Chapter One

If my mum and dad found out about my collection of porn in the shed, I knew they’d both kick-off and I’d be sleeping under a bench in the Underground, buying papers to keep me warm. For now though, I was buying papers looking for a job. My parents were on at me to find something-and fast. I didn’t get why I had to figure it all out, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. What was the rush?

Dawn was the problem. Dawn was ruining my life.

Our foreign exchange student, Dawn, was here on some Study Abroad thing. Not that she was really a stranger-Dawn lived across the street from us when I was a kid. We played Five Stones, Red Letter and Conkers on the playground together until she moved away. She was four years older than me, bossy and annoying, but we’d managed to form some sort of friendship at the time.

Now she was back-although her ambassador parents were still doing something in America. Dawn had called my mum and asked specifically to be housed with us. I think she had some sort of nostalgia about the old neighborhood. I crowed about having to share my room, so Mum had turned the office into a place for her. Of course, I’d remembered a gangly blonde with braces and freckles, but the Dawn that showed up on our doorstep had grown up into someone else entirely. In fact, she’d grown up so much, I sort of regretted complaining about sharing my room-but Dawn was like a sister to me, really. I mean, we’d practically grown up together.

Not much had changed, aside from the physical. She was still a brat most of the time, kind of stuck-up and snooty. I thought she would go home during the summer. She was supposed to go back to America for her last year of university, but my parents had made an agreement with hers so she could stay in Surrey for another year.

My parents kept pressuring me to be “more like Dawn.” What, did they want me to get a job at a local health club for the summer and do nothing but work on my tan and my physique? Because that’s all I could see Dawn accomplishing at the moment.

I had honestly hoped to spend some time loafing off-er, finding myself-after I finished school, but no. Apparently, Dawn got the welcome mat, but me, their own flesh and blood son, I got threatened with the boot. I didn’t get it.

I shut the back door and looked up at the sky. We didn’t get days like this in Surrey very often-so bright and blue and clear. We spent most of our time walking around in a grey haze, looking up at a gauzy film over the sun. Days like today made me remember being a kid, endless summers with no responsibilities, no cares, no worries. So much for that, I thought, flopping the paper down on the patio table and glaring at it.

I sat in one of the folding chairs and took a highlighter out of my pocket. The first thing I circled was a construction company. Maybe I could find something working outside-get a tan, build some muscle. That might lead to getting a girlfriend, I thought hopefully. That got me to thinking about Julie Entwistle, the girl rumoured to wear nothing under her skirts in sixth form. She sat right next to me in English, but I never did see anything-not that I didn’t try. For a girl who was supposed to be a slag, she sure kept her legs together a lot.

Thinking about Julie’s skirt, and more importantly, what might be found under her skirt, made my jeans uncomfortably tight. I shifted in the chair, shoving at my crotch and turning the page of the newspaper, re-focusing my efforts. The ad that caught my eye read: Exotic dancers wanted to perform at private, solo, and bachelor parties.

I snorted-so much for trying to focus. Now my cock was officially hard. I glanced over at the shed, thinking of the boards my dad stored in there that “might come in handy” some day. They came in handy for me anyway-that’s where I hid my porn collection.

I folded the paper up and tucked it under my arm, heading toward the shed. My dad’s toolbox doubled as a step stool and was perfect for sitting on. I dug under the boards, pulling out my meagre collection-two Playboys and a Penthouse, although the latter was a “Letters” edition and the stories were pretty hot. The last one was my favourite, a magazine called Yank, which was way more hardcore than the others. I’d never seen another one before or since, although believe me, I’d looked.

I opened it up to my favourite page, and there she was. Blond, although clearly dyed because her pubes were dark, a full-breasted and full-bodied girl-really unusual for most spreads nowadays where the models were like stick figures. This woman was, well… a woman.

