I woke up the next morning and realized there were only two more days of being single left to me. After that I would be Frank’s to do with (or not do with) as he pleased. The idea made me shudder, not so much in repulsion as in fear. My feelings about Frank were very mixed at that time. He retained the qualities I loved in him but by contrast with my other lovers he was looking rather weak. Perhaps he had to work his way through the preliminaries before blossoming, like most people have to. I didn’t know what to think, so I didn’t.

The wedding would be held at a nearby church and the reception would take place in our home. Dad had taken off a few days from work and Mum had postponed all her engagements until I had been properly dispatched. Tim hung around, too, but he wasn’t being very constructive. He wanted me again, I could tell that from the surly way he eyed me. Veronica’s parents dropped in early that day. Uncle Marvin and Aunt Rona were tanned from their vacation and I couldn’t help but notice that Marvin was more handsome than ever. Veronica had received his looks, the same lynx-eyed, high-cheekboned appearance, the same blond hair, and both were lithe and strong. Rona was better represented in Ned for some reason.

“Two more days, huh?” said Marvin with a wink. “Then you’ll know all the joys of wedlock.”

“She won’t know them all,” his wife protested. “It takes years to discover them all.”

“Sex is the only real joy in marriage and that comes on the first nigh,” he said. “The rest is repetition. Not that I’m knocking repetition… but you have to draw the line where joy begins and just ordinary everyday pleasure ends, if you know what I mean.” I didn’t and never had known what Uncle Marvin meant but I liked him immensely just the same. We had always been close, he and I; he liked to buy me treats and to talk with me. Talk at me, actually. Marvin liked to bounce his ideas off other people.

“You’re a fool, Marvin,” said his wife without rancor. She joined my mother in the kitchen and left me and my uncle alone.

“You see? Familiarity breeds contempt. My fault, of course, showed myself to be vulnerable; offered one finger, she took the whole foot, it’s typical. Women are essentially cruel and rightfully so. But tell me, how do you feel about this fellow, what’s his name, Frank?”

“Right now I can’t tell you,” I said. “Everything seems upside down.”

“That’s a good sign, serious doubt implies serious feelings. If you’d mouthed the usual cliches I would have known it was just another farce but you may very well love him.” Having spoken, my uncle got up and left the house. I looked after him in bewilderment. His words made sense but he didn’t. Something in his attitude toward me had changed, a very subtle adjustment that took me from being a girl to a woman in his eyes.

For the rest of the day people came in and out of the house for one reason or another, and I was the unwilling focus of their attention. Uncle Eddie dropped by but he avoided me. He and my father talked for a while about the wedding arrangements, and while they did I sat back and relished the idea that I had made love with both brothers.

Late in the afternoon my mother’s brother, Al, and his wife Dora arrived to spend a few days with us. I hadn’t seen Uncle Al in years and so I was surprised by the enthusiasm of his embrace. “My baby, look at you!” he exclaimed, holding me back from him so his eyes could run the length and breadth of me. “My goodness, what a few years can do. That’s one hell of a beautiful daughter you got yourself, Sis!” My mother agreed modestly. “Yes sir! That bridegroom is a lucky son of a gun!”

“Thank you, Uncle,” I said.

“Call me Al. You’re too old for that uncle nonsense. Isn’t she a gem, Dora? Look at her. That lucky son of a gun!” His wife seemed quite as enthusiastic as her husband, which surprised me. Pretty soon they had me feeling like an exhibit, the way they stared at me. “Well, let’s have a drink together,” he said to the family at large. “It’s party time!”

He supplied the charge that had been wanting all this time. In a moment the whole tribe had been galvanized into action, clearing up the lists, clothes, and other papers to make room for guests and drinks. The sun was just setting and the smell of food suffused the whole house as my mother and Dora cooked rows of hamburgers and prepared the trimmings. Since it was my wedding I was exempted from the housework, to sit with the guests and take part in the drinking and talking. Tim was there with Dad, Marvin and Rona, Al and Dora, Veronica, Ned, and Uncle Eddie came in a little later. What a good-looking family I had, I thought as I looked around at their faces. They were evenly divided into light and dark, my father’s side being dark, my mother’s the blond, all were in good shape, and as my gaze roamed about I realized there wasn’t one person there with whom I wouldn’t love to go to bed. As it turned out, that was just as well.

