“There you are,” Vince said, stroking the tail of the whip over Jeanette’s ass. “She’s more than half trained already, and all with a little patience.”

“Yeah,” Galvin said, “I gotta hand it to you, Vince, you’re the best.”

Jeanette stirred, her blonde hair all over her face, her ass burning like hell and her tits throbbing with pain. But there was also a terrible, lingering satisfaction throbbing through her.

“Just experience,” Vince said, shrugging. “I think I’ll have a blow-job from the bitch. I bet it’s the first she’s given.”

“Sure,” Galvin said, shifting the massive bulge in his pants. “Go ahead, Vince, she’s all yours.”

But Cora didn’t like it. She pouted, getting off the coffee table and smoothing her little black skirt down over her thighs.

“That’s not fair, darling!” she moaned. “I can suck you much better than she can!” She slid her hand over the front of his pants, stroking his enormous cock. “Come on, darling, let me do it, she’s for Galvin!”

“One more word and I’ll make an example of you,” Vince said. “You go and take Galvin’s cock wherever he wants to put it.”

“Noooo, darling, you’re mine!” Cora wailed. “I’ve been good! I have!”

She gasped and pouted at him, falling to her knees and reaching for his pants.

“Stand up!” Vince shouted, and Cora rushed to obey him, her sulky mouth twisting as she undid the last button of her shirt and let her lovely small tits bounce out into view.

“Was I a bad girl?”

“You know how bad you were, and you came without permission,” Vince said, stroking the whip through his fingers.

Cora moaned and clung to him, her fingers running down into her panties in a shameless display of lust.

“Oh, please, darling, let me do it right here in front of the bitch!” she whispered. “Show her how a slave takes her punishment! Please!”

She sighed and came, her pussy throbbing as she rubbed it.

Vince looked at Galvin.

“Sure,” Galvin said. “As long as I get rid of this load of cum I’ve got. I’m fit to bust after watching the bitch come.”

Jeanette moaned, her whole body aching from the punishment she’d taken. She struggled against the bonds, but they wouldn’t move so she collapsed back against the cushions, her ass throbbing and her widespread legs shaking.

“You wanna fuck my sister, sure,” Jeanette heard Robin say, and suddenly Robin and Stan were standing over her, grinning down at her whipped and helpless body. “Fuck the bitch, why not?”

Jeanette moaned, and twisted. “Robin, please, don’t, I’ll be good! I’ll get a job, honest, just get rid of them, please!”

“Who the fuck cares?” Robin snapped, and pulled her sister up by her blonde hair. “You blew it, kid, you take what comes, and there’s a lot of coming around here.” She giggled with delight. “Hey, I like that. Now, Stan’s gonna fuck you. He’s always had the hots for you. But he wants to hurt you too, bitch. You’re such a cunt, everybody wants to hurt you!”

Jeanette broke down into sobs of horror.

“You’re gonna watch, you useless bitch!” Robin snarled. “Watch a pro take it!”

She nodded to where Cora was stroking Galvin’s cock and moaning as he slid open the belt of her little skirt and pushed the tight leather over her slim hips.

Jeanette shook from head to foot. She whispered pleadingly to Robin, but Robin ignored her. She felt the rasp of Stan’s hands on her whipped ass. It stuck up at the very top of the chair, her tattered panties hanging half off.

“Boy, she sure got it,” he said. “Look at her ass.”

Jeanette bit back a scream as he ran his hand over her ass. The very touch of his hard hand sent spasms of pain searing through her flesh. Her hair strained against Robin’s grip as her sister sat on the arm of the chair and held Jeanette’s head so the helpless blonde could see the horror developing right in front of her eyes.

“Would you like to get down on the floor and watch?” Cora asked Galvin as he slid her shirt off, leaving her in nothing but her tight panties, stockings and six-inch heels. “I can get you as deep as you like then.”

“You mean like you did it to that guy at the party last month?” he gasped.

“Yeahhhh!” she sighed. “You like that?”

“Fuck, you bet!” he gasped.

“All for you,” she whispered, sliding open the front of his pants and reaching for his cock. “Let me get these off for you. They get in the way.”

As Cora started pulling Galvin’s jeans off, Jeanette shuddered at the feel of Stan’s hand running inside the remains of her panties and over her whipped and sensitive ass. Her flesh ached as he chuckled and scraped his fingernails over it, drawing fresh red lines on her skin. She sobbed and tossed, her body shaking helplessly.

“Gotta get these off,” Stan said, gripping the sides of Jeanette’s ripped panties. He pulled and the last bits and pieces of the garment came away in his hand while Jeanette clutched the ropes, trying not to scream or beg him to stop.

