I soaked in the tub for a long time early next morning as if that would shrink my orifices back to their virginal condition. Actually there wasn’t all that much of a difference when I inspected myself later. The body, obviously, was made to be fucked. Everybody’s was, even my mother’s. In the clear light of morning that thought struck me with redoubled force. I couldn’t imagine her doing the things I’d been doing so much of this past week. My mother was quiet, reserved, beyond all that. At breakfast I looked her over with new eyes, and still she seemed beyond the reach of bodily enticements.

The family gathering was subdued that morning. Headaches, bloodshot eyes, and queasy stomachs were the chief complaints. Only me, Al, and Dora were in the pink. Marvin and Rona came in later and looked just as poorly. Yet by afternoon they were all drinking again, albeit more slowly. Everything had been arranged. Caterers would come in the morning to set up tables and load them down with food and drinks. The wedding dress had been fitted, tried on, altered, and declared perfect. And all the other old stuff was done, too, so that the family had nothing better to do than sit around and drink.

I kept watching my mother and I noticed how, after a couple of drinks, the real woman in her emerged. Yes, she was sexy! The way she crossed her legs, the looks she gave men, the way her voice changed, all told me that she was on the make! I couldn’t get over it. What’s more, she was working on her own brother, and he was responding. What did Dad think of that? Dora, like a good wife, was distracting him from that incipient affair.

Everything became a bit unreal at this point. It was the middle of the afternoon when my mother excused herself. It was a minute later when Al got up and went into the house, leaving the rest of us to sit in the garden and watch Dora and Dad make friends. I couldn’t contain my curiosity. While they were busy I snuck away and up the stairs to see what was going on.

There were voices in the master bedroom, and when I leaned against the door and pressed my ear to it I could make out what they were saying. Al was telling my mother how exciting she was and how he had missed her and did she remember all the good times they’d had as kids? And my mother replied: “Yes I do, especially when we used to go to the lake and masturbate to see who could come first. Do you recall that? Al? Wasn’t that fun?”

“You always won, too,” he said, “but I’ll bet I’d win if we had a contest today.”

“You’re joking,” said my mother. “You do a lot more fucking than I do so I’m always on edge and you’re always spent. That’s no contest at all.”

“How would you like to put money on that?” They decided on five dollars and I heard the sound of clothes coming off and a lot of giggling and laughter. I had to see this! There was a wide crack under the door but that only showed me two sets of bare feet heading for the bed. It was risky but I eased the door open a crack and peered through. Now I had a grandstand view. They got down on opposite sides of the bed, facing each other, and while Al took his half-hard cock in hand my mother started to caress her tits with one hand and play with her pussy using the other. She was in great shape, her tits were still firm and full, her belly had only a few small rolls in it, and she certainly was young at heart to judge by her masturbation! It turned me on mightily to see her playing with herself and I wished I could join in, but this was a brother and sister reunion. They smiled at each other and worked hard to beat each other.

Al was good and hard now and my mother was laying back, driving a long finger into her cunt, bringing one tit up to her mouth to suck and chew at the nipple. “I’m going to win this easily,” said Al, jerking off to beat the band.

“You’ll have to be quick!” panted my mother.

“No faking it, now,” he warned her. “I’m going to test you for wetness afterward.”

“You never did have any morals,” she said, and then they both fell quiet to concentrate on their double solo. Al was staring at her cunt, and she was watching him beat off just as avidly. I rooted for my mother silently and that must have made the difference because she stiffened suddenly and then became very, very relaxed. “Aaaahh, that’s nice,” she said softly. “I told you I’d win.”

“Let me make sure you didn’t cheat.” Her brother bent over her pussy and ran a finger along the slit, then tasted her juices appreciatively. “Mmmm, delicious! But I’m not sure you’re wet enough. I’ll run another check.” My mother smiled broadly as he settled down with his face pressed into her pussy and his body between her legs. She ran her hands through his hair and looked down on him with a tranquility that made me envious. She let him eat and drink his fill before gently pushing him over on his back and sitting on his cock. They were very practiced in everything they did, more so than passionate, like two partners of long standing doing what they were best at. She fucked him with short, bobbing strokes, working his cock into her cunt from all angles and to all depths, with her big cheeks quivering and shaking and her tits dangling in his face. I closed the door carefully and tiptoed down the stairs, still in a state of shock.

