“Right!” Galvin shouted, and had the gag wrapped back around Jeanette’s head in a moment.

As she struggled and screamed in terror and fury, he pulled at it until the leather was pressed tightly across her mouth. Jeanette screamed into it as she struggled for breath, but her voice was only a little louder despite the fact that the balls were out of her mouth.

“You get it now, you stupid little cunt!”

Galvin shouted.

Jeanette wished she hadn’t been so stupid, but it was too late. She screamed and pleaded into the gag, but Galvin just turned away.

“Hold on, Galvin,” Vince said lazily. “I think I’d better handle this, you’re still rushing things.”

He leaned back in the chair as his obedient little slave worked her soft mouth over his rockhard prick. Her thighs were spread and her six-inch heels pointed almost straight at Jeanette.

“Er – sure, Vince,” Galvin said, standing there, the rod in his hand. “Shit, man, what am I doing wrong?”

“Stop that, Cora, we’ve got work to do,” Vince said. “What’s the difference between rape and seduction, Galvin?”

“I dunno,” Galvin said, holding in his resentment.

“Patience,” Vince said. “Just that. You rush things – I’m teaching you to do them properly. Now get your mouth off my cock, Cora, or there’ll be trouble.”

“Mmmmnn!” Cora moaned softly, licking his cockhead. “What kind of trouble?”

“Off,” he said, and she obeyed at once, pulling her soft lips away and pouting up at him.

“It’s not fair,” she said as she tucked his cock back into his pants, holding it as long as she could.

He ignored her as he stood up. She stayed kneeling at his feet, zipping up his pants over the massive bulge of his prick. Then she got up and straightened her stockings, staring nastily at Jeanette.

“You know what to do,” Vince said. With great care he leaned down and picked up a single-tailed whip, curling it through his fingers as he turned.

Jeanette choked as she saw the whip. The tail was six feet long and made of tightly plaited leather. The handle was short, and Vince curled the tail in the hand that held it as he slowly walked behind her. Jeanette screamed into the gag, but her voice was still muffled to a dull yell. Cora leaned down over her, the leather shirt open, her small high tits close to Jeanette’s struggling body.

“You’ll pay for that, you shit!” she hissed. “He was gonna cum in my mouth, and you fucked it up! You’ll pay for that!”

She reached under Jeanette’s struggling body and gripped the lacy top of her little nightie.

Before Jeanette knew what was happening, Cora was tearing at the material, ripping the thin nightie. Jeanette struggled and wept, but nothing stopped Cora. She tore the nightie open right down the middle, ripping it until she could reach in and get hold of Jeanette’s lovely tits.

Robin was thrusting back at Stan as he kept his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy, working it over her throbbing pussy walls. He had his hands on Robin’s tits, caressing the soft mounds as he fucked her.

“Oohh, baby, that’s wonderful!” Robin groaned, thrusting back for more of his prick. “Come on, honey, fuck me hard while I watch her get it! Come on, I wanna come while she screams – ooohhhh yeaaaahhh!”

She gasped and writhed, jerking at Stan’s cock as he fucked it in and out of her hot cunt.

Cora pushed the coffee table into the chair and lay on her back on it, grinning up at Jeanette.

“You wanna see my pussy?” she asked, sliding her tight black leather skirt up until her panties could be seen.

Jeanette shuddered in disgust, for the panties were already wet, the crotch shiny black with her pussyjuice. Cora lay there, stroking her cunt through the tight briefs.

“You like my tits?” she giggled, stroking her tight nipples with her other hand, rolling the lovely little buds in her fingers.

Jeanette wept and tried to pull her head away. “Answer my slave, bitch,” Vince said softly. Jeanette screamed into the gag, trying to pull away from the horrible sight of the depraved woman stroking her tits and pussy.

“I said answer my slave,” Vince said.

Jeanette struggled to pull at the bonds, then froze as she heard the slight hiss of the whip. The thin plaited tail curled across her ass, guided perfectly to beat the most terrible agony over her flesh. She lurched, shrieking into the gag, her whole body aching with pain.

“Now answer my slave, you bitch,” Vince said. “Nod – tell her how much you love her pussy and tits.”

Jeanette screamed as she nodded.

“Yesssss!” Cora sighed, playing with her cunt, stroking the hot wet flesh. Her soft pussylips were outlined clearly in the wet black nylon of her panties, and she ran a fingernail along them, stroking herself softly. “Tell me how much you’d love to suck my pussy!”

Jeanette screamed into the gag, trying to pull herself clear. She heard the horrible hiss again, writhed in expectation, then jerked as the agony burst in her asscheeks. The tail curled over her flesh, beating a thin line of red into her already mashed ass. The pain was unbearable, and she nodded in horror, almost throwing up at the thought of sucking a woman’s cunt.

