the part of a good daughter and a happy fiancee for as long as he was there. But as soon as he left I kissed my folks good night and ran upstairs.

Veronica, my cousin, lived next door. Our houses were close together and a large oak tree grew between them so that I could get from my window to hers just by climbing onto one branch, walking down it to the trunk, and then taking another branch up to her. She always left her window ajar in case I felt like a midnight visit and I did the same for her. Since it was still fairly early in the evening her light was still on.

“Hello Jacqueline,” she said cheerfully when I entered through the window. “Back from the big date already? How did it go?” I told her and at first she was very excited and happy for me. But then I began to tell her the important part, and Veronica became silent, sympathetic. “Oh dear,” she sighed when I had finished, “the omens aren’t too good. What can we do about this?”

Veronica was my opposite in most ways. Her hair was blond and curly, cropped close to her head. Her shoulders were rather broad and her hips rather narrow, her breasts were hard and small, and she had a tan year round from playing sports and hiking. We were the same age, attended the same school and were in the same class, but more important we were each other’s best friend. For as long as I could remember we had made use of the oak tree to come and tell the other our troubles or new jokes. She was different from me in one other way, too: she was no longer a virgin. Veronica knew everyone in our town, she was in on whatever action erupted, and she often went to bed with older men. For boys her own age she had nothing but contempt.

“You see what’s happening to you?” she said after a pause. “You’ll marry Frank and that will be the start and finish of your sex life. What you need to do is to live a little, right now, before it’s too late.” Instead of arguing with her, I nodded. Veronica looked surprised.

“I know you’re right,” I said. “I mean, it’s scary and all that but my body is in such a turmoil right now.”

“Turmoil? In that case, Jackie, you’re going to have to trust me,” said Veronica. “There’s only one way to cure that and I know how. Come here, sit on the bed with me, don’t make a move, your favorite cousin is going to make you feel all better.” She turned off all but the smallest light in her room and came over to sit beside me. Her arm rested on my shoulder, one hand ran down my long tresses, and her eyes bored deep into mine. I felt embarrassed suddenly. Veronica and I were free with each other but never sexy. Yet now I could smell her sensuality almost! She was seducing me!

“What are you doing?” I asked timidly. She told me to hush and her hands ran over my hair and body more firmly. They came to rest on my breasts and stayed there, softly squeezing my tingling flesh. Veronica shifted over to sit facing me, her legs tucked under her in the lotus position. There was no getting away from her. Her parents were away for a couple of days and her younger brother would be fast asleep by this time. Besides, she was making me feel a wholly different kind of turmoil, a pleasing one.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Veronica said softly. Her nimble fingers undid the buttons of my blouse and let it fall open. “Yes, look at those breasts, perfect, just perfect, oh, let me kiss them!” She leaned forward and before I could get out of the way her lips were on one of my nipples. A shock ran through my system. I looked at that blond, curly head that had fastened itself to my tit, and somehow it wouldn’t register with me. What was coming across, however, was a soft, insinuating feeling that grew into a ball of warmth that kept expanding until it extended from the nipple all the way to my pussy. Her lips shifted to the other nipple and her hands squeezed and caressed my tits, taking them from warmth to heat and at the same time driving my pussy around the bend with a variety of sensations. My blouse slipped down my shoulders and Veronica pushed me back until I was lying flat on my back, my arms loosely around her as she continued to regale my tits with her mouth and hands. It felt wonderful! Frank had touched my tits often enough but he hadn’t done it right… Veronica knew about tits and how to make them feel good.

She seemed happy to go on and on. I drifted into a dense euphoria and let my hands run through her curls absently. Eventually she shifted her attention to other parts of me. Her lips left my tits and kissed their way down to my bellybutton. I hardly noticed the change. My eyes were closed and I was half dozing, drifting down a stream of treacle that was bound to lead to Eden. Vaguely I realized that she was undoing my jeans and that she wasn’t having an easy time getting them off me, but none of that mattered to me. I didn’t even bother to lift my ass.