“Here she is!” said my father when I rejoined them. He sounded a bit tipsy and certainly acted it. He put his arm about me and hugged me tightly before he went on. “My little girl who’s getting married tomorrow. It’s hard to believe…” And he went into the standard rave about how only yesterday I peed on his lap. I bore with it as best I could, as did the other relatives, but luckily Dad had more than memories on his mind. “And now it’s time for the father-and-daughter heart-to-heart talk,” he announced. “Come on, my girl, let’s find some place that’s private and discuss matters.”

He wanted to take me to the master bedroom and I hastily steered him away from there. “Let’s go sit in the den,” I said, pulling at his hand. “I like being there, it’s so comfortable.”

“Alright, baby, anything you want.” We went into his den and sat in easy chairs smoking cigarettes and enjoying the silence. At last he started to talk. I wasn’t listening too closely. Being alone with him set my nerves on edge. I thought of Mum and her brother playing doctors upstairs, of the other brush Dad and I had had, of tomorrow’s wedding, and how badly I wanted to fuck my father. If I could have him I would be satisfied! But he was in one chair and I was in the other. What was worse, he was babbling on about the birds and the bees while I was thinking about the blow job I’d given him!

“Daddy, please!” I burst out. “You know that that’s all old stuff! I want you, I don’t care what you think about that, I just want to make love with you once more before I settle down. Please, let’s do it now or we never will!” The words rang through the study over and over as if to haunt me. My father was in the process of lighting another cigarette and I wondered if he had heard me. “Daddy?”

“No! It’s wrong!” He slammed down his fist and refused to look at me.

“Oh yeah? That’s wrong, right? But it’s not wrong for you to sleep with Rona and there’s nothing wrong with Mum going to bed with Al or Marvin.” Silence. “Daddy, don’t you want me?” He was lost in indecision and to help make up his mind I took off my clothes and walked over to stand in front of him. “Please, make love to me.”

“You really want me to? Okay.” He took off his clothes without further hesitation. He’d only been waiting for me to persuade him. Now we faced each other like a man and a woman, horny, alone, and ready! His cock throbbed hard and upright, my nipples were just as hard and throbbed as much. His hands took me by the arms and drew my body against his, and our mouths met in a passionate kiss. His cock pressed into my belly. I felt faint with passion, there was no need for foreplay, I was ready to go! But I kissed him back and wrapped my arms about him so my hands rested on his ass to caress his hairy, hard buns and work one hand around under them to get at his balls.

He could hardly wait! As we kissed and caressed he moved me back onto the couch and lay on top of me, his body already in motion, his cock chafing against my inner thighs. “I knew this would happen,” he said as he pinched my breasts and sucked at the nipples. “Ever since that Sunday morning I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. I dreamed about you, it’s shameful but it’s true, and now that I have you here I just want to make love to you for the rest of the day. You’ve grown up into such a beautiful woman, Jackie, just like…” He didn’t finish the sentence but I knew he was thinking of Mum when she was my age. I would have objected had he not had his hand on my cunt and had his fingers not been fiddling with my clit and my hairs nimbly enough to make me think of more pleasant matters. My mother might have been good-looking in her day and she still wasn’t bad, but now it was my turn. He was mine, his cock was hard for me!

His mouth roved over my body, sampling nipples, flesh, my armpits, my fingers, pussy, thighs, the backs of my knees, loving me with his taste, touch, and eyes. I could feel his gaze burning into my every part and it aroused me intensely to have his admiration. His mouth pressed into my cunt to bring to bear twenty years of married life on it, and within a minute I was writhing and twisting like a puppet under his manipulations. He had a way of pushing his lower lip into my pussy and pressing it up toward the pubic bone, that opened me right up and admitted his lip and tongue deep into the cunt cavity. I reached down and began to tug at his arms. “Come on Daddy, let’s do it!” I whispered urgently. “Let’s make love before we’re interrupted. We may never have this chance again!”

