The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts

She made some tarts

All on a summer’s day…

“Willie, where is my red corset?” Mother called loudly, sweeping aside the clothes in her wardrobe as she began going through them again, one at a time.

“Is this it, Mother?” Muffy picked up a corset from a pile on the bed.

“Ah, there is it!” The nude woman made her way over to the young girl, slipping her fingers under her chin and petting her there with a smile. “Thank you, dearest.”

“Willie!” Mother called again, impatient, slipping into the corset and looking into the mirror as she adjusted it over her curves. “Where is he?”

“I can lace you, Mother,” Muffy offered, sliding off the big bed, her pink babydoll nightgown slipping up her thighs and revealing the newly shaved mound underneath.

Mother’s eyes lingered there for a moment and she smiled, turning and offering her back to the girl. “Thank you, darling.”

The girl’s hands were expert-she had done this often in the past month-pulling the older woman’s stays tight as she worked her way up. The corset left Mother’s full breasts as exposed as the dark triangle of hair was between her thighs.

“My stockings.” Mother sat on the bed while Muffy retrieved them from the drawer. The red fishnets slid up over her long, slim legs, and she stood to let the younger girl fasten the garters and straighten her seams.

“You don’t usually wear this color, Mother,” Muffy remarked, her little fingers working the last garter fastener.

“No,” Mother agreed, taking a long, white, see-through lace peignoir from her wardrobe and slipping it over her shoulders. She buttoned the middle two buttons, and looked at herself in the mirror. Her dark nipples poked the fine lace, and her bush was visible when she walked. Perfect. “Have you seen my red boots?”

“No, Mother,” Muffy replied.

“Willie!” Mother called again, giving an exasperated sigh. “Where is he?”

“Are you going somewhere, Mother?” Muffy asked, still kneeling on the floor.

“We are, precious,” Mother said, patting the soft, blonde curls framing the girl’s pink cheeks. “And we are going to have to dress you, as well.”

“Me?” Muffy looked up with wide, blue eyes.

The door burst open and Willie came in dragging one of Mother’s kittengirls by the scruff of her neck. She was clawing at him.

“I apologize, Mother,” the little man said, struggling with the hissing cat girl. He had a long, angry red scratch across his cheek. “Eve here lost her mittens again.”

“Tsk tsk,” Mother murmured, taking the cat girl from him and cradling her. The three kittens she had taken from Mary had grown as quickly as she said they would.

This kittengirl was nearly taller than Willie now. She was more like a small child than a cat. “What am I going to do with you?”

The catgirl began to purr, nuzzling her soft black ears against Mother’s neck and chin, her rough kitty tongue licking the woman’s cheek.

“Willie, I need my red boots,” Mother explained, unhooking the kitten’s claws from her lace peignoir. “And we’ll need a red babydoll nightie for Muffy-but no panties. I want to show off her sweet little mound.”

The girl’s eyes were wide, her face crimson. “Wh-where are we going, Mother?”

“To visit the Queen of Hearts,” Mother said, her eyes bright. “We are going to have a wonderful afternoon, darling.”

“Yes, Mother.” Willie said pulled a pair of tall red boots from Mother’s closet.

“Shall I call Blue for the carriage?”

“Yes.” The woman smiled, taking the high-heeled boots and sliding one of them on. The catgirl stretched out on her back on the stone floor, exposing her human belly and budding breasts. “And Willie? Can you take Eve back to her siblings?” The little man grasped the catgirl’s pink collar. She mewed, but followed him readily enough now. “Yes, Mother.”

* * *

“Now, remember, Muffy,” Mother reminded her as the carriage pulled through the gates. “You curtsy for the Queen, just as I taught you. Remember always to call her

‘Your Majesty.’ And never, ever correct her if she says something, especially if it’s about a color.”

“Color?” Muffy’s smooth brow creased and her little nose wrinkled.

“Yes,” Mother remarked, pulling on her gloves. “The Queen has a rare form of color blindness-she can see red, and a few other variations, but not many.” The carriage door opened, and Blue held his hand out, helping Mother down.

There were many carriages parked already, the horses nickering and pawing the ground in the sunshine. They could hear music and the sound of laughter.

