“So what?” Jeanette Rogers asked, taking another bite of ice cream.

“So all you do is hang about here all day and eat me out of the fucking house!” Robin snapped.

“So? I’m your sister.” Jeanette flicked her honey-blonde hair over her shoulders.

“And you’re rude to Stan every time he comes here,” Robin said, her wide blue eyes flaring with anger.

“Oh, fuck, Stan,” Jeanette said. “He’s just a jerk. All men are jerks.”

She spooned another glob of ice cream into her mouth.

Robin drew her breath in hard.

“I’ve had it, Jeanette,” she said. “Either you clean this place up while I’m away and promise to go out for a job tomorrow, or there’s gonna be trouble.”

“Oh yeah, what kind of trouble?” Jeanette asked, letting her little nightie ride up over her thighs. It was two in the afternoon and she hadn’t dressed yet.

“You’ll see,” Robin said menacingly. “What happened to that job you had at the supermarket?”

“Too much work,” Jeanette said. “They were always hassling me. I don’t need that shit.”

“Jeanette, you’re twenty-two!” Robin yelled. “You have to wise up sometime!”

“Just fuck off,” Jeanette snarled, “you’re ruining the fucking program.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Robin said, and walked out.

It was getting dark when Robin came back.

She stood inside the door and stared at her sister, then at the total mess that Jeanette always left everything in.

“Okay,” Robin said, “absolutely last chance. Start cleaning this up, or else.”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up,” Jeanette said.

“Didn’t ever change, huh?” Robin asked. “Okay.”

She pressed the apartment entry bell twice and stood by the door, waiting. Jeanette ignored her.

It was the sounds of several footsteps on the stairs that made Jeanette look up. She curled her lip as Stan walked in.

“Hi, Jeanette,” he said. He was a good looking kid, with straight fair hair and a broad strong face. His was muscular too, in a way that Jeanette found disgusting.

Then another man walked in, and Jeanette jumped off the sofa. The man dropped a very large bag just inside the door. The man was tall, muscular, slimmer than Stan, and had thick dark hair. His face had a dark side to it, Jeanette thought, but that wasn’t the thing that got her to her feet.

“Hey, Jeanette, this is Galvin,” Robin said.

In the doorway there was a giggle, and Jeanette turned, her face red with rage, to see another couple standing there. The man was older, probably in his late thirties or early forties. Hanging on his arm was a tall, slim, dark haired girl who couldn’t have been more than nineteen. She was made up to accentuate her pouting, pretty face and her dark, smoldering eyes. She wore a black leather shirt that was open below her two small, thrusting tits and a black leather mini-skirt that was slit at the side well above her black stocking tops. On her feet were a pair of six-inch black heels. She had a black collar around her neck, and was fingering it shamelessly.

“This is Vince and Cora,” Robin said. “Vince is an expert at this sort of thing, but Galvin’s here to do the work. We’re just here to watch and enjoy.” She moved over to Stan and slipped her hand around his neck.

“Enjoy what?” Jeanette asked.

“Teaching you manners,” Robin answered. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“What the fuck are you on about?” Jeanette yelled.

“You little whore!” Galvin snarled, and lunged toward Jeanette.

“Patience, patience,” Vince said coolly, stopping Galvin in mid-stride. “You must learn patience. Everything is much sweeter then.”

He nodded at a chair, and Cora instantly rushed to it, brushing it off with a handkerchief. He nodded at her and sat down.

“Now, offer the lady a fair choice,” he said softly. “We have all the time in the world.”

“Can I get you anything, darling?” Cora asked, sinking to her knees on the carpet beside his chair and running her hands around his cock.

“A beer would be nice,” he said. “It’s hot outside.”

“Yes, darling,” Cora said, and sprang up, going into the kitchen. Her high heels clacked on the linoleum.

“Get them out of here,” Jeanette snarled at Robin, “or I’ll call the police.”

“No you won’t,” Robin said.

Jeanette ran for the phone, but Galvin was there at once, grabbing her hand, twisting her wrist and flinging her back at the chair. She stumbled, but managed to stand upright.

“Sit down, you stupid cunt-faced slut,” he said, and slapped her face, driving her back into the chair.