“Hey, Jackie, come over here and sit on your uncle’s lap one more time!” Al called out in the middle of the festivities. “Another day and a half and you’ll own a monopoly on a lap and it’ll own you, but until then you can come and go as you please, right?”

“Right,” I laughed. The drinks were starting to get to me and as always the first part of my anatomy to feel the effect was my pussy. I didn’t understand why it should be the first to start feeling good, but that’s the way it happened. The next part would be my head. Already I was feeling a little giddy and light up there but it was my pussy that dominated the action. It throbbed darkly, casting about for stimuli, and when Uncle Al invited me to sit on his lap I jumped at the chance. Everyone cheered as I got on top of him and reclined in his arms, but then the event was over and the conversation raced on. I didn’t know what they were talking about but it obviously interested them. I sipped at my drink and sat back against my uncle.

He was a handsome devil. For as long as I could remember he’d provided the family with gossip. He had traveled widely, knocked about with a lot of women, and his taste (so I’d heard) ran to the bizarre. I was dying to find out what that meant. When he had married a few years ago rumors sprang up about his wife, Dora. She wasn’t kosher, as Eddie put it, but why, why, why? No one told me the details and looking at her gave me no clues. She was a small redhead, busty, with a pert ass, flashing green eyes, and full, red lips, a small sex bomb in other words. But what was wrong with that?

Someone gave me another drink. The family was deeply involved in the discussion now and I got the idea it was politics that occupied them so. Only two of us were not absorbed by the issues. One was me, the other was Al. Something was growing under my ass, something long and hard, and when I turned around to look him in the eye he winked lasciviously. I wriggled around a little as if to get comfortable, but he knew what I meant. His wife was talking along with the others and we were in effect isolated in an oasis of silence. His cock throbbed under me ominously, a time bomb set to go off at any time. And while his hands rested on innocuous parts of my body, the fact was that they were touching me and exciting me! He reached for his drink, took a sip, put it down, and then his hand disappeared. A moment later I felt something caress my ass!

I couldn’t believe he would try to touch me up in the middle of a family reunion, and yet his hand moved boldly over my ass and tugged at my dress from behind to get it out of the way. I wanted to stop him but the drinks had gone to my head by this time… or to my pussy; either one could have made me sit back and enjoy it. He succeeded in working my dress up to around my waist while keeping it decently covering my thighs in front, and now his hand moved to the waistband of my panties. My excitement increased with every second. How did he dare? And how did I dare? It was too thrilling for words.

He got his hand on my naked ass and I thought he’d be content with that. But no, he kept looking for more charges. He covered my ass with small squeezes, always working downward in the direction of my pussy. That was too much to hope for. I was getting wet and very, very horny at the idea, though. To help him I slung my legs over the side of his chair and faced the company so they would think I was listening to them. Now he could get to my cunt without any trouble at all, and he wasted no time. A solitary finger caressed my pussy lips over and over, stirring me up so much that I wanted to scream just to relieve my sexual tension. And when that finger found my cunt hole and eased up it I had to grit my teeth to keep from giving the game away.

Rushes of pleasure tore through my body as his finger surreptitiously fucked me. My parents, my aunts, uncles, brother, cousins, everyone was close enough to hear the squelches of my pussy but they were talking too loudly. I felt my color change from red to white and back to scarlet and I just knew that my face was contorted in grimaces, but since no one noticed anything there was nothing to worry about. Dora provided me with another drink. Did she look at me funny? Her husband’s finger was in me so deep that I thought my cunt would swallow his fist next. She smiled pleasantly and resumed her seat beside us. Uncle Eddie asked if I had an opinion of federal revenue sharing, and I said no, I didn’t.

