“I got a live one for you,” Veronica told me over lunch. “He’s going to drop by this evening so you just make sure you’re here on time or I’ll take him for myself! Really, Jackie, he’s gorgeous, big and blond, a real Viking.”

“Sounds great,” I said, but my heart wasn’t in it. My uncle had put the finishing touches to my pleasures; there didn’t seem anything left to experience. Of course it would be fun to do it all over again but already I was wondering how long one could go on having the same kind of fun.

“What’s the matter?” my cousin asked. “You look unhappy. You’re not worried about Frank, are you?”

“In a way I am. I mean, he’s home sitting on his hands and I’m fucking people left and right… that can’t be right, can it?”

“You’ve had two men,” Veronica scoffed, “and already you feel like a tramp. Boy, by the end of the week you’ll think you’re a two-dollar hooker! Relax, Jackie, remember that if you don’t know what you’re doing, I do. Just be here by eight.”

I nodded and tried to shift my thoughts over into another track. It was odd how suddenly my good mood had given way to depression. In the house next door Tim sat alone, probably brooding about our sexual bouts, wondering how it had happened. And I sat in my cousin’s house, keeping her company while her parents were away. Everything wore the air of an anticlimax.

“Hey, cheer up!” Veronica leaned over the table and pinched my cheek. “You’re not going to cry, are you?”

“No,” I said firmly, but I wondered whether I would or not. She got up from her chair and walked over to squat beside me. Her arm went around my waist and she drew me to her.

“I know, too many experiences in too short a time. Well, don’t you worry, you’ve got a friend in me. Come over here and sit on the couch with me, I’ll turn on the TV and we’ll relax together, okay?” Like a little kid I let her take my hand and pull me over to the couch, and when she sat down beside me I felt a wave of gratitude sweep over me. She was such a good friend! She let me snuggle up against her and with the remote control device she switched the TV on to a football game. I looked at the screen without seeing the specifics of the action. All I was aware of was the soft warmth of her body and the colors shifting about before my eyes. Her hand ran through my hair slowly, soothingly, and her voice made comforting sounds. Veronica was right, there was nothing to worry about. I could trust her. She would look after me. I snuggled up a little more and started to take some notice of the game. A number of men were bent over with their asses toward the camera, asses clad in tight white pants that covered less than they implied. Narrow hips, muscular buttocks, genitals cradled in protective devices, suddenly it was all very sexy! They got in line and faced another line of surreal-looking guys, then someone did something and they all ran into each other, like two stampedes running down an alley in opposite directions. A stifled roar reached the microphones, men tumbled, wrestled, fell, tangling into a mess of hard, sweaty flesh and pads. Somehow my depression grew smaller, eroded by a tingling, warm sensation bubbling upward from my pussy like a seltzer fountain on a summer’s day. It registered vaguely that Veronica’s hands were on my breasts, squeezing the bare flesh under my halter and working the garment down and out of the way. How delicious that felt, how she spoiled me! My nipples hardened under her delicate touch, my breasts seemed to swell with passion and pride. A man ran with the ball, others chased him, they ran with fast, pumping strides so that their thighs rippled with power. Images of white stallions came to my mind, muscular hindquarters flexing as they mounted me. Veronica’s hands were so smooth, so deft, that my whole body began to wallow and luxuriate under her touch. I wanted more, I wanted to give more and take more, I wanted to be naked in her arms with my cunt aimed at the television in case one of those stallions galloped out of the screen!

But Veronica was in charge. She took off my top and held me from behind so that both her hands fitted snugly over my tits. I sat between her legs and my sensory nerves were on red alert about that area where her pubic bone pressed against my ass. Cousin, brother, uncle, and now my cousin again. At least Frank wasn’t facing any outside competition. Ah, fuck Frank, fuck marriage, fuck everything, and especially fuck me!

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you Jackie?” Veronica murmured. “Look at those studs, you’re going to have one just like it. This guy’s cock is the size of a fire hydrant and he knows how to use it, too. You’re going to have a ball, I promise you. And I’m going to be with you the whole time.” Her last statement made me ridiculously happy. I twisted around in her arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Veronica worked her tongue deep down my throat and continued to caress my tits, pinching the nipples and bruising my soft flesh gently with her long fingernails. Now my pussy lay on top of her knee which was bony enough to bear the brunt of my burgeoning lust. I undulated my hips over her knee so that it pressed against my cunt through my jeans, and stimulated my throbbing, red-hot clitoris most gratifyingly.