She screamed, her face ringing with pain. “You bastard! You cocksucking fucker! Get the police!”

“I thought the police were all depraved motherfuckers,” Robin said.

“Shut up and get them out of here!” Jeanette screamed. “And put that beer back, it isn’t yours.”

Cora gave Vince the beer, pouring it out for him.

“Now this is the case of a real hard-assed bitch,” Vince said, leaning over to Galvin. “I suggest you warn her once, then tie her down over the back of that chair and get to work. But nothing rushed. Take it easy, it’s so much sweeter then.”

He smiled gently and took a sip of beer.

“Right,” Galvin said, and turned on Jeanette.

“Behave, bitch, or you’ll get it.”

“Get what?” Jeanette snapped, sneering at him, her hands on her hips. The fact that she still had her little nightie on and that it almost showed her tits hadn’t occurred to her.

“You heard, I’ll tie you down over that chair and whip your ass,” Galvin said.

“Oh, right, you and who else?” Jeanette asked. But her confidence was already draining away.

“Me,” Stan said.

“And me,” Robin said. “And, of course, me,” Vince said. “You wouldn’t dare!” Jeanette screamed, backing away.

“Come on, honey, on your knees and suck my cock,” Galvin said, advancing on her.

“What? You can’t, I won’t do that, no, let me goooooo!” Jeanette screamed as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him in one effortless pull. She struggled, trying to bite and scratch at him with her fingernails.

“Come on, bitch, suck my cock!” Galvin snarled, hauling her around and pushing her down to her knees.

“Galvin, will you wise up?” Vince asked. “Never rape a lady. Wait until she begs for it. She will. Now take it easy, your cock will get all it wants tonight.”

“Yeah, sorry, Vince,” Galvin said, and gripped Jeanette’s arms behind her back, hustling her towards the low-backed chair.

“What are you doing? Let go of me, motherfucker, let me go!”

Galvin pushed her face down over the back of the chair, and Jeanette screamed, struggling for all she was worth.

“Gag the bitch,” Vince said softly. “She’s got a lot to learn.”

Jeanette screamed again, her head craned up as she saw Stan opening the massive bag that Galvin had brought in. She had reason to scream. In the bag were an assortment of whips, chains, dildos, and other devices that almost made her sick.

“Noooo, you can’t!” she wailed as Robin picked a set of small black balls out of the pile, along with a black leather gag.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Robin said, and stuffed the balls into Jeanette’s mouth.

Jeanette struggled, but she was helpless in Galvin’s grip as Robin pushed the three balls between her teeth. She moaned, but Robin held them in as Stan took the gag and pushed it around Jeanette’s head, pulling her lovely but dirty blonde hair out of the way.

Then Jeanette screamed helplessly, far the gag actually covered most of her face, with holes only for her nose and eyes. She heaved a great breath in through her nostrils as the gag tightened, and screamed, but hardly anything came out. The balls rolled in her mouth and it was all she could do not to swallow them.

Then they grabbed her arms and put leather bonds around them. Jeanette wailed in horror as the ropes attached to the bonds were pulled around the legs of the chair by her sister and Stan. All the time, the two of them grinned and joked with each other, while Jeanette struggled and moaned.

They took her legs and pulled them apart. Jeanette suddenly became aware that her little nightie was rising up over her flesh. She wept and screamed, but she was already helpless, and the gag stopped her from making more than a low moan.

More bonds were put around her ankles. She sobbed, breaking into helpless tears, struggling on the chair back, her ass jerking in shame and horror. They tied her ankles to the back legs of the chair, leaving her imprisoned over the back, helpless.

“Wow,” Galvin said, standing back and looking at his victim. “That’s some body your sister’s got.”

“I told you,” Vince said, watching from his chair. “Do everything easy, take your time. Now persuade her to do a little cocksucking, or whatever you want. It’s almost a pity she isn’t dressed better, then she could take it off for us. I always enjoy that.”

“She can do that next,” Galvin said. “To get us horny again.”

“There, now you’re thinking,” Vince said, and leaned back in the chair.

Instantly, Cora was there, kneeling between his legs, opening her shirt farther and sliding her thrusting tits over his legs.

“Do you want me to make you happy while you watch, darling?” she whispered.