“Mother,” Muffy pleaded, leaning forward in her seat but not coming out of the carriage. “I cannot go out like this.”

“Nonsense!” Mother replied, nodding her head to Blue. “You are wearing far more than most will have on today. You’ll see. Come along, Muffy dear.” Blue held his hand out for the girl, and she winced as her bare feet touched the gravel drive. The sheer red baby-doll nightgown didn’t come past her hips, and her tender pussy lips and round bottom were fully exposed as she followed Mother, wide-eyed, around a large stone wall and into the garden.

Muffy walked behind her and off to the side, the grass cool against her bare feet, following the click of Mother’s boot heels along the stone pathway. They stopped at another wooden gate, where a rather hulking young man sat on a three-legged stool.

“Pass?” he asked, holding out his hand. Mother opened her beaded red handbag and handed him a small, strange looking coin, something altogether unfamiliar to Muffy.

He unlocked the gate and opened it. When it swung open, Mother heard the young girl gasp and she smiled.

“Stay close to Mother, dear,” she warned, as the gate closed behind them. The large enclosed patio was surrounded by thick-growing red rose bushes. The air was redolent with the smell of them. The vendors circled the patio, their wares or games on display.

“It’s a carnival!” Muffy exclaimed, clapping her hands. Everything was red-the vendors’ tents, the deep brick stone tiles that made up the patio floor, the archway covered in roses that they walked through. Even the people milling around talking, laughing, dancing-they all wore red and white, when they wore anything at all.

“Of sorts,” Mother chuckled. Beside them, a finely coiffed young woman wearing nothing but a smile led a small dog-faced boy on a collar and leash. He barked at Muffy, and she shrank behind Mother with wide eyes.

In the middle of the patio sat the Queen on her red velvet throne. She was watching a display to her left, a group of dancing fairies, each no bigger than her hand.

It was a beautiful sight, their silver wings whirring as they moved together in unison.

Muffy stared as they began to make their way around the large circle, moving in and out of the throng of people. Mother stopped to look at some satin—red, of course—and Muffy stared at a booth where a young red haired woman seemed to be playing some sort of game where people gathered around to watch.

A long row of phalluses had been set up and secured onto a wooden platform, and the redhead playing was making her way down the row, sliding her pussy down onto each progressively larger phallus as she went. She was about halfway down the line, and her pussy was stretched wide. She rocked a little, smiling as she climbed off that one and moved on to the next.

“Would you like to play?” Mother asked, watching the girl’s interest. Muffy stared at the end of the line-a huge black phallus, thicker than Blue’s wrist and almost as long as his forearm.

“No,” she whispered, shaking her head and shrinking back against the older woman’s side.

Another booth revealed two naked young women reclining next to each other on a raised, soft mattress, their legs open to admit two lines of men leading toward each of

them. They both looked exhausted, and yet when one man was done, another took his place, in an endless round.

“Who wins?” Muffy asked.

“The one who doesn’t give out first,” Mother replied with a smile.

Around they went, looking at the strange and interesting wares, everything from leather straps and contraptions to fine clothing-all red. There was even a booth selling kitten-like humans similar to the ones that Mother had brought home. The next booth had dog-like humans, just puppies, really, that Muffy stopped to pet.

“What do you think of that?” Mother nodded toward a long line of naked human forms linked together in a myriad of ways. There was one small dark-haired woman making her way through the throng, in and out of the bodies, and again, there was a crowd gathered to watch.

Whenever the brunette passed, they touched her in some way-grabbing her thigh, tweaking a nipple, slipping a finger up inside of her pussy. As they watched, one man grasped her hips and managed to slide his hard cock into her. She moaned as he began to fuck her, and the woman across from him licked at the young woman’s nipples.

“What is it?” Muffy whispered, cocking her head. “What are they doing?”

“It’s a human maze,” Mother replied.

The young woman managed to wrench herself away from the man, working her way through the maze of bodies again. They rubbed up against her, writhing and moaning and touching her.

“Do you want to go through?” Mother asked, but Muffy shook her head quickly, her blonde curls framing her face.