“Yes, yes, in a minute.” He took a few last bites of my cunt and then got up to walk over to the den door and check to see that it was locked. When he turned to come back to me I saw his cock fully erect, just the way it had been under the shower that fateful day, only this time it was standing up for me and was about to penetrate me! It stood tall and thick like a stripped tree, glowing in the afternoon light, a rosy tip that throbbed with virility, balls that swung slowly to and fro as he walked. All I could do was submit. I rested one leg on the back of the couch, the other was on the floor, and with both hands I held my cunt open to him. He lay on top of me and pushed his cock into my wet hole, grunting with the effort of penetrating me the whole way in the first stroke. And then he was inside me, I had him where I wanted him!

“Lie perfectly still,” he said. “I don’t want to blow in the first second. Don’t move a muscle!”

“Do I excite you that much, Daddy?”

“I’m afraid so.” We hardly dared to breathe during that moment’s crisis. His cock lay embedded in my cunt flesh, pulsing with life and sending the echoes of its vigor throughout my body. Even that got me worked up. The constraints let me do nothing to relive the mounting passion, and since it had to stay in me it multiplied all the more rapidly. I was unable to hold my breath any longer. I started to pant, to moan, to clutch at the upholstery of the couch in frustration. My father lay on top of me, his cock buried in my cunt, and he held me by the hips in case I should make an unexpected movement down there.

“Oh Daddy! I’m going to come! I can’t stop it, it’s so beautiful to have you inside me. Please hold me, don’t come, oh Daddy, Daddy, hold me, hold me, I’m Coming! Ooohhh God! Aaaaaahhhhh!!” He kept me pinned down the whole time even though I struggled with all my strength. The orgasm forced its way out through my pores, it seemed, because when it had passed I felt absolutely spent!

Now my father swung into action. The first strokes were tentative and slow but he soon built up confidence. His cock was so thick, so long, that it stretched my cunt each time it dove down into my depths, and without much of a transition I found myself moaning and happy again. He knew just how to give it to me. When the left side of my pussy demanded action, it got plenty. And when it went momentarily numb he switched to a high entry so his knob bumped into the floor of my cunt and set off all kinds of delicious storms of tingling sensations that bubbled up to my mind and exploded there. I still couldn’t believe it was he. My eyes remained wide open to scan his face all the time he fucked me. And when he lifted high enough I looked down along our separated torsos to see his thick brown cock suspended over my cunt hole, about to plunge in. His stomach muscles were knotted tight, laboring to give each stroke plenty of power, his strong arms were wrapped around me low down so his hands could support my buttocks and squeeze them at the same time. It was a total fuck, as thorough as the one Al and his wife had given me.

“Yes, Daddy, that’s good, that’s good,” I huffed. My body was burning again, ready to give birth to another bundle of passion. My hands were on his back and my nails dug into his flesh. I wanted to give him pain for the same reason a jockey gives his mount the whip. “More, harder, more! Oh yes, that’s it, that is it! Daddy! Yes! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, oh my God, yes! In, in, in, harder now, fuck me, ooohhhh that’s beautiful, harder Daddy, harder, more, more, moooooooore!!” Still yelling I went under again, fighting for breath as my passion exploded and tore through my body. Daddy kept on fucking like a man possessed. His cock slithered in and out of my cunt at a fantastic speed, a machine gun of cock it seemed, and I had no sooner crawled out of one emotional melee than the next was upon me.

“Here it comes,” he whispered suddenly. His face was very red, his teeth were clenched, and his back buckled tautly. Now his cock moved so quickly that I only felt the heat of its friction. “Watch out, baby, I’m going to blow the lot – aaaarrgh, unh-unh-aaaaaahhhh!!” He subsided, but his cock maintained its pace for a while until even that slowed down. His hot douche of sperm had brought the loose ends of my emotions together and dissipated them utterly. I felt that I didn’t need fucking again.

