Three Little Kittens

Three little kittens,

They lost their mittens…

Mother’s big four poster bed was too empty, even as much as she tried to fill it both day and night. Between Jack, Jill and Blue, she managed to find someone to curl up with at bedtime, and if it wasn’t one of her charges, there was usually a tangle of cat flesh keeping her warm-Toby and Lucy curled together at the foot of the bed and the other one, Molly, more independent and strikingly like her own cat-mother in her black and white splendor, stretched out next to Mother on the other side of the bed.

Where Father had slept.

Mother turned under the covers in the darkness, away from the emptiness and the long stretch toward morning. She couldn’t deny that she missed Artan’s commanding voice, the firm press of his hands, his weight on her. She missed hearing someone call her by her given name, hearing it fill his mouth- come to me, Maren.

They had been Mother and Father Goose in the community for so long she could barely remember a time when they weren’t, but alone together, they were Artan and Maren, and they were deliciously good together.

A gentle purr in her ear, the tickle of whiskers against her cheek, made Mother stir as Molly moved in closer, sliding her half-hand, half-paw, complete with very sharp, retractable claws, under the covers to pull the older woman’s back against her bare front. The cat-girl-really a cat-woman now, almost-nuzzled her mistress, rubbing her soft, pointed ears and sleek black furred head against Mother’s neck.

“So sad.” Molly was the most introspective of the three, the most observant, and just the gentle comfort of her warm body made Mother want to cry. Instead, she turned toward the feline, the one who had learned to speak first, among the three, stroking her behind her ears, rewarded by a deep, rumbling purr in the woman’s chest.

“Not anymore,” Mother reassured her as the woman’s tongue, deliciously rough, licked at her mistress’ nipples. Teaching the cats to please her had been easy-they seemed naturally inclined toward pleasure. Of course, teaching them to keep out of mischief had been another story entirely.

Molly’s front was bare-her human breasts almost as full as Mother’s as she rolled on top, pressing the length of her feline form against the older woman-but the rest of her body was covered in sleek, black and white fur. The high arch of her tail, her bottom in the air, was a clear sign, but unlike most cats, Molly’s tail was no longer at the mercy of involuntary bodily reactions. Instead, it was prehensile, able to grasp and hold whatever she wished. Mother moaned when she felt that black tail with its white tip snaking its way between her thighs.

“Good kitty,” Mother praised, arching against the slightly raspy lick of the catwoman’s tongue down her belly. Molly replaced the rub of her tail with her mouth, her whiskers tickling Mother’s thighs, her hand-paws holding her legs apart. The cats were careful with their claws around humans, for the most part, conscious of the danger they could cause, but Mother had several deep scratches that would be scars forever, most likely.

Not that Artan hadn’t given her his share of scars, Mother thought with a brief smile. He would wonder at the new ones, and she would tell him the stories of training

Peep, Muffy, the kittens… she’d managed to take it all on her own after that afternoon he’d said, “I’ll be right back,” and then disappeared. She’d managed, quite pleasurably, but, she realized, not really happily. Mother squirmed as the catwoman between her thighs lapped at her juices, finding her sensitive clitoris, and tried to push thoughts of Artan out of her mind.

She needed a distraction.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” Mother breathed, stroking the catwoman’s soft ears, reaching for the rest of her silky body. Molly purred as she repositioned herself on the bed, letting Mother part the fur between her thighs and delve in deeply with her tongue. Inside, she was entirely human, her clitoris throbbing, juices flowing, and Mother moaned as she drank her in, swallowing the sweetness. The fur on the catwoman’s labia was unbelievably soft against her nose and cheeks.

“Pussy’s sweet pussy,” Mother murmured before licking her in one long lap from stem to stern, Molly’s tail rising into the air like a dark question mark, her whole body rumbling under Mother’s hands, becoming a deep, continuous purr. All of the cat girls enjoyed being licked, and Mother’s tongue probed the tight ring of the woman’s ass, hearing her soft mews, her hips moving in response.