The next best part was the layout itself-a girl all alone on her bed looking at porn. Did girls do that? I loved how she rolled over and spread her legs, revealing that there was nothing under her skirt. She started masturbating, and would you look at that, next page, here comes her boyfriend. And the next thing you know, she’s sucking him off. God, how I wished it was that easy. Hi there, whoops, didn’t mean to interrupt, but since I’m here, zzziiiip, flop, here’s this hard cock you can suck…

I unzipped my jeans and tugged them down a little, slipping my hand into my boxers. Nowhere near as big as the guy positioning his cock at her pink little hole (I loved that picture, her fingers spreading herself open for him like that. Gah! Did girls do that?) but respectable enough-nice and thick, and most definitely stiff. She did it for me, every time. I started masturbating, my eyes skipping from the wet pink of her cunt to her thick, dark pink nipples. I spent some time there, wanking away and staring at the slit between her legs. She spread it open with both hands, and there was a little hole there, right where I wanted to slide my cock, a small dark hollow leading to heaven.

I got myself good and worked up before starting to turn the next page, because it was my favourite, and it was the image I always came to-her arse up in the air, his cum sliding down her arsehole and cunt. I was looking forward to that image, still staring between her legs. I only stopped for a moment, breathless, to turn the page, and I saw something that made my cock jump and my heart race. There was writing in the margin, near the page number. An arrow toward the girl (God, look how that thick cum slid down that pink slit!) and the words, “She looks like me.”

That was Dawn’s handwriting-the fat, curly letters, the heart over the “i.” Dawn had been looking at my porn? Why, I wondered? If she wanted to get me in trouble, she could have taken it to my mum. That would be just like her. Instead, she’d written in the margins. And what she’d written! I flushed. It was true, the girl looked remarkably like our foreign exchange student-the dyed blonde hair, the full body, the mischievous eyes, the slanted smile-that was Dawn. Was she just making an observation? Was she implying that I lusted after her?

I didn’t have any more time to think about it. Someone was knocking on the shed door! I stood, tucking my cock back in and zipping up, shoving the magazines back under the pile of boards.

“David!” It was Dawn. Of course, who else? My parents wouldn’t be home for hours-it was only ten in the morning.

“What?” I called, trying to sound impatient. I tucked my paper back under my arm, grabbed a can of insect spray off the shelf and opened the door.

She was standing there in a white bikini, the flesh of her cleavage spilling over the top. My cock, with barely enough chance to wane as it was, jumped to life again at the sight.

“Jesus, Dawn!” I made a face. “Put some clothes on.”

“It’s gonna be sunny and warm all day.” She put her hands on her hips and drew my eyes there. “I’m spending my time catching rays!”

“Whatever.” I stepped out into the fresh air.

“What were you doing in there?” She smirked, peering into the dim shed.

I waved the insect repellant at her. “Big-arse spider out on the patio table.”

“Sure there was.” She moved toward the lounge chair where she had spread a towel. How long had she been out here, I wondered?

I put the can on the table. “There was. It’s obviously crawled off somewhere. Maybe it’s on your lounge chair.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Quit being such a pain in the arse. I’m in a good mood and you’re not going to spoil it.”

Dawn positioned her chair, looking up toward the sun as she did, and then crawled on. Her bikini bottoms rode up between her cheeks and I flashed on the picture in Yank that I’d found the writing on-her arse up in the air, cum sliding down her slit. I sat down at the table, putting the paper in my lap to cover my erection.

“What’s got you so perky?” I scowled.

She was lying on her back now and she lifted her sunglasses to look at me. “It’s my first day on holiday, you git! Two whole weeks off work!” She had come here sounding very American, but after a year, she now sounded like any typical bloody bint. She blended right in with the rest of the slags she hung out with.

I turned my chair away from her, opening my paper back up. My cock was still throbbing and watching her oil herself up out of the corner of my eye wasn’t helping. She was slathering lotion all over, rubbing it into the creases, even between her toes. I could smell the stuff, like coconuts, as if a tropical smell was supposed to make you turn darker.

“You find anything in there yet?” She dropped the lotion next to her chair and leaned back. Her breasts jiggled in the white bikini top when she did, and I couldn’t help watching. Seeing real flesh move was different from looking at a picture in a magazine. I found myself wondering what it would feel like to touch her there, just the top of her breast, all shiny from the oil. I flushed.

“No.” I turned my eyes back to the paper. “There’s nothing out there.”

“Well, your mum and dad won’t let you scrounge off them forever, you know.” She threw an arm up over her head.