“Yesssss!” Cora moaned, twisting her nipples hard, her long fingernails biting into her crinkled buds. “Please, darling, whip her once more for me! I love to watch it! I’ve been a good girl, please!”

She giggled and stroked her pussy.

“Noooooo!” Jeanette shrieked into the gag.

“Sure, honey,” Vince said, “you deserve it. You’ve been very good.”

Jeanette screamed, but the whip curled in and her ass erupted once again with sheer biting agony as the thin leather cut into it. She sobbed and her head fell onto the cushions of the chair, her ass burning horribly.

“Ooooohhh, thank you, darling!” Cora sighed, rubbing her pussy hard, her fingers blurring on her cunt. “Ooohhh, yesssss!”

Jeanette sobbed and looked away as the hot little nympho brought herself off, but her eyes were drawn irresistibly to her sister, straining back at Stan as he fucked her with faster, harder strokes. Both of them were moaning as their passion built up, throbbing through them as his prick throbbed and swelled in her cunt. Stan’s hands gripped Robin’s tits harder, squeezing the small soft mounds as the cum surged in his balls, getting ready to shoot out.

“Ooohhhh, yesssss!” Cora moaned as her climax shuddered to a peak and fell away. She giggled and pouted up at Jeanette. “Now look what YOU made me do! I have to be punished if I bring myself off, and you made me do it! You’ll pay, bitch, you’ll pay!”

Jeanette started to scream, but Cora reached up and gripped her hair, pulling her head up by a handful of her honey-blonde locks. Jeanette struggled, not knowing what Cora was going to do, then screamed as the little slave started to move up on her back and push her head under Jeanette’s body, moving down until she was close to Jeanette’s ear.

“I’ll make you pay!” she hissed. Then she moved farther, until her mouth was running over Jeanette’s lovely tits, kissing and licking at them.

Jeanette wailed and shuddered, her body shaking with horror at this new degradation. Her face was close to Cora’s small, beautiful tits, and she did her best to keep her face away from them as she trembled at the obscene caresses Cora was giving her tits.

She lurched harder as Vince leaned down close to her face.

“Now I’m going to teach you the first lessons of obedience,” he whispered. “It’s going to be very painful, but it should help you not to make the same mistake again.”

He pulled away, and Jeanette screamed into the gag, pleading in a muffled moan to her sister, who was getting close to an orgasm as Stan fucked her hot cunt.

Both Stan and Robin watched Vince step behind the struggling, screaming Jeanette. Jeanette’s blonde hair flew all over the place as she wept and begged, but nobody was taking any notice. While Robin and Stan fucked, Galvin sat in the chair.

The horrible hiss hit her ears a split second before the tail of the whip lashed her ass, biting into her flesh. The agony rushed from her whipped ass and all over her body as she screamed and struggled, her gagged face tossing frantically. Tears ran down her face and into the gag as she struggled and screeched in pain.

The whip curled in again, lashing her helpless flesh, sending her screaming in deeper agony. But this time, Cora bit her nipple as the whip landed, and an extra spasm of pain soared over her. Jeanette wept and struggled, but the bonds held her tight.

She jerked again, screaming into the gag as the thin tail of the whip lashed expertly across her asscheeks, beating into her flesh and tearing at her panties. The frayed part was spreading, revealing more and more of her pulped ass-flesh with each stroke. Her nipples throbbed with pain as Cora rolled her teeth over them and bit hard with each blow of the whip. Jeanette tensed, her body throbbing in helpless agony as she waited for tile next blow.

Cora’s fingers snaked down and played over her tight black panties again, stroking her hot wet cunt.

“Aaahhhhh!” Jeanette wailed in absolute terror and agony as the thin leather whipped her flesh.

Cora’s teeth bit so hard on Jeanette’s nipple she was sure it had split. The pain exploded in her tits, worse by far than the agony of the whip. She screamed and sobbed as Cora’s mouth moved across her tits, heading for her other nipple, but the bonds were so tight she could hardly move, let alone get away from the terrible teeth.

Vince knew exactly how long his slave would take. He held the whip, waiting as Jeanette sobbed and heaved, begging into the tight gag, her voice a terrified mumble.

Cora’s teeth slid gently over Jeanette’s other nipple, the dark-haired little slave waiting, sawing her sharp teeth softly over Jeanette’s shuddering flesh.

“Noooo, please, nooooo!” Jeanette screamed into the gag, her ass twitching and heaving, her arms tearing at the bonds in helpless fear. She heard the swish of the whip and nearly went out of her mind.

The whip landed, Cora’s teeth clamped and sawed on Jeanette’s nipple, and the agony burst in Jeanette’s body, sending her into a horrible scream of pain before everything went black and she slumped, her tits heaving over Cora’s face.

But Cora gripped her hair and forced her up.

