“Well, didn’t we have a good time?” Laura smiled, “I think this calls for some champagne to celebrate…”

Laura hurried over to the bar, and popped open a bottle, gracefully picking up three champagne glasses and coming over to the cocktail table, where she placed them and poured them.

The three of them sipped champagne and joked. As the fireplace cast its light and shadows across the room, Jerry smiled, “Say, I really hit the jackpot tonight, didn’t I?”

“Of course you did, sweetheart,” Laura smiled, “You always get a good screwing when you visit Laura’s place!”

“That’s the truth,” he nodded, “But it isn’t everyday, you get a stud like me, is it?”

“Well, no,” Laura laughed, “would you like some more champagne?”

“No,” he shook his head, “I’d like some more fucking!”

“What would you like to do for seconds?” Terry smiled at him.

“Eat your sweet snatch,” he smiled back at her. She ran her fingers through his hair. “You a good tongue man?”

“Oh, a real artist with my tongue, baby – I know just how to make love to it down there!”

Patting her vagina, he chuckled, “And I’ll use that dildo on Laura’s ass, while my dick jabs it to her cunt.”

“What kind of – of fuck, is that?” she asked, finally finding it easy to spit the word ‘fuck’ out of her mouth.

“Come on in the bedroom – and I’ll show you,” she replied, rising and walking to the door.

They went back into the bedroom and promptly proceeded to get into their respective places. Laura went for the dildo, and she insisted, “Now – get off the bed so I can strap this thing on you, baby!”

“Sure, luv,” Jerry chuckled, getting a big charge out of the preparation for the double-invasion. He stood up, and she slipped the dildo in place. Then, she fastened it securely. As Jerry looked at his reflection in the mirror, he couldn’t hold back a big laugh. “Do I look ridiculous?”

“You do, baby – but you’re going to feel so good!”

He got back on the bed and spread out for her.

“Let me fit myself first,” she insisted.

Getting up on the bed and straddling him, she called for Terry. “Terry, honey – you guide the dildo up my asshole, and I’ll guide his shaft up my slit.”

“Sure, honey,” Terry said agreeably, and as her hands touched the dildo, she discovered it was sticky. “Oh, this is sticky…”

“Of course it is,” Laura smiled, “I don’t want that thing gliding up my asshole unless it is well oiled, honey – well-oiled.”

“That it is,” Terry assured her, as she held it in place and watched it slowly sliding up her anus. At the same time, the penis-shaft was slipping up her vagina.

“I envy you,” Terry said with a giggle, “You’re really getting fucked – front-door, and back-door – oh, wow!”

“You can try this sometime,” Laura assured her.

“Get your snatch up here now, and let me suck on it,” Jerry demanded.

She moved to the front of the bed, and spreading her vagina out over his face, felt his hands grip her buttocks.

“That’s the girl,” he grinned as he pulled her closed to him. “Yes – I like the view from here!”

“Don’t like it so much you don’t pay attention to your fucking,” Laura snapped, determined to derive the most possible enjoyment from the hit thrusts of his penis in her vagina, as well as the slick sliding of the dude in her anus.

One thing, Terry observed about her lover’s technique. He took his time, he didn’t rush it like her husband did. If only Brad could watch, she thought. But of course if Brad was watching he’d go out of his cotton-picking mind.

“Ohh, I like the way your tongue tickles my twat,” she smiled at him, “that’s it, baby – let your tongue slide out there and lick!”

Jerry’s well trained tongue was accustomed to satisfying women, and he enjoyed letting it slide, and slap at her hot box before entering. He enjoyed the glisten of the juices of her moist mound, even finding the aroma tantalizing.

“You’re good with that tongue, honey,” Terry smiled, “Yes, you are, baby!”

“Oh, I’m feeling it,” Laura panted, as he pushed the dildo, up her anus, the penis up her pussy. “That’s it, fucker – ram them cocks – I can take-take them both, baby – both of them!”

And then she got the idea of reaching out to touch her girlfriend, who was quickly becoming, sexually adept. Her hands made a play for her breasts, and as she toyed with them, she succeeded in offering enchanting double excitement to her girlfriend – a woman and a man fondling, loving her.