“You know, Robin, this ass really would be almost as good as yours if the bitch lost a couple of pounds,” Stan said, and slapped Jeanette’s crimson asscheeks.

Jeanette reared up, shrieking in pain and biting her lip to avoid having the gag put back over her face.

Stan laughed and slid his cock over the tight entrance to Jeanette’s fuckhole.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, “she’s wet! I mean really wet!”

“She did come, honey,” Robin said, leaning back and grinning at him, her face bright.

“Yeah, but she’s sopping wet,” he said, and shoved his cock into Jeanette’s cunt, pushing nearly half his cock in on the first thrust.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Jeanette gasped, jerking on the back of the chair, her pussy walls exploding with sharp pain.

“Fuck, she’s tight too!” Stan gasped. “But I guess this hole hasn’t had much work!”

“None of the others either!” Robin laughed as she watched her boyfriend fuck his cock into her sister’s spasming cunt.

Jeanette gasped and heaved as the pain of the rock-hard cock ran through her pussy walls. Stan grunted and pulled back, his cockhead rasping in her fuck-channel as her muscles clutched at it, trying to close around it. He pushed again and Jeanette moaned, her ass spasming on the chair back as his prick fucked in almost all the way, filling her cunt with hard male cockmeat. The pain grew, surging out of her pussy walls and jerking her body around as Stan fucked her.

“Yeahhhhh!” he gasped, fucking his cock to the end of her fuckhole, puffing it back, then slamming it in again so hard that the chair bounced and rocked forward.

“Aahhhhh!” Jeanette groaned as her cunt shivered and throbbed. She clutched the bonds and gritted her teeth, trying ta endure the horrible rape as Stan started a long, hard fucking. Robin pulled her sister’s head up so Jeanette could watch as Cora spread her legs on either side of Galvin’s head and started to bend at the waist, leaning down toward his massive prick.

Behind Cora stood Vince, the whip in his hand, waiting for his slave.

But she was taking her time moving her head down, her body bent double, her ass thrusting up, the two globes of her asscheeks tight and firm. Cora’s lips came to the throbbing tip of Galvin’s cock and touched it. He moaned and thrust up, but all she did was pick up her panties from where they lay on the carpet and rub them over his cockshaft, caressing his heaving prick as she bobbed her mouth closer and closer to his cock.

“Fuuuuuck, I’ll come!” he roared. “I’m so fucking hot!”

“Then I’ll have to suck you even better, won’t I?” Cora purred, stroking his cock with her panties. “I’ve got to be whipped until I suck you off. You’ll like that, won’t you, watching my ass get whipped while my mouth is right down on your cock?”

“Oooohhhhhh!” he groaned. “Oooohhh, fuuuuuck!”

He groaned and writhed, his cock thrusting up in Cora’s little black panties, his pace getting faster and harder. He groaned, struggling on the carpet, his eyes fixed on the wet gash of Cora’s cunt.

“If I suck you now, you’ll come too soon,” Cora murmured, “and I won’t get all the punishment I deserve. I’ve been such a bad little slave. Please, Galvin, come in my panties, then let me suck you.”

“Ooohhhh!” Galvin moaned, his body jerking on the floor. “Fuuuuck, I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg!”

“Yes, come on, darling, come on!” Cora moaned, stroking his cock with her expert hands, holding her wet black panties over his throbbing shaft. “Shoot in my panties, the bitch can clean them!”

Her stretched legs opened even more, her six-inch heels scraping on the carpet.

“Yaaaahhhh!” Galvin shouted as his cock jerked and shot thick streams of cum into Cora’s black panties.

Jeanette could see the white cum hitting the damp nylon as he yelled and shot, the wads of his spunk shooting out under tremendous pressure.

“Ohhhh, yesss, come on, darling!” Cora groaned, stroking his cock, drawing out the whole of his cum load. “Make them all wet, darling, come on!”

Her legs shook in their black stockings as she stayed bent double, her hands stroking and squeezing his cock as it shot more jizz into her panties.

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuuck, yeaaahhhh!” Galvin yelled, his cock pouring cum, the white stain spreading across the black material.

Cora purred and stroked, drawing every last drop of jizz out of his cock before she stopped.

“Was that good, darling?” she asked. “Ooohhh, yeaaahhhh!” he sighed, his cock throbbing as cum dribbled out of his piss-slit.

“You wait till I suck it!” Cora whispered. She straightened up and looked at Vince. “Can I?”

“Go ahead,” he said.

Cora walked up to Jeanette. “Free her hands,” she said to Robin.