They moved on, Muffy tagging slightly behind the older woman, trying to take in everything at once.

“Ah, here is a game you will like, Muffy darling.” Mother smiled. “You follow orders so well.”

“And the game will like her!” The carnival barker leaned forward over his booth, his gaze sweeping over Muffy’s form. He was a tall, red-headed man with the bluest eyes she’d ever seen, Muffy thought, aside from her own.

“Indeed,” Mother agreed, nodding her head toward him. “How are you, Simon?”

“Better since you graced me with your presence, Mother dear,” he replied with a little bow.

“What is the game?” Muffy looked between them a little fearfully.

“It’s simple,” said Simon. “You do what I say, as long as I say the words ‘Simon Says.’ Of course, if I don’t say, ‘Simon Says,’ then you don’t follow my instruction.”

“Oh, I’ve played this game,” Muffy said with a relieved smile. “It’s easy!”

“Yes.” Mother smiled and exchanged a look with Simon. “Go ahead, into the booth you go.”

Muffy moved into the booth as Simon lifted the latch and opened it to her. It was cooler in here out of the sun and she shivered slightly. She felt her nipples hardening in the breeze.

“Up here.” He patted the soft velvet cushion covering a small platform.

Muffy started to slide up onto the cushion and Simon’s hand was quick to smack her bottom. The sound was loud, “CRACK!” and made her scream. It drew the attention of several onlookers.

“I didn’t say ‘Simon Says’-did I?” Simon asked, frowning at her. Muffy’s eyes were already filling with tears.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, her hand moving to cover her stinging bottom.

“Now,” Simon said, smiling again and patting the cushion. “Up.” Muffy stood still, her lip quivering, and he nodded. “Good girl. Simon says, up!” The girl used her hands to steady herself as she slid onto the cushion.

“Simon says, open your legs.”

Muffy saw Mother watching her, nodding. She also saw a small crowd gathering around Mother, their eyes focused on the girl on the platform. Slowly, she parted her slim thighs, exposing her newly shaved mound.

“Oh, Mother,” Simon breathed, leaning in to peer at her. He called over his shoulder, “Delightful!”

Mother smiled. “Yes, she is.”

“Simon says, take off your shift.”

Muffy obeyed, sliding the sheer red cloth over her head. Her eyes didn’t leave his, and she didn’t put it down, but rather held it in her hand.

The man smiled at her, his blue eyes dancing. “Simon says, give it to me.” She complied, her trembling hand brushing his as he took it and set it aside. She was completely exposed now, and the crowd outside the booth was growing, their faces curious, interested, even excited. One man had a hand on his erection as he looked at

her, and she looked away from him, but could still see his hand pumping slowly out of the corner of her eye.

“Simon says, lick your nipple.”

The girl’s eyes widened. Her breasts were full and ripe, but she didn’t think she could possibly contort enough to do what he asked. Whimpering, she lifted her breast in her hand, stretching her pink tongue out toward the fat bud of her nipple. It didn’t quite reach. She could lick the tender, pale pink of her areola, but her nipple was too far to reach.

Simon smiled and was about to say something. Muffy, frustrated, lifted the other breast, adjusting her body on the cushion to make her waist a little shorter as she curled around, stretching her tongue out once more. This time, she made contact, wetting the surface of her nipple.

She heard the crowd let out a small “Ahhh.” A few of them chuckled. She continued to lick, with just the tip of her tongue over her nipple as Simon watched her.

“Simon says, stop,” he said, reaching underneath the platform for something.

Muffy looked at Mother, who still smiling. The girl looked positively triumphant, Mother noted. The crowd was smiling, too, delighted, their eyes still on her.

“Simon says, put this on your nipple.”

Muffy’s eyes widened when she saw the clothespin. She shook her head, but she took it from him, hearing the crowd’s collective gasp. She was beginning to understand the game. She aimed the clothespin over her nipple, slowly releasing it around her flesh.

She was determined not to scream, but she did anyway. The pain seared through her breast, and tears stung her eyes as she writhed on the cushion, trying to get away from the sensation.