Molly’s sounds were half-human, half feline, her movements as well, her body both grinding and arching at once. Mother slid her tongue down through the cat’s slick slit, sucking hard at her clit, making Molly howl with pleasure. It was a sweet distraction, and Mother focused there, taking her own pleasure in the rough lash of the kitty tongue on her own clit. Molly’s paws kneaded the bed on either side of Mother’s parted thighs, and Mother ignored the fact the catwoman wasn’t wearing any mittens, and her claws were probably digging deep into the mattress.

“Ohhhh pretty kitty,” Mother murmured, lifting her hips, trying to ease the ache between her legs. “Yes, yes!”

Molly growled in response, a deeper rumble, her prehensile tale sneaking around Mother’s neck to pull the woman’s mouth full against her pussy. Mother had a moment’s chuckle before returning her attention to the catwoman’s clit, edging her with easy precision toward a shuddering orgasm. She was so close herself she felt as if she were hovering over a precipice, and if she would only look down, she would plummet into the soft, open bliss of release.

Molly reached her pinnacle first, rubbing her soft nose and cheeks against Mother’s pussy, back arching, using her tail to pull Mother’s mouth in deeper, the thundering growl of her feline arch filling the room with her climax. Mother’s gasped and bucked, the rub of the feline nose against her wet, throbbing clit sending her over her own cliff. The sensation was beyond words and she wrapped her arms around the shivering feline hips of the catwoman mewling on top of her, their bodies meshed for that one sweet, blissful moment.

Mother sighed deeply when Molly’s soft head nuzzled her breasts, her neck, her purr softer now but no less happy.

“Not sad now.” Molly’s voice vibrated prettily with her purr and Mother smiled in the darkness.

“No, precious.” Mother’s eyes closed against the faint light of the sun just beginning to rise. The catwoman licked her paw and rubbed her ear-they always

cleaned themselves this way after sex, and when it was the three of them, the whole room seemed to fill with the sound of their purring. This time, though, Mother was asleep long before the ritual was completed and Molly was once again stretched beside her in the warm light of morning.

* * *

“But Mother!” Jill protested, her eyes filling with tears. “It’s impossible! It’s like…it’s like herding cats!”

Mother fought the urge to laugh. It wasn’t really funny. Two more sets of drapes in the drawing room were completely ruined, from top to bottom, ripped to shreds.

“Jill, you and Jack have no other duties except to keep these cats out of trouble,” Mother reminded her, keeping her voice steady. “How hard can it be?”

“Enough!” Willie slammed one of the short doors, startling them both. “These cats are overrunning the house! If I find one more furball in the tub…and Mother!” The little man’s face was red with indignation as he faced her, forgetting his place entirely in his anger. “They’ve drunk every last drop of milk old MacDonald’s boy brought over, just this morning! Before I could even bring it into the house!”

“What would you have me do, Willie?” Mother sighed, pulling her peignoir around her as she sat, swinging one long leg over the other and staring at the tip of her black boot as she considered the problem.

“Declaw them!” Jack piped up from the corner where he sat with his back against the wall, watching the scene unfold.

Mother gave him a cold look. “I might as well just cut your hands off, Jack. Would you like such?”

He shrugged, but looked chastised.

“Get rid of them!” Willie wailed, reaching out and shaking the shreds of draperies, fur and material floating into the air, down toward the carpet.

“Maybe if they had cages?” Blue suggested quietly. He sat in the chair opposite Mother, his big form filling the space but his demeanor subdued.

“Oh Blue.” Mother frowned unhappily into the fire, searching there for a better solution. “You can’t cage a cat. They grow wild and discontent.” Willie scoffed. “What do you think they are now? They’ve stalked and killed four of old McDonald’s good hawks! Four, Mother! That’s half his stock!”

“What about their mittens?” Mother inquired.

“They’re not kittens anymore, Mother,” Blue reminded her.

“We did make that scratching post for them in my room…” Willie groaned. “Look at the drapes!”

“They’re untrainable, Mother,” Jack said with a sigh.

“They can be domesticated,” Mother insisted. “Mary promised.” Jill frowned. “Even between me and Jack, we don’t have eyes in the backs of our head!”

