DECKER’S QUESTION TURNED HER SHIVER INTO A SHUDDER. Rachel’s breath caught. Heat slid through her. Blood rushed to her nipples. “Th-the latter.”

“That’s what I thought. We’ll talk soon about why you seem to want to analyze everything. It’s chemistry, beautiful. Let it burn.” He curled his fingers around the belt of her little silk robe and tugged. “Now I want to see those hard nipples all naked and ready for my mouth. Drop the robe.”

A thrill curled through her belly, even as hesitation strangled it. She ached to be everything he wanted. She wished she could be wanton enough to just enjoy the moment. But . . .

“What is it? Talk to me.” He cupped her cheek.

“I’m . . . lost. Owen never liked to be totally naked for sex. Too earthy for him.”

What? Did he actually like sex?”

She shrugged. “Since he always had orgasms, I assumed he had a good time.”

“I’m not so sure.” He scoffed.

“Owen always wanted me to shower first, then come to bed dressed in something like this.” Rachel tugged on her robe.

Decker snorted. “Then he told you to get in bed, climbed on top of you in the dark, and the sex was over in three minutes before he told you to shower again and come to bed? A week or two later, he’d repeat the process?”

She gaped at him. “How did you guess?”

“I’m getting a picture here. No wonder you’re repressed and confused if you’ve never known anything else. What a douche bag.”

“He’s just . . . His brain revolves around science. He’s not really into ‘typical’ stuff. He hates TV, cocktail parties, shopping. He thinks romance is trite and—”

“Sex is a bodily function that should be performed in the minimum amount of time?”

“Something like that.”

“Then he didn’t care about your feelings.” Decker pressed flush against her, his erection a thick ridge prodding her belly, and took her face in his hands. “I’m going to show you how it should be. I’m not going to put my cock anywhere near your pussy until you’re dripping wet and beyond ready. That’s a promise.”

His wicked words made her fluttery inside, like a horde of butterflies were break dancing. “Thank you for understanding. Most guys would have given up long ago, I’ll bet.”

He stroked her cheek. “It’s just you and me. I don’t care what any other guy would do, especially Owen. So if you’re ready to move on and have sex instead of talking . . .”

As Decker yanked at the belt of her robe, she looked up at him through the shadows, then over at the little lamp on her nightstand.

He planted a hand in her hair and tugged. “Focus on me. If I want the lamp on, I’ll take care of it. Right now, I don’t give a damn about the setting. I care about pleasing you. I can’t do it if you’re half clothed and overthinking. You’re nervous. You don’t know me well. You’ve never done this with anyone who knows how to make you feel good. You’re having a hard time letting go. I get all that. But you’ve got to let me try.”

Rachel squeezed her eyes shut. Decker was utterly, totally right. She had to get out of her head and stop thinking about what she was used to. He’d shown her in every way that he wanted to be here with her, and had the experience and patience to give her pleasure.

With a nod, she shoved the lid on all her insecurities and worked the knot of her belt loose. She parted the silk a sliver, watching Decker watch her. He looked so sexy—intent male ready to conquer. His desire wrapped around her and caressed her skin. Her breath came hard, fast.

She peeled the robe from her shoulders. With only a whisper of sound, it slithered to the carpet beneath her feet. She stood before a man she hadn’t known when she’d eaten dinner tonight, wearing nothing more than a tiny pair of black panties. Only very damp lace separated him from her secret flesh. He stared, his blue eyes darkening with hunger in the shadowed room. A shiver of thrill went through her when she thought about his reaction to what he hadn’t yet seen.

“Fuck,” he muttered, lifting his hand to her. “You’re beyond beautiful.”


Shut up! Rachel cursed her own uncertainty. Owen had called her chubby and chided her for her love of Italian food and an occasional piece of chocolate. Decker seemed to like the way she was put together. His warm fingers cradled her breast, his thumb brushing so close to her nipple . . . She dragged in a shuddering breath as heat burned through her.