“Yes, but don’t make me come,” Vince said. “You know what happens when you make me come without permission.”

“Mmmmnngg, yesss!” Cora purred, and slid her hand over the front of his pants. “But you have to show that bitch what a really good little slave is, don’t you, darling?”

She pulled at the zipper of his pants and it eased down with her expert fingers.

“That’s up to you,” Vince said, grinning at his sexy little slave.

Jeanette gasped.

Cora reached into Vince’s pants and pulled out his cock. It was a monster, ten inches of fuck-meat, as round as Cora’s wrist. Jeanette had no idea what the little slave was going to do, but what actually happened nearly made her pass out. Cora licked Vince’s massive round cockhead, then slipped her sexy, pouting lips over it, sucking gently on the thick meat.

“Use a rod now,” Vince said. “I think they’re better to persuade. Good little slaves get what they want.”

Cora moaned and nodded with sensual abandon as she worked her mouth slowly over his cockhead, sucking at it gently, her fingers playing with his enormous prickshaft.

“Okay, Vince,” Galvin said, “the rod it is.”

He picked up a terrible-looking thing. It was about four feet long and so thin it trembled in Galvin’s hand. It was made of some kind of black rubber.

“Get ready, whore,” Galvin said, and walked behind Jeanette.

“Galvin, think, what did I tell you?” Vince said, running his hand in Cora’s dark hair, holding her mouth gently on his thick cock.

“Oh, yeah,” Galvin said, and came back round to Jeanette’s gagged face. “You see this, whore? You know what I’m gonna train you to do? I’m gonna train you to kiss this and beg for it, whore. Yeah, beg for it.”

He laughed and stood up as Jeanette nearly wrenched her arms out of their sockets. She struggled and screamed, but the next thing she felt were Galvin’s hard hands running over her ass, moving the hem of the little nightie out of the way. She was getting more and more terrified. Her ass stuck up on the back of the chair as a perfect target, and her panties wouldn’t be any protection at all against that terrible rod.

She shuddered and screamed as the rod ran over her tight asscheeks, caressing her flesh, stroking back and forth.

“Yeahhhhh!” Galvin murmured. “This is quite an ass! Gonna enjoy this!”

“Better than mine?” Robin asked. “Come on, tell me.”

She strolled up to the chair and brazenly slid her hands down her legs, bending at the waist until her ass stuck up beside Jeanette’s. She reached up and pulled her flared skirt over her ass, revealing her white panties and the lacy suspender straps that ran down to her stocking tops.

“Well,” Galvin said, sliding his hand over Jeanette’s flesh. “I think it would be better than yours, but she’s carrying a few extra pounds.”

“All that ice cream,” Robin said, and stood up again. She went to Galvin and slid her leg up his, working her skirt out of the way. “Please, Mr. Discipline, can I fuck my boyfriend while you whip my sister?”

“Sure,” Galvin said, and slid his hand over the front of his tight jeans. “I’ll keep going until you tell me to stop, even if she’s ready, how about that?”

“Oh, that would be great, Mr. Discipline,” Robin said, and went back around to the front of her bound sister. She stood there, grinning at Jeanette as she opened the waist of her skirt and let it fall to the dirty floor. Her fingers opened her blouse just as fast, revealing her little uplift bra that only covered half her lovely tits.

“I’m gonna show you how to fuck, Jeanette,” Robin said, grinning as Stan came up behind her and put his arms around her, holding her tits, stroking the twin mounds openly. “You know what Stan’s doing now? He’s shoving his great big cock into the crack of my ass. I love the feel of a cock in my ass. Ever had one? No, probably not, you almost freaked when Jeff Nutson fucked you, remember that? Well, we’re gonna change all that.”

She gasped with lust and leaned back against Stan as he slipped the clasp of her bra open and fondled her tits.

Suddenly Jeanette heard a low, menacing whistle behind her. The most terrible agony she had ever known erupted in her ass. She leaped on the chair back, straining against the bonds, her ass throbbing with pain, her scream buried in the gag.

The rod whipped in, beating a second thin line of agony into her flesh. Her muffled scream came out of the gag, her ass trembled and twisted, and her legs shook as the pain rushed all over her.