Mother narrowed her eyes to slits at the girl. “Perhaps if you spent more time looking after them, instead of playing cat and mouse in the barn down at old MacDonald’s farm…”

Jill’s face fell, her eyes again brimming with tears. “But, Mother…”

“No buts.” Mother stood, her lips set in a firm line they all knew well. “It’s your responsibility to keep them out of trouble. Yours and Jacks. They are your charges. If you can’t handle such a simple task-”

“Simple!” Jill nearly screeched the word, but she was cut off by the sound of hissing and howling just outside the drawing room window.

“Lucy and Molly.” Willie pulled what was left of the curtains aside to reveal a tumble of black and white fur going by outside. Toby, the boy cat, sat on the sidelines watching, his green, slitted eyes bright in the sunlight as the female felines turned and twisted on the grass, clawing and hissing and making a general ruckus.

“Fine.” Mother sighed, standing and going over to the window. Molly had Lucy pinned, her teeth at the other catwoman’s neck. They were normally quite friendly, all of them, but lately had been fighting over the young Tom’s attention and Toby did nothing but encourage it.

“Blue, Jack,” she addressed them without turning, seeing the cat girls give up their fight as Toby wandered over, looking smug. “Three cages, but inside please. Use the second guest room, and make them roomy and comfortable.” Blue helped Jack up from the floor and the two of them went out of the room without a word. Jill went to follow, but Mother called her back.

“You and I have some veterinary work to do,” Mother said with a sigh, looking down at the two bleeding cat women on her front lawn. “Willie, get me some bandages, would you please, dearest?”

The little man sighed, but went off to do his mistress’ bidding.

* * *

Mother looked, content, around the room at the scene of domestic bliss before her. Lucy was curled at Blue’s feet, her cheek resting against his thigh. He was absently stroking her, and the purr filling the room was loud. All three cats seemed happy enough, really—Toby was sleeping in front of the fire, curled around Jill, who was sleeping there as well, and Molly was close to Mother, as usual, the best behaved of them all, ignoring the yarn Jack was winding into a tight ball. Not an easy feat for a cat, that-yarn and string was nearly irresistible.

They had been chastised, she supposed, by their caging. Mother missed them at night, but Willie insisted they be caged especially then, because they had been sneaking down to the kitchen at night and eating the raw poultry and drinking all the milk. Incorrigible, wild things, Mother thought, running her hand through Molly’s sleek fur. The catwoman smiled up at her in response, flashing her sharp incisors for a moment. Not that she blamed them. She had her own tendency to run wild, she knew, and needed a firm hand to keep her on the ground.

“Mother, a message.” Willie appeared silently at her side.

“Goodness, Willie!” Mother startled, her hand going to her throat. “I’m going to put a bell on you as well as the cats!”

He smirked, but didn’t respond. Instead, he held out a silver tray, a white card centered there, written with a fat, lazy scrawl. Mother knew it immediately.

“Well, we’ve been summoned, then,” she murmured, using a long fingernail to ease open the edge of the envelope. Her hands shook when she removed the thick card.

Join me tomorrow evening just after sundown. I have word of your husband and wish to discuss. Bring your two new charges.


That was all, but Mother had a sinking feeling. Word of Artan? How? The thought was both exciting and terrifying. Was he alive? Was he coming home? The last didn’t give her pause. Old King Cole liked to break in all of their charges at one point or another, and he had a penchant for redheads. For all things red, really-of course, he was married to the Queen of the Hearts, so it was no surprise. They were, after all, his charges really. She just trained them.

Mother looked up to see all of them, even a sleepy Jill lying nude by the fire, looking up at her expectantly. She put on a bright voice and face.

“We’ve been invited to see the King!”

Blue raised an eyebrow, but didn’t stop stroking Lucy, from tip to tail. She rubbed her face against his knees, his thighs, his crotch, purring loudly, the only one to ignore the announcement.

“He sold us to you,” Jill frowned, stretching, her pink tipped breasts flushed from the heat of the fire. “Why does he want to see us again?”

