Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn,

The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in the corn.

Where is the boy who looks after the sheep?

He’s under a haystack, fast asleep.

“Guess where I found this one, Mother?”

She looked up from her tea, seeing Little Boy Blue dragging in the young man she had recently hired to help Peep look after the sheep.

“Oh, no, not again!” Mother tsked, standing and moving toward them.

“You guessed it, under the haystack, fast asleep!” Blue exclaimed, shaking his head and grabbing the young man by his shirt collar, forcing him to his knees on the floor. “You bow before Mother, swine,” he hissed.

Mother squatted down near the young man, lifting his chin. He was dirty, but his eyes were a clear, bright, and very defiant blue. “Tommy boy,” Mother murmured, licking her thumb and rubbing it over a smudge on the young man’s cheek. He jerked his head away, glaring at her.

Mother sighed, folding her arms, and stood to look at Blue. “Are these magic sheep I have?” she wondered aloud. “Do they fly out of their pens?”

“You see, Blue.” Mother pointed to the wall, where Peep was bound again in pink satin sashes, her face streaked with tears, awaiting her third punishment in three days.

“It appears no one can keep track of the sheep!”

“Perhaps our little sheep herders have been occupying themselves together, Mother,” Blue suggested, raising a dark eyebrow at her.

Mother smiled, narrowing her eyes. “Ah, perhaps.” She advanced toward Peep and the girl lowered her head even further. Mother had her stripped completely bare today, and she was nothing but creamy pink skin and honey-colored hair.

“Is this true, Peep?” Mother asked quietly. “Have you and Tom been occupying yourselves together while my sheep run willy-nilly through town?”

“Leave her alone!” Tom hissed at her over his shoulder as Blue moved to restrain the young man.

Mother raised her eyebrows and met Blue’s eyes. “Ah, I see.” She pressed the young man between herself and Blue as she leaned in to whisper something into Blue’s ear. He nodded, smiling, and picked Tom up under the arm, dragging him toward where Peep was kneeling.

“I don’t think satin ribbons will keep this one, Mother,” Blue remarked, reaching for a manacle attached to a chain hooked into the wall. Tom struggled as Blue snapped the first one around his wrist, but the bigger man held him fast, grabbing the other arm and locking the other manacle. Tom strained against the chains, but he couldn’t go any further than a few feet from the wall, his arms above his head.

Mother moved toward him, her heels clicking on the stone floor and her lace peignoir shifting around her thighs as she advanced. Tom glared at her, but she smiled at him, shaking her head. “There’s a fire in this one, Blue. Now I remember why I acquired him.”

“He’s got spunk,” Blue agreed, folding his arms and watching Mother as she began to unbutton the young man’s shirt.

“I bet he does.” Mother chuckled, reaching into Tom’s breeches. He gasped as she squeezed his testicles, tugging and twisting them slightly. “The harness, please, Blue,” she murmured, feeling Tom’s cock growing in her hand in spite of the resentment in his eyes. “Oh, my… the big one.”

Blue grinned, going over to the cabinet and opening it. Peep watched him through the cascade of her hair, whimpering. He patted her on the head as he passed back, carrying something that looked like a bunch of leather straps.

“Do whatever you want to me,” Tom said as Mother began removing his breeches. She left his shirt on but open. “Just leave Peep alone.” Mother took the harness from Blue, shaking her head at the young man. “Yes, I will do whatever I want to you,” she said softly, kneeling to inspect him. Peep had raised her head and was watching closely as Mother stroked Tom’s cock. “And to our Little Bo Peep, as well.” Tom struggled against his bonds, his face reddening almost as much as his stiffening member.

Mother smiled up at him, and then glanced over at Peep, who was licking her little lips as she watched. “You see, she likes it, Tom,” Mother explained, pressing his cock up against his hard, flat belly, rubbing it there as she fondled his balls with her other hand and began to fasten the leather straps around them. “She likes it a great deal-and not just with you, believe me, dearie!”

Tom glanced over at the girl, but her head was lowered again, her hair hiding her face. Mother continued to work the leather around his cock, tightening it around his testicles and the base of his shaft. She buckled the straps, murmuring to herself, “One, two, let’s buckle you…” Mother admired her handiwork, seeing him standing straight up and out. Tom looked down at her, his eyes wide as she smiled up at him and planted a kiss on the tip of him before standing.

“What do you think, Blue?” Mother looked over at the big man standing by watching.