“Are you ready to behave?” she asked.

Jeanette nodded dimly. Everything was black to her, black with lights floating in it. She was aware of Cora’s body beneath her, and of the pain that throbbed and beat in her ass and tits, but that was about all. She wept and gasped, the gag now wet from her saliva and tears.

“Now, little girl,” Vince said softly, leaning down and whispering in her ear, “you promise that you won’t do that again?”

“Mmmmmmmm!” Jeanette moaned, nodding as hard as she could.

“Good,” he said. “One more mistake and the pain will be doubled, I promise you. Doubled in length, that is.”

He chuckled and pulled at the leather knots on Jeanette’s gag. Her head jerked as it was pulled around, but the knots opened and the horrible gag fell away, letting her breathe and moan more freely. She hung over the back of the chair, her ass throbbing in pain.

“I think you should say thank you to Cora,” Vince said softly.

“Thank you,” Jeanette mumbled.

“You’re going to suck her pussy now, just like she wants it,” he said. “And I’m going to whip your ass until she comes. And you’re going to learn not to scream too loud. Got that?”

“Please, please, no, not that!” Jeanette moaned.

“Wrong answer, beautiful,” Vince said. “Get ready for another stroke, and don’t scream too much or the gag will be back on and we’ll do it again.”

“Ohhhh, please!” Jeanette moaned, struggling against the bonds, her arms puffing for all she was worth.

Cora slipped out from underneath her, giggling with delight, her fingers running over her hot cunt as she watched the bound girl struggle.

The whip curled in and Jeanette jerked, only the terror of the gag and the agony that would follow stopping her from screaming at the top of her lungs. A groan burst out of her lips.

“Uuurrrrhhhh!” she gasped. Her ass jerked and the remains of her little nightie flipped around her aching tits.

“Tell us how much you want to suck on Cora’s pussy,” Vince said.

Jeanette sobbed, knowing she was at the point where she would agree to anything. “Yes, yes!”

“Tell us how much,” Vince said softly. “Oh, really, I want to do it! Please, let me do it!” Jeanette gasped, twisting to see if she was going to be whipped again. “I really want you to do it!”

Robin and Stan were coming to the peak of their climax as Jeanette hung and wept on the chair back. Stan fucked his cock in and out of Robin’s shuddering pussy with faster, harder strokes as they clung together and watched the depraved show going on around the chair.

“Oooohhhh, yesss, baby, fill me up with cum!” Robin moaned, jerking at him, her pussy sucking at his bone-hard fuck-rod. “Ooohhh, come on, honey, fill me up!”

“You got it – uuuurrrhhhh.” Stan gasped, his cock slamming in and out of Robin’s hot sucking cunt and his ass jerking as he rammed his prick in with increasing fury. “Heeeeyyy, Vince, whip the bitch while we come! We wanna hear the bitch try not to scream!”

He gasped as the cum rushed out of his balls and up his throbbing cockshaft.

“Don’t scream, bitch,” Vince said, stroking the whip across Jeanette’s throbbing asscheeks.

Jeanette jerked, tears rushing out of her eyes as she was whipped for her sister’s enjoyment. The agony soared over her, but it wasn’t as bad as before. She moaned, trying not to scream as the whip curled into her ass, lashing across her flesh in long, swinging strokes.

Robin and Stan jerked and gasped as they came.

“Yeahhhhh!” Stan gasped. “Yeaaaahhh! Here it comes!”

He jerked, and Robin gave a low scream as her pussy was filled with hot creamy cum. She gasped and thrust back, her body shuddering as she came, her cunt sucking the thick wads of creamy jizz out of Stan’s balls, her blue eyes open and staring as she enjoyed the sight of the whip lashing her sister’s ass.

“You like pain?” Cora hissed at Jeanette as she stroked her pussy through the black panties. “Get to like pain, honey, you’ve got a lot coming!”

She giggled as the whip cut Jeanette’s ass, sending the bound blonde jerking, moaning and biting her lips to stop her screams from escaping.

Jeanette gasped and sobbed, her body shaking to the beat of the whip on her tight, mashed asscheeks. She saw Stan’s furious fucking crest and slow as the supply of his cum diminished and he slid down over Robin’s back, thrusting his cock deep into Jeanette’s cunt as his balls gave out and the streams of cum dribbled down to a slow ooze.

“Mmmmnnn, that was fantastic!” Robin moaned, her cunt throbbing around Stan’s slowly softening cock. “I’m gonna ask you to do that again!”

“Panties,” Vince said.

“Yes, darling!” Cora gasped, and pulled her legs together, sliding the tight panties over her ass and down her legs. She held them on one high-heeled foot, grinning at Jeanette before flicking them away. Then she spread her thighs again and moved close to Jeanette’s face. “Pussy suck, bitch, and when the pain gets bad, suck harder! Bury your face in my cunt! But don’t scream, bitch, don’t wake the neighbors!”

