Terry Morgan fastened her seatbelt and observed the no-smoking sign as the plane prepared to land at O’Hare Field in Chicago. She couldn’t wait to get back home and be with her husband Brad. Even though she liked to visit her parents, she always missed her husband, and coming back to him was an event. After three years of marriage she thought she shouldn’t care this much, but she did.

The plane swooped through cloudbanks, rushing over choppy Lake Michigan, and moments later landed at O’Hare. She felt relieved as she felt the thump that told her she had indeed touched ground again.

Unfastening her seat belt, she reached under the seat to pick up her small flight bag she carried with her. Then, when the pilot gave permission, she got up and headed down the crowded aisle, eager to see Brad.

Meantime, Brad was waiting anxiously. The plane was over an hour later due to headwinds, forcing a route change, and he felt nervous until he saw her walking toward him. Terry’s soft brown eyes, with their radiant glow, and her beautiful body always turned him on. The trim legs, slim waist, and vibrant movements were capable of giving him an instant hard-on when he hadn’t seen her for a few days, or hadn’t gotten his rocks off on a regular basis. And when this was happening, Terry could tell by the wicked look in his eyes, and she’d reprimand him, telling him not to look at her like that. But, she really liked it, and wouldn’t have him look at her any other way.

But Terry knew how to use the appeal she held for her husband to her advantage. He’d bought a condominium on Lakeshore Drive because she wanted one so badly. He let her spend much too much on clothes, and a small sports car. But, Terry knew what he expected in bed and accommodated him.

“Hi, honey,” Brad smiled enthusiastically as he saw his shapely wife walk toward him, arms outstretched. They embraced, kissing intimately, oblivious to bystanders.

“Oh, I’m glad you’re back,” he sighed, “I worried about you… when they said the plane was delayed because of bad weather – I didn’t know if…”

“I’m happy we’re together, honey – let’s go somewhere tonight.”

“I know a nice little place,” he smiled, and together they walked out of the air terminal heading for the restaurant. Brad made it a point to order the best steak in the house, and they laughed, and joked.

“Let’s stop in a bar for a nightcap,” her husband smiled. She agreed, but reluctantly for it was a topless, bottomless place.

As they sat down, Terry quickly observed only one other woman was in the place.

“Isn’t this some dame they’ve got up there, wiggling her butt, wild?” he laughed, eyeing her body closely.

“I guess so but she doesn’t do anything for me,” Terry told him flatly.

“That’s good,” he chuckled, “I’d have to worry if she did turn you on.”

A scantily clad waitress came over, and took their order. Moments later the drinks were served, and then the nude dancer came over and flung her breasts in Brad’s face.

Terry was so irate she couldn’t speak her disgust. But Brad was turned on. So much so, he said loud enough for the young nude dancer to hear, “Hasn’t she got a nice set of knockers?”

“IF you say so,” Terry said tightly.

The girl was enjoying displaying herself before Brad, who watched her every move with such rapt attention. Quickly, turning around she wiggled her bare behind before him.

“Looks good enough to eat,” Brad smiled at Terry, who glared at him, “I’m getting out of here. If you want to stay here, it’s alright with me.”

“Oh, Terry,” he chided her, as he followed her through the smoky, noisy bar with its perpetually flashing red and purple lights. “Come back here – I was just having fun.”

But Terry wouldn’t listen. She stalked over to the car and waited until he paid the bill and joined her.

Then, as they were driving home he reached over and stroked his wife’s leg, “Honey, you’re twice as beautiful as that nude dame is – I’m sorry.”

“Oh, it’s alright,” Terry told him, “but I don’t see how men turn-on looking at those sluts shaking their butts over their beer. It isn’t sanitary!”

“Was that what worried you went I watched her?” Brad gently teased.

“No,” she admitted, “That isn’t what worried me at all!”

“Reach over here, honey. I got something nice for you to feel.”

“Forget it,” she snapped, still not willing to erase completely some if the resentment she felt over the bar incident. But passion prompted him to reach over and take her hand and place it over his hard penis. She didn’t object, but she wanted him to make the move.

“See what I mean, honey?”

“Yes,” she smiled.

Moments later they were in their bedroom undressing, and as Brad slid his aborts down his huge, pulsating penis popped into view.

Grasping it in his hand, he joked with Terry… “Miss me?”

“I always miss you,” she grinned, letting her bra fall to the floor as her naked breasts appeared before him. Brad came toward her, enjoying the sight of her luscious, red-nippled breasts. And as she lowered her panties slowly, he got turned-on. The moist, brown, curly pubic hair of her vagina was always a source of fascination.

“Honey, let’s try some different things tonight,” he suggested.

“I guess watching that naked dame flip her tits around really got your motor going,” she said, going over to the bed.