“Gorgeous. Voluptuous.” He bent and nuzzled her neck, pressing his lips to her. “So innocent looking. Every time you bat your lashes at me, I get hard. When I feel you tremble in my arms, it takes everything I have not to toss you to the bed and have my wicked way with you.”

His fingers tightened just a fraction on her breast before he cursed softly. Then he gripped her neck and positioned her directly under him as his lips crashed over hers. The sensation jolted her, an immediate zing of desire. Rachel melted against Decker and opened to him entirely, meeting every possessive thrust and teasing retreat. She whimpered into his kiss, wrapped her arms around his neck, all but purring at the feel of his hot skin plastered against her.

Then he backed her toward the bed, his persistent kiss flavored with impatience and demand. Already, he was unraveling her. Less than thirty seconds and Rachel felt herself turning to putty.

Arousal. She’d read about it, even felt little tremors of it when she self-pleasured. But Decker was unleashing an earthquake of need inside her. It was rocking her every notion about sex, along with her world.

He helped her onto the bed, his mouth still on hers as he crawled after her. His huge, hard body covered her own, blasting heat through her as he gently abraded her nipples with the fine hair across his chest. More dusted his legs, and as he pressed them against her inner thighs to open her wide for his invasion, the sensation was so foreign . . . amazing. Her vocabulary was almost inadequate to describe the awakening of every nerve and cell in her body, the tingling of her skin, the pounding of her heart, the rightness flowing through her body.

A year shy of thirty, and she’d never quite understood what it meant to be a woman taken by a man. As Decker ravaged her lips with yet another deep kiss, taking everything she gave while plying her with more pleasure, she began to grasp the concept. Pure sensation wrapped her up—and finally she comprehended just how two lovers shared sex. Heartbeats and breaths mingled as they touched palm-to-palm. They exchanged an entire wealth of longing with a stare, without uttering a word. And that was before they joined bodies.

How was it possible that she felt closer and more in tune with the stranger she’d met hours ago than the man she’d been married to for nearly four years?

Rachel didn’t know, but she was done questioning it. She bent her knees around his hips, letting him deeper into the cradle of her body, and held on for dear life as a joy way beyond pleasure flowed through her.

Decker’s rough palms skimmed down her side, anchoring his hand on her hip. “I want inside you so bad. But I want to show you what you’ve been missing more.”

She had almost no time to process what those shiver-worthy words meant before he worked his way down her body. His mouth hovered just above her nipples, his hot breath caressing them. The blood strained into the hard tips until they felt tight and tingly.

“Tell me what feels good so I can send you soaring.”

She gave him a shaky nod, raking her fingers through the inky strands of his dark hair. “All right.”

He didn’t waste any more time or words. Instead, Decker just fastened his lips around her left nipple. Soft, slow, sleek . . . the touch was part exploration, part torment. Rachel arched up into his mouth with a little cry of need.

“You like that?”

“Hmm . . . yes.”

Her hips moved restlessly, and she filtered her fingers through his hair again, reveling in its softness and wishing it was long enough to wrap in her fist and make him taste her nipple once more. Thankfully, she didn’t have to prompt him again to pay attention to her breasts. He lapped at their tips, nipped, teased . . . tormented. Every lick and suck became its own form of torture. Ecstasy. Agony. A need for more burst through her, igniting her blood.

Decker eased back for a moment and stared at her nipples unabashedly. Under his scrutiny, they seemed to fill and tighten even more, as if eager to display themselves for him.

“So damn pretty,” he whispered over the distended peak, thumbing the other. “So lush.”

Rachel whimpered. So ready for more . . .

“You feel it, don’t you?”

She nodded frantically.

“You’re wet for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Almost embarrassingly so.

A smile creased his face. He turned to rub his whiskered cheek against her swelling breast, her sensitive nipple. The scratchy-soft abrasion added another level of sensation, and she arched, grabbing at him.