“Should hold him for a while.” Blue nodded with a smile.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Mother’s eyes were bright as she stood, walking over to where Peep knelt, her head bowed so low her golden hair fell in a pool on the floor. The older woman leaned over and began to untie her. Peep didn’t make a peep-she stayed just that way, with her hands behind her back, as if she were still restrained.

“Ah, you are such a good girl,” Mother remarked, stroking Peep’s back with her hand. “A faster learner. Up, pet.”

Mother twined her hand in Peep’s hair and she stood, her hands still tucked behind her back. “You know you aren’t allowed to fraternize,” Mother admonished her, leaning in close enough Peep could smell the mint tea she’d been drinking on her breath.

“I’m sorry, Mother,” Peep whispered, swallowing hard. She felt tears stinging her eyes again. “It was just-”

Mother raised an eyebrow. “Oh, this should be good. What was it just, darling?” Peep looked over at Tom, who was watching them both with darkening eyes.

“Nothing, Mother,” Peep whispered. “It was nothing.” Mother smiled, turning to Tom and bringing Peep along with her, this time grabbing her by the wrist. “You see, Tom, it was nothing. She said so herself.”

“I don’t believe it,” Tom replied, his eyes blazing. Mother eyed them both and then forced the young girl to her knees in front of him.

“You can believe whatever you like, precious,” she told him, petting Peep’s hair.

“But she does my bidding-and so do you. Isn’t that right, pet?”

“Yes, Mother,” Peep whispered, her eyes turned up to them both.

“Who is your mistress?” Mother asked, stroking Peep’s cheek.

“You are, Mother.”

“Who loves you?” she asked, rubbing her fingers over the girl’s soft lips.

“You do, Mother.”

“Who gives you more pleasure than you ever knew possible?” Peep closed her eyes for a moment, her nostrils flaring at the memory. “You do, Mother.”

The older woman smiled, her eyes soft as she reached to tweak Peep’s hard pink nipple. “Yes, that’s my good girl.” Mother turned her eyes to Tom, and they hardened as she saw his jaw working, his fists clenched.

“You will say the same, before the day is out, dear Tom,” Mother told him, her eyes roaming over the muscles in his chest straining against his bonds.

“Never,” he spat.

Mother laughed, the sound light and delighted. “Hickory, dickory dock,” Mother murmured. “Now you shall suck his cock,” she instructed the girl, pushing her head toward Tom’s engorged member. It was still incredibly hard, the leather straps keeping the blood flow restricted.

Peep began by licking the head, her tongue working around and around. She kept her hands on her thighs, using just her lips and mouth on him, taking him in a bit at a time, wetting him with her saliva. Mother watched, her eyes flickering from Tom’s face, which was beginning to belie his pleasure, to Peep’s, the girl looking adoringly up at him as if she were worshipping his member.

Mother glanced over at Blue, who was watching them both as well, his eyes moving with the motion of Peep’s head over Tom’s cock. She smiled, sidling over to him and pressing into his side.

“Isn’t it a lovely show?” Mother whispered. Tom was moaning now, thrusting into Peep’s waiting, willing mouth.

Blue nodded, his eyes never moving from them. “Yes, Mother.” She leaned in to his ear. “Mmmmmm Blue,” she purred, her hand sliding down the front of him, finding out just how hard he was. “You need someone to blow that horn.”

He smiled, a slow, lopsided thing, his eyes flicking down to her face and then back to the action, Peep choking and gagging on Tom’s cock now, tears coming out of the corners of her eyes, and still she took him, over and over. The young man was up on his toes, trying to get as much of himself into her as he could, and Mother heard his moans of pleasure mixed with a hint of frustration.

“I would never refuse you, Mother.” Blue’s eyes fell from hers to her breasts, pressed up in her black corset.

“I’ll be right back,” she said with a wink, moving toward Peep and Tom. She knelt down next to the girl for a moment, watching her trying to swallow him, her cheeks

bulging, saliva running down her chin. Mother’s eyes were bright and shining as she touched Peep’s shoulder, pulling her back.

“Very nice, darling.” She praised the girl, who looked at her with dazed eyes.

Mother looked at Tom’s cock, a bright, angry, throbbing red, pulsing with his blood. The young man was panting, sweating, his muscles tight and hard. Mother stood and backed him against the wall with her body, putting her knee between his thighs, her lips inches from his.

“You see, Tom,” Mother explained, feeling his ragged breath against her face.

“These lovely leather straps?” She gave them a tug and he groaned, bucking against her, his eyes closing. “They won’t let you come. You can stay hard practically forever… until I decide it’s time for you to finish.”