Simon watched her, his eyes bright, waiting for her to take the clamp off, but she didn’t. Finally, she dropped her head, whimpering. Her nipple still felt like it was on fire, but the intensity of it had decreased somehow.

“Simon says, put this on your other nipple.”

The young girl’s blonde head snapped up, and the crowd “Ahh’d” again. Muffy took the clothespin, glancing a plea at Mother, who smiled and waved her on. Deciding to get it over as quickly as she could, she snapped the clothespin on, not screaming this time, but unable to help her wiggling and writhing on the cushion at the pain.

“Simon says, put this in your pussy.”

He held out a dildo, and to her it looked just as large as the one at the end of the wooden platform the redhead had been working her way toward. The crowd “Ooo’d and Ahh’d” in appreciation of this upping of the stakes.

Muffy leaned back, the sting of her nipples throbbing in her chest. She propped her feet up on the edge, positioning the phallus at the opening of her bare little mound.

She heard the crowd remarking on her body, the size of the dildo, and the impossibility of the feat.

Determined, she slid the black phallus into her, wincing. It parted her flesh, slowly easing in. The head of it stretched her to the max, and she felt a slight burn as she pushed it deeper, and a little deeper still, working it in an inch at a time.

Her eyes closed and she felt perspiration beginning to form as she worked hard to get the enormous thing into her. She didn’t even know it was all the way in until she heard the audience clapping. When she opened her eyes, Simon was grinning at her.

“Simon says, take it out.”

Muffy slipped the dildo out of her flesh, groaning as she did. The phallus was coated with her juices. Simon took it from her and set it aside. He seemed to be thinking, assessing.

“Simon says, sit up.”

Muffy obeyed, letting her feet dangle off the ledge. She saw the crowd now, many of them touching themselves or each other as they watched. That dark-eyed man off to the side was still stroking his cock. Mother had parted her white lace peignoir and her pussy lips, and Muffy saw a girl kneeling between her thighs.

“Simon says, raise your arms above your head.”

Muffy complied, and Simon gently squeezed the flesh of her breasts. She winced. Her nipples still burned, but the sensation was fading even more now.

“Simon says, put your arms down.”

She did.

“Simon says, spread your legs.”

She did.

“Simon says, show the crowd your pussy.”

She did, spreading her bare and now swollen lips apart. The crowd murmured in appreciation. The dark-eyed man pumped faster.

“Simon says, finger yourself.”

She slipped two fingers into her pussy, easy now after accommodating that phallus. The sticky wet sound of her filled the booth.

“Simon says, rub your clit.”

Muffy used her thumb, still moving her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her clit was tender and swollen, too, throbbing as she rubbed it ’round and ’round.

“Simon says, faster.”

She moaned, rubbing it a little faster, her fingers pistoning in and out of her open, pink flesh. Watching the crowd through half-closed eyes, she played with herself, feeling her body responding in spite of the audience, or maybe because of it.

All around her there were the soft moaning sounds of sex. People were touching themselves. One man had a young girl bent over the booth and he was fucking her, slow and easy, while he watched Muffy’s fingers working over her cunt.

“Simon says, stop.”

She did, groaning, and the crowd groaned, too.

“Lick your fingers.”

Muffy, still dizzy from being on the verge of climax, lifted her trembling, wet fingers to her mouth, realizing her mistake as Simon reached under the platform for something. He pulled out a crop, a short, wicked looking thing.

“I didn’t say ‘Simon Says!’”

The crowd “Ahhh’d” as Simon grabbed her ankles, lifting them high into the air.

He thwacked her bottom hard with the crop, and it made a “whooshing” sound as it flicked through the air before stinging her behind and leaving a raised, red welt.

She screamed, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks.

“Simon says, roll over.”

Muffy cringed, but did as she was told, rolling over so her belly rested on the cushion. The clothespins on her nipples dug into her flesh. Her feet stretched almost to the ground, and she could balance herself on tiptoe in the cool grass.

“Simon says, spread your legs.”

She obeyed, opening her thighs, adjusting so she could still reach the ground below, just barely, up on her toes. The platform wasn’t that wide, and she could grip the other edge with her hands, and peer off the other side. In fact, she could see underneath, where Simon stored all of this little surprises. There were phalluses, whips, chains, and things that looked so horrible she didn’t even know their names.