Now came the awkward part. He would regret it, I was sure of that. And he would probably shun me again to give his guilty conscience the chance to forget his part in the proceedings. I clung to him and buried my face in his neck. If that was what he was going to do I didn’t want to know about it until the very last moment.

“That was wonderful,” he said as he freed himself from my grasp. “I don’t feel too good about giving in but we did it and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t have the guts to refuse you.”

I kissed him gratefully and sat still while he cleaned my pussy with a hand towel. He did it slowly, carefully, as if he was afraid a drop of his sperm would drop to the carpet. When it was gone he lay the towel aside and caressed my pussy with his bare hands. He looked as though he couldn’t quite tear himself away from it. I was in no hurry. I loved the sensation of having a man, especially my own father, at the shrine of all passion. My pussy twitched and tickled at such times, I got warm and restless all over, but that might have been because those inspections were usually followed by the admirer making a meal of my cunt. Daddy just kissed it and stood up.

“Let’s make sure our guests aren’t being neglected,” he said dryly. “What was that you were saying about your mother and her brother? You saw them together, did you?”

“Yes, up in the bedroom. Did you know about them… their past, I mean?”

“Of course. I’m only sorry you had to find out.”

“You’re taking it all very calmly, Dad,” I said. “Doesn’t it bother you that Mum cheats on you?”

“My dear girl, we’ve been married a long time, and your mother has had affairs with relatives, strangers, men and women. And I love it. She lets me watch her and I let her watch me, and if that’s not possible we tell each other all about it, every detail. The only thing I’ve never told her about was that Sunday morning. I didn’t know how to tell her about that.”

“Good,” I said from the bottom of my heart. “I’m surprised to hear about your open marriage, though. How have you concealed it from me all these years?”

“That was easy. Kids are always too preoccupied with themselves to worry about the oldies,” he said with a self-deprecating smile.

“Wow! Fancy that!” I got dressed and we walked out of the den after quickly checking to see if anyone was watching. When we got to the garden party everyone was drinking and carrying on at full blast, Mum and Al included. They hardly noticed our arrival. Dad got us both a drink and then he resumed his seat beside his wife. Al and Dora were sitting together, so were Marvin and Rona. Uncle Eddie had brought a blond woman with him, but he evidently hadn’t bedded her yet because he was devoting all of his energies and charm to her.

I looked around the circle complacently, taking in Tim, Ned, and Veronica who were in the living room watching TV with the French windows open. Except for my mother, Rona, Marvin and… well, Frank’s parents, I had fucked all of them. I thought about that fact for quite a while, several drinks’ worth in fact, and suddenly I felt that I needed the whole set. It was as if I regarded them as baseball cards! Frank’s parents didn’t count, they weren’t family yet. And my mother and Rona were women, so they didn’t fit in. But Marvin had to be laid. I didn’t care if he wanted me or not, I wanted him right there with all the other cards.

The drink gave me the courage to start the ball rolling. Marvin was talking with all the others but when I sat down beside him he looked at me pleasantly and asked how I felt to be on the threshold of marriage. “I feel fine,” I said in a voice that was huskier than usual, “but I can hardly wait to see what you’ll give me as a wedding present.” To make sure he got my point I fluttered my eyelashes at him. He nearly fell off his chair.

“A present? Well now, what would you like?”

“Whatever you want to give me,” I purred, “just as long as it didn’t cost much money… no money, in fact. That’s reasonable isn’t it, Marvin?”

“Not only reasonable but downright generous,” he said. The others were still talking but he had forgotten them. His eyes bored into mine and his body inclined toward me. “Perhaps you would like a sneak preview of what I’ve got for you.”

“It’s ready, then?” I asked, fluttering my eyes some more.