“Oh, that feels so good…” Terry sighed.

“My tongue or her hands?” Jerry asked, glancing up from his pussy position.

“Oh, both, baby – both!”

Jerry was proud of his ability to titillate a woman’s vagina with his tongue. He liked to lick across the hair, and that was why he really preferred eating Terry’s pussy, because Laura had shaved hers. He knew some men dug the shaved slit, but he was a ‘hair’ man, and proud of it.

He knew about the importance of buttock massage. And his hands played about her there, exciting and stimulating her no end.

“Ohhh – hhhh – yea, yes,” Terry panted, as his tongue licked faster, becoming sloppy-sticky, but more intensely exciting.

“Ohhh – ahhhh, baby – love me – love me!” she moaned. Her moans produced pleasure both for Laura, whose hands were working on her quite effectively, as well as for Jerry – who was properly proud of his skill in eating snatch.

“Do you like it when I pinch your titties?” Laura demanded.

“It’s alright, but not too hard, lover…”

Reaching out, Terry ran her fingers through his wavy, soft, black hair. Sort of guiding his head added to her pleasure as well as his. She was amazed how much fun it could be when three people cooperated, in an attempt to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

Now, Jerry’s hot tongue lashes gave way to his hard-tongued invasion of her vagina. As the hot tongue drove inside her box, her body trembled, and she shook.

“Baby, you’re shaking,” Laura observed.

“I’m so turned-on I don’t know what I’m doing,” poor Terry whimpered, almost unable to grasp the wild sexual delight, she was experiencing.

Now, Jerry was turning on, with hard, driving thrusts up Laura’s vagina. And as he would thrust up with his male member, the strapped-on dildo was doing its thing.

“Ahhh – obhhhh – yes – yes,” Laura gasped in glee, feeling the erotic excitement her jaded body required to turn-on. As Laura glanced at her reflection in the mirror, she feasted her eyes on the sight. There was Jerry, his mouth open and pressed upon Terry’s vagina, and her hands feverishly running through his dark, wavy hair.

Her hands were on Terry’s giant-size nipples, and at the same time, she was being double-fucked; one throbbing penis ramming up her hot box, the other plastic penis doing it for her behind.

In her sexual ecstasy, she cried out, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Ohhhhh – ahhhhhh – yes – yes – fuck my ass – fuck my cunt!”

Terry, listening to her impassioned cries decided to talk dirty too, and demanded, “Lick my cunt, you pussy-eater – lick it – yes – eat my snatch!”

She was finding it increasingly simple to say the words that she once was too timid to say.

“Lick my cunt! Lick it clean, you cunt-eater,” she said in the most debasing manner she could muster. And to her complete and happy surprise, this didn’t turn-off her lover one bit. If anything, it added to his pleasure. His tongue thrust inside her, vigilantly invading her juicy vagina, enjoying the scent, and feel of it. The tongue-in-vagina connection coupled with his penis stabbing up Laura’s hot hole gave him the kind of sensations he enjoyed.

“Eat it – eat it you dirty cunt-eater,” she cried, her eyes aglow with passion, her body trembling with desire. “Ohhh, Jerry, you’re driving rue out of my gourd. Yes! Yes!!”

Faster and harder, Jerry’s hot tongue lashed into her. He was enjoying the action all as much as she was.

“Suck it, baby, suck it,” she panted, “Do it – do it!”

Together, the turned-on trio soared toward climax.

“Look at us in the mirror,” Laura panted excitedly, “Aren’t we a sight for sore eyes – the three of us going to town!”

Indeed the reflection in the mirror told the story. Two women flipping-out, as they vigorously continued their three-way.

“Ohhhh, ram it to me, way up there – that’s it faster, fucker, faster,” Laura cried out passionately. “Ohhhh – ahhhhh – I want it all, baby – all of it! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She was pumping up and down now; down on the dildo sliding up her hot tight asshole, down on the hard penis stabbing her vagina.

“Fuck!” she cried, “Fuck it!”

Her impassioned pleas for sex action brought a response from Jerry who rode her hot vagina in quicker, driving thrusts.