“Sensitive.” His voice rang with approval.

“I never thought so. I mean, I’ve never . . .”

“Responded to having your nipples stimulated?”

She frowned until he set his mouth over them again. “No one’s ever really touched . . . I can’t think when you do that.”

“Good. Just feel. I want you to let me have my fill of your nipples. I want you to get so wet for me that when I put my mouth on your pussy, I’ll have a feast that will take me a long time to devour. I want you so close, ready, and eager that when I start fucking you, you won’t be able to stop screaming.”

His words alone took her desire higher. The tight beat of need under her clit became an incessant throb. A few hours ago, she would have doubted that he—or anyone else—could make her feel this way. But Decker, whose last name she hadn’t even asked, knew exactly how to give her body everything she’d ever fantasized about.

She was going to end her birthday a really happy woman.

“Hurry!” she panted.

But he took his sweet time tonguing his way around her areola, then brushing his fingers over the damp flesh. He came closer and closer to the aching tips until he finally sucked them in deep. The sensation darted straight between her legs again and again like a live wire. She shuddered in his arms with the jolt of desire.

“Hurrying defeats the purpose, and you’re not making the demands here. You’re lying back and taking everything I give you and waiting eagerly for more.”

Holding in a whimper, Rachel stared up at him, blinking, breathless . . . captivated. Everything about his strong face and the desire tightening it screamed powerful male. Beyond aroused now, she ached to feel Decker deep inside her.

His bare hands gripped her hips with possessive fervor and seared her flesh. She sighed raggedly and closed her eyes, basking in the sensations piling on top of her, one after the other, until she swore she was about to combust. Or beg. This much pleasure was beyond her experience or comprehension, and she didn’t for one moment believe she’d handled all he could dish out.

A hot flush rolled through her body. Rachel breathed in the musky scent of his skin and couldn’t look away from his cocky smile, complete with a flash of white teeth that she found beyond sexy. She dug her fingers into his shoulders and lifted her hips to him, willing him to ease the empty ache coiling between her restless legs.

“You look good all flushed and sweet. Innocent.” He breathed over her nipples, still toying, arousing, owning them. “I’ll fix that.”

Rachel assumed he was kidding, but Decker didn’t smile or wink. Mercy . . . Remembering the feel of him, steely and sizzling in her palm, made her skin tingle with anticipation as she imagined just exactly how good he would feel stretching and filling her—helping her finally understand the give and take of lovers straining for the common purpose of sharing wrenching, clawing pleasure.

“Please . . .”

“Ah, begging. Always sweet, but especially tempting coming from you. I think I’m going to want more. Let me see what I can do.” His smile was predatory and pleased, but somehow still set her at ease. “Take off the panties.”

Rachel wanted to—really. Once she did, she’d be one step closer to fulfillment. But she had a surprise . . .

“Let me up for one second. I want to show you something.”

Decker hesitated. He didn’t want to. As easygoing as he’d been at the bar, that was how forceful he seemed now. And she might be in over her head, but that didn’t stop Rachel from wanting him.

“A second, no longer.” He eased off the bed with obvious reluctance. His hands didn’t leave her bare skin until he stood too far away to touch her.

Scooting off the bed, she brushed past him with a pounding heart, full of yearning and apprehension.

Finally, Rachel inched past him just far enough for him to view her backside, then glanced over her shoulder at him, only to find his stare glued to her butt.

“Holy shit,” he muttered. “That’s gorgeous.”

Remembering the big, silky black bow that played peekaboo with her pale cheeks, she smiled. His approval spiked bliss inside her. She’d always liked helping and doing for others, but this . . . was different. This sense of thrill was more personal.

Of course when she’d bought these panties from a catalog about six months ago, she’d been pretty sure that madness had finally overtaken her. Now she was glad she’d succumbed to the impulse. His bulging stare and damn near speechless reaction felt so sweetly fabulous.