“It’s even gift-wrapped, baby,” he said and put his glass down on the table. “Come with me. I’ll be back in a minute, Rona, I just have to show the bride a few pictures of our wedding. She’s interested now that her own is so near.”

“Alright, dear,” said his wife, barely looking up from her talking. What a glib liar he was! I followed him out of the yard and into his. His house was strangely quiet after all the partying that had taken place in my home for the past day or so. And since his whole family was on the other side of the fence, I knew we were alone in this peaceful retreat. He closed the front door and swiveled around to me to unzip his fly and dangle his cock right before my eyes.

“All nicely wrapped up in a foreskin,” he said, “and if you want it you’re going to have to unwrap it!”

“Oh, Uncle!” I cried, sinking to my knees. He had caught me off-guard and the excitement of seeing his long, limp cock produced a spontaneous response in me. If I’d been prepared for him I might have played coy for a minute or so, but as it was my mouth was over that tufted foreskin before my knees hit the ground. He leaned back against the door and undid his pants to let them slide to the floor. Big balls hung low in a red, hairy sac. His cock rose rapidly, filling out enormously until my mouth was stretched as wide as it would go and there was still more to come! I couldn’t believe my eyes or my mouth. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen. To satisfy my curiosity I drew back and looked on as it inflated, eight inches, nine inches, ten inches, eleven! “Oh no!” I whimpered. “That’s far too big!”

“That’s what they all say,” he grinned, “but keep sucking it Jackie, you’ll soon be wanting more than I’ve got.”

I doubted that but I took his advice and fitted my lips around his fat glans. Better to suck it than to take it in my pussy… or my ass! My sphincters twitched hysterically at the very idea! No, I’d give him a blow job and leave it at that. I couldn’t get more than half his length into my mouth and so I made do with much tonguing and licking the sides of his giant phallus. No wonder Aunt Rona was such a contented cow, I thought wryly. She never complained, always did what he wanted from her, and now I knew why. Once you were used to such a salami I guessed that nothing else would be quite as much fun.

His cock was wet from top to bottom, the foreskin had been folded back, and his deep sighs told me that my sucking was more effective than it seemed to me. Suckling his balls was one of his favorite treats. I let them dangle into my mouth, closed my lips over the skin further up, and washed the spit around his pendulous eggs until his hips began to quake. Not long before he’d blow. I grabbed hold of his cock with both fists and jerked the skin up and down to aid the process. But Marvin was too smart to let me pull his plug.

“Let’s take this one step further,” he said, pushing me away from his giant member and leading me into the living room. “Take off your clothes, Jackie, and bend over the side of this chair. I’m going to take you dog fashion so I can watch your pretty little ass quiver!”

“Er… look, let me blow you,” I said desperately. “I don’t mind, I love to blow men, it’s much better than fucking.”

“Quickly now,” he said as though he hadn’t heard me. Of course he knew I was scared of his monster. In spite of that I took off my clothes and presented my naked self to another man, the second within an hour or two. “Turn around, that’s a good girl, now lie over the armrest and spread your legs. Mmmmmm, delicious! What a beautiful little snatch. And what nice cheeks you’ve got. Jesus, I could squeeze them all day long, so supple, so tender, so young!” He was almost drooling on me! I shivered with fear at the thought of his fifth limb entering me. It was obviously too big, and thinking back over how Dora’s pussy had taken in my whole fist couldn’t console me. Marvin tickled my pussy so that my lips parted and he had direct access to my clitoris. It was hard as usual. Nothing could daunt it. I was wet, too, sopping wet! He stuck a finger up me and my cunt grabbed hold of it with a wet squelch. “And horny, too,” he remarked. I blushed.

He toyed with my cunt until he was satisfied that I was ready. I was scared and nervous but my pussy could hardly contain itself. The juices dripped down my inner thighs, my clitoris ached with its own stiffness, and when I felt that great glans move into place my cunt opened wide! My face rested on the cushions of the chair and I had my arms wrapped around my head to block out the light, so that my concentration was completely focussed on what was happening inside my body. The first thrust produced a shattering bolt of pain that made me shriek into the chair. Uncle Marvin didn’t take any notice. His big cock pushed in and pulled back with a quick, rutting motion to get in deeper, and with every inch he widened the channel. The pain was immense. I cried out, tried to get away, did everything to discourage him, but his cock was unrelentingly hard and eager to go. It banged into my agonized flesh until half of it was lodged in me.

