Sure enough, when Terry walked into her apartment, the phone was ringing. She answered its insistent ring quickly.


“Where in hell have you been?”

“Who is this?”

“It’s me – Brad – your husband. Remember you did have a husband!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Terry said, trying to make her voice sound casual, “I was over at Laura’s place.”


“You know the woman across the hall.”

“What were you doing there all night?”

Improvising quickly, Terry replied, “We were talking. She was telling me the story of her life, and what a tear-stained epic it was too.”

“Well, I’m glad to know you’re alright,” Brad said relieved to know she wasn’t facing any real difficulties or hardships.

“When are you coming home, luv?” she asked quietly, “You know how much I miss you…”

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said, “but I’ve got to go to Phoenix when I finish here in Denver…”

“More trouble?”

“What else?” Brad said, disgust tinging his tone, “Seems like there’s nothing but trouble with these franchise, restaurants.”

“How long will you be there?”

“I can’t say for sure,” he told her frankly, “I have to solve the problems in the place before I can come home.”

“I’ll be thinking of you,” he said, “And don’t give me a scare like that.”

“Everything is under control,” she said softly, “And just remember I miss you, and I do love you.”

“I love you too, darling,” he assured her, “and we’re going to be together soon!”

After he’d hung up, Terry didn’t have time to take a moment’s breather because someone was at the door.

“Coming,” she called out, and when she opened it, there stood Laura.

“Come in, baby,” she smiled, “Did I just have a scare!”

“Well, let me tell you some good news, first. Jerry gave us one hundred and fifty bucks for the good time we showed him. Here is your half…”

“Oh, I shouldn’t,” Terry said, pushing the money back, as the recent voice of her husband on the telephone made her guilt feelings surface.

“What do you mean you shouldn’t?” Laura sighed, “You earned it, didn’t you – didn’t you?”

“Alright,” Terry smiled, taking the money, “Always can use some extra bread!”

As Laura sat down, she said, “I envy you, Terry – maybe I’m doing the wrong thing by introducing you to my way of life.”

“Baby, I was so bored with Brad away half the time – I welcomed a little life, believe me!”

“But this isn’t right,” she said quickly, “And I’m sorry I ever got you started – honest to God I am.”

“Knock it off because I was enjoying myself. I don’t feel guilty anymore. Why should I? He’s probably out catting around right now – if I know him. When he’s home he has to get his fucks on a pretty regular basis. So, honey, when Brad is away from home, don’t worry – he’s still getting plenty of action if I know him.”

“The closest I ever came to marriage,” Laura explained, “was when I fell in love with Dennis.”

“You never told me about him…”

“I don’t tell hardly anybody about him. Dennis was my only real love. I met him when we both were in college. He had such a happy, spirited, exciting way about him that I couldn’t help falling in love with him.”

“Why didn’t you marry him?”

“For a very good reason,” Laura smiled, “I was from a very poor family, and he was from high society if you know what I mean.”

Terry nodded, “And so you never saw him again!”

“Oh, no,” Laura smiled, “We were head over heels in love, and he had to express what he felt for me. So, we got an apartment near the college. He lived in the dorm, but spent most of his time over at my apartment. In this way his snobbish parents didn’t have to know their son was stooping to go with a girl at my financial level.”

“Did you enjoy him?”

“Did I?” Laura smiled, “That cat taught me all I know about sex. He was Italian, and they are fantastic lovers. I’ll never forget the first time he made me go down on him.”

“How was he?”

“Hung like you wouldn’t believe,” Laura smiled, “We were necking at a drive-in, and he was getting hotter and hotter. He took my hand and put it on his pants, and I felt his hard penis. I was intrigued – and fascinated and secretly wanted to see what it looked like.”

“Did you unzip his pants?”

“Oh, no,” Laura smiled, “I’d never have been that bold way back then…”


“Well, Dennis pulled his big old dick out, and said ‘suck this for me, will you?’ I looked at it, and blurted, ‘go suck yourself, I’m sure as hell not going to!'”

“And then, he grabbed my neck, and forced me down over his throbbing pecker. I’ll never forget that first time. There was a drop of cum on the big old head of it, and I didn’t want to put my tongue to it.”

“But you did,” Terry smiled, totally fascinated with Laura’s account of her first time.

“Yes, honey, I did,” she laughed, “His hand pressed me down over his meat, and I glommed onto it with my mouth and when he said, ‘suck it’, I sucked it.”

“You liked it?”

“Yes, yes, I did. It was an unusual experience and the most exciting part was when he shot his load off in my mouth. I was repelled at first when he shot his gun off, but as he held me tightly over his cock, and demanded I suck – I discovered I enjoyed the taste of his sperm. It was cream, baby – pure cock cream!”

“You really loved him, didn’t you?”

“You know it,” she smiled, “Like I never loved any man before – or since.”

“It’s too bad you never married him.”

“Yes, it’s a dirty shame,” she nodded, “I could do anything to Dennis’ body that he asked me to because I loved him. Like the time he demanded I eat his ass out. I’ll never forget it. I’d been giving him a back rub, and he asked me to rub around his nuts, massage his prostate gland. Men love to be rubbed there, you’re finding that out at the Roman Massage, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” Terry smiled, “Go on – I’m curious to know how this young college kid got you to eat his ass out…”

“He wasn’t too tactful about it,” Laura laughed as she recalled that day long ago in their apartment bedroom when she was a college girl.