After a while of this I started to feel nauseous. The sexual tension clashed with the alcoholic relaxation, pulling me this way, then that, and I had to tell my uncle to pull out so I could go up and take a breather. He nodded, adjusted my clothing, and patted me on the ass when I was once more presentable. My departure wasn’t noticed. The air in the room was thick with smoke, talk, and the clink of glasses. They were having a great time without me and I was glad of it. The quiet of my room was like a cool shower on a hot day for my ears. I stretched out on my bed and lay there until my mind had sorted itself out sufficiently to start thinking in straight lines again. It was only then that the riskiness of Al’s behavior really hit me. If someone had seen him fingering me the party would have been over, the wedding would have been cancelled, and I would in all likelihood have been disowned! What madness! All for the sake of sex!

But it seemed worth it in retrospect. I smiled and stretched luxuriously as I recaptured the sensations his finger had produced in me, and my hands caressed that sensitive area to make it all more vivid. Yes, it had been worth it. My body still hummed from the event and I began to wonder what other tricks he had up his sleeve. Would he sneak into my bedroom late at night? Or attack me in the woods not far from the house? Uncle Al was likely to do anything.

In spite of this expectation I wasn’t prepared for what he actually did. As I lay there, half dozing, half playing with myself, the door opened a crack and a whispered voice said: “Anybody home!”

“Uncle Al!” I sat upright and withdrew my hands from my lap. “You shouldn’t be here! Come on, let’s get back to the party, this is too dangerous!”

“Dangerous? What, an uncle chatting with his niece? Come now, Jackie, you’re letting your imagination run away with you.” He closed the door and sat on the side of the bed. “I just wanted to tell you that that was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. To sit there in front of your father and everybody with my finger up your lovely little pussy… well, how can I express the feelings, it was just too grand. And you liked it too, right?” His hand was on my knee and moving on up. I made no attempt to push it away, figuring he would know when to stop. I told him it had been fun but that he shouldn’t think anything of it, and he said he didn’t. But his hand kept sliding along my thigh squeezing, progressing, heading right for my crotch, and the closer it came the wetter I got. It was downright embarrassing how much fluid oozed out of my pussy. By the time his hand reached the diamond of my panties it was soaking wet, and he smiled broadly. “You’re a sexy piece of work,” he said, his voice sounding a little breathless. “Frank is either going to be the luckiest or the unluckiest man on this planet. With women like you there is no middle ground.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“Jesus, feel how wet your panties are,” he said, more to himself than me, “dripping wet, juicier than a Florida orange! What I wouldn’t give for a bite of your pussy, my girl there’s nothing I want more right now.”

“You really shouldn’t,” I said, slightly taken aback by his frankness. There was still this lingering notion of him as an uncle, a man older than me who used to give me quarters a long time ago. And now his hand pressed urgently against the crotch of my panties, fingers manipulated the flimsy, sodden garment to get it out of the way, to stroke my naked hairy flesh and probe the depths of my labia, and all the while he stared me in the face and told me how he wanted to suck the last drop of juice out of my cunt, how he wanted to grease me up so his fist could fit in me and then his head and maybe his whole body, fantasizing vulgarly and agitating me beyond belief. A childhood memory came back to me, how I’d tried to stuff a doll up my pussy because I wanted to give birth to it. The very idea of Al fitting in me was enough to make me tremble with a violent lust.

“Then eat me!” I hissed suddenly. “Stop talking so much! Oh yes, take them off, they’re only in the way! Now eat me like you said you would, take me!”

I drew my legs back as soon as he had taken off my panties, and stood on my feet to hoist my loins up into the air. Now my pussy was right in front of his face, dripping, wide open, and all he had to do was sink into it face first. He held back as long as either one of us could bear, caressing, titillating, breathing on it, but then he dove in with a vengeance and started to eat me with smacking lips. Burning currents of lust coursed through my veins. I was horny, obscene, possessed, feeding him my cunt as if there was a risk of him letting go. Al sat on the bed and grabbed hold of my ass to stretch my cheeks apart and open my cunt right up. Then his long, agile tongue snaked into my cunt and set off an orgasm that made me crash to the bed and writhe about helplessly for a few minutes, while he followed me about doggedly.