It amazed me to think that sex had been such a lackluster proposition to me only minutes earlier. Now it consumed me! I kissed my cousin fiercely, doing my utmost to urge her to take action without actually asking for it. Veronica ran her hands down my bare back, all the way to the waistband of my jeans and there she teased me by slipping her fingers down under my pants to get at the flesh of my ass. But she wouldn’t go far enough. Her fingertips rested at that part where the flesh started to swell and curve up to form my buns. Below that split curve was where I needed her fingers! My cunt pulsed with lust, it drooled and ached, it begged to be impaled; but my sly cousin held back.

The last of my inhibitions gave way under pressure of my desires. I humped her knee with unabashed enthusiasm and rested my face between her small tits while my fingers tried to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t help me nor did she hold me back. There was an enigmatic smile on her face as she watched me fumble with those buttons, and when they finally did open up she let me make merry with her firm little tits, too. I felt elated at having taken the initiative. Now she was mine. I was seducing her! My lips were around her nipples, one by one, and my hands squeezed her resilient little mounds, and my tongue pushed its way into her mouth. Veronica was yielding to me and her breathing became irregular. She was mine!

Her blouse came off, her shorts went next, and now she was sitting on the couch wearing only her panties. Her crotch bobbed up at me as I kneeled down between her legs, tempting me to eat her before I could remove the final garment. But I kept a grip on myself. The panties slithered down her thighs, over her knees, and her pussy pushed up at me, splitting down the middle and displaying moist pink pink flesh for me to eat. I started to tremble. Her cunt flesh looked delicious, so fulsome and rosy that the saliva ran into my mouth and made me swallow heavily several times before I could go down on her. Veronica leaned back into the couch and rested both arms along the back of it. Her small tits were made even smaller as a result, and for a second it looked as though I was about to eat a boy without a cock. Had I needed any more stimulation that would have driven me to eat her up. As it was, seeing her boyishness only made me attack her with all my heart. She pulled away in alarm as my mouth opened wide and bit into her cunt, but when she realized I wasn’t going to bite through, she relaxed again.

Her flesh was smooth, slippery, rubbery between my lips. Sparse blond hair chafed against my nose and cheeks as my mouth burrowed into her cunt to get at the well of tart, tasty fluids. Lean thighs tensed up under my hands and the nervous shudders that ran through her body gave me all the encouragement I needed. I wanted to make it beautiful for her because that would make it all the better for me, and my needs were immense at that moment. It dawned on me that I still had on my jeans and that the crotch was getting soaking wet. My pussy was uncomfortable, it wanted to be free and within range of a finger or something. But I couldn’t pull away from Veronica’s cunt, I liked it far too much.

I’d learned a lot in so little time. There was no awkwardness in the way my tongue lapped at her clitoris, everything came naturally to me. My tongue snuck up her tight channel, it licked its way around her fulsome lips, flicked at her hard little knob, working around and about until my cousin began to squirm in ecstasy. “Oh, that’s enough!” she panted. “Please, Jackie, give me a turn!” I shook my head and pressed my nose against her clitoris so my tongue could worm its way even deeper into her cunt. Veronica tried to push me away but she had no strength in her arms. Like a limp doll she flopped back on the couch and moaned helplessly as my tongue demolished her. My hands were busy during this time, too. Those boyish breasts were the delight of my fingertips, and now and then I would squeeze the hard cheeks of her ass to improve on the illusion. She was like a boy in so many ways… but her cunt was one hundred percent female, there was no doubt about that. The rich, piquant juices poured out of her as though she’d sprung a leak, to trickle in rivulets over my tongue and down my throat, a never-ending stream of joy. My cousin seemed to be melting from the outside in.