The crowd was large now, she could tell by the sound of them buzzing around the booth. She heard Simon talking to Mother, but she couldn’t make out the words.

That’s when she heard a “click” and Simon swung the platform around entirely, so that she was facing the crowd on her belly.

In front of her was the dark-eyed man from the audience, his cock red and enormous. He had been stroking it for a long time. His eyes were full of lust as he looked at her and she whimpered, glancing at Simon. He adjusted the platform for better viewing for the crowd so that she was at an angle, facing the front corner of the booth now, and locked it into place.

“Simon says, suck.”

Muffy moaned as the man approached her, lifting his erection toward her mouth.

He had to step up on a small stool Simon provided. She saw Mother out of the corner of her eye, clapping her hands, looking delighted. The young girl was still between her thighs.

“Suck,” the man whispered, his fingers moving through her blonde curls. Muffy opened her mouth, accepting the length of his cock. It was wet with pre-cum already, slick, really, and it slid far into her throat on the first thrust. She gagged and heard the crowd’s appreciation of that fact.

She didn’t have to do much, she noticed. The dark-haired man did all the work, driving his cock into her aching throat. He grunted and moaned, and she felt his balls slapping against her chin as he used her little mouth like a wet cunt. His cock throbbed, swelling even larger against her tongue, and she knew he must be close to finished.

He grabbed her hair with a growl, driving forward so far into her throat she could barely breathe, and began to fill her with hot, sticky jets of his cum.

“Simon says, swallow,” she heard Simon say, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed-an endless flood of white hot fluid filling her mouth, again and again.

Finally, it was over, and she gasped as the man took his cock out of her mouth.

“Simon says, roll over.”

Muffy’s eyes were dazed, but she complied. Lying on her back, she was forced to hang her head over the edge of the platform, her bottom dangerously close to the other edge, her legs dangling off the side.

She saw the man’s softening member, and the crowd, all upside down. Off to the side, Mother was moaning softly, her white peignoir open completely now as she tweaked her own nipples. The young girl between her legs moved her face back and forth.

Muffy felt someone moving between her thighs, spreading them open, but she didn’t know who it was. She could still see Simon, leading the dark-haired man back out to the crowd. He came over to her, and she noticed his erection through his breeches.

He unfastened them with one hand.

“Simon says… suck.”

He presented her with his member, and she took it, sucking him upside down, feeling someone shifting and moving between her thighs. She moaned when she felt a stiff cock slide between her swollen pussy lips. She was being fucked from both ends now, Simon thrusting deep into her throat-he could get much farther in from this angle-and some unknown man driving into her wet pussy.

Then she felt someone playing with her clit. It was just a tickle at first, a tease, but then it felt like a tongue. Someone was licking her clit! The tender, swollen bud responded immediately, and Muffy moaned and writhed around Simon’s cock. When she opened her eyes, she could still see the crowd, and all of them were fucking now, men and women, women and women, men and men-they were just a blur of bodies out on the patio.

She strained to see Mother, but couldn’t, and then the sensation between her thighs became too much of a distraction. Her whole pussy was on fire, and she was shaking with her own lust. The man between her legs fucked her deep and hard, steady, even strokes-but that tongue! Soft, flat circles around and around and around until she was dizzy with aching for her own release.

“Simon says, don’t come.”

Muffy groaned around the length of his shaft, feeling his hands in her hair as he gently fucked her mouth. Her whole body was taut with wanting, and that soft, sweet tongue dangled her dangerously off the edge.

“Simon says, don’t come,” he repeated.

It was a warning. She whimpered, wiggling and squirming on the cushion. The sensation was too much-she couldn’t stand it anymore. She felt her pussy beginning to contract around the stiff cock buried inside of her, a telltale sign of her impending orgasm.

She moaned, loud and long, gripping the cushion underneath her with her hands, willing herself not to give in, but she just couldn’t stop the rolling wave about to crash over her.

“Simon says… come,” she heard him say, and at that moment, he shoved into her throat hard and deep, grabbing hold of the clothespins on her nipples and pulling them off.