“So tight!” I heard him say. “It’s years since any woman had that much trouble taking me inside. This is the life!” And with that he started to fuck even harder. His cock barged into me ruthlessly, elbowing its way up my vaginal canal until it had reached its objective. And that was only the start. He fucked with long strokes, eleven inches long to be exact, and just before the glans knocked at the door to my womb he gave his hips a double hitch so that his cock would enter even more deeply. In that position I couldn’t stop him from doing anything. I kept expecting the pain to turn into pleasure the way it had done when I had been fucked up the ass, but it wasn’t showing any signs of doing that. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t be putting out just to complete the set. When you start off with no passion, how can any be produced?

Marvin was having enough fun for the two of us. He fucked me with gusto and told me how nicely my buns were waggling, how great my ass was, how pink my pussy, and in between his comments he grunted and sweated and drove his cock in to reach new depths. I wanted to tell him to stop, he was wasting his time, but that would be inhuman. Instead I lay over the armrest and made a series of noises intended to convey involvement. And when that was no longer possible I started to sob.

“What’s the matter, Jackie, am I going too fast for you?” he asked without stopping his ponderous motion.

“It’s alright, just finish!” I cried.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” He grabbed hold of my ass and pressed my cheeks together to put even more pressure on his cock. Now he was going flat out, fucking just for his own satisfaction. Unfortunately that gave him so much pleasure that he didn’t want to finish. I had to put up with the brunt of his giant cock and his adolescent passion all because I had to deal in round figures! He kept on fucking, wouldn’t stop, and the pain kept on growing from warm to hot, redhot, whitehot, unbearable!

“Hurry please!” I sobbed. “Oh Christ, it hurts so much! You’re far too big for me, Uncle, come, please come!”

“Wait… wait, not long now,” he panted. “I can feel it, yes, here it comes, one more second, just one more!” I waited and nothing happened. His cock plunged in and out like a mighty ramrod, churning me up, pumping my fluids about so they slurped and sputtered out against his belly and my thighs. I was crying as copiously as my cunt was producing liquids. And Marvin kept saying he would only be a minute longer, just a second, almost there! At last I felt him pull out. The relief swept through me at once as my cunt resumed its normal size. But he hadn’t come yet! I looked back over my shoulder and he stood right behind me, his cock pointing at my ass, his closed fist working the skin up and down furiously until a gusher of white cream blurted out and arched through the air to land on my flesh.

“What’s going on here!” Rona burst into the room, assessed the situation, and stamped her foot. “Come on, Marvin, get out of here! I’m tired of you fucking every woman within reach. Jackie, you wash yourself and come back here. Or better yet, sit on this.” She threw a handkerchief at me and hustled her husband out of the room, picking up his clothes on the way. He went out into the backyard where he presumably dressed and went about his business. I sat on the handkerchief and cowered. Veronica’s mother was strongly built, formidable tits and ass, a pretty face that could look very tough at moments like this, and she had a real bone to pick with me. But first she told me to wipe my ass and to give her the handkerchief.

“Look at that, blood!” she said. Her expression changed drastically when she saw the handkerchief. “That man is too big for everybody! You poor girl, you must have had the shock of your life when you saw it.”

“I certainly did,” I said. “I wanted to run but I couldn’t. How do you put up with such a size?”

“Never you mind about that. Let me see if he’s done you an injury. That’d be a fine kettle of fish to have broken your box on the day before your wedding. Come on, spread your legs and let me see. I know about these matters.”

