Two people in particular deserve the largest of shout outs, for they helped me make this book authentic in my research. First, Kizzy Williams, who has been a beta reader of mine from the beginning and my favorite, New Yorker and Brooklyn babe! She made sure I was authentic, even if I did have to take a little bit of license with some of the settings. Love you lots girl!

Next to my hometown Jacksonville buddy, Tim Davis. He is a firefighter for the City of Raleigh and a real life hero. He gave freely of his time to go over my manuscript with me and provided a ton of great material from which I could borrow and help add to the realism of what it takes to serve. I owe you sushi for life, my friend. And I’ll never forget, “Two go in, two come out”!

A huge thank you to my cover model, Derrick Vargo. You are just spectacular and I’m so thankful you were involved in this project with me. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Finally, I want to just thank all of my fans, especially those of you I have come to know through Facebook and Twitter. The best part of every day for me is when I can interact with you. You make this job so fulfilling and worthwhile. I am forever grateful.

Now… I’m off to write another book. It won’t be the Off Series, and although I said this was my last one, I think it is safe to say you all will see another one in the future. I’ve heard from too many of you asking me to keep writing them that I just can’t ignore.




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