If it hadn’t been for the sticky hot fluid filling her mouth, she would have shrieked with her own orgasm. Her nipples were screaming sensation, sending delicious waves of feeling all through her body, but especially to her hot, spasming pussy, where that tongue still worked her little clit in fast, hard circles.

Then the man between her legs grabbed her hips, thrusting two, three more times, and she felt him pull out of her and come all over her pussy and her belly. The hot fluid jetted against her skin again and again, and she heard him groaning between her thighs.

Dizzy and spent, she laid there, limbs dangling, just shivering on the platform.

That’s when she heard the crowd applauding. She saw them, now, when she opened her eyes, still upside down.

“Simon says, sit.” He was by her side, helping her, and she found both Mother and Blue standing between her legs. Blue grinned, fastening his breeches, and Mother used a face cloth to wipe Muffy’s juices off her mouth.

Simon unlocked the platform and turned it so Muffy fully faced the crowd, and they cheered. She flushed, glancing over at Mother and Blue. They smiled at her.

“Simon says…” he said loudly holding the girl’s trembling hand. “She wins!” The crowd cheered again, and Simon leaned in and kissed her cheek, helping her down from the platform. Blue and Mother were both there, too, cleaning her up and putting her nightgown back on.

“Who is this girl?” They all heard the voice, high and reedy, coming through the crowd. “Who is this girl who is creating all the fuss?”

“Ah, Your Majesty!” Simon bowed as the crowd parted in various curtsies and bows to allow her to pass. “You just missed perhaps my best show ever!”

“Indeed?” The Queen of Hearts narrowed her eyes at the girl, taking in her disheveled appearance-flushed cheeks, swollen nipples and wet thighs. “Well…

perhaps we should have a repeat performance?”

Muffy curtsied low, just like Mother had taught her, and said softly, “As you wish, Your Majesty.”

“Who does this girl belong to?” The Queen demanded, her eyes bright.

“She is my charge, Your Majesty.” Mother curtsied to the Queen. As she rose, she pulled the girl gently with her.

“Hm… Mother Goose… has Father Goose crossed back over yet?” The Queen asked with a frown, glancing over at Blue.

“No,” Mother replied, her mouth pursed into a thin line. “I have been taking in girls for obedience training since he’s been gone.”

“Who is this one?” The Queen asked, tilting Muffy’s face up to the sun.

“Little Miss Muffet,” Mother replied. “Her father found her with a young man.”

“Ah.” The Queen nodded to Simon. “A tart. They’re such tarts, these young ones.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Simon agreed with a nod. He looked appreciatively at the young blonde.

“But a tasty tart, sounds like,” the Queen observed with a small smile. “A tempting, luscious tart.”

“Oh, yes, Your Majesty,” Simon agreed.

“I should like to have her.” The Queen turned to Mother. “Arrange it.” Mother nodded, her jaw tight. Blue put his hand on her elbow.

“But Mother,” Muffy whispered to the older woman. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Come with me,” the Queen said, reaching her hand for the girl. “Come along, I won’t bite. Come meet all the other tarts. You will fit in quite well.”

“It’s okay,” Mother whispered into her ear as she wiped a tear from the girl’s cheek. “This is the best thing that could have happened to you. Go, now. Be a good girl.”

Muffy stumbled after the Queen of Hearts, glancing back at Mother once to wave, looking forlorn.

“Well, Blue.” Mother sighed at the man, taking his arm. “I came to find a girl, and instead I gave one up! What do you think of that?”

“It’s all right, Mother,” he assured her, kissing her cheek. “There is a little pair you must see over there who will cheer you right up-a red-haired jewel named Jill and another who looks like he could be her twin. His name is Jack.”

“Really?” Mother perked up, letting him lead her out of the booth. They waved a goodbye to Simon as the crowd dispersed.

“And it could have been worse you know,” Blue remarked as they made their way through.


“You know the Queen of Hearts, Mother.” Blue was smiling, but it was grim. “She could have said, ‘Off with her head!’”

“True,” Mother said with a laugh. She took his hand and they went to look at the young red-headed pair Blue had promised would cheer her right up.


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