In her daze of agony, she watched Stan slide Robin’s bra off and then reach down, sliding his fingers over the top of her panties. Robin smiled nastily at her sister as that low whistle tensed Jeanette up again and the bound girl lurched, screaming into the gag as agony burst out of her ass once more. Her panties stretched tighter as they were beaten into her flesh with each blow, and one side of them was already frayed from the force of the whipping Galvin delivered. Jeanette saw her sister’s panties slide down her legs as Stan undressed her, his eyes on Jeanette’s heaving body. At the same time, Cora was continuing her slow suck of Vince’s cock, while he watched Jeanette’s suffering, sipping his beer and enjoying it all.

“You just nod when you really wanna suck some cock,” Galvin said, lashing the rod into Jeanette’s ass with even more power. “Just nod, you bitch, and I might stop. Unless your sister wants more for you.”

He lashed the bound girl, and Jeanette jerked on the chair back, her head flinging around in her agony.

Jeanette’s screams were lost in the gag. Her whole body was burning with agony, but she knew she could never take a cock in her mouth. She would rather die. It was bad enough having to take a cock in her cunt. She’d only done it a few times, and it had always been terrible.

The rod lashed her ass and she jerked helplessly, her entire body erupting with pain. Her ass was crimson, beaten into stripes of thin agony that were slowly melting into each other.

Another blow lashed her ass and she leaped, the agony blurring her vision as she desperately sucked air in through her nose.

“Slow it down, Galvin,” Vince said, his eyes never leaving Jeanette. “But make each blow harder. Watch her head, don’t let her pass out.”

“Sure, Vince,” Galvin said. He held the rod up over Jeanette’s ass as the bound girl struggled and heaved, waiting for the lash of the rod.

When it came, it seemed twice as bad as before, whipping across her tight asscheeks with sickening force. She wept and collapsed against the chair cushion, her head down. She didn’t want to see what was going on, but Galvin gripped her hair and pulled her head up.

“Have a good look!”

Robin was bending over, spreading her thighs as she gripped the arm of the sofa. Her ass was thrust out and Stan slid his big cock into her ass crack, pushing it down against the wet gash of her pussy. Robin’s long legs stretched delightfully in her white high heels, and she moaned with lust, pushing back as he eased his enormous cockhead into her pussy entrance and high into her cunt.

“Oooohhhh, niiiice!” Robin moaned, her white stockinged legs trembling with excitement as she took the whole of Stan’s thick long prick. “Hey, Stan, you wanna fuck my sister?”

“Yeahhh!” he growled. “I wanna fuck that bitch’s throat and ass!”

He gripped Robin’s thighs just above her stocking tops and fucked his cock back in.

“Oohhhh, my poor sister, everybody wants to fuck her in the ass!” Robin yelled, grinning at the black mask of Jeanette’s gag. “You are gonna get fucked, Jeanette, really fucked!”

Jeanette screamed and jerked against Galvin’s hand as he gripped her blonde hair. He leaned back and lashed her with the rod, whipping it into her ass with amazing force. Jeanette screamed and jerked against his hand, her hair hurting, her tits heaving and falling out of the top of her short nightie. The rod lashed in again and she almost fainted, sucking in air desperately as she writhed on the chair back.

“Nod if you wanna suck cock,” Galvin said, lashing her again, beating the rod into her tight, mashed asscheeks.

Jeanette’s writhing was getting more desperate.

“Nod, bitch, if you wanna suck cock!” Galvin yelled, lashing the helplessly bound girl again. “Was that a nod?”

Frantically Jeanette nodded, pulling her hair against his grip.

“Was that a nod?” Galvin asked, lashing her again.

Jeanette’s scream burst into the gag and she nodded as hard as she could.

Galvin stopped the whipping. He leaned down close to Jeanette’s head.

“I’m gonna take your gag off, bitch,” he said. “And if you so much as whimper, I’ll put it on and give you some more. And if you scream, bitch, you’ll know what pain really is.”

Jeanette’s tears ran freely as he undid the gag and the horrible leather came off her face. He pulled it clear, and she spat the horrible rubber balls out of her mouth.

“Help! Help! Anybody!” Jeanette screamed.


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