Jeanette fought him, her terror making her stronger than ever before, but still she wasn’t a match for Galvin. He gripped her wrists after a short struggle and forced her face to the wall, holding her there as he turned to Stan. “Okay,” he said, “go get it.”

Stan got up and put his clothes on while. Jeanette screamed at Galvin and struggled, her arms aching horribly.

“Stop that, bitch,” he said, “or you’ll be over the chair while we wait.”

Jeanette broke into sobs as she stopped her screams, but she gasped as Galvin spun her around and forced her to her knees, holding her by one arm. Then he leaned down, pulling her head up while he leaned in on her ass, pushing his cock at her asscrack, forcing her hips out.

“Do you want anything, darling?” Cora asked Vince.

“Just give Galvin some help,” he said. “You know what comes next.”

“Oh yessss!” Cora purred, and turned to Galvin. “Can I whip her for you?”

“She’s gonna need more than that,” he said, and got up out of the chair.

Jeanette gasped as the stimulation to her pussy stopped. She jerked and shivered. Struggling against the bonds, she looked up and saw that Galvin was standing over her, a terrible grin on his face. Then she knew she was in real trouble.

“Go wash yourself, bitch, you stink,” Galvin said, and slapped her face.

Jeanette sobbed and rushed for the bathroom, holding her sore face. She closed the door and leaned against it, sobbing and weeping as she tried to get her breath back. But Cora pushed the door open and came in, shoving Jeanette to the shower.

“Don’t wait, bitch,” she said. “If you wanna get clean, get clean!”

“I’ve got to use the bathroom!” Jeanette moaned.

“Get on with it, then!” Cora snapped, and leaned against the wall, waiting.

Jeanette realized that she wasn’t going to get any privacy at all, but she needed to piss too badly to hold it in. She sat on the toilet and pissed. Then she took a shower, washing her hair until the stink was gone. Finally Cora took her out again.

Jeanette got another shock then. Standing by the wet patch on the carpet was some deodorizer, rags and a bucket of hot water.

It was just another humiliation for Jeanette, but it hurt. She cleaned the wet patch with the rags and water, then sprinkled deodorizer until Robin was satisfied.

“Yeahhh,” Galvin said, advancing on Jeanette. “Tell me you’re not gonna do it, bitch, just tell me!”

Robin and Stan were getting closer to coming as they fucked. Robin was moaning and gasping, pushing herself off the pillows and ramming her cunt back at him for more.

“Come on, bitch, suck him off fast! I wanna come and watch you swallow cum, bitch, so do it!”

Robin gasped as Stan gripped her tits, holding her tight as his cock went out of control.

“Baby – oooh baby!” Stan gasped, fucking his prick into Robin’s cunt with strong strokes. “Jeez, your cunt is good!”

She gasped, her pussy spasming over Stan’s cock as he twisted her nipples.

Jeanette moaned with horror, struggling to do better, but unable to take any more.

It was Galvin, grinning at her, the whip in his hand.

“You know what to do,” he said. “Beg for it.” He drew the whip up and ran it over Jeanette’s thighs once more. “Beg for it!”

Jeanette shuddered and sobbed, knowing she faced a terrible crisis. Without the whip, she would never suck him well enough to bring him off and satisfy Robin. But to get it, she had to sink to the ultimate degradation and beg for pain. Her head spun and she burst into tears.


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