“Do you want to unwrap me?” Rachel whispered, watching him from under lowered lashes as she wiggled her hips just slightly.

He cocked a dark brow and dragged his gaze to her face. “If I tug on this ribbon, these will come off?”

That possibility obviously excited him. Impatience pinged off of him—and boosted her confidence.

With a coy look, she batted her lashes. “Why don’t you find out?”

Anchoring a hand on her thigh, Decker stepped up behind her, his hot breath on her neck. With the other hand, he grabbed one of the floppy bow’s loose ends and gave a little tug. It unraveled, and the silken material slipped to hang low on her hips. With big hands, he tugged the panties down her thighs, leaving them both as naked as the day they’d been born.

With a moan of appreciation, Decker palmed her backside, his lips sliding over her shoulder. With his big body pumping out heat like a furnace, he chased away the slight chill in the room and suffused her with warmth. She tossed her head back to rest on the hard bulge of his shoulder, her hair sliding over his skin erotically.

He bit into her lobe. “You’re teasing me, beautiful.”

“Is that going to get me in trouble?” Where was this inner vixen coming from? It was as if knowing that she truly aroused him had allowed her to relax and engage in the sort of banter that often shaped her fantasies. He seemed more than willing to play along.

“No,” he murmured in her ear. “It’s going to get you fucked. Long and hard and relentlessly.”

Good gravy. As dirty as his words were, they sounded not just sexual, but seductive. Decker wouldn’t be mechanical. He wouldn’t be merely willing—but happy—to do whatever made her come apart for him. Rachel couldn’t find words to reply, so she just whimpered.

“Now.” Decker bent and lifted her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. She shrieked. He tossed her onto the bed, then followed her down as she bounced on the mattress. He flattened her with his body, covering her completely as he dragged her mouth under his and claimed it with a wild kiss that left her hot and gasping under him.

This was what she’d always envisioned—racing hearts, desire, earnest need, the anticipation of pleasure so explosive . . .

Raising up on his haunches for a long moment, Decker took in the sight of her naked and flushed. “Damn, you’re more lush and gorgeous than I imagined.”

The appreciation on his face spoke a million praises. Unlike Owen, he was here not because sex was one of those tiresome marital exchanges he had to contend with. Decker was here because he wanted to be. Because he wanted her.

The hunger in his eyes made her nipples harden again. Her skin tingled as she waited impatiently to feel his hands all over her again, his thick erection buried deep within her.

“You imagined me?”

“Looking across the bar at you, yeah. I couldn’t wait to see these.” He cupped her breasts. “Get my mouth on them.”

Then he was tasting her nipples again. A lick, a nip, a strong suck, and she moaned. Goodness, what he could do with his mouth . . . That direct line of sensation pulsed between her breasts and her slick female flesh below, and she writhed impatiently.

“But now . . .” He pinned her with a hot blue stare that made her quake. “I’m trying to decide how to make you come first. So many choices, and we’ll get to them all eventually. Should I start with my fingers?”

Decker rolled slightly away and used one of his legs to pull hers apart. Then he stared straight down at her sex, now wet and pouting and aching. Automatically, she reached down to cover herself. Owen had said that vaginas were messy and unpleasant to look at, so she’d always kept hers shielded from him with a robe or flowing nightie.

Covering herself only seemed to displease Decker. He manacled her wrists in his grip and transferred them to one big hand before he pinned them to the bed above her head. “Don’t move.”

Rachel pressed against his hold experimentally. It was solid. She wasn’t getting up until he let her. That should probably have alarmed her, but the ease with which he restrained her in his grip reminded her how small she was compared with him, almost helpless. That wasn’t a feeling she liked in any other area of her life, but under Decker as he touched her . . . Everything about the moment was sublimely erotic.

With her hands trapped, cool air blew across her slick folds. She shivered. “You w-want to look at me?”