“He charged you to me,” Mother corrected, glancing at the note again. Word of your husband. She decided not to tell them that part, and slid the card back into the envelope. “I’m sure he just wants to see you’re doing well.”

“They’ve been broken in nicely, Mother,” Blue praised, his eyes moving over Jill’s lazy form as she snuggled against the boy cat.

“Yes,” she agreed, glancing over at Jack, still winding yarn. “They’re obedient enough, for the most part.” She stood, taking the card and tossing it into the fire. The

edges began to curl, and when she turned to dismiss Willie, she saw he was already gone. She smiled down at a perplexed and anxious looking Jill. “I’m sure he’ll be pleased with your progress.”

“Toby!” Jill gasped as the Tom’s paw moved between her legs. His erection, quite thick, long and definitely human, rose from a patch of white and orange fur between his legs. Mother smiled, watching the cat’s rough tongue sneak out to lick her hardening pink nipple.

“Good kitty,” Mother murmured, squatting down to stroke his fur, her hand moving to squeeze his erection, making him purr loudly. She truly loved seeing them give and receive pleasure-they were such hungry animals.

Jill looked up, her eyes questioning, and saw her answer in Mother’s face, giving into the pleasure as the boy cat rubbed his cock against her firm, young thigh. Mother stood, going back to her chair and swinging her leg over the side. Lucy was already going to work between Blue’s legs, her white-tipped tail rising high in the air as she sucked him. Mother could see the pink wetness of her slit glistening in the black fur, reminding her of her own pussy, her fingers reaching down to play.

“That’s it, beauties,” Mother sighed as her fingers moved over her clit, watching Toby turn Jill over onto her hands and knees, pulling her ass toward his thick length.

Blue moaned and fondled Lucy’s human breasts, tweaking her nipples and making the cat woman growl with pleasure. “Put on a good show for Mother.” Molly moved between Mother’s legs, her tongue moving over the woman’s exposed thighs, but Mother smiled, shaking her head. “Don’t neglect Jack, precious,” she directed, seeing the youth’s eyes jealously moving over Jill’s body in the firelight as Toby plunged his cock into her upturned pussy.

Obediently, Molly turned to Jack, reaching for his belt buckle, and he leaned back and let her straddle him as she worked to free his cock, which was already half-hard from the sights and sounds of sex filling the room. Her hand-paws worked Jack from base to tip, careful to keep her claws retracted, until he was moaning and writhing beneath her, grabbing her hips and trying to pull her into his crotch.

Mother watched this struggle for a moment, Molly teasing the youth, rubbing her slit against his length and then moving away, then her attention was distracted by Jill’s squeal of pleasure as Toby thrust himself deep into her from behind, his prehensile tail rubbing against her clit. She was climaxing-Mother knew the flushed, open-mouthed look of surprise on the girl’s face-grinding her hips back against the boy cat’s. His whiskers twitched, his eyes half closed in pleasure as the girl’s pussy spasmed around him.

Blue’s growl turned Mother’s attention in their direction, and she saw the big man lifting Lucy by the hips and sitting her down on his cock, impaling her, making her mew with delight. Mother saw the cat woman’s claws come out for a moment, hooking over the back of the chair, but she retracted them with a quick, guilty glance over her shoulder at Mother. Instead, she arched her back, pressing her breasts into Blue’s mouth, and he sucked greedily at her nipples as he began to fuck himself up into the soft, fur-covered pussy.

Mother felt Molly’s behind rubbing up against her thigh and she glanced down to see the cat woman sucking Jack now, her bottom rising, her tail moving up between Mother’s legs, nudging her fingers aside to rub at Mother’s aching clit. Mother moaned softly, using one hand to tweak her own hardening nipples, the other to pet Molly’s exposed behind, her pussy glistening, her little asshole winking under the rise of her tail.

“Oh god, your tongue!” Jack groaned, his eyes rolling back and he thrust up into the soft and rough of the cat girl’s mouth.