“I felt like running my rod between her knockers,” he smiled, as he straddled her, lowering himself so that his penis slipped between her breasts.

His hands went on her breasts, and he pressed them against his rock-hard cock, letting his scrotum get excited as he slowly slid the head of it up to her mouth.

“You’re dripping,” she teased, as she spotted a crystal drop of cum on the head of his penis.

“Baby,” he begged, “Let’s get going – I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Go ahead…”

“I want it from behind,” he smiled, like a bad little boy who knows he’s asking for something naughty.

“What if I don’t want to let you?”

“You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“Will it really make you that happy to slide that banana up my asshole?”

“Yes,” he insisted.

“Alright, but don’t kill me. You’ve got a big prick, and I’ve got a small, tight asshole.”

“That’s why I want to fuck it,” he grinned, as his beautiful, dark-skinned wife rolled over, revealing her smooth, well shaped buttocks to his hot eyes.

“Baby,” he begged like a little boy, “Arch your ass up a little – okay?”

“Okay,” she said, raising up so that her elbows dug into the bed, and her buttocks, arched as they were, became easily available to his huge penis.

His hands gripped her buttocks, parting the cheeks, as he slowly started sliding his tool into her. All went well until he came to the tight anal ring.

“I can’t get it up there,” he complained.

“I told you I’ve got a tight asshole,” she said emphatically. And then, he thought of something.

“If I had something to slide it up there…”

“Use some baby oil I’ve got in there,” she said pointing to the bathroom. Brad pulled out, and went to the bathroom to find the oil. Locating it, he came back, pouring some in his hands and then all around the head of his male member. Getting back on the bed, he used an oiled finger to slip inside her tight anus, to prepare her for his penis invasion of her fresh, young behind.

Now, when he began slipping it between the cheeks, he found it slid smoothly. Grasping her cheeks, he finally stabbed with one good hard thrust.

“Oh, God, you’re killing me,” she cried in pain. But, her cry didn’t deter Brad. If anything, it increased his delight.

“Oh, baby, have you got a tight asshole,” he panted, as he pushed it into her. “This feels fantastic! Fuck it, baby. Fuck it!”

Terry was now discovering there was some pleasure in anal intercourse for herself, and the gradual pleasure built until she thoroughly enjoyed his ramming, driving penis thrusting up her hot behind.

“Ahhh – ohhhh, yes – yes,” she panted, “Sock it to me! Fuck my ass! I love it!”

The timid housewife turned-on, and her husband was blowing his mind as he realized he’d not only succeeded in invading her beautiful behind, but taught her to enjoy it as well.

“Give it to me,” she begged him, and with this kind of encouragement, he rammed it to her with new-found force.

“Ahhhhh – ohhhhh – yes, yes, baby – fuck me!” Bending over her sweating body, he begged, “Twist your tail for your Daddy, honey – yes – like that! Harder, honey, harder!”

Terry kept her behind gyrating as he thrust his meat into her with sharp impact.

“Ahhhh – ohhhhh, it’s beautiful,” she moaned, twisting her behind, this way, that way, as his slippery mainstem almost slid out of her.

“Don’t get that excited, baby,” he warned her, “I’ll slide out – and we don’t want that to happen!”

“Alright,” she panted, as she felt his hands reaching for her breasts squeezing them, she felt added pleasure when he groped down to her vagina. His fingers slipped inside her slit, and he began manipulating her clitoris.

“Ohhhh – beautiful,” she told him, “That feels fantastic! I like the double action. Yes, yes, fuck me!”

Now, her husband was turned-on, and he continued ramming his rod into her.

“Oh, baby, this is what I call fucking,” he panted excitedly, as he rode her asshole.

“Churn your ass around, baby,” he begged. Instantly, Terry let her behind revolve around his thrusting penis. The pleasure it produced was so intense Brad felt he might get his rod off any second, so he insisted. “Honey, slow down!”

Terry toned her tempo down, determined to help him extract the utmost pleasure from the act.

“That’s it – nice and easy,” he panted, pleased that he could keep from going off a little longer. “Slow and easy, baby, your butt’s on fire, and I’m going to explode any minute.”

By deliberately sliding it in slowly to the hilt, and pulling it out, he managed to maintain his high pitch of pleasure from thrusting his penis up her behind.

“Ohhhh, ahhhh – yes – yess!” he finally gasped, as he couldn’t hold it back any longer. “Now, fuck it, baby!” he begged her, “Harder! Yes! Ohhhh, I’m coming! I’m coming!” The hot sperm splashed inside her anus, and she ground her hips around vigorously.

“Like that, lover,” he panted, delighted to see how instinctively Terry could entertain him. “Ohhh, baby, you’re beautiful! Beautiful!”

When she’d drained him, he slowly eased himself out, and as Terry felt him pulling his penis out of her, she wished they could always be connected.