“No, nooooohhh,” she groaned suddenly. “No, that’s enough! Get off now, Jackie, I can’t take it anymore!” She sounded as though she meant it but I couldn’t tear myself away just yet. My face and her cunt had welded together and I felt as though I was actually making headway into her body. “Stop!” she cried hoarsely. Her hands tried to push my head away again, and failed again. “Jackie, pleeeeaaassseee!!!” Under the desperation I detected a note of animal pleasure, and so I sucked and licked and fingered even harder. “ohmigod! Ooohhhnoooooooooo, Jackie, no, no, it hurts, it hurts, I’m falling!” It really sounded as though she was falling. Her whole body became rigid and her hands grabbed hold of the couch’s pillows, her legs wrapped themselves about my head and then, just as her voice reached the high C, she faded away into a quivering jelly which moaned very softly.

I looked up in time to see her eyes close. “Veronica? Are you okay?” No answer. I shook her but she just moaned and turned over. She was sleeping! I was shocked, and not a little put out. “Hey, what about me?” I asked petulantly. Veronica snored softly.

Her younger brother, Ned, would be home in a few hours, so I couldn’t let her go to sleep in the nude on the couch. What would he think? It wasn’t easy but I managed to get her shorts and her blouse back on, even straightened the couch up and ran my fingers through her close-cropped hair. When everything looked respectable I went back to my room via the tree. It was in the middle of the afternoon, it was hot out and very quiet. I thought about taking a nap but I was restless, feeling like a caged panther for some reason. As I paced I checked out Tim’s room. He was out. Too bad… although I told myself I wouldn’t have let him fuck me anyway. No matter how restless I was.

The clock moved very slowly. I took a shower and sat in the kitchen in my robe, drinking iced tea and watching the football game. Nothing could get the hands of the clock to move faster. Three hours to eight o’clock. It might as well have been an eternity! Now and then my hands slipped down under my robe and toyed with my pussy, but since my folks were due to come home at any minute I really didn’t want to get myself started. Even sitting down was risque! My pussy had contact with the seat of the chair, which was hard and pressed against me. This was madness! I’d never be able to wait till eight!

But I did. Right after dinner, dressed once more in slacks and blouse, I went up to my room and used the tree to get to Veronica’s room. I found her seated on her bed, facing a young man who listened to her politely. He was all she said he’d be: blond, big, strong, and hung! His clothes were form-fitting to the point of giving all his secrets away, and when we were introduced my eyes just naturally wandered to his crotch to see what he had growing there. It looked as though he’d brought his pet boa constrictor!

“Harry works out a lot,” Veronica said with a secret wink. “Don’t you, Harry?”

“Every day,” Harry replied. His eyes were wandering along my private parts, too. “Lots of push-ups and back presses. I work on my thighs, too.” I felt faint just thinking about thighs. His were big, as big as those belonging to the white stallions on TV, and I could imagine how it would be to have them clamped against my sides, a vise of muscle holding me immobilized while that big cock pounded me to pieces! I sat down hastily and asked Veronica for a cigarette.

“Harry knows why he’s here,” Veronica went on, lighting the cigarette for me, “and I can tell he’s delighted that I have such a beautiful cousin. Isn’t that right, Harry?”

“You bet.” His clear blue eyes met mine for a moment and I could see he was dying for a piece of my ass. All the more reason to make him wait a little. Get him good and keen. God, I could use a rabid lover! The restlessness hadn’t left me for a moment and as I faced Harry and his impressive lap it grew to monstrous proportions: my restlessness, that is. His snake lay still, waiting to strike.

“How can you be so patient!” exclaimed Veronica. “Look at that hunk of man! Don’t you feel like raping him?” Harry smiled at me as if to encourage me.

“I really think he’s the one who ought to do the raping,” I shrugged. “But if that’s the way you want it, I’ll go along with you.”

“I think you’ll enjoy it,” said Veronica. She took the half-smoked cigarette from between my fingers and stubbed it out. “Sit perfectly still, Harry; my cousin is going to work out on you.”

“You are going to help, aren’t you?” I asked, suddenly intimidated.