She giggled and moved her pussy right under Jeanette’s helpless mouth.

Jeanette stared down at Cora’s dark pussy mound. The little nympho’s cunthair was already wet and slicked down, and the soft lips of her pussy were running with juices. She shuddered, sobbing at the thought of having to suck a pussy. But she knew the price of refusal and she couldn’t take that.

Slowly her mouth went down to the soft, demanding hole of Cora’s cunt. Cora lay there, her thighs spread on either side of Jeanette’s face, her leather skirt drawn up out of the way.

Jeanette’s mouth reached the soft lips of Cora’s pussy as the whip lashed her ass. She jerked, biting off a scream, and pushed her mouth down hard on the gushing red slit. The whip landed again, lashing her with faster but less vicious strokes. Dimly Jeanette understood how perfectly Vince and Cora were playing with her. The pain of the whip drove her to suck Cora’s cunt, blocking the screams that constantly bubbled out of her throat. The slippery cuntflesh pushed at her mouth and her ass writhed as Vince lashed it, driving her harder onto his slave’s sucking pussy.

In a mist of pain and despair, Jeanette sucked Cora’s clit into her mouth and held it there, chewing the hard bud, her tongue rasping over the sensitive flesh. The whip landed again and she bit harder, getting back at Cora for the pain in her nipples.

But if she thought that Cora would scream with pain, she was mistaken. Cora gave a moan of desire and slid her hands down, gripping Jeanette’s head tightly and ramming her pussy up against Jeanette’s front teeth.

“Yesssss!” she gasped. “Uuurrhhh – yesssss! Bite me – come on, bitch, bite me for your nipple. Hurt me, you sucking bitch – oooohhh!”

She spasmed and came, her pussy pouring juices as she thrust up at Jeanette’s mouth, her cunt throbbing as she climaxed.

Jeanette screamed into the hot flesh, heaving and moaning, her teeth biting at Cora’s cunt in her pain. She tossed around, trying to get back at the demanding little slave, her head spinning with pain.

Then something so horrible happened she almost passed out.

Vince changed the direction of the whip. The whip curled in, the tip alone making contact right in the crack of Jeanette’s heaving cunt.

Even through the panties, the pain was incredible. The tip lashed her clit beating an agony worse than fire through her body and forcing her head down even harder into Cora’s cunt as she screamed helplessly. She chewed at Cora’s clit, hearing the little slave gasp and moan with lust, her cunt throbbing in Jeanette’s mouth.

The whip cut her pussy again and Jeanette screamed into Cora’s cunt, but something was different. The agony was just as intense and even sharper, but there was an awful desire with it. It throbbed in Jeanette’s cunt, burning into her pussy walls and exploding as the whip landed over her clit again. She groaned, sucking at Cora’s cunt for all she was worth, her tongue and teeth swirling over the demanding flesh.

The terrible passion was growing in her cunt as the whip landed again, beating into her panties. Her legs trembled and her ass bucked up, her thighs opening as she screamed into Cora’s cunt. She realized to her growing horror that her pussy was getting wet, her juices running down her cunt and into her panties.

The whip cut her cunt again and she bit Cora’s clit harder, sending the dark-haired little slave into spasms of gasping orgasm. But the passion grew in Jeanette. She sucked Cora’s cunt, waiting for the whip, not realizing that her thighs were straining open, her pussy jerking and thrusting up for the plaited leather.

Then it landed, and there were giggles around the room as the bound blonde screamed and sucked at Cora’s cunt. The whip lashed her again and she came, shuddering into an orgasm for the first time in her life. The pain and lust of the whip blended into one as she sucked Cora’s cunt, her ass thrust up and her pussy gushing juices into the remains of her panties.

“Ooohhhh, suck meeeee!” Cora wailed as she heaved on the coffee table, her legs spasming as she came. Her little tits rubbed against her hands as she soared higher with each sucking bite of Jeanette’s frantic mouth.

Jeanette hardly knew what she was doing as she heaved and sucked, driving Cora into higher spasms of climax as the whip lashed into her pussy and she came, sucking and writhing, her pussy erupting with depraved desire.

Vince whipped her faster, the whip curling continuously, lashing between her thighs, beating into her cunt as she climaxed, her whole body heaving with lust. The bound blonde’s bubbling screams came out of Cora’s cunt muffled and low, but it was obvious to them all that they weren’t just screams of pain.

The whip got faster, the tail lashing into Jeanette’s cunt until the last of her panties began to peel away from her wet, sucking flesh as she thrust her pussy up for the pain. Her ass jerked faster, and she sucked in frantic desire at Cora’s cunt.

With an endless wail of lust and agony, Jeanette climaxed. Then she screamed once more and passed out.


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