Tom’s eyes flew open and he stared at her, aghast. She smiled at his final understanding and patted his cheek with her hand.

“Did you fuck my little Peep?” Mother asked him, pulling the straps again. He grunted and shuddered. “Answer me, dear.”

“Yes,” he moaned as she began to move her hand over his shaft, still slick with Peep’s saliva.

“Well, then, you shall fuck her again,” Mother said, pursing her lips. “For my pleasure, this time.”

Mother helped Peep to stand, her hands roaming over the girl’s body, cupping her breasts and slipping down her smooth, flat tummy to probe through the soft, downy hair between her thighs. “Oh, my,” Mother exclaimed, her fingers pushing in deeper.

“You are so very wet. Did you like that big, hard cock in you?”

Peep nodded, her eyes downcast. “Yes, Mother,” she whispered.

“Do you want it inside of you now?” the older woman asked, making Peep rock with the motion of her hand between her legs.

“Ohhh,” Peep moaned, leaning her forehead against Mother’s shoulder as the woman fingered her. “Oh yes, Mother…please.”

Mother removed her fingers, lifting the glistening digits to Tom’s mouth and spreading the wetness over his lips. “That’s honey,” she murmured. “From my little honeybee.” She watched as Tom sucked her fingers, feeling an ache between her own legs as he did.

“She’s a good little worker,” Mother murmured, edging Peep back, closer and closer to Tom. “And she’s going to work your cock until you can’t stand it. Are you ready, Tom?”

He moaned in response as Mother took his cock in her hand, bending Peep over with the other and aiming him at her pink little hole from behind. Mother rubbed him all over her wetness, teasing Peep’s clit with the tip. She whimpered, wiggling her hips back and forth.

“Slide on,” Mother told Peep, watching as the girl edged back, pressing Tom into the wall as she impaled herself on his stiff member. Tom groaned as she began to move her hips, grinding back into him, working the length of his shaft along her soft, velvet walls.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” Mother whispered, her hand slipping between her legs as she watched them, her pussy a dark, glistening treasure. “Now, don’t you stop, pet. Not until I say. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mother,” Peep panted, her eyes half closed and her mouth a little “o” as she bent herself in half, her hands on her knees as she worked her hips against Tom.

Mother slipped her peignoir off her shoulders, turning to where Blue was still standing, watching them all. His gaze followed her as she approached, dipping down her corset, over her garters and fishnets and boots, and back up again to where her fingers lingered in the darkness between her thighs.

“Let’s see what you have for Mother,” she whispered as she knelt before him and undid his breeches. Blue threw his head back as she took him into her hand, and then into her mouth, her tongue deft, her fingers skilled, pulling the skin back and taking him all without a hint or a sign of difficulty.

Mother’s fingers worked between her legs as she sucked him, rubbing circles against her clit as she watched Peep and Tom out of the corner of her eye. The young girl moaned as she fucked him, pinching her rosy nipples and reaching to rub her clit.

She was the vision of a wanton little glutton, using his cock between her legs, riding him to greater and greater heights.

Mother smiled up at Blue as his pre-cum began to flow, and she saw him watching them, too. Peep’s cries of pleasure were like the mews of a tiny kitten, plaintive and tenderly vulnerable. Tom groaned, his head bowed in defeat, submitting to the fucking he was getting like a good boy, Mother noticed, his noises caught somewhere between pleasure and pain, exactly where they should be.

“Fuck me, Blue,” Mother murmured, standing up and lifting her leg, wrapping it around him. “But don’t come. I want you to save that for Peep.”

Blue groaned, whispering, “Thank you, Mother,” in her hair as he pressed her to the wall, driving his stiff cock deep inside of her. She turned her head so she could still see them both, Peep doing her stooped, sinuous dance, her hair whipping around as she tossed her head back.

“Harder, Blue,” Mother whispered, his cock a thick, bulging swell, filling her completely. He panted, thrusting into her with all of his force, rocking her into the wall.

She lifted her other leg around him and he held her there with the weight of him, plunging through her flesh, making her moan and bite into his shoulder.

Peep shuddered, moaned, half-crying, her orgasm moving through her and making her press back hard against Tom. He moaned, too, low and long, and Mother saw, when Peep pull forward, how hard and red his cock was. It was almost time.

“Oh, Blue,” Mother whispered, digging the heels of her boots into his back and rolling her hips in circles. He didn’t stop, but pressed forward, following her rhythm and then speeding it up, urging her on. “Oh god, yesssssssss,” she hissed, her climax a sweet burst of pleasure flooding over his cock in thick waves.