“Sod off!” I rolled my eyes. “I’m not the one who’s living with someone else’s parents!”

I stood up, deciding to go into the house. Maybe take another shower. I felt hot and sweaty, although it wasn’t really that warm out yet.

“Hey.” Dawn lifted her sunglasses again. Her eyes were soft and so was her smile. “You wanna do something for me?”

“If it involves lotion and your back, forget it.” I reached for the back door.

She stuck her tongue out. “If you’re going in the house…maybe you could bring out one of your dad’s bottles of wine?”

I raised my eyebrows at her. “The good stuff?”

“Yeah.” She grinned. “Why not? Let’s celebrate my holiday. You’re eighteen now.”

I opened the door, heading into the house. The kitchen was to the right and I threw the paper on the table, squatting down in front of the wine rack. I found a bottle of dad’s favourite wine. It was almost full but had been uncorked. I grabbed it, turning back to the door. Dawn was adjusting her straps when I looked out, lifting her breasts as she did. I sighed, going out.

“Here.” I put the bottle next to her chair.

“Ta,” she smiled. I turned to go and she grabbed my arm, lowering her voice. “Come on, David. Don’t be mean. Stay and keep me company. Pull up a chair and soak up some sun.”

I pulled a lounge chair over next to hers and adjusted it. From this vantage point, I didn’t have to worry about her seeing where my eyes were going-and they were running-up and down the lengths of her legs, over her full hips and soft belly, toward the rise of her breasts. They lingered there, watching her breathe, and my cock felt like it was going to burst. I was going to have to take a very long shower. I kept having to remind myself that she was off-limits. Not that it mattered-most of the time she rebuffed my attempts at friendship, let alone anything else.

She picked up the bottle, uncorking it. “No glasses?” She turned to smile at me.

I shrugged. “You want me to go get some?”

“I don’t have the lurgy.” She took a swig and held the bottle out to me. “Here.”

I grabbed the bottle and took a taste, making a face. I wasn’t much of a drinker-the stuff tasted awful. I handed it back to her.

“Aren’t you hot?” she asked. “Why don’t you strip down to your pants?”

I flushed. If I stripped, she might see my erection. She slid her sunglasses down her nose, raising her eyebrows.

“Come on, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before, you know.”

Well that was true. We’d played naked in a plastic pool when we were kids. Of course, it had been a long time since then.

I shrugged, unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it over on the table. I stood to undo my jeans and I saw Dawn’s eyes move to my crotch as she took another swig of wine. She handed it to me and I took a long swallow, my eyes burning. I took my time, willing my cock into submission. It partially worked. I pushed my jeans down my hips, stepping out of them and laying back on the lounger wearing just my boxers.

She handed me the wine again and I drank some more, starting to feel the effects already. My head felt lighter.

“So do you have any interviews?” She took another drink from the wine bottle and passed it.

“I had one.” I took a swig. I was getting used to the taste. “But it was some insurance thing. It was all a bit dodgy.”

“Nothing else?”

“Can we change the subject?” I glowered at the wine bottle as I held it up to my lips. It glittered in the sun. “I’m tired of talking about ‘my future.'”

She cocked her head at me, frowning. “Poor little bit.” She sighed. “Being grown-up sucks.”

“Wish someone would have told me.” I shaded my eyes against the sun. It was really bright. “I thought it was gonna be crackin’, you know, getting to do whatever you want…”

She laughed. “I wish.” She handed me the bottle again. “I know you’ll find something. You just have to keep at it.”

I snorted. “You sound just like my mum. ‘You need to try harder, David.'”

“Let’s change the subject,” she agreed. “Let’s talk about sex.”

I choked on the wine going down my throat, some of it dribbling onto my chin. “Not the conversation I need to be having with someone who’s practically my sister. Let’s talk about me finding a bloody job, all right?”

“Have you ever fucked a girl?” She took the bottle back. “Come on, David, you can tell me.”

I flushed, staring directly at the sun and then closing my eyes, seeing a bright spot where it had been. “No.”

I couldn’t believe I’d admitted it. I couldn’t even believe she’d asked me. What was wrong with her? Who was she and what had she done with the Dawn I knew?