“Damn straight. Tonight, that’s my pussy. I’m going to look at it, touch it, taste it . . . violate it in every way I can think of.”

She blushed, the words coming from Decker’s mouth rousing a tight heat inside her. Then nothing else mattered when he lowered his free hand between her legs, parted her folds with expert fingers, and dragged two of them directly over her most sensitive flesh. Pleasure tingled and burned from that spot, radiating outward for a glorious moment.

She writhed, moaned, all but begging without words.

“Like that?” he whispered against the side of her breast before he kissed the swell of flesh again, then took her turgid nipple in his mouth once more, sucking it to the roof.

“Yes!” she shrieked.

“You won’t try to keep me from your sweet pussy, will you?”

Though he phrased his words like a question, Rachel knew quite well that it wasn’t. She looked up at him, licking her lips and parting them, anticipation amping her up. “No.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

With one hand, he pinned her to the bed, with the other, he plumped and pinched her clitoris, so throbbing and hungry for his touch. In between, he worked his voracious mouth over her nipple. Blood raced through her body. Pleasure climbed inside her. Her senses awakened to him, so attuned. She craved more of the rough feel of his fingers, the scent of his mysterious musk rising between them, his demanding stare promising her more.

“Now. Please now.” Rachel didn’t care if she was pleading.

“I’m still debating the best way to give you your first orgasm. Doing it with my fingers is fun and easy.” He toyed with the little pink pearl of nerves, a slow, circular drag of his fingertips over and over. “I can feel you hardening and swelling for me. Your body is tensing. I have total control of your reactions, and you look so fucking sexy flushing and begging. That prim exterior is gone, and the woman underneath . . . no other man has ever seen her. She’s mine.”

Rachel knew they were probably nothing more than pretty words, but she appreciated them—except that every moment he talked, he prolonged her torment. But nothing would make him move faster. Something about being utterly at his mercy made her need burn even hotter. She bit her lip.

Decker gave her a long, slow smile. “You’re getting close, aren’t you?

She nodded frantically.

“Fighting the urge to beg?”

Rachel nodded again. But not begging wasn’t working, so she gave up. “I don’t care how you do it, just please . . .”

“I care.”

Decker whispered those words against her lips. Then he took her mouth in another long kiss of wrenching desire that made her dizzy and hot. She tried to curl her arms around him, but he held her hands firmly pinned to the bed.

He began her suffering again, his fingertips fondling her clitoris in long, unhurried drags. Her sizzling, slick nerves ignited. Pleasure coiled. Breathing took a backseat to anticipating his next touch. The need swelled to something far bigger and better than she’d ever given herself. Rachel writhed. So close . . .

“You like my fingers?” he baited.

“Yes.” The breathy cry sounded an awful lot like a plea.

“I think you’ll like this even more.”

He prowled down the length of her body, his lips grazing her abdomen and laving her hip, before he settled between her thighs. With big palms, he pushed her legs wider apart. Then, with a deep breath, he inhaled. His eyes closed as if savoring her scent. His hot blue stare zipped up her body and captured her gaze. The electric arc between them was like a shockwave to her chest. She gasped.

Impatiently, Decker lowered his head toward her drenched folds. Rachel felt her eyes go saucer round. Would he? Sure, he’d talked about it, but . . .

Decker fell hungrily on her pouting, aching sex. He lapped at her clit with his tongue. Oh goodness, he would. She couldn’t decide whether to squirm out of her skin or simply melt. She’d never even imagined anything like the hot, wet oven of his mouth. He sucked her in, gently grazing her sensitive tip with his tongue, then his teeth, lavishing her. Devouring her.

As she thrashed on the bed, a cry trapped at the back of her throat sprang free and echoed off the walls. The muscles in her thighs stiffened. The rest of her body followed. The precipice of pleasure rushed up to her. She could see right over the edge. Decker dangled her there—a lazy swipe of his tongue here, a starved suckling there. A frustrating nip at her inner thighs and a long, heated glance up her body later, she nearly howled with demand.

