What Happens Next . . .

So the liars finally figured out there are two of us. Took ’em long enough. But they still didn’t get the story right. They were too hung up on investigating Noel to see what’s right under their pert little noses: us. But the noose is tightening and soon they’ll be the ones hanging on by a thread. . . .

Hanna may have been voted queen of the prom court, but the next court she’s in will be of the criminal variety. Last time we checked, hitting-and-running is still a felony. . . . Once Daddy’s constituents find out, Hanna won’t be the only loser in the Marin family.

Spencer went chase-ing conspiracy theories, and entre nous, she got a little too close for comfort. But Spence still has a lot to learn about stalking. Like, it’s not actually sneaking up on us if we see you coming.

So Emily’s pretty little girlfriend is in Bonaire. We can think of a few people who might be interested in that tidbit, starting with Special Agent Jasmine Fuji. Emily better get started on a bucket list of her own—it’s only a matter of time before she and Jordan end up behind bars. Or worse.

And then there’s Aria. Noel may not be A, but he’s as two faced as they come. What did she expect from a Typical Rosewood? So what will Atypical Aria do? Our money’s on an artistic retreat to Europe. But doesn’t she know all tortured artists die young?

Tick tock, ladies. Live each moment like it’s your last. Because soon enough, it will be.

Until next time . . .

—A & A