“That’s how its done,” she panted, as she felt his throbbing member driving farther up her tight, twisting vagina.

She let her fingernails pinch into Terry’s nipples as he rode her faster. The intensity of the pleasure demanded she give vent to it some way.

“Ahhhh – ohhhhhh – yes – yess!” she cried out, “Fuck it!” As Jerry threw his pelvis up to meet her down thrusts, he felt her vagina gripping, squeezing, massaging and exciting him. He couldn’t remember when he’d had a couple of dames who could produce such complete sexual frenzy.

“Fuck!” she gasped, as she neared her shattering climax. “Ohhhh – ahhhhh,” Terry panted, as he lashed her love-button with vigorous tongue strokes. As she’d turn, and twist, his hands would grip her buttocks tightly to hold her vagina in place so his tongue wouldn’t slip out.

“Suck it,” she panted, “Suck my pussy – eat it…”

She couldn’t stand it any longer as her hands clawed into his head, and her vagina gushed into his mouth,, sending the juices trickling down the sides of his mouth.

“Ohhhhh-ahhhhh – lover, suck – suck me,” she panted. The hot tongue lashed her liquids, licking, eating them.

Now, he was winding up his own cock-stabs, as he rode into Laura’s twisting vagina.

“Ohhhh, baby – that’s it,” Laura cried out, as he shot his rocks off in her vagina. “Ahhhhh – ohhhhh!” she panted as the penis was milked by her vagina.

Finally, he pulled his mouth away from Terry’s sweet snatch, smiling delightedly up at her, “Good cunt!”

“You’re a real groovy guy,” she smiled, stroking his hair, and patting him appreciatively. “You really know how to make a woman happy.”

“Thank you, luv,” he smiled, kissing her vagina softly. Laura pulled off the proud penis that was still erect, and let her anus slide off the dildo.

Laura went into the bathroom to douche, and she was followed in by Jerry who still had the dildo strapped to his body. And he asked her, “Help me out of this dripping dick, honey!”

“Oh, sure,” she smiled, un-strapping him and washing the dildo off.

Then, they went back to the bedroom, and Terry still lay there, a smile on her face.

“What’s eating you?” Jerry smiled, slapping her playfully.

“Nothing, but I just wondered what my husband would think if he’d been in the corner watching!”

“He’d kill me no doubt,” she answered her own question.

“What about me?”

“He’d kill you too,” she giggled.

“All this talk about killing – really, luvs, this is a sexual celebration – or so I thought anyway,” she giggled.

“We need some more champagne,” Jerry smiled, “And you know what – I’m hungry.”

“That’s not surprising,” Laura laughed, gliding toward the kitchen, “I’ll fix you something – how about some beef stroganoff?”

“That would take a lot of time…”

“It doesn’t the way I fix it,” Laura assured him, “I’ve got some chopped sirloin, and I can fix that easily with the special mix I have.”

“Beautiful,” Jerry smiled, walking naked over to the bar, and opening up a new bottle of champagne. He took three glasses, and following Laura’s example, brought them over to the cocktail table. He popped the bottle open, and poured them each a drink. Sitting down, they all watched the fireplace and its beautiful cascading light.

“I’ll have a sip before I start our morning brunch,” Laura smiled, reaching down to pick up her champagne glass.

“You’re going to stay for breakfast,” Terry smiled, “I wonder where Brad is?”


“I’m going to run along and fix our food,” Laura said, “and you two can talk about Brad.”

“Brad is my husband,” Terry smiled, “He’s always away somewhere, and he leaves me alone.”

“That’s a silly, thing to do – a gorgeous woman like you should never be left alone.”

“Thank you, baby – I only wish my husband’s boss thought so.”

“Your husband’s boss?”

“Yes, he thinks Brad is the best trouble-shooter in the business, and he sends him off on assignments around the country.”

“Leaving you, poor baby – all alone with the men at the massage parlor.”

“Of course my faithful, question mark, husband doesn’t know about my job. You see I thought of this as a relief from boredom, and I’m not bored.”

“Why no,” he smiled, pouring himself another drink, “A gorgeous piece of ass like you working at a massage parlor will never be bored.”

This Terry was finding out – fast!


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