Jeanette sobbed as her hands were released. She rubbed her wrists, moaning a little, her head down as Robin tossed the ropes to the side and sat back down on the arm of the chair.

Cora pushed the panties at Jeanette. “Take them.”

“No, please,” Jeanette whispered, wondering what horror was coming next.

Robin got up and picked up the rod. “Yes, yes!” Jeanette screamed, taking the panties, her whole body shuddering with revulsion at the feel of the sticky nylon.

“Suck them clean,” Cora said, “by the time I’ve sucked Galvin off. Real clean, bitch.”

“What? Nooooo!” Jeanette wailed, her pussy shuddering around Stan’s cock as it fucked into her cunt.

“What the fuck did you say, whore?” Cora snarled.

“Noooo, pleaseeee – aaaghghhhhh!” Jeanette screeched as the rod lashed into her ass. “Ohhhhh, nooooo, please!”

The rod lashed her ass again.

“And keep your fucking voice down or it’ll be the gag again,” Cora said as Jeanette leaped, her scream ringing around the room.

“All right, I will, all right!” Jeanette wailed, trying to bring the panties to her mouth.

It took another stroke of the rod before Jeanette could bring herself to stick her tongue out and taste the fresh salty goo of Galvin’s cum on the panties.

“Get used to it, bitch, you’re gonna get a lot more.” Galvin chuckled as he lay on the carpet.

Cora grinned and turned away, striding back to Galvin and leaning over him, her mouth moving to his cock. But this time she didn’t hesitate. She took hold of his prick and sank her soft mouth over his cockhead, sucking at the hard flesh.

“Are you ready to take your punishment now?” Vince asked, stroking the tail of the whip in his fingers.

Cora gurgled and moaned with lust, moving her mouth back up to the tip of Galvin’s cock. “Oooohhh, yesss, master, yesss, please punish me good, I’ve been soooo bad!”

“Good,” Vince said, and the whip started to circle and twist over his head.

Jeanette wept and moaned as she licked at the terrible pair of little black panties, taking up thick gobs of Galvin’s cum with her tongue. It tasted disgusting and the smell assaulted her nostrils. But it was better than the pain of the whip, so she kept on running her tongue over the slick nylon, letting the thick gobs of cockcream run down her throat. At the same time, Stan’s cock fucked in and out of her pussy, his cockhead stroking over her pussy walls as he gripped and pulled at her whipped ass.

But Jeanette couldn’t take her eyes off Cora as the little slave ran her mouth down the length of Galvin’s cock, taking the massive prick into her throat, her neck bulging as it pushed deeper. Jeanette licked up another gob of cum as Vince lashed Cora’s tight ass.

Vince lashed in circles, so that the whip beat into Cora’s ass, swung around and cut straight back in again, leaving her ass red after a very few strokes.

But Cora didn’t scream at first. Instead, a gurgle of lust rang out of her throat and she thrust her head down deeper on Galvin’s cock, taking the thick prick to the balls, her throat spasming over the hard flesh. At the same time, her ass jerked up, thrusting up at the whip as it lashed her. Then her screams of lust burst out from around his cock as her head pumped up and down, and even Jeanette could see that the little slave was coming, spasming in climax with each beat of the whip.

“Come on, bitch!” Stan yelled at Jeanette. “Get fucking me, whore, you’ll get yours soon!”

He thrust his cock into Jeanette’s shuddering pussy, gripping her sore ass and bringing a moan of pain out of the bound blonde.

“Suck it,” Robin said to Jeanette, leaning down and pushing the panties at her sister’s face. “Lick that cum out, you stuck-up whore!”

She passed the rod under Jeanette’s eyes, and the helpless girl sobbed as she took the panties back to her mouth, licking at them as she stared helplessly at the brutal whipping Cora was getting.

The little slave was screaming with lust at each blow, her ass jerking and her voice muffled by the immense rod of Galvin’s prick as it thrust deep in her throat. Her head bobbed up as her ass bucked for the whip, then slammed down as the thin leather cut across her flesh, driving another curling line of agony into her ass.

Galvin was moaning and writhing on the floor as his cock sank to the depths of Cora’s throat and he watched her ass take the beating, the tight asscheeks twitching as the pain sent the littie brunette into endless waves of orgasm.

“Suck it!” Robin shouted, and beat the rod down into Jeanette’s ass, beating the thin rubber into her sister’s flesh only an inch or so from her boyfriend’s thrusting prick.

Jeanette gasped and a low scream escaped her lips as she licked at the panties again, running her tongue over the material. But what cum was left was now matted into the nylon and her tongue couldn’t get at it.