“Don’t worry,” she said grimly. We stood up and moved toward the Viking, who sat in his easy chair and watched our approach with surprising calm. “Let’s strip for action first.” We did, and Harry’s equanimity began to show a few cracks. His snake twitched uneasily and he shifted from side to side in the easy chair. But when he tried to grab hold of me my cousin responded with a sharp slap to his wrist. “Sit still, Harry, or you’ll blow it!” she warned him. Harry obeyed at once. But the gleam in his eyes told me of his intentions, and that smouldering fire in my belly roared up to send flames shooting to all parts of my body.

As one we kneeled down between those massive thighs, and our hands caressed his pants legs tenderly. All I felt was hard flesh, unyielding masculinity, and my hand kept on moving up, up, toward that uncoiling boa. Since I was on his left it was closer to me, but Veronica’s hand moved a little quicker and she got hold of it first. She closed her fingers about it through the cloth of his pants and began to rub it, which left nothing for me to grab.

“Give me some!” I demanded. Veronica shook her head and kept rubbing his cock. There was only one way to get my share and that was to go through his fly. I unzipped him in a flash and my hand dove down into his pants. I had to grope about for a bit before my hand got past his underpants but then I had him by the balls and Veronica lost her grip. “Jesus, it’s very big!” I said, talking to myself. It was half hard already and when my fist closed around his stalk it rapidly thickened into a hard, hot rod. Veronica undid his belt and pulled his pants down a way to get her share. Both of us had forgotten about the rest of him. Only his cock fascinated us. And when it rose out of his crumpled undergarments, we both said: “Ooooohhhh!” like two little girls witnessing a fireworks display for the first time. Eight, maybe nine, inches of heavily veined cock rose out of all that textile, the brown skin drawn taut, turning a dark pink half an inch before his glans. And that knob, what a delight it was to behold! It seemed to be straining to contain itself and it was made expressly to be licked, of that we were both sure. Our heads moved toward the helmet-shaped crown and our tongues touched down on it together. Now we were no longer rivals but partners. His cock was big enough for the both of us!

Harry immediately made himself more comfortable and let out a groan of happiness as our tongues continued to twist and spiral around his sensitive knob. When the tip of my tongue pushed down into the tiny slit on top he began to sigh deeply; but that may have been due to Veronica taking his balls into her mouth. No matter! We worked as a team, licking and sucking that big cock until it gleamed wetly from his scrotum to the tip of his glans. His pants were around his ankles, our tits pressed into his knees, hands stroked over his hard, hairy flesh, fondled his heavy balls, and Harry lapped it up like a sultan.

Once we were a little jaded with the cock’s novelty, my cousin and I began to pay more attention to each other. Both of us opened our mouths wide and brushed our lips along the sides of his dick in such a way that our lips made contact, a shivering, sensual contact that made us eager for more. But the fact that his cock towered between us only intensified our double-barreled passion. We had to kiss around it and we had to fondle each other’s tits and ass without alarming the master. He didn’t know what was happening, so that wasn’t much of a problem. His eyes were closed, his mouth was slack, and deep, heartfelt sighs was all we heard from him. We grew bolder, kissing each other passionately and regaling his cock only with our cheeks and hands. Much as I liked his stud body, there was something about Veronica’s soft sensuality that appealed to me more, and she seemed to feel the same way.

“Hey, what’s going on here!” Harry woke up to us all of a sudden. “Are you playing at being lezzies!?”

“Oh no, just filling in time,” Veronica said with ballbusting acidity.

“What do you mean?” His offensive had been turned back on him and he sat back to figure his confusion out in comfort.

“What I mean, dear heart, is that you’re not doing your job. When women start to make love to each other that means the man isn’t holding up his part of the bargain. Is that clear enough for you?”

“Oh… yeah, I see.” He looked at us for a moment, taking in our naked bodies, our entwined hands, our closeness, and as he looked a change of expression came over his face. A small light began to burn in his eyes, a pinpoint of light that gave him a terrible appearance. I started to draw away from him, terrified suddenly. “Yeah, I get the picture,” he said hoarsely. “You two bitches are trying to make a fool out of me. You want to tease me and then you want to throw me out. Well, I don’t play games like that!”