I obeyed, relieved that she wasn’t going to beat up on me. Rona peered into my pussy and nodded. “That’s not too bad. I’ve got some ointment that will fix you up. You’re just a little bruised and inflamed up there, that’s all.” She fetched the ointment and applied it with one finger, working it into my inner flesh very slowly. The ointment was cool, it soothed my pain, and the luxury of having her rub it in ironed out a lot of the wrinkles that her husband had caused in my psyche. I relaxed utterly, barely able to keep my seat in the chair, Rona went on and on with that one finger. She must have given my cunt walls several layers before she finally stopped, and by that time I was so horny that I wished the wounds were worse so she’d never stop treating me.

“How does that feel?” she asked, sitting on her knees before me. Her face was stern, businesslike, but there was a glow in her eyes that indicated she’d enjoyed herself too.

“Oh much better!” I sighed, wriggling forward so that my pussy came toward her to beg for more. “There are still a few tender spots here and there, though.”

“Are there? Oh yes, I see some. Just relax now, Jackie, this won’t take long.”

“I’m in no hurry,” I said. She threw me a strange look, then smiled and went on with her work. The cool ointment was spread over my inner lips, the outer lips, my clitoris was buried in the stuff, and even my thighs got a dose of it. She set the ointment aside and said she wanted to knead it in better. Her whole hand seized my cunt and she kneaded it like it was a rubber ball. I could feel a climax rising through the ranks. If she went on for another minute her hand would be dripping with my love juices, and some of the ointment would surely wash off. Well, then she would have to put on more.

“That’s nice,” I said softly. Rona nodded and brought her other hand into play. It moved up to my breasts even though they hadn’t been injured. “Mmmm-mm-m!” I said. “Oh yeah! That’s beautiful!”

“Just like your mother,” she remarked. “When you like it you say so.” She didn’t explain herself and I didn’t dare ask. Was she one of my mother’s female lovers? If she was I’d find out sooner or later. I surrendered to her soft, persistent caresses totally and came in short bursts connected by sensually satisfying intervals during which Aunt Rona massaged me like no one ever had. Eventually she came over to sit beside me and sucked on my breasts until my nipples felt like they were about to be launched! She had a way of making love that was subtle and insinuating, and left no room for responses. When I tried to get her to take off her clothes she didn’t even answer me. She was in charge, and I wondered why I should buck such a fine system. With her mouth and hands she brought me to one peak after another until the last of my energies had been dissipated in the form of passion and cunt juice. Only then did she get up and declare me healed.

“If I was you I’d give that box of yours a rest for tomorrow night,” she advised me. “Your husband to be was in the shopping center today and he looked ready to rape a squad of nuns. You’re going to need all your strength, believe me.”

“I know,” I sighed. “God, I feel awful about not giving in to him earlier. It isn’t fair, is it?”

“Not really, no, especially when you’ve been having such a good time. Is there anyone in the family with whom you haven’t slept?” She posed the question in such a way that I couldn’t take it lightly. Her eyes were on mine, she wanted an answer.

“Yes… my mother,” I confessed.

“At least you’re honest. Veronica told me about your plan, and I must say it’s a good one. But don’t ever let Frank find out about it. He’d kill you.”

“You think so?”

“I’m sure of it.” Rona spoke with authority, and suddenly it hit home: of course he would! Hell, why shouldn’t he? How would I feel about me in his place? I’d slept with men and women, broken all the taboos, given myself to perfect strangers, and the best I could give Frank was a blow job. When I went back to my room via the tree it was to think more deeply about the whole issue. Sure, my plan had made sense when we formulated it. But now it seemed selfish, vicious, and not a little dumb.

Perhaps I wasn’t worthy to become Frank’s bride. After all, he was straight, honest, and loving, he trusted me! I’d broken that trust, pissed on it, and flung it back into his face. That wasn’t right.

Hours went by. I sat alone in the darkening twilight and tried to understand the issue. It was close on ten o’clock in the evening when I reached my decision. I would tell Frank that I couldn’t be his wife, and when he asked why I would give him the whole story. It didn’t matter that he would be mad and violent. I had made my bed and slept in it many times; now to show him the sheets.


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