“Ooooo!” Jill squealed again as the young tomcat twisted them around, Jill on top this time, her mouth hovering over his hard, wet cock as the feline’s tongue probed between the girl’s red pubic curls. “Oh! So rough! Oh god!” Jack moaned in agreement, and Mother watched, delighted, her fingers moving deep into Molly’s puss, letting the cat woman fuck her back and spreading herself wider for the probe of the tail rubbing soft but quick against her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Blue groaned as the Lucy rocked forward, just at the moment of his climax, his cock slipping out of her pink, wet hole, a stark contrast against her black fur, his cum shooting hot, white ropes across her behind. It landed wetly against the rounded fur of her ass, dripping down toward the pink of her pussy, but Lucy wasn’t done. With a deep, rumbling growl, she stood on the arms of the chair, using her claws to steady herself-not minding anymore, not thinking-and gave him her pussy, pressing it into his face. Blue’s hand squeezed his still exploding cock as she ground her flesh into his mouth, mewling with pleasure as she came, her head thrown back, whiskers twitching, green-slitted eyes glittering in the firelight.

“Oh please, please,” Jack panted from beside Mother’s chair, and she looked down to see him thrusting into Molly’s mouth, his hands tugging at her black velvet ears.

“Swallow it like a good kitty. Oh fuck, oh god, oh!”

And Molly did, drinking him down like Mother’s milk, purring all the while as he continued to pour his cum into her waiting throat. She lapped happily at his waning member, making sure she got it all, and Jack moaned softly, head moving from side to side, but the sensation was too great for him to refuse.

Mother’s fingers didn’t stop moving between Molly’s legs, parting the soft fur so she could rub her clit with her thumb, fingers plunging deep. The cat woman concentrated on herself now, cheek against paws, bottom up high, her tail slickly wet with Mother’s juices as the tip worked the older woman’s clit, faster and faster.

“Toby!” Jill cried, spreading her legs wider over the young tomcat’s face, but that was all she had time to say. His tail wrapped around her neck and pulled her mouth down onto his erupting cock, cutting off any more words. Jill choked on it, on his cum, and Mother saw it dribbling out of the corners of her mouth, pooling on the orange and white fur at the base. But Mother didn’t think Jill minded-she was in the throes of her own orgasm, her hips bucking so hard, Toby actually had his claws out to hold her still as he worked his tongue between the girl’s legs.

Molly mewed loudly, drawing Mother’s wavering attention, her hips grinding back into the woman’s hand, and Mother felt the cat woman’s pussy beginning to spasm, the throb drawing her own pussy toward that pleasure center, as if it were leashed. Mother pressed her hand between her legs, Molly’s tail still working there, and came, her hips bucking in the chair, her head thrown back, eyes closed, a soft moan escaping her lips as she gave into the feeling.

When she opened her eyes, Mother saw them all collapsed-Jill on top of Toby, Lucy curled in Blue’s lap, Molly beside her chair with Jack-panting and satisfied.

“Lovely show,” Mother sighed happily, observing the sweetness of their domestic bliss. It had almost made her forget all concerns, not the least of which was the note, now just ashes in the fire, and the cryptic message about her husband. Perhaps her cats really were trainable, she mused, stroking Molly’s behind, feeling the feline’s hips rise with each pass. That, at least, would be a blessing.

“Hickory dickory doc,” Jack mused, his hands behind his head, his eyes half closed. “The mouse ran up the clock…”

All three cats’ heads came up, but it was Lucy who pounced, leaping out of Blue’s lap, her claws out-he would have scratches on his thighs for weeks-toward the mouse now running down the other side of the grandfather clock. It tilted dangerously, not used to her weight, and then started toppling toward them.

“Willie!” Mother called in dismay as they all scrambled out of the way and the ancient clock crashed to the floor, the wood shattering, its innards springing loose in sprays of gold springs and bolts and cogs. Lucy crouched on top, the only evidence of the mouse a still-wiggling tail and the close-lipped smile on her face.

“Bad kitty!” Mother scolded, shaking her finger at the cat girl, and Lucy had the sense to look guilty, spitting out the mouse, which ran, squeaking, for the corner of the room.

“Well,” Willie said with a sigh, appearing silently beside Mother and making her gasp with surprise once again. “So much for domestication…”


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