Just as Laura had said, it didn’t take her long to prepare the food for the three of them. She served it on her best china, and it did seem strange to Terry to be sitting at the table – naked.

“What are you giggling at?” Laura demanded, when she noted poor Terry couldn’t quit her laughing-jag.

“I don’t know,” she shook her head, “I guess it just hit my funny bone to think of us all sitting here stark naked in a dining room.”

“There’s nothing funny about nudity,” Jerry smiled, “It is man’s natural state. All these silly looking clothes we’ve created for ourselves, as our disguises – they are the real funny offenders.”

“That’s a fact,” Laura nodded, as she helped herself to another serving of food. The early morning sky was lightening at last, and Terry smiled as she saw it. “We were up all night – and I never even noticed it.”

“We were having fun,” Laura explained. “But after we eat, it might be a good idea for us to take a little rest – before we resume our sexual festivities.”

“Alright,” Jerry agreed. A few moments later the three of them headed for the bedroom, and the king-size bed. Laura pulled the thick double drapes across the windows which kept out the light. And then, throwing the sheets back on the king-size bed, she led the way. Jerry followed, lying in the middle, and Terry lay on his other side.

“I wonder who is sleeping with Bridget Bardot right this minute,” Jerry joked.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Oh, I always ask myself nice questions like that before I fall asleep. It lets me fall asleep with a nice hard-on just thinking about those gorgeous women, in bed – naked and…”

“We’re here to get some sleep – stop all that sex talk,” Laura insisted. The three of them fell asleep after a few more moments of small talk, and when they awakened, he had his penis pressed tightly against Laura’s behind, as she faced the other way. His erection awoke her, and she turned to tell him. “Stop pushing that thing at me!”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it,” he insisted.

“What would you like for our next good time?” Terry said, rubbing her hands gently on his back.

“How about the sex wheel?”

“Sex wheel?” Laura asked Jerry, “Never heard of it!”

“Well, you’re hearing about it now,” he insisted. “I fasten my mouth to Laura’s snatch, and then Laura sucks your pussy Terry, and you eat my dick!”

“That’s a wheel?”

“Urn hmmm,” Jerry chuckled, “Now, let’s start rolling!” The three of them began arranging themselves just as he had suggested. Throwing back the bedclothes, he began licking at Laura’s vagina. And then Laura arranged herself around so that she was sucking on Terry’s hole, while Terry – in turn – gripped Jerry’s penis, and began licking its head.

The wheel began moving, as he licked away first at Laura’s behind. He spread her buttock cheeks, and started licking. Seeing how much she was enjoying this, he saw no reason not to make it a real turn-on. And then he stabbed her behind with his tongue, driving it up there savagely.

She wiggled, and he held her in place, admonishing her, “Look, baby doll – if you wiggle your ass around much more I’ll have to fasten you to the bed!”

Laura stopped her wiggling, allowing his tongue easy access to her hot behind. Now, Jerry stiffened and jabbed his tongue up her hot asshole, as she wiggled down over it.

“Yes, yes,” he panted, “That’s it, baby – what a sweet ass!” Taking his tongue out of there, he started licking her shaved slit. She wiggled in delight, as his tongue lapped, and licked along her most intimate portion of her anatomy.

At the same time, Terry had her mouth working overtime on his penis before she popped it into place. She licked up and down the length of it, allowing her tongue time to tickle the testicles, and then she decided, why not suck them in too? Opening her mouth, she took one testicle in at a time, and slowly sucked on them. Her tongue whipped around them with hot desire, and she suddenly let both testicles fall into her mouth as she smoothly sucked. The passionate moment gave her a lift.

And then, she found herself enjoying Laura’s mouth at her vagina. Laura’s hot tongue swept gingerly over her pubic hairs, deliberately avoiding the jabbing action until she had her properly stimulated.