“No, no, we didn’t intend anything of the sort!” I said, but Veronica nudged me to shut up. Harry grabbed hold of the armrests and hoisted himself onto his feet. Every muscle was taut, especially those in his jaws. His cock was no longer the nice toy; it was a weapon, rock-hard, throbbing ominously above us, a jousting lance and a pig sticker. I wanted to get the hell out of there but it was too late. He grabbed hold of my hair with one hand and dragged me across the room. Rough carpet chafed against my skin, mad panic put all my senses out of action as I reached for my cousin to rescue me. She jumped up and followed us but Harry turned and pushed her face in. She tumbled back and tried again. Harry picked me up in his powerful arms and took me into the nearest bedroom, which happened to be the one belonging to Veronica’s parents. He threw me on the huge double bed so I bounced about crazily, and when I came to rest he flung himself upon me.

“Get out of this room!” I heard Veronica yell. “You can use mine but don’t mess up this bed!” The next sound was that of a sharp slap, and now everything fell silent. Only his heavy breathing reached my ears. I felt faint and distant. His heavy body crushed mine into the soft bed, and there was something hammering against my pussy. He felt so rough, so hard, like a bull trying to mount me, but he had me pinned down and all I could do was submit.

That battering seemed to be having the desired effect. I felt my cunt muscles yielding painfully, a thick foreign body entered my cunt; it bashed and pushed at my tender flesh, which had gone dry with the panic, and all I could do was gasp. There was no air left in my body. His dead weight had pressed it out of my lungs and that battering down below kept me from taking a breather. The desperation made me straggle in earnest. This wasn’t a game anymore!

“Get offffff!!” I gasped, twisting my body under his and freeing my arms from his grasp. Harry must have been too distracted by his efforts to get into my pussy because I succeeded in sliding out from under him. But in a flash he was on top of me again and now his loins smashed his cock into me mercilessly.

“Fucking bitch!” he hissed. “You wanna play, right! Well, I’m playing, and how do you like it!” Bang, bang, bang! His cock brutalized me, bullied my cunt into opening up a little wider, and used that concession to drive his wedge ever deeper into me. This was nothing like the gentle fucking of Uncle Eddie, let stand Tim’s passionate lovemaking. Harry was an out-and-out brute, a latter-day King Kong! I started to scream but no sound emerged. Nothing could stop him. I clung to his arms in despair and felt the thick, bunched muscles ripple to deliver each stroke with all his might. Half his weapon was up me now and my cunt was still as dry as the desert. Tears rolled from my eyes and I looked over at Veronica to see if there wasn’t anything she could do. But she was in a chair next to the bed, nursing half of her face and looking fearful. We had invited a monster!

“Now I’ve got you!” he panted. His whole cock was up me and I felt like choking. It felt like a broom handle and he kept moving it about inside me until the pain was unbearable. I tried to exclude him from my mind, to pretend that nothing was happening. I closed my eyes, set my teeth, and thought of pastoral scenes and childhood. Harry continued his rampage on top of me but I was temporarily oblivious to it. The pain remained where it was caused, the world faded from my consciousness. And then, just as I thought I’d switched him off, a new sensation crept through my defenses and disarmed me completely.

His cock slid along my cunt flesh more easily for some reason, and his weight on me seemed to be stimulating my tits and other secret parts of me. Pleasure, pure pleasure, snuck by my mental block and infiltrated me until I had been completely subverted. My hands didn’t cling to him like those of a drowning woman anymore, they started to explore and caress him! I hated myself for it but what could I do? That brutal, pumping penis was making me feel hot and alive all over! Now the juices poured out of me and lubricated my cunt so much that every back stroke sounded like a boot pulling out of the mud. Harry noticed the difference, and how could he not with my loins banging up against his so ardently, my nails raking the skin of his back and my teeth in his ear lobe? And as a result he started to throw his full body weight into every stroke. “Yeah, you like it now, huh?” he panted. “Fucking slut! Go on, spread ’em, open your cunt right up, I’ll fill it full of hot meat, bitch!” And I obeyed him! My legs flailed through the air to wrap themselves about his waist, opening my cunt up so far that he had room to move about in me. His cock stirred and thrust, changed angles, idled, flurried, and sent me around and around the bend.