“I didn’t think so.” She nudged my arm with the bottle.

“Is it that obvious?” I took a swallow, handing it back with my eyes still closed.

Her voice was soft as she said, “No wonder you toss off so much in the shed.”

My eyes flew open, my jaw dropped. My face burned and I couldn’t say anything.

Dawn was holding the bottle up. “Crikey! This is almost gone!”

“How long have you known?” I swallowed hard.

“Long enough.” She smiled.

“Are you gonna tell my mum and dad?”

She was grinning now. “Oh, I don’t know, that depends.”

“On what?” I sat up and turned toward her. So this was what it was all about. She was looking to get me into some sort of trouble.

“You know your mum will throw a wobbly if she finds out you’ve got porn.”

“Why do you think it’s hidden in the shed?” I sighed miserably. “Are you going to tell?”

“I was just teasing.” She sat up in her chair and faced me, frowning. “What are we, ten? I’m not a grass. So you look at porn. What bloke doesn’t, right?”

I sighed, relieved. I looked at her, remembering the words written in the margins. So if this wasn’t about getting me in trouble…what was it about then? “Say, Dawn…did you…were you looking at it?”

She grinned. “She looks an awful lot like me, doesn’t she?”

I nodded, meeting her eyes. “She’s my favourite.”

She stood, grabbing onto the back of the chair for a moment. She started toward the house. When she got to the door, she looked back at me. “Come on.”

I followed her after a moment, finding her standing in the kitchen leaning against the table. Her bikini top was on the table too and I was staring at her breasts. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t even breathe.

“You like what you see?” She cupped them and pulled on her nipples. My face was burning, but my cock stiffened in response. “They look a lot like hers, don’t they?”

I nodded in agreement. Blimey, almost exactly like the girl in Yank! The same little areolas, the dark pinkish nipples. My cock jumped as I watched her rub her hands over them.

“Dawn, what are you doing?” I heard the hoarseness in my own voice. If we got nicked, we’d be in big trouble, and no one knew it better than she did.

“Well, I’m a bit pissed,” she admitted. “And I’m really randy, especially after watching you wanking in the shed.”

“Oh god.” I groaned, putting my hand to my forehead. She was moving toward me and my gaze fell from her breasts down to her bikini bottoms. Now that I’d seen the top, I wanted to see the rest.

“You wanna suck these?” she purred, pulling on her nipples. “Do you wanna shove your cock in my cunt?”

I had backed up to the wall and she was leaning in toward me, not touching me, but close. She slid her hand down into her bikini and I could see the top edge of her pubic hair.

“You wanna fuck me?” Her hand moved between her legs.

I groaned, closing my eyes against it. “Dawnie,” I pleaded. “Please. Stop.”

“You want to,” she whispered, and I jumped when she squeezed my crotch. My cock throbbed against her hand through my boxers. “You’ve been wanking in the shed and looking at that girl who looks just like me and wishing it was really me all along, haven’t you?”

She moved her hand between my legs, rubbing it up and down the length of my shaft through the thin material.

I groaned. “Yes. Oh God, Dawn, yes.” I grabbed her hand, pushing it away. “You gotta stop. We really can’t do this.”

She pouted, her brow knitting. “Why not?”

“Because,” I choked. “Because you’re like my sister. And there are rules. You remember what my mum said when you moved in?”

It felt like a million years ago, but my mum had read us both the riot act, especially after seeing how grown-up Dawn really had become, about the rules they had in the Study Abroad program-no “relations” were allowed between occupants. “You’re to treat each other as brother and sister,” she insisted. Not that it had been that hard, really. Dawn annoyed me just like an older sister would, and she said I was worse than having a little brother, so it had worked out pretty well.

Until now.

Dawn sighed, moving back and sliding up to sit on the table. She smiled then, her eyes getting that mischievous glint they used to whenever we were gonna do something we’d get in big trouble for. “Well…what if we don’t touch each other?”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

She bit her lip, leaning back on the table so she was lying down. I gasped at the sight of her, spread out on the table topless, the bikini bottoms showing the clear outline of her cunt, swollen and thick. God, I wanted to see. My cock was tenting my boxers, and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it.