He was a fine mickey muncher. The fact that I was climaxing didn’t stop him for a second. He ate, licked, sucked, and loved every part of my cunt over and over, and he soon began to include my asshole in his rounds. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, dipping, digging, licking, and soothing me inside and out. His fingers traced patterns along my inner thighs or penetrated a hole vacated by his busy tongue. And I had no defense against any of his stimulations. I rolled about, panted, moaned, told him how wonderful it was, and generally forgot all about the clan drinking down below us.

Veronica had to remind us. She burst in suddenly and said: “Quick, your mother is looking for you!” The door closed and for a split second Al and I looked at each other in alarm. Then, just as quickly, he pocketed my panties, pulled my dress over my legs, wiped his face with a handkerchief and straightened up the bed and his hair. My mother came into the room seconds after we had restored ourselves to uncle and niece. She looked suspicious all the same.

“What’s the matter, dear, aren’t you feeling well?” she asked with a sidelong glance at her brother.

“Not too great, no, but I was mainly relaxing for a bit,” I said. “Uncle Al and I were just talking about old times, but I’ll come down now if you want me to.”

“I’d appreciate that. And could I have a word with you, Al?” When I left the room I heard my mother talk low and fast at her brother and I figured it probably had something to do with the truth of the matter. He had a reputation, after all. No one else was bothered by our absence. Dora pressed another drink into my hand and winked enigmatically. Veronica made a gesture of mopping her brow at me, and Tim gave me a surly look. It had been a close call, too close for my liking. Worse, my body had been switched on by an expert and nothing could turn it off. I sat in an easy chair and kept my dress pulled down as far as possible to disguise the fact that I had no panties on, but my naked cunt chafed against the rough upholstery and that was all I needed to stay at boiling point.

Everything but my bodily needs was irrelevant. I couldn’t join in the conversation because my cunt was on fire. My thoughts circled around sex and naturally turned to the experiences of the past few days, reliving them all in Technicolor and stereo, which only served to excite me even more. My naked ass on the chair, the chance that someone might look up my dress and notice my furry beaver peering back at him, the presence of so many men, so many cocks, in the one room, and Al’s lingering glances, they all threw coals on the fire. I didn’t know which way to turn, and finally I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I meant to pick up a pair of panties on the way but I forgot in my hurry to find a moment’s privacy. Once in the bathroom I locked the door and looked around for an object that had roughly the same size as a cock. My mother’s hairbrush had a fine long handle to it, smooth and without sharp edges. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs, hoisted up my dress and worked the handle into my cunt. The effect was that of mild relief but I found that the more I pushed the handle into my pussy the more it seemed to work. Both my hands were wrapped about the bristles, pushing the handle in deeper and deeper until the bristles rubbed against my cunt and clitoris. Now I was getting somewhere. I put one foot on the side of the tub, the other I rested on a stool, and with my back against the cistern I let myself have it. The brush moved in and out quickly, propelled by my lust, and the bristles chafed against my clitoris to send the flames leaping high. I was gasping, sweating, straining, getting closer to a climax by the second, yet I couldn’t quite reach it. My frustration led me to masturbate harder, more brutally, the brush hurt me badly several times when I missed the hole, and once it nearly went up my ass, but nothing could stop me. I cursed under my breath as that elusive orgasm receded as fast as I approached. A change of tactics was called for. I pulled the handle out and applied the rough bristles directly to my pussy. That hurt! Tiny pinpricks of pain set my cunt on edge and I was back where I’d started from. With a heartfelt curse I flung the brush down and got off the toilet. This wasn’t my night!

Back in the living room the party was getting rough. My parents were drunk, so were Marvin and Rona. Only Al and Dora seemed to be on top of things. Veronica, Tim, Ned, and I were suddenly sent off to bed without explanation. By that time I was in such a bad mood that I was glad to be dismissed. Veronica tried to talk me into coming over to her place. She was horny, looking for action. I told her to take more of an interest in her own family, meaning Ned, a suggestion to which she responded with raised eyebrows. “Ned? You must be joking,” she said, and turned on her heel to leave. Tim was next to put the hard word on me and I brushed him off as brusquely. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and let this fit of frustration dissipate itself without bothering me.