Only when Veronica started to run her finger down the slit of my pussy did a fraction of me sit up and take notice. Frank had touched me there earlier and I had enjoyed it very much. Now my cousin was doing the same. Was that right? But I was too far gone to care. I lay back and savored the fine feelings welling up in my loins. Her fingers delicately touched on every part of my pussy, reconnoitering, discovering what was sensitive and what was extremely sensitive. Now and then a low, soft moan broke from my throat. Apart from that I was inert and happy. It didn’t even occur to me to reciprocate.

Something warm and wet slithered along the center of my pussy. I couldn’t work out what it was but it felt so nice that I had to look. To my horror I found that it was Veronica’s tongue. How could she!? As soon as she was finished I would tell her never to do it again. Until then… God, it felt so lovely. Her tongue was like a living creature, an animated snail doing a polka between my cunt lips, sliding to and fro, putting pressure on my clitoris then rushing down to briefly insinuate itself into my hole, in and out, back up, sideways, round and round – my head began to spin in time with her tongue! Her tongue was very thorough. It dug in and lapped, wetting my cunt over and over until her spit combined with my juices to form a rivulet that ran down to my asshole and dripped onto her bed. Now her fingers joined in, holding my pussy lips wide apart so she could get more of her face between them and so her tongue could get into my hole more deeply. The lovely euphoria was shattered by raw lust. Suddenly my pelvis started to push up and down, a staccato of horniness that made it hard for Veronica to keep up. I begged her to stop so I could catch my breath but she only ate me more vigorously.

“Oh God!” I heard myself pant. “Stop, stop, please stop! No, that’s too much, you’re driving me crazy! That tickles! Stop, stooooo-ooppp!!! Oh Jesus, no, noooooooooohhhhhh that’s good, yesssssss, yes, yes, harder, oh ronnie, yeeeeeessssssssss…” Lightning bolts irradiated from my cunt, triggering off storms of passion that raged violently for a second and then disappeared to leave me high and peaceful, filled with a vaporous sensation of gratitude. Veronica stopped when she saw that state I was in. Her face glistened with my juices and she was smiling broadly.

“You like that? This is only the beginning, Jackie. Phase one. I’m going to line up lovers for you and introduce you to experiences that will live with you the rest of your life. By the time he carries you over the threshold you’ll be able to teach him a lot of tricks.”

“It sounds so dangerous,” I sighed. My body was aglow. “But you don’t have to do all this, Veronica. I could do it myself.”

“You? No you couldn’t. You’d bump into a guy and stick to him for as long as you could. I’m the one who can produce the changes in cast around here, just like that.” She snapped her fingers and leaned over to kiss me square on the mouth. The tart taste of pussy came with it, and I relished it shamefacedly. As if she knew it, Veronica opened my mouth with her lips and forced her tongue deep into me so that I would have to taste all of it. Her body came over to lie on top of mine and her pubic bone pushed against mine insistently. Once again my resistance was disposed of effortlessly. I yielded to her deep, passionate kiss and before I knew what was happening I was hugging her tightly and grinding my pubic bone into hers.