But he seemed to know exactly what she wanted and delighted in making her ache.

“Do you want to come like this?” he asked.

Rachel didn’t trust that sly voice. No matter what she said, he was going to do exactly what he wanted. He wouldn’t be cajoled or rushed or persuaded, even if she was about to lose her sanity.

Forget leaving her hands where he’d told her to. She thrust her fingers into the inky softness of his short hair and tried to press his mouth deeper over the heart of her need.

So, of course, Decker pulled away. “Be good or I’ll make you wait for it.”

“No!” she wailed, knowing it wouldn’t do a damn bit of good.

Decker just smiled as he eased off of her and stood at the edge of the bed, staring. “Your pussy looks so pretty when it’s pouting, beautiful.” He licked his lips. “You’re scrumptious.”

“Why are you tormenting me?” she demanded, then bit her lip. Her lack of orgasm for the last decade wasn’t his fault, just the last hour. “What else can I say to convince you?”

“That you need to come?” He shrugged. “I’ll know when it’s time. Now you stay here. I’ll be back in a minute.”

With that, he turned and searched the room. She couldn’t see really well in the darkness, but the backside filling her vision was taut and firm, supported by a pair of thighs that rippled with muscle every time he took a step. Rachel sighed.

She really had hit the jackpot.

Just thinking about what might come next, her entire body throbbed, and a satisfaction that would have been so complete and mind-twisting had been right at hand . . . then he’d left the bed? When he stooped down, Rachel frowned. What was he doing?

She shook her head. He’d be back to her. While she wasn’t usually confident about her sex appeal, one thing she did know? Men couldn’t fake erections, and Decker had been hard since the moment he’d barged through her front door.

Still, he’d left her alone and needy. Wasn’t he due a little teasing?

Smiling, Rachel lowered her hand between her legs, determined to put on a show. But when she dragged her fingers over her clitoris, just like Decker had, she hissed and arched her back. It wouldn’t take much at all to push her over the edge. Another few seconds and . . .

“Fingers out of your pussy.” Decker’s sharp voice resonated through the room as he stood again, fist curled around something. “That orgasm is mine to give you.”

“I wasn’t going to—”

“You say that now, but in thirty seconds? Two minutes? Five?”

Okay, so maybe he had a point. “You’ve left me aching.”

“And I’ll make it better,” he promised, dumping a few condoms on her nightstand.

Decker held up one and tore the foil open with his teeth. He wasted no time rolling it over his huge erection and sliding onto the bed again, right between her legs. Without warning, he scooped her thighs up in his arms, lifted them around his head, and dropped his mouth back to her clit. The intense suction and almost punishing nip made her scream—and her body jolt in a hot-blooded race for satisfaction.

As she flew even closer to blissful explosion than before, a damp sweat covered her body. She strained to get closer, lifting up to the heavenly touch of his tongue. Her breath hitched, then left her lips in a broken cry. Blood zipped by the bucketful south, filling the responsive little nub he played with. Rachel felt herself swelling, the pressure building, the burn scorching. Just another second or two . . .

He eased his lips away.

Before she had time to moan in protest, he trapped her body beneath his own with a growl. The lust in that feral sound nearly undid her. Full staff in hand, he aligned himself against her slick, vulnerable opening, probing, feeding her the head in shallow strokes before backing out to rub her clit with his rigid stalk.

The need to take him deep, feel him stroking her walls, had her tossing her head back, breathing hard, a frantic cry on her lips. “Decker . . .”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

Her blood boiled, burning away any semblance of pride. “Yes. Please. I do. Now.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you until you can’t take a moment more.”

Even the image had her squirming beneath him and crying out again. “Yes!”

The word hadn’t even finished clearing her lips before he thrust deep inside her. She gasped. Her eyes went wide with panic and pain. She couldn’t take another inch of him.