Once in my room I locked the door, stripped, and lay on the bed. A cool night breeze blew through the room and cooled me down a bit. I thought of masturbating but it seemed too futile. My mind swirled with bits and pieces of fantasy and reality, ranging from the rape in my mind to the finger in my pussy there in the living room. At that point I just wanted my marriage to take place so I could settle down with the one man and save myself so much confusion. And since there was over a day yet to be lived through before that happened, I wished for sleep. Of course the sandman passed me by that night.

An hour later the riot downstairs stopped abruptly. The front door opened and closed. I looked out through the window and saw Veronica’s mother walking out arm in arm with none other than my dear old Dad! That meant that my mother was with Marvin! Oh no, that was too much to accept in the one go. My parents were swapping? Perhaps Al and Dora were in the ring, too. But a little later I heard footsteps up the stairs and a couple passed my room to get to the guest room. I heard them talking and they were definitely Al and Dora. Some minutes later my mother and Uncle Marvin headed for the master bedroom. I was stunned. The house seemed to be in the grip of a sex epidemic!

I didn’t know the whole story yet. Minutes ticked by. Faint sounds came either from the master or the guest bedroom, sounds of fucking. My pussy stirred uneasily, my nipples hardened, and it was with difficulty that I refrained from jerking off some more. The cool breeze couldn’t stop me from breaking out into a fever of lust. I tried not to imagine my mother getting laid by Marvin and I didn’t want to think about my dear old Dad putting it to Rona, but somehow the awareness of this swap pervaded me through and through, and gave me a sense of reckless desire that had me tossing and turning wildly.

Did I imagine it or was there a soft tapping at my door? Surely not. I held my breath and listened, half hoping, half afraid. Something told me I was in for a new experience, and new experiences always shattered old assumptions. Yes! Someone was at the door. The door knob turned a few times, then it stopped. In panic I rushed to the door, unlocked it and looked out. To my relief the knocker hadn’t given up. He was right outside, grinning widely.

“Uncle Al!” I moved back behind the door to hide my nakedness but he took that as a sign to come in. And once he was in my room I could hardly eject him.

“Hi, baby. You didn’t think you’d seen the last of me, did you? The night is still young and you and I have a lot more to say to each other.”

“But Aunt Dora…”

“She wants to talk to you, too. Do you mind?”

“I guess not.”

“Then come with me.” He waited for me to put on my robe and then led the way to the guest room. Al had on a pair of pajama bottoms, nothing else, and when he stepped into the brightly lit room he and his wife occupied I saw just how strong and tanned he was. A deep chest, a muscular stomach, and thick arms that could crush a woman! As for Dora, she lay, under a single sheet, obviously naked, very relaxed. She smiled at me but let her husband do the talking. “We like to do everything together,” my uncle told me as he made himself comfortable on the bed next to his wife. I was left standing in the center of the room and I felt a little foolish for thinking he’d had sex on his mind. So what did he want? To tell me the facts of life?

“Can I sit down?” I asked.

“Wait till you’ve heard me out,” Al said. He lit a cigarette at his leisure, all the while surveying me with his eyes. If only he knew how restless I was he wouldn’t be detaining me. “As I said, Dora and I like to do things together. In fact, we’d like to do you together. I suppose that shocks you.” They eyed me with some complacency, and I took some pleasure in disillusioning them.

“Okay, I’m shocked. Now will you get to it!” For a moment they didn’t know what to do but then Dora let out a peal of laughter and told her husband that he’d been upped. He nodded and got off the bed slowly. He looked menacingly at me as his powerful arms reached out. I stood my ground. He grabbed my robe, held it for a moment, and then pulled at it hard so that I almost fell and stumbled toward them. I ended up on the bed and they didn’t give me a chance to recover myself. Hands tore at my robe, removed it, and left me rolling from side to side naked, at their mercy. They pawed at me, fingered, felt, squeezed, explored me, both of them grinning like vampires let loose in a blood bank. It took me a minute or so to adjust to this new situation but once it hit home I was all for it. At last! Now my frustrations would be relieved, my body would be satisfied! Gone were thoughts about my parents, about marriage, for now I wanted to see what my uncle and aunt could do.