Gone was the warm tranquility. Her cunt pushed against mine so as to flex my labia and pull them taut over my clitoris. She put on more and more pressure, rubbing me up until I was right back where Frank had left me, feverish, uneasy, in need of love! Now that she was on top of me my hands began to explore her flesh instinctively. The palms ran over her strong, smooth back right down to the dip at the small of her back, and up to grab hold of her firm, full cheeks. Veronica’s ass always reminded me of a boy’s. It had dimpled flanks and flexed muscularly at every step, yet it was rounded and soft when her buns were relaxed. When I got hold of it her buttocks were laboring to bring her cunt harder against mine, and just the feeling of her flesh contracting under my touch was enough to make me bang back. This took me so far but no further. Veronica had the same problem because she suddenly drew away from me and pushed one of her legs under my ass, scissoring into me until our cunt lips met in a wild kiss, wet and hot. Right away new pleasures welled up in me. Her pussy was lightly covered with blond hair, so lightly that it sometimes looked as though she didn’t have any. Mine, on the other hand, had a thick dark pelt of hairs growing from the mound back to my asshole. Now, with all the moisture that had matted my fur, it was laid back and the ridges of labial flesh were exposed. It was flesh against flesh when our pussies kissed, smooth, slippery, urgent, pushing and pushing and pushing to get more. Impulsively I reached down and parted my pussy with both hands. Veronica did the same. Our tiny clitorises met and it was as though we’d touched two electric points to each other. A spark, a flash, and we were on our backs, bodies writhing in ecstasy, our loins working our pussies together until they were welded into one by heat and juice. Smacking noises resounded through the room, panicky cries, long moans, we rolled about on the bed and held hands so our bodies wouldn’t drift apart.

“Let me eat you now,” I gasped, “I want to try it now!”

“Go right ahead,” said Veronica. She crawled over me and turned around to face my feet so that her pussy hovered over my face. Light blond hairs caught the light to create a slight golden halo about her pudgy cunt, pink flesh peered through her lips, trails of moisture and whitish drops of juice were on her inner thighs. The sharp fragrance of her womanhood suffused my nose. For a moment I hesitated. Then, recalling how delicious my own dew had been, I placed my hands on her ass and lifted myself high enough to get my mouth to her box. As soon as I made contact with her I began to suck and was rewarded by a generous draft of her juices. Veronica lowered her ass and pressed her cunt down on my face, forcing my head back onto the pillow. At the same time she started to finger my cunt, inserting a long finger up it and crooking it so as to pull upward. I didnt know which excited me more. My cunt tried to suck her finger into itself and my mouth tried to suck her cunt down my throat, and between the two my body rollicked with passion.

We remained in that position for a long time. I loved eating her! Her cunt was so smooth and the juices flowed so freely that I wanted to burrow face-first into her, just to experience her totally. Whenever my tongue pushed its way into her tight hole it found smooth, wet walls of warm flesh in there, a secret cave that held all sorts of mysterious delights for me – if only I could get in there deeper! I worked my index finger into her cunt and felt the physiognomy of her insides, all those strange ridges, the contoured flesh packing around my finger and squeezing it with sensual pressure, thick drops of juice oozing down around it, a small paradise. Veronica did her best to open it up to me. She went down on me and poked her ass high into the air, her legs as far apart as they would go, and I played doctors with her to my heart’s content. I had checked out my own cunt with a mirror, of course, but this was the first time I could explore one first hand. My fingers prised her lips apart, pulling at them until it looked as though her cunt was turning inside out. Pink, glistening flesh blossomed before my eyes, her cunt hole expanded, and I gazed into its darkness until my tongue poked out and found its way into that inviting orifice all by itself. I loved everything about her, even the musky, stifling smell of her asshole. My nose was buried in it, tickling it, and since Veronica obviously liked it I kept it up until I was not only used to the smell, but actually enjoyed it. Nothing mattered at this point but gratification, and everything contributed to it. Her tongue in my pussy, my tongue in hers, nuzzling her anus, dragging my nails along her ass, licking, sighing, sucking, biting into her cunt flesh, doing everything she did to me and more, until another storm of passion broke loose inside me.

I had to let go. The emotions exploding in me were too powerful to be ignored. My body began to tremble violently, screams burst from my throat, my nails sank into her flesh so that the blood ran, and then I went stiff all over for an excruciating second. It was as if I had a fit! My rigid frame shook from head to toe, gurgling sounds came from deep down, all I could do was cling to Veronica. And then, like the sun bursting through the clouds, the orgasm arrived. Everything was leveled out now, everything was lovely and peaceful again. I floated about the room and was aware only of myself. That didn’t stop my cousin. She caressed me very gently all the while, and when I was back to normal she positioned herself between my legs and started to run her fingernails along my tits slowly, almost as though she didn’t know she was doing it.