I happened to glance in Veronica’s direction, and she’d had a change of attitude too. Now she sat with her legs drawn up on the chair, well-parted, and both hands at her crotch, masturbating in time to the pounding fuck Harry dealt out to me. Knowing that she was with me gave me a terrific boost. I sailed headfirst into a wild orgasm and then Harry made me pull my legs back until my knees were against my shoulders, just so he could hunch over me and give me more loving. That did it! When his cock plunged into my slurping, distended pussy from above I let go of the last of my reservations and just let him shove me from one realm of ecstasy into the next. There was no resistance. It was as though there was no return either. The orgasms ricocheted through my body until it was almost painful, and still his cock drove home every long stroke. His sweat rained down on me, his grunt and pants were music to my ears, and the uncomfortable position in which he kept me cramped only added to my bliss. My whole body felt like a face that’s laughed too much and still can’t stop.

At last Harry let go of his cream and what a load it was! As it splashed against my womb’s entrance we both let out a cry of passion, his cock moved even faster, frantically galloping to the finish, all the while squirting out powerful gusts of hot sperm. And then, gradually, he slowed down to a canter, a trot, and then a dead stop. “Holy Jesus!” he gasped, rolling off me. “That was terrific!”

“Oh yesssss!” I sighed, snuggling up to him.

“You got some left for me?” Veronica asked. She sat on the bed next to him but her hands didn’t miss a beat. Harry didn’t answer her, so she lay down and continued to jerk off in her own expert way. I watched lazily from behind Harry’s heaving chest. Her fingers played her pussy like it was a guitar, rubbing, rotating, penetrating, rubbing it some more, but no matter how well she did herself she didn’t seem able to get off the ground. Now and then she’d lift off a little way, jerking her loins up and down, breathing harder, fingering intensely, but the moment would pass and she would taxi on. I began to feel sorry for her. My body hummed like a newly tuned engine, whereas her motor ran on half the pistons. Couldn’t Harry do something about this?

I asked him. Harry opened his eyes, blinked, and looked around to see what my cousin was doing. “Oh Christ, look at that,” he said to no one in particular. “You’re really a slut, Veronica. Girls aren’t supposed to do that!”

“Put out or shut up!” Veronica said through clenched teeth.

“You see what I mean?” Harry looked at me with indignation. “She’s bad through and through. What she needs is a good lesson!”

“Yes, that’s what I need. Are you going to give it to me?”

Harry was a ponderous fellow, not too bright, but bright enough to know the rules of the game. He threw me a slow wink and turned over on his side to face Veronica. His hands removed her hands and in place of her slender fingers he started to apply his own stubby, strong digits. The change in her behavior was startling. The moment his fingers slipped into her pussy her body arched tautly and she started to puff and wheeze as though she was in the middle of being fucked by a duet of dicks! Her enthusiasm infected Harry. That thick cable of cock reclining on his thigh sprang to life, wavering briefly before standing up like a cobra to a fakir’s fife. “Suck it,” he said curtly, and Veronica hurried to do his bidding. But in the same motion she twisted her body around so her pussy was within biting distance of his mouth. Harry took the hint, or bait, and in no time at all they were locked in the most intimate embrace of all. Now it was my turn to be on the outside looking in. Their sucking sounds, their obvious pleasure, and my imagination made me so horny that I felt like throwing my cousin out of the window so I could have this hulking brute all to myself once more.

Instead I retreated to the chair in which Veronica had witnessed my rape, and assumed the same position, legs drawn up, both hands toying with my cunt. How they relished each other! Veronica had his whole cock down her throat. She looked strained but she wouldn’t retreat no matter how hard he fucked her mouth. And he burrowed in between her legs like a madman. I could literally feel his tongue urging and pushing inside the pink flesh, snaking upward, licking at the most erotic areas and sucking up the juice. My hands grabbed hold of my pussy all the harder, trying to subdue the mad urges rising down there. His cream still dripped out of me periodically in thick globules, and I caught each one to bring it up to my mouth and lick it up slowly. It flavored my masturbation somehow, just as their lovemaking intensified it. Gestures that normally didn’t make my cunt flinch now assumed a reverberating efficacy that made sitting in a chair a precarious business. I rocked from side to side, my hands nipping at the clitoris, digging into the yawning hole, pulling at my labia, and doing my utmost to contain so much pleasure. On the bed in front of me my cousin and the stud were unbending to take a more conventional position, the missionary one.