They settled down at either end of me. My aunt was down on my pussy, eating it the way only a woman could. Her tongue was like that of a cat, abrasive, persistent, and very accurate. It stroked that hard little clit into ecstasy, it lapped at my pink inner flesh until my cunt opened like a flower in the morning, and she scooped up my juices the way a lizard catches flies. I couldn’t see her because my uncle was astride my chest, his hard cock towering up before my eyes, both his hands mauling my tits gleefully. “What a pair of boobs,” he said softly. “Jesus Christ, look how firm they are, real stargazers, beautiful!”

I could see why he should be impressed. Dora was an attractive woman with her red hair and her sex bomb look, but her tits were too big and heavy to do anything but look down. I imagined they were very soft, like jelly with too much water, and I could hardly wait to sample them. But that would come later. For the moment I was more than happy with the way she ate me and the pleasure with which my uncle kneaded my tits. He leaned forward a little and pressed my tits against his cock so that only the flushed knob protruded. It hovered an inch from my mouth. All I had to do was move my head forward and I’d be able to take a bite. But he would feed it to me when he was ready.

Aunt Dora was eating more than my pussy by this time. Her tongue slithered down and around my asshole with increasing frequency until she ignored my fig and poked her tongue deep up my back passage. I writhed with a sudden burst of pleasure. It tickled, not so as to make me laugh but to make my insides wriggle with pleasure. Her hands were on my buns, keeping them apart and digging into them with her long nails. I started to get greedy. “Let me eat you, Uncle,” I whispered to him. “Come on, let me take that big dick into my mouth. I’m so hungry for you!”

“Go ahead, baby,” he said absently. He had been fucking my tits, working his cock between the two fleshy mounds so that his glans got enough of a work-out to make him forget about everything else. His eyes were half shut and he was breathing heavily. When I took his knob between my lips he let out a long groan and almost shoved his cock and balls down my throat. “Mmmm yeah!” he hissed. “Ssssssssssuckit! Eat it, baby, take it all down. Yeah, beautiful, that’s the way, run your tongue over it. Wow! And there I was thinking you were a virgin. My God, baby, you’ve got it, I-T, it!”

His hands held the back of my head to give it some support and his long cock rode in and out of my mouth with easy strokes. He had his mouth wide open and his head back, fucking me like he was about to come terminally. I wasn’t doing much more than keeping my lips between his cock and my teeth, because down below my aunt was eating my ass so effectively that I was too busy climaxing to pay him much heed. Her tongue had a way of jiggling back and forth rapidly so as to inflame my asshole and send me to within an inch of exploding into a major climax. But her tongue alone couldn’t take me all the way, and the excruciating pain and pleasure of hovering between ecstasy and frustration had me at the point of screaming!

“She’s ready now,” I heard Dora say.

“Oh… good,” sighed my uncle. He withdrew his cock from my mouth with some regret and moved off my chest. Before I could say anything Rona pressed her tart, red-haired pussy into my mouth, and I began to eat it the way a baby does when a tit is placed between its lips. Vaguely it registered with me that my uncle had lifted my thighs and placed them on his own, that he was holding my asshole open with all his fingers, and that something rockhard was bumping into it. A peal of joy rose in my heart: more anal fucking! Ever since the first time I’d been interested in trying it again just to see if the second time would be as good. Now I was due to find out. His knob moved into place easily thanks to Dora’s thorough licking, and then he pushed hard and the rest of his cock slid into me snugly. When his pubic hair brushed against my cheeks I let out a gust of air that turned into a yell of pleasure, and it seemed to echo in the vaginal canyon of my aunt. I couldn’t stop. I tried to lick and eat but each thudding stroke produced another cry of passion in me, muffled in red-haired flesh. What a duet they were. While my uncle fucked my ass, my aunt turned about with her pussy as a pivot, and let me eat her back and front while she went down on my cunt. It was vacant and in need of some sympathy while my asshole had all the fun. Aunt Dora gave it to me. Her deft, rapid tongue went into action again, flicking at my distended hole, lassoing my clit, sucking me dry, and pausing now and then to kiss her husband’s plowing cock. It was getting too much for me. A cock up my ass, a tongue up my cunt with fingers coming in and out, and a pussy in my face, hands roving from my feet to my tits, it was as though I’d been trapped in a sensual car wash! I started to moan, and I neglected Dora’s cunt. All of my energies were moving down to my asshole, building up, glowing white, and the rest of me stiffened. It was like a fit! I was taut from head to foot and a continuous series of tremors ran along my limbs and torso. I heard myself pleading for mercy. I was scared, unwilling to venture further into this peculiar paradise!