Stiffening, Rachel tried discreetly to wriggle and displace him, put some distance between them.

“Does that hurt?”

“A little.”

“Shh. Relax.” He grabbed her hips in his hands, easing back. Rachel sighed in relief.

But he wasn’t absent for long. He only put enough distance between them to work a pair of fingers inside her and stretch her. His clever digits found a sensitive spot inside her, and she arched her back, spreading wide for him until she accommodated another finger. Then another.

When she was mewling, Decker withdrew, then nudged his staff against her opening again.

His nostrils flared, his eyes narrowing. “Now you should be more comfortable. Tell me if you’re not, and I’ll work you open slowly. But you won’t get away from me, Rachel.”

As if she wanted to . . .

Then he reared back and thrust into her roughly, deeper, working against the swollen, constricting flesh of her sex. But his fingers had worked some magic. The discomfort was gone.

He groaned. “That’s right. That’s good. Let me in.”

Wasn’t he already in?

Lifting her hips up to him, Decker pressed down into her body with another shallow stroke. Then he withdrew slowly. The friction of his flesh over nerve endings she hadn’t known she possessed caused her to cry out.

“I’m getting deeper, beautiful. Yes . . . You’re so sweet and tight. I’m going to make you come for me. You want that. I want to feel it. Just take all of me.”

She still hadn’t?

Rachel moaned. Decker ground into her clit again with his hard length, then shifted down, rooting at her opening once more. With one heavy push, he grunted, then seared his way into her body, up, up, up, filling every corner and recess of her with his thick possession, stretching her almost beyond her limit.

Mercy . . .

He rubbed a sensitive spot so deep inside her that Rachel felt herself swell even more. He drew back and kindled all those nerves again. And again. The flames licking her body turned incendiary. She bucked under him, cried out for him, clenched her fists and begged. His bared teeth and determined face told her that nothing would stop him from giving this pleasure to her.

Holy cow! Rachel had known he would be every bit as good as her fantasies, but never had she imagined this sort of ecstasy.

Relentlessly, he pushed in and out of her, hitting that spot so deep and shocking with every last plunge. She closed her eyes, struggling to breathe. Her thighs tightened. She wanted her arms around him, but he held her pinned to the bed and drove into her again and again.

“Open your eyes.”

She squeezed them even more tightly shut, so focused on the sensations that stacked on top of her restraint, crushing it. Her clit burned. He shocked the end of her passage with every forceful thrust.

“Fucking open your eyes and look at me.”

Something about his deep growl forced her to obey. His face hovered just above hers, and he fused their stares together. A jolt, a zing, an electric sizzle—they lit her up. The forces in her body swirled together, spinning faster and faster, taking her down with them like a whirlpool sucking away her ability to breathe, to care about anything but the ecstasy about to sear across her soul.

“Decker,” she whispered almost soundlessly, out of breath.

Using all the power of his muscled arms and thighs, he fucked his way even harder inside her. His stare penetrated deeper. This didn’t feel like a one-night stand. Decker utterly possessed her, from their linked fingers above her head, to their locked stares, all the way to their joined bodies.

The uproar of tingles and aches throbbing with need all compounded to overload her, but they had nothing on the sudden fervor that seized her heart.

All the sensations inside her melded, conjoined, rose dangerously. Then her body combusted. Her sex clamped down on him, womb clenching, as pleasure spilled over in a lush melding of wonder, ecstasy, and thrill.

Above her, Decker pounded into her mercilessly, jaw tensing, eyes raging, breath sawing in and out of his chest with effort, with excitement. He crushed her lips under his own and gripped her hands fiercely. Then his entire body tensed as he submerged himself completely inside her, setting off another storm of astonishing pleasure. As she screamed into his kiss and held on for dear life, Rachel wondered if she’d be able to forget this night or this man—ever.


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