Peep’s motion was slow and easy now, still working Tom’s cock, but with less fervor. Mother shuddered and whispered into Blue’s ear, “Now you can have her.”

“Thank you, Mother.” Blue let her down gently, his cock still a rising staff as he pulled out of her. She wiped a bit of dark hair out of her eyes and then moved toward them, laying her hand on Peep’s lower back as she rolled her hips around and around.

The girl looked up at her, questioning.

“Little Bo Peep,” Mother murmured, stroking the girl’s ass. Poor Tom’s cock was so red it was almost purple, she could see it sinking slowly in and out of Peep’s soft blonde curls. His head was down, his eyes closed. “This is Little Boy Blue.” The man stepped around Mother, and Peep’s eyes widened at the sight of his member. “Little?” she choked.

Mother chuckled. “Once, he was,” she winked. “Be good to her, Blue.”

“Yes, Mother.” Blue said watched the older woman ease Peep off of Tom. The girl stood looking up at Blue, trembling. Mother’s hand went to Tom’s cock, squeezing and rubbing it. He groaned, shaking his head from side to side.

“Come here, little one.” Blue ran his hands over Peep’s breasts. She followed him over to the bed, and Mother watched fondly as Blue bent her over the mattress, aiming his cock toward her wet, pink flesh. Peep squealed, spreading her legs wider as he began to fuck her, his hand gripping her hips.

“Now, Tom.” Mother turned back to the young man still chained to the wall. “Do we fall asleep on our watch?”

“No, Mother.” He shuddered as she eased her hand up and down over his flesh.

“Do we fraternize while we are working?” Mother reached down to find the leather straps.

“No, Mother.” He lifted his eyes to meet hers. Mother smiled, seeing something in them she liked. She unbuckled the strap around his shaft and he hissed and then groaned.

“Who is your mistress?” Mother rubbed the tip of his cock through the slick wetness between her legs.

“Oh, god,” he cried. “You are. You are, Mother.”

“Yes,” she whispered, easing forward a little and pressing him into her as she hooked one leg around him. She began moving on him, his cock still slick from Peep’s juices. She heard Peep mewling behind her, and Blue moaning with every thrust. The sound was gratifying and made her smile. Tom watched them over her shoulder, his face a mask of pain and fascination.

“She’s a beautiful girl.” Mother made circles with her hips, around and around.

Tom gasped. “And she is mine.” Mother leaned in to whisper, “You are mine.” Tom’s hips were moving with her now, his cock an iron bar thrust up inside her.

“Yes, Mother,” he moaned. “Yes, yes.”

“Who loves you?” Mother reached down between them and undid the last buckle with one hand.

Tom shuddered, his eyes rolling back into his head. “Oh, please,” he murmured.

“You do, Mother. You do.”

“That’s right,” she purred, squeezing all of her muscles around him. He grimaced and bit his lip. Behind them, they heard Peep and Blue making sounds like they were riding a tidal wave toward shore. Mother glanced behind her and saw Blue pounding into the girl, holding onto her hair for leverage. She moaned and thrust back against him.

“And who gives you more pleasure than you ever thought possible?” Mother rocked her hips back and forth now, shoving the tip of his cock up into her again and again. Mother heard Blue cry out his last bit of lustful release, and the sound filled her as Blue pumped his seed into the girl behind her.

“You do, Mother,” Tom groaned. “Oh my fucking god! Yes! You, Mother, it’s all for you!”

“Yes!” She let the last strap around his testicles loose and worked her hot, wet pussy on his cock. Tom’s eyes flew open for a moment and then snapped closed again as he finally came, the force of it making him buck forward into her, growling and grunting and thrusting with all of his might. It went on forever, it seemed, wave after glorious wave pulsing into Mother’s waiting pussy.

When he was spent, Mother undid each shackle, easing him down to the floor.

He rested there, his back against the wall, panting and breathless, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. She looked behind her to see Peep sprawled out on the bed in the same dazed state.

Blue pulled up his breeches and walked toward her. “Is there anything more I can do for you, Mother?”

Mother smiled. “I think those sheep were into Mary’s garden again,” she said, touching Blue’s cheek. “You know how contrary she gets. Will you find out for me?”

“Yes, Mother.” Blue nodded and turned toward the door.

“Willie!” Mother called, waiting for the little man to appear. He did so just as Blue was departing. “We have another mess to clean up, I’m afraid.”


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