“Suck it!” Robin yelled, lashing her sister mercilessly.

“Aaaahhh! Please, noooo!” Jeanette cried, but the rod lashed in again and she sucked at some cum on the panties. The rod landed again and she screamed.

“I’m doing it!” she moaned. “I’ll do it for you!”

“Fuck that,” Robin said. “I’ll whip you if I want to.”

Jeanette sobbed and wept, sucking at the panties while Stan’s cock fucked in and out of her pussy, stroking over her cunt walls and driving spasms of pain and passion through her. Jeanette moaned, sucking at the panties, tasting Cora’s cunt juices as well as Galvin’s cum as she tried to stop the terrible surges of depraved lust that were growing in her pussy.

“Uuuurrrhhh!” Galvin yelled as he lay on the carpet, his head right between Cora’s spread legs, watching her ass pulse to the beat of the whip as her mouth moved down his cock, taking his cockhead into her throat and sucking at it, demanding another rush of cum from him. “Uuuuhhh, fuck, she’s great, Vince, how do you do it?”

“Learn to spot them, Galvin,” Vince said, lashing his slave into another helpless spasm of orgasm. “Ready to shoot?”

“Yeahhh, yeah, fuck, her throat is unbelievable!” Galvin gasped, his cock thrusting up into Cora’s throat.

“Train that one, Galvin and she’ll be as good,” Vince said, and swung the whip down, lashing the tip right between Cora’s thighs.

As the whip cut into her pussy, Cora went out of her mind with orgasm, her pussy jerking and throbbing, her mouth ramming to the base of Galvin’s cock, sucking at it as her legs shook, her ass still bucking slowly to the demands of her throbbing orgasm.

“Yeahhh!” Galvin yelled. “She’s done it – oohh, fuuuck!”

He thrust as his balls shot out another hot stream of jizz. He ran his hands up Cora’s legs.

“Come on, bitch, suck it clean, she’s coming!” Robin yelled, and whipped her sister’s ass, the thin rod beating into Jeanette’s helpless flesh.

Jeanette screamed into the panties, using them now as a gag to block her wails of agony. But her ass was thrusting back for the pain, her pussy going wild over Stan’s cock, which jerked in her cunt. The rod cut her ass and she moaned, the deep, depraved passion running out of the pain and setting her cunt shuddering in rising lust.

“Fuck, she’s coming again, Robin!” Stan yelled. “Come on, whip the sit, she’s into it, come on!”

He thrust his cock at Jeanette’s cunt, and the throbbing length of his prick went into spasms as he started to pour cum out of his balls. “Whip her!”

Jeanette screamed into the panties as the rod cut her ass and Stan’s cock exploded deep into her pussy, pouring out streams of hot jism. She thrust back at Stan’s cock shamelessly, her ass bucking. Her gurgling moans of lust rang out as she sucked at Cora’s panties, her pussy spasming and sucking at Stan’s shooting cock.

“Ooohhhh, yeahhhhh, what a cunt, Robin, almost as good as yours!” Stan yelled as he came, his cock shooting spunk.

Galvin was yelling just as hard as his cock shot cum into Cora’s sucking mouth. The little slave’s throat spasmed around his prick as she drew the full load of his cum out, and her ass jerked up as she came, taking strokes of the whip across her pussy and asscheeks. As she moaned and sucked, the shameless little whore allowed some of Galvin’s cum to dribble down his heaving cockshaft, then flicked out her wicked little tongue to take it back in. She thrust her mouth to the base of his cock one more time as he gasped and moaned. He moaned and fell back on the carpet, gasping with satisfaction, Cora’s mouth still caressing and sucking at his cock.

“Yeaaahhh!” Stan yelled as his last shot of cum gushed into Jeanette’s cunt.

He held her tight while Robin gave the bound blonde another three strokes, making Jeanette’s pussy suck the very last of the cum out of his prick.

“Ooohh, that was nice!” Stan gasped, and pulled his cock out of Jeanette’s cunt. He dropped into a chair, leaving the bound blonde sobbing into the panties.

Dora slid her mouth up off Galvin’s cock and licked his softening cockhead. “Was that good, darling?”

“Fuck, that was great!” he moaned. “That was the best!”

“Never let a slave think she’s too good,” Vince said. “Now get over here, Cora.”

“Yes, darling, yessss!” Cora gasped, and got up at once. She almost ran over to him, her hands rubbing her sore ass. “I was good, please, darling, wasn’t I?”

“Maybe,” he said. “If you help me get the suck I want from that bitch.”

“Of course, darling!” Cora gasped. “Whatever you want!”


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