She put her feet up on the table and lifted her hips, sliding the white bikini bottoms down her thighs. Then she spread her legs and I could see her cunt, shapely and bulbous, the dark hair trimmed. My whole body responded, wanting to climb inside her somehow, bury myself there. My cock knew exactly what it wanted, even if my head was telling me no. She leaned up on one elbow with a smile, using her other hand to reach down and open her lips, showing me the pink inside.

“Oh, god.” I grabbed for my cock. I couldn’t help it.

“Let me see too.” She nodded toward the hand kneading my boxers. I flushed but I pulled them down, my erection springing free, and I couldn’t help noticing how it was aiming directly at her glistening cunt. I watched her hand move between her legs, rubbing her clit.

I knew it was a clit, I just hadn’t ever seen a real one before. I’d seen pictures, up close pictures even, but this was entirely different from looking at a magazine, and my cock knew it. It was leading me toward the table as I watched her rub herself. She breathed harder, her eyes half closed, her feet up on the table and her legs spread wide.

“Dawnie,” I whispered, nearing the edge of the table and looking down at her. “I want to look at it.”

She smiled, using both hands and reaching down to open herself up for me. Oh, god, it was just like in the picture, only this was real. I bent down to take a peep, my gaze caressing the delicate folds and creases of her, dipping down to that lovely dark hole, where I felt like if I stared long enough, I could just get lost. I realised I could smell her. This was the smell of cunt-tangy, a little musky. I could actually feel the heat of it against my face.

“I’m so randy,” she murmured, slipping one of her fingers into the hole as I watched. That’s where my cock would go, I thought, and it jumped in my hand as if to say, “Hell yes! Come on, man!” I stood, swallowing hard.

So quiet, it was almost a sigh, she said, “I’m just going to rub myself off, okay?”

I nodded, watching her finger fuck herself, listening to the sloppy wet noises she made. My cock felt three times its normal size, like I could split the world open with it. As I began to pump it, I was actually surprised my hand could reach around it, that’s how huge it felt. Dawn was moaning, using one hand on her cunt, the other pulling and tugging at her nipples.

My hand moved faster and saw her eyes half-open, looking down between her legs. I wondered if she was staring at my cock, and if she liked what she saw. Did girls like looking at us as much as we liked looking at them? I stroked the shaft, squeezing the tip, slick with pre-cum. My cock was pointed directly at her cunt, less than a foot away.

“Faster, David,” she whispered, still frigging herself, her whole body moving with it, her hips rolling on the table. “Wank it faster. I want to see.”

I did, shuttling my hand up and down, watching her flesh move under her hands, her lips swollen, the pinkness moving toward red. It matched the head of my cock, which was so red now it was almost purple as I stroked it. I could feel it building-it wouldn’t be long. She was making these little noises in her throat, “uh, uh, uh” over and over, her head rolling from side to side.

“Ohhhhhh fuck!” Her eyes opened to look at me. “I’m gonna come!”

I groaned, pumping my cock furiously now, watching her orgasm. She moaned and gasped, her whole body shuddering.

“Oh bloody hell!” I felt my own climax beginning. She slipped her feet off the table and scooted to the edge, grabbing my pulsing cock in her hand. That was more than enough to send me over, but then she pointed my spurting cock directly at her cunt. I groaned and jerked against her, shooting jets of hot, sticky cum onto her mound, watching as thick, ropey strands of it clung to her pubic hair, and some even dribbled down between her lips. I watched its descent, fascinated, my cock still throbbing in my hand.

When I was spent, she smiled, lifting her hand to her mouth. I watched, caught somewhere between horror and fascination, as she licked my cum off her hand.

“We taste good together.” She smiled.

I tucked my traitorous cock back into my boxers, flushing with embarrassment now. “Dawn…what are we doing?”

“I don’t know.” She slipped off the edge of the table. She turned to pick up her bikini bottoms that had fallen to the floor and my cock jumped in spite of the fact that it had just been sated. She turned and kissed me on the cheek, chaste, like a sister would, still bollock naked. “But don’t you want to do it again?”

I shook my head no, but there were other, more treacherous parts of me that were saying “Yes!” with a great deal of vigour and enthusiasm.