“I don’t know how you do it,” I told her. “You’ve made me feel things that Frank doesn’t even know about!”

“He will,” she smiled. “You’ll be sure to tell him. But relax, it’s still early, let’s just lie here and enjoy each other’s company.”

“Alright.” I felt sleepy again. My eyes rolled back and my lids closed as though they had lead weights tied to them. Veronica’s hands moved at the same regular rate, a hypnotic, subliminal motion that built up my passions while I wasn’t looking. Her lovemaking seemed no more than an expression of affection; but after about ten minutes of it I found myself in the throes of another fit of passion. I loved her tender caresses and the soft pressure of her body against mine. My hands roamed over her breasts and ass, we kissed so lightly that our lips merely brushed by the other’s, and somehow we ended up with our faces between the other’s legs, licking pussy with the same dreamy motions.

“I won’t marry Frank,” I said suddenly. “I like you much better, Veronica, there’s no use pretending otherwise.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said. Her words were muffled by my cunt flesh. She didn’t take me seriously enough to look up even. But I insisted, and finally she did look up. “You see how you are? You have a good time with one person and right away you’re stuck on them. I love you, Jackie, we will always be friends, but don’t let that tie you down.”

I didn’t say anything for a long time. My fingers toyed with Veronica’s blond little cunt but I was too busy thinking to take much notice of it. She was right, of course. In the one week remaining to me I would have to squeeze in as much experience as possible. I had to make the best of my freedom. That’s what it was, making use of my freedom. Once Frank slipped that ring on my finger I wouldn’t ever cheat on him. All the more reason to make the best of this week. I could do anything! And right away the sight of my father naked under the shower flashed before my eyes – even him? Wasn’t that taboo? Well, was making love with a first and female cousin not taboo? And wasn’t it fun?

Questions and an assortment of answers swirled through my brain. Why shouldn’t I let my hair down for this one week? Veronica would be my guide, there was nothing to worry about. In that case I would do it! And if Daddy happened to come my way I’d pounce on him, too. I didn’t tell Veronica that, though. I just said that I was willing to go along with her scheme.

“Good,” she said, “we’ll start tomorrow night. What would you fancy, Jackie, a black man or an oriental or a Latin lover? You can take your pick. Or I can get you women, it’s up to you.”

“That’s quite a menu. I can’t make a choice, you’ll have to do it for me.”

“Hey, wait a minute, you’re still a virgin! Don’t you want to pick who’ll be first?”

“Oh yeah…” I had to think about that, and then it struck me: my virginity should go to the man who loved me most! My older brother, Tim, qualified for that honor easily. He was nineteen and home for the summer, so why shouldn’t I pick him? He had always looked after me, had fought fights for me, and he certainly liked me physically. As soon as he’d come back from college his eyes had started to wander over my legs, my breasts, my ass. Yes, Tim would be happy to do it. “Don’t worry about my cherry, that’ll be gone by the time I see you again,” I said.

“Who’s going to take it?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you about it later. But for now I have to be going home.” I dressed, kissed my cousin good night, and disappeared out through her window. It was a long way past midnight by this time. The house was in darkness. Once back in my room I took off my clothes and snuck into the bathroom to wash up. I perfumed myself liberally, brushed my hair, and checked my nakedness in the mirror. I looked different to myself now that Veronica had introduced me to sex. The erogenous zones stood out against a background of features. Suddenly my tits looked bigger and better, my pubic bush seemed deeper and more inviting, and I couldn’t help running my hands over my flesh for just a moment. A shiver of delight ran through me. Only a few hours ago I wouldn’t have dared to dream about seducing my own brother. Now it seemed like the only plausible thing to do. He was so much like Daddy, the same strong build, the same dark brown mop of hair, same eyes and chest. I could hardly wait to get to him!

Quickly I put on a nightie in case one of the parents happened to be patrolling the hallway, and then walked on tiptoes to my brother’s room to surprise him.


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