“No, that’s enough,” I whimpered. “Please Dora, tell him to stop! Something’s wrong. Oh God! Pleeeeeeeaasseee! No, get the fuck off, stop, stop, I’ll scream the house down, oh!Ah! Ooooooooohhhhh nooooooo!! Uncle Al, harder, harder, drive it in me, oh yes, fuck me like a bull, harder, slam it in!! Wheeeeeeee!!” It was like passing the sound barrier for the first time. That hard bubble of emotion broke into a sunburst of bliss, fluffy pyrotechnics that lit up my insides and left me in awe of its splendor. He kept fucking, Aunt Dora kept sucking, but they couldn’t add anything to what they had already wrought in me.

I came down like a leaf falling from a tree, and during this long tranquil time I amused myself by playing with my aunt’s pussy. Ever since Veronica had shown hers to me I had developed a deep interest in cunts. There were so many shapes and sizes! Veronica’s was compact and pudgy, mine was a secret slit in the skin between my legs, and Dora’s was a woman’s cunt, a big, full-blown rosy piece of work that opened at the slightest touch to reveal the big ragged pink flaps inside, and the mysterious black hole beyond the pink configurations. I worked a finger into that hole and pretty soon there was room for another… and another! Three fingers poked about inside her pussy. Aunt Dora started to lose the beat of her sucking just as I was beginning to enjoy it again. Uncle Al was fucking my ass very slowly, almost at a standstill, obviously waiting for an orgasm to recede. My bunched fingers moved at the same pace but they also pushed at the boundaries to see if her cunt would give some more. It would and did. Four fingers moved into place. There was little resistance. Her tongue barely moved about in my pussy now. Curiosity got the better of me. How much could she take? The four bunched fingers pushed in as far as they could and to my amazement the rest of my hand slipped inside to leave only my thumb to stick up against her slit. I considered sticking that up her ass but then I decided to go all the way.

She was very still when I withdrew my hand a little way and added my thumb to the bunch. When I pushed in she let out a long wail, half pain, half delight. Now there was plenty of resistance. I got the digits inside but the rest of my hand wasn’t allowed in. I moved it back and forth to distribute her ample juices. Now there was some progress. With bated breath I pushed in with all my strength. My aunt slid forward but then came right back. She pushed and I pushed and with a slippery swallow her cunt took my hand in to the wrist!

“Wow!” was all I could say. Dora lifted herself by placing both hands on the bed and held that position so she could rock back and forth into my hand. Al peered curiously over her shoulder to see what was exciting his wife so much. He couldn’t see and she couldn’t tell him what was happening, so he pulled out and crawled around to see with his own eyes. They nearly popped out when he saw my fist up her cunt.

“Holy shit! I’ve never seen that before! Let me get a piece of that ass!” Before she or I could say anything he mounted her from behind and shoved his cock up her asshole. Dora felt no pain. She contained my fist and his cock and the only sound that came out of her was an occasional whimper. She sounded as though she was choking on her own passions yet she made no move to get away from the invaders. Al fucked her like a demon, excited to the point at which he couldn’t control himself. I fist-fucked her until her cunt cut off my circulation. And just as I pulled out, Al blew his wad into her. Soundless, my aunt pitched to one side when he pulled out, and kept on whimpering. I felt very tired. My eyes fell to, I made myself more comfortable, and let go. My uncle picked me up and carried me into my own bed. My dreams were most pleasant that night.


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