As Brad flopped over, he was so completely contented he went to sleep, which didn’t please Terry at all. All night long she slept fitfully, waking early in the morning, and reaching over she stroked his male member.

Groggily, he looked at her.

“You want some more action?” he smiled, as he felt her creating a big erection.

“Yes, luv,” she nodded, “I’m so hot – I’ve got to be…”

“Go ahead – say it – ‘fucked’ – isn’t that what you want me to do?”

Terry nodded.

“There’s nothing wrong or dirty about the word honey, don’t be afraid to ask me to ball you when you want it, because. I aim to please!” Saying this, he gripped his huge penis, and pointed it at her.

“I want you to lick it a minute till you get me rip-roaring to screw. Then, I’ll really give you what you want – nine inches of action, baby…”

But now Brad was getting out of the bed, and going to the bathroom to urinate.

“Hurry up,” Terry insisted.

“It isn’t easy to take a leak when you’ve got a hard-on, honey – hold your snatch, I’ll be right with you.”

Finally, he did manage to urinate and then he returned to have sex with his wife. She was spread out invitingly, her legs offering him an eager invitation.

“You’re really a turn-on,” Brad smiled, “I’m glad you aren’t as shy as you were when we first got married.”

“You’ve given me a very good sex education,” she smiled. But Brad wasn’t going to let her be the aggressor when he proceeded to have morning sex with her.

He pointed his penis at her mouth, and for a moment, Terry hesitated.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“I don’t know,” she said, “I guess it’s hard to do it in the daylight – I’m used to sucking on it in the dark.”

“Baby, it won’t bite you – go ahead – open,” he insisted, “my peter tastes good, sweetheart!”

Immediately, his hands went out, and as she felt his fingers stroking through her hair, she felt under his domination, and loving his male aggressiveness, submitted. Easing himself into her slowly, she licked upon just the end of it.

“Ohh, that feels good,” Brad smiled, glancing in the mirror to watch his hard penis slide in, slide out, as his balls jiggled at her chin.

“That’s enough,” he finally told her, “Any more of that and I’ll shoot my wad…”

Just then the phone rang interrupting their scintillating sex act. Pulling out of her mouth, he said, “Damnit – I don’t want to answer that, but it might be the boss.”

Going over to the phone, he answered it.

“Yes – yes – I’ve got it in my den – in the desk – could I call you back?”

“Yes, I’ll get it – hang on – I’ll pick it up in the office.” Brad didn’t say a word, but Terry knew it was his boss, and it apparently was important.

As she looked at the place where his body had been a moment before, she felt suddenly terrifyingly alone. She couldn’t wait for him to return.

Finally, he did, and she looked at his penis dangling between his legs.

“Come over here, baby,” she smiled, and Brad went over to her, straddling her eagerly. Lowering, he aimed his behind at her face, and ordered, “Lick it…”

His penetrating eyes riveted on his timid wife, that he’d taught to turn-on. She had rebelled against giving him blow-jobs until he’d illustrated just how much fun she could have on the sucking end of the action. Now, she liked it. The first time he’d suggested backdoor sex, she howled. Now, she was agreeable. So, he finally decided that all that it required to get her to experiment a little was coaching.

But to Terry, the idea of using her tongue on her husband’s behind was something that never entered her mind. Looking up at her husband’s buttocks, she shook her head. Instead of angering Brad, it only increased his delight at coaxing her to do it for hint.

“Go ahead, honey,” he insisted, “Lick it!”

As his anus came closer, Terry knew she had no way out but to do as he told her. She let her tongue swipe up, and suddenly she was indeed licking her husband’s anus, in spite of her dire dislike for it.

But the excitement that surfaced in her husband was a reward for she’d never seen Brad so excited about anything they’d done sexually. He was actually shaking so much it was with some difficulty she managed to keep her tongue in his anus.

“I like it – I like it,” her husband cried out passionately, giving her instructions. “Keep your tongue stiff when you’re doing my asshole,” he guided her.

Immediately, Terry stiffened her tongue and jabbed it up her husband’s hot, twisting asshole, stiffening as she did so. He began wiggling all over the place. Her hands gripped his firm, round behind, as she discovered a new pleasure in his fascinating asshole. Her licking, jabbing, thrusting tongue tantalized, and excited Brad so much he thought he’d flip out.

“Ohh, honey, that’s fabulous,” he squealed, as she not only gripped his buttocks, but began massaging him there.

“Let me screw you now,” he begged his wife who’d turned-on with her tongue.

She released her hand grip, slipped her tongue out, as her husband quickly got in place atop her, letting his knees dig into the bed, as he guided his penis into her slot.

“Fuck!” he grunted, as his hard rod thrust inside her, driving in forceful, hard thrusts.

“That’s it, baby – give!” She gave alright, her pelvis rising to meet his cock-thrusts.