“He began wiggling his butt around, and I slapped him on the bare behind. He asked me to do it again, and I did. Then, he said I should kiss it. So I bent over, and meant only to kiss his buttock cheek, but he wouldn’t let me stop there. He threw his ass up in my face, smothering me almost, and begged passionately, ‘Please, honey – lick my asshole – I’ve always wanted somebody to do that for me!’ And, naturally, I objected. ‘I’m not going to eat anybody’s ass out,’ I told him flatly, and that was that but he kept insisting and when I saw that little-boy innocent look on his face, I just melted, and my tongue went down there, and I started licking. He arched, his buttocks up to me, and I quickly learned how most effectively to use my tongue around his asshole to excite him the most.”

“Did you stick it way up there?”

“Sure I did. He wouldn’t let me just lick around the asshole – oh, no – he wanted to have it pumped up there with piston-precision. So, I just let myself go, and thrust it up there and gave him a tongue-fucking he could never forget!”

“Oh, wow!” Terry sighed, “You sound like you had a marvelous good time with him.”

“We really did have a ball. I’ll never forget when I decided turnabout was fair play and asked him to go down and eat my pussy.”

“Would he do it?”

“No, dammit,” she laughed, “he wouldn’t – but I cut his water off, telling him flatly, ‘If you won’t eat me – I won’t eat you’, and he went down then – because he’d go out of his mind if he thought for one moment I wouldn’t lick his ass out for him, or suck his cock off. We did the sixty-nine then, and I dug the idea of being sucked, while I was sucking. It was democratic and delicious!”

“You are a riot – I just think it’s a shame that you didn’t marry him…”

“I couldn’t,” Laura continued, “Never! But, it didn’t stop us from having more sex after he got married. His folks picked out the girl they thought he should have, and he went along with them. She was a nice girl – but frigid!”

“Real nice,” Terry laughed, “And then you came along to provide some action with your hot bod – right?”

“Mind reader,” she smiled, lighting a cigarette.

“Sure, when frigid wife wouldn’t perform – Dennis came to me. He got so he enjoyed it Greek style.”

“Greek style?”

“You know – up the grand canal – ass fucking to put it bluntly, baby – did Brad ever try it on you?”

“Yes, be has – he likes it from the backdoor,” she nodded.

“The first time he announced he was going to slide it up my asshole, he just had me throw my legs around his, neck, and then he rammed it up there.”

“And I bet you loved it – every inch of it…”

“I did,” Laura smiled, “Although at the time I thought he was being awfully cruel. I rebelled, and kept moving my butt about so he couldn’t get it in. Finally, he told me, that if I’d get on all fours, he’d grease his cock and slide it in slowly.”

“Did you cooperate?”

“Certainly,” she smiled, “when I knew it meant that much to him I thought it would be ridiculous to make a big thing out of it, so I got on all fours, and watched in the mirror while he slid his big old thing up there.”

“How did it feel at first?”

“You know,” Laura laughed, “Like it’s going to tear you in two – but I survived!”

“And enjoyed it?”

“Very much as a matter of fact,” she explained, “I never knew there was so much sex sensation up there – but there is – and when a man is gentle, the way Dennis was – it’s no big thing!”

“You should have married him…”

“I know,” she smiled, “but he listened to what his parents said, and he followed their wishes instead of his own heart.”

“Did you see him after he married?”

“Yes, I did – we couldn’t stay away from each other – even though it was driving his wife crazy to find out who he was seeing on the side.”

“I bet you hated living like that.”

Laura rubbed her eyes, holding back the tears. “Of course I did, but it’s amazing what you’ll do for someone when you love them – I found that out.”

“Did you live near him?”

“On the other side of town – that was safest. He helped me with the rent of my apartment, and we really had a great time when he could get away, but after we’d fuck up a storm, he’d have to kiss me not goodnight, but goodbye, and that hurt.”

“I’m sure it did.”

“He was such a fabulous lover, and when he told me she wouldn’t ever go down and suck him off, it made me dislike her all the more. He was a handsome, appealing man. Why shouldn’t she service him? I could hardly keep my mouth off his proud penis, yet, he belonged to her.”

“Legally,” Terry smiled, “but two people car only belong to each other in their hearts. It’s not what’s on a piece of paper, that really counts – it’s what’s in the heart.”

“That’s the way I look at it too,” she replied. “Well, they took a trip to Switzerland in the winter to go skiing. They were going to have a rip-roaring time of it, and be begged me to go along. Insomuch as I’d never met his mother or father, and they had no idea what on earth I looked like – I thought I would venture it.”

“How nice – you got to go to Switzerland in the winter!”

“But it wasn’t so nice,” Laura said sadly, “One day Dennis was skiing, and I was watching him. With all of the Americans around there, I figured they’d never notice me and they didn’t. Of course, he couldn’t speak to me, but I just enjoyed watching him skiing down those ski-runs. And then it happened…”

Laura faltered. She seemed as if she couldn’t go on.

“Then, what happened?”

“Dennis had an accident. Coming down that awful run that day he broke his neck. I wanted to rush over and tell him how much I loved him, but I couldn’t. There they were. His parents, and his wife – and I stood there helpless, unable to cry out in my moment of agony – having to see him die, and suffer, when I’d have given everything I own in this world if I could have kissed him goodbye?”

“You have suffered, haven’t you?”

“I have…”

They were silent for a moment, and then Laura said sadly, “I’ve never, been hung-up on any man ever since that happened. It was bad enough I couldn’t marry him, but it was oh, so much worse to watch him die that day.”

“You mustn’t let such sad thoughts affect you baby – you see I always figured you were the frivolous type,” Terry admitted, “I never once had you figured for a gal who’d been through the mill.”

“That’s good,” Laura sighed, brushing the tears aside, “When you’ve got to keep going in the game of life, you can’t conk out on a bitter note – no matter what – I’ve learned my lesson – the hard way, as they say.”


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