Again, it flashed into her mind that her husband Brad would kill her if he caught her, but the passionate pleasure she was experiencing licking on Jerry’s joint, as well as the delight she felt as Laura licked her vagina was almost overpowering. The three of them were totally uninhibited, as their bodies merged, faces fused against sex organs.

“That’s it,” Jerry took time out to tell Terry, “Suck the cock! Suck it good!”

Vigorously, she sucked on the penis, as just as vigorously, he drove it down her throat.

He went back to eating Laura’s vagina, while Laura licked at Terry’s twat. The one who lead the sex parade was Jerry. His cockthrusts down Terry’s throat set the pace, and then Laura followed it as she sucked on Terry’s vagina, and he let his tongue slide into Laura’s moist hole, at the same tempo as he drove his penis down Terry’s throat.

“That’s it – suck – suck it!” Jerry cried out as he came near orgasm. The hot penis stabbed down her throat so far she thought she’d choke on it.

“Ohhhh, baby, you’re going to get a juicy load in another minute – we’re almost there! Yeahhh!”

And then he gave it a final cockthrust as he shot his wad down her throat, sliding back, making it possible for her to suck it out of the head. She quickly slid back, and let the creamy come splash in her mouth.

“That’s it, Terry baby – eat my juice! Doesn’t it taste good, baby – eat that prick!”

Now, Terry had become so turned on, she juiced, and Laura’s hot tongue lapped it up. In the meantime, Jerry got his tongue back in Laura’s vagina, so he could lick her dripping goodness as she came too when she brought Terry to climax.

At last the wheel was complete; the sex wheel, where each participant has his face fused to the genitals of the other partner.

They finished on a passionate note, as they began slapping each other’s behinds playfully, continuing licking until Terry slid off his penis, and lay back.

“Now, I get to use it in your asshole,” he smiled.

“You don’t mean you still want more?” she said in shock and surprise, “You just got your rocks off!”

“I know I did,” he chuckled, “what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing,” she smiled, “I’m oversexed, I’m sorry!”

“I’m not,” Laura laughed. The sex wheel broke apart, and he asked Laura, “Do you have some Vaseline I can rub on my cock – so I can slide it up her asshole easy…”

“Of course,” Laura assured him, “I wouldn’t dare be without it…”

Returning, she handed him the jar of lubricant which he quickly whipped around his penis. Then, shoving a finger up her anus, he greased her in preparation for the invasion.

Then, he began giving orders to Terry, “Now, get on all fours and let me do you dog style.”

“Alright,” she agreed reluctantly, as she got on her hands and legs.

He came up from behind her, and it didn’t take him long until he had his hot hands on her behind, and was preparing to thrust inside her.

“Get your ass in gear,” he smiled, “cause I’m ready, ready for a wild ride – up that sweet, tight butt…”

She wiggled her ass, turning up to meet his demanding penis. He slowly pulled her cheeks apart, easing himself steadily, but surely in.

Then, he saw Laura walk across the room with a dildo attached to herself, and he asked, “Hey, what you going to do with that, woman?”

“Fuck your asshole, what the hell did you think I was going to do with it. You like ass-fucking so much, how about having your asshole drilled for a change?”

“How awful,” he panicked, reaching back to hold his hands protectively over his firm, round behind.

“Naughty! Naughty!” she laughed, “If you can shove it – so can I, fucker!”

She got on her hands and knees, reaching out to pick up the jar of Vaseline. And then, he slowed down, waiting for her, “I guess we might as well make it another three-way,” he sighed, “Although I’m not used to this, I can tell you that for damned sure!”

“Once you get used to it – you’ll love it,” she assured him, “the main thing is learning how to relax – I’ve found that out with some of the fuckers who’ve stabbed my asshole.”

Finally, the three of them were ready. Jerry had his hands on Terry’s behind, his penis already up to her tight anal ring. Laura was gripping his buttocks, gently prying them apart, for the invasion of her well-greased dildo. Now, the action was ready to begin.

“Why don’t we shove at the same time, tiger?” she proposed. “Doesn’t that sound like juicy fun?”