“Grab it, baby,” he smiled at her, as her cunt muscles clamped on his sliding tool. “Ohhh, ahhh – now, you’re grooving! Fuck me!”

“I want it baby, all nine inches of it! Sock it to me!” She gripped his tool tightly in her vagina, alternately releasing, then grabbing with her muscles. Vigorously massaging his sliding male member, as she clawed at his back had him steaming.

“Fuck it! Now! Again!”

Terry flipped her pelvis upward to meet his spearing, forward thrust. The rock-hard cock exploded, and she came a second later. “Right on target,” Terry panted, as she looked up at her satisfied husband, who was still thrusting.

“You’re a good screw, Terry,” he told her.

“Is that all?”

“Isn’t that enough?” he chuckled. “A lot of women aren’t!!”

“How did you find that out? Trying a lot of them?” she demanded, as he slid out of her, the sticky cum dropping on her body.

“That’s not a fair question,” he brushed it off, and got up, and went into the bathroom. When he returned, he tossed a wash cloth to Terry, who wiped the cum off her stomach and vagina.

“Thanks, honey – but I’m going into the bathroom now,” she giggled as she left to douche.

“I’ll only be a minute,” she told him, closing the door.

“Take your time – keep it clean,” he laughed. When Terry finally came out, he looked at her. “Gee, I hate to have to leave you, baby,” he told her, “but the boss wants me to hop a plane and meet, him in Denver tonight. Trouble at one of the new restaurants in our chain.”

“I’m so sick of trouble,” Terry shrieked. “Ever since you went to work for that company – they’ve used you as the number one trouble-shooter – and where does that leave me?”

“Alone, dammit,” Brad said. “Come here, baby – let Brad kiss the hurt away.”

She went over to the bed, and Brad kissed her breasts. He always liked to suck on them, letting his mouth slip over each breast, creating a suction-cup effect, then let his tongue flick across the erect nipple. This tongue and mouth treatment always pleased Terry, but she didn’t want to have more sex, and yet she knew if he continued that would be what would happen.

“Honey, stop sucking my titties,” she complained.

“Why? Don’t you think I’m doing a good job?”

“That’s just it, baby,” she smiled. “You’re doing too good a job!”

She pushed him away, but he persisted.

“I’m an artist with my tongue,” he chuckled. “I can do all kinds of things with it!”

“You’ve never licked my asshole,” she reminded him playfully.

“That’s because you ye never asked me,” he said softly.

“Alright, I’m asking you now.”

“Wrap your legs around my head, honey, and I’ll suck your sweet ass out if you want me to.”

It didn’t take Terry long, to throw her legs out around Brad’s head, and his arms reached around to part her trim butt, as his tongue jabbed out, licking along her anus. As it swept around her anus, Terry was treated, to some idea of what it was like. And she liked it.

“Suck my ass,” he commanded her. “Suck it suck my ass out – go ahead – suck!”

It didn’t take long for his tongue to stiffen and slide up her tight anus. And her body quivered, just as his had as she felt the sliding tongue.

His tongue drove steadily, as Terry felt the passion surge in her loins.

“Ahhh-ohhhh, baby, that’s wild,” she enthused, “come en, eat my pussy – eat it – eat me!”

This was the enthusiasm that Brad wanted to see her display. He continued eating her ass out until she was frantic for him to lick her vagina.

“Honey, I’m dripping,” she urged him, and then Brad let his hot tongue lash out. “Suck it,” she begged, as she watched his pink tongue lick, lash, and jab at her vagina. Then, Brad let his tongue stab her there, and he flicked it back and forth across the clitoris trying to give her a fast tongue-job, as he had so many things to do to get ready to go to Denver.

“Eat it – eat my cunt,” she cried in her sexual ecstasy. “Ohhh, honey – eat my pussy!”

If there was one thing Brad had always prided himself on, it was his ability to eat pussy. He had always considered sex a celebration, and the tongue-vaginal connection, the most beautiful between any man and woman. That women had appreciated his dedication to their orgasmic ecstasy was evident from the way they always started climbing the walls, when he tongue-lashed them there.

“Do it – do it,” she urged. “Ohhhhh – ahhhhh, yes – yes, baby, lick my cunt – clean it with your tongue, honey – lap my juices – lap them up, baby.”

He didn’t have long to wait to take her advice, for Terry suddenly gushed, thrusting her pelvis up to meet his tongue. His tongue swooped down, joyously licking her juices as he engaged in his oral celebration of her most intimate portion of her body.

Finally, when he was finished he pulled away from her, licking his lips appreciatively.

And then, she patted his head gently, running her fingers through his hair.

“I’m going to miss you,” she smiled.

Glancing down at her vagina, he grinned. “And don’t think I’m not going to miss you!”


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