I watched closely as he mounted her. Harry only had one way of entering a woman, and that was to knock until the door fell off its hinges. I watched Veronica writhe and strain in pain but she knew what to expect afterward and was much more relaxed than I had been. His buns flexed with every thrust, giant muscles contracting to lend power to his cock, to drive it in like a sledgehammer drives home a spike. I was shivering, desperate, spit drooled from my slack lips, all I was able to do was to keep my eyes focussed on the place where his cock appeared in the shadow now and then.

It was only empathy, but it had me flying! Veronica and I might as well have been identical twins experiencing sympathetic pleasure. When she moaned, so did I; when her cunt slurped, so did mine; and when she almost passed out with sheer bliss I melted off the chair and landed in a fluid heap on the ground. I couldn’t see much from that angle but it no longer mattered. I had all the fuel I needed to make a round trip to heaven all by myself. My fingers dove, plunged, fiddled and teased, now on my tits, then my pussy, caressing the cheeks of my ass or my inner thighs, perfectly coordinated, working me over until I was breathless with it all. Above me the bed squeaked. I had rolled under somehow. Now I couldn’t see anything but the underside of a mattress supported by a network of springs, all undulating majestically, while the sounds of fucking resounded through the room from all sides. When I closed my eyes it was as though I was in the center of an orgy, and everyone watched me as I fingered myself from behind and twisted my body around to get more of my finger (fingers) into that demanding, drooling cunt hole. What a feeble substitute fingers were for cock; but what fun they could produce nevertheless!

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!” Veronica and I screamed. “Oh Jeeeeeeeeee-susss! oh, that’s wonderful, yes, yes, oh Harry!” That was Veronica only. My orgasm peaked suddenly and left, I was drained, spent, and very tired. But the bed kept on shaking and Veronica kept on yelling. “Oh fuck me, fuck me, you animal! You’re so big, a horse, fuck me harry, one more, one more, oohh my God! Yes, hurry now, hurry, yes, yes, yes, aaaauuuugghhhhh!!” Then her cries went down to a whimper, high-pitched little moans, and what sounded like sobs. The bed kept rolling along. Harry couldn’t be stopped. He was a steamroller turned loose, and after a minute or so I could sense Veronica’s contentment giving way to uneasiness.

“That’s enough baby, you’ve done me in,” she said gently. “Come on, let me get on top so I can make you blow.”

“Stay there, bitch!” he panted. Up, down, up, down, the rhythm was becoming monotonous. I crawled out from under the bed and took a look. There he was, fucking like a bull on automatic pilot. It didn’t seem as if he was enjoying it so much. He just wanted to make a point.

“Please Harry, you’re the greatest, but stop! You’re tearing me open!”

No answer. He continued to fuck, much to Veronica’s despair. In the end she shrugged and lay as still as a block of wood with resignation written all over her face. Harry kept pounding away. Veronica closed her eyes and pretended to nap. Harry didn’t notice. She had, as it turned out, outsmarted herself. By relaxing she made herself vulnerable to his rampaging, and before either of us knew what was happening she was off again, moaning, frothing at the mouth, writhing under the brute. It was a beautiful sight but my view of it was wholly objective. If I so much as touched my cunt it sent bolts of pain through me. So Veronica had her second major climax all by herself, and soon after Harry surrendered. The lion roared and turned into a lamb. Now that his bolt was shot he clambered off his prey and lay on his back to recover some strength.

“Thanks a lot, Harry,” she said a few minutes later. “But I really think you ought to be getting home now. My brother is due home at any time and you know how it is.”

“Oh… er, sure, yeah, I’ll go.” He looked bewildered by this sudden change of pace but obediently dressed and left the house.

“Good,” she said when the door closed after him. “Harry is a great lay but as a conversationalist he’s a bomb. Did you enjoy it?”

“It was great,” I said, getting back into my clothes very carefully so as not to hurt my box. “What do you have lined up for me next?”

“A worthy oriental gentleman,” she said, “and that’s all I’ll tell you.”


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