“Alright,” Terry answered.

“I don’t think you’ll ever get it all up there,” Terry told him flatly as she felt the huge head, pressing at her anal ring, and finding it obviously difficult to obtain entrance. Finally, he did manage, but with a sudden, driving hard thrust, he shot it up there.

“Oh, baby, do you feel fantastic inside your tight asshole,” he panted, feeling the pleasure surge through him. “Yes, baby – yes, you do!”

Now, Laura had to tell him to slow down because she still hadn’t gotten into him. The first thrust of the penis into Terry’s behind had given her the unpleasant sensation of being split in two. However, once he got it rolling, she was finding it quite enjoyable.

“Just slow down,” Laura demanded. “And let me slide this nice plastic prick up there!”

Jerry slowed his own fucking tempo, “Alright now, drive it in – but don’t kill me.”

“I wouldn’t do a thing like that to a nice asshole like yours,” she assured him.

Now, she had herself ready for the big thrust. Her hands were placed on his buttocks, the dildo was in the crack in his buttocks, and she was ready to shove it.

“Hurry up,” he insisted, discovering the suspense was the most killing thing of all.

“Alright, lover,” she laughed, and then with a driving, hard thrust, shoved it all the way up Jerry’s hot, tight asshole. Once it was up there, he found he was enjoying it too.

“Hey, honey, this is groovy – fucking and being fucked, that’s what I call getting the shaft, and giving it – at the same time!”

“Right-on,” Laura panted, as she pushed it up there, in driving, hard thrusts. “Fuck it, wiggle your butt around my dildo!”

“Like this?” he asked, churning his behind in response to her request for action at his end of the action.

“Yes, baby – that’s fucking!”

Now, the three of them were throbbing with activity. Jerry reached around Terry to let his hands grip her breasts. Pinching the nipples was very rewarding for him, as he felt new thrust and drove it into her faster.

“Come on, baby,” he begged, “Fuck! Take it all up there, and milk it, ass-fucker, milk it!”

Terry was turned on, and gripping his penis tightly in her hot channel, wiggling, struggling to bring him to a hot, scintillating climax.

“That’s it, baby – fuck – fuck – ohhhh, ahhhh, yes,” and his hands reached down to grope her. His fingers diddled her, and she felt a new pleasure building, as she joined him in her own passionate effort to achieve another climax.

“How does it feel sliding up there?” Laura panted as she pushed her dildo higher up his rectum.

“Just great,” Jerry enthused, “This is what I call ass-fucking!”

“I just wish I had someone shoving his meat up my butt,” Laura declared.

“You can’t have everything,” Terry told her. “Looks like you have, honey – fingers in your snatch, and his cock up your asshole – you can’t complain!”

“Grab it, baby – ohhhh, ahhh, I’m coming, I’m coming,” Jerry gasped, as he felt his sperm-load shoot.

“Ahhhhh-ohhhhh – yes – yes, fuck – fuck – fuck it,” he begged her as he rutted her. Now, she was so hot, she gushed, and he got his fingers full of her hot juices.

“We made it together,” he panted, “Oh, hot baby – this is fun!”

Just then, Laura achieved her climax. “Hold tight! Yes! Yes! Harder, baby – harder!” The dildo thrusts got her so excited, she juiced, splashing herself all over his buttocks.

“Hey, what’s happening?” Jerry kidded her, as she pressed against him tightly, enjoying this moment immensely.

“Oh, wow,” Laura sighed, “What a wild time we’ve had of it!”

They disentangled their bodies from each other and the action was over. Jerry asked, “Mind if I take a shower?”

“Not at all,” Laura assured him, and then Terry thought about Brad. “What if Brad should try to phone me?”

“You can always tell him you were making it with me,” Laura suggested.

“Oh, he’d just love that, I’m sure,” Terry frowned, and her troubled response caused Laura to suggest, “Baby, if it bothers you – you’d better scram!”


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