She awakened with the smell of smoke coming to her nostrils. Stirring, she got up, and moved about, opening her eyes. Laura lay beside her.

“Hi, honey,” Laura smiled, “Have a good catnap?”

“Yes,” she said groggily, “I guess those two studs gave me a pretty wild workout.”

“Well, we’ve got another customer coming up,” she smiled, and as she said that a vibrant, husky, dark-skinned man stepped in with a towel around his waist.

“Perry – this is Norm…”

“Hi, Norm,” Terry smiled, “how are you tonight?”

Tossing the towel aside, Norm nodded, “Beautiful!” And his giant-sizer popped into view, standing straight up, rigid. Grasping it, he explained, “You know, baby – what I’d like to – I’d like to watch you and her fuck up a storm!”

“How nice,” Laura smiled, “Terry and I love to turn-on together, don’t we, Terry?”

“Yes, oh, yes, we do,” Terry gulped nervously. Norm moved to a chair, and sat down. “Now, if you two chicks would begin by licking each other all over – we can move on to bigger and better things!”

“Alright,” Laura smiled, taking the initiative, and moving with the precision of a Swiss watch. “We’ll just get our mouths in line with each other’s genitals – that should be sucking good!” Terry got her face in her vagina, and Laura got her face in Terry’s crotch. Now, the women could go at it, hot and heavy. Each woman started licking the slit; Laura lashing Terry’s thatch, while Terry licked Laura’s shaved slit.

“Hey – that’s not fair,” Norm protested, “I want to watch you two begin with a hot ass suck…”

“Oh, sure,” Terry nodded, glancing at Laura’s parted legs. She bent over, rising her fingers to pry her buttocks farther apart, and then she dipped in with her tongue and licked all around. Norm bent over, his penis swelling as he watched her tongue slide around Laura’s tight anus. As the tongue plunged into Laura’s anus, Norm found himself tremendously excited. He began stroking himself with one hand, jiggling his nuts with the other.

The excitement increased as he pumped faster, and watched Terry’s tongue stabbing in Laura’s anus. Then, he glanced over to see how Laura was coming with her licking action. Sure enough, Laura was industriously thrusting her tongue in and out of Terry’s hot hole.

Something about the shaved vagina of Laura seemed to excite Norm immensely. He kept watching, and the more closely he observed, the more stimulating it became.

“Suck that ass out – eat it ass-eater it,” he panted as he pumped his meat. Now, he was enjoying himself. Watching women debase themselves in his presence was a turn-on for him.

“Go girl, go,” he panted, as he pumped, and the two women found his urging them on stimulating indeed. He looked closely at Laura’s behind wiggling as the tongue squished up there, and slid out.

“Yes, girl, yes,” he panted, “Eat that ass – eat that ass out!” The hot passion increased as they went to town, and then he wanted to see something more.

“How about sucking cunt?” he smiled. “Let’s have some suck-action!”

The two girls tore their tongues out of each other’s behinds, as they prepared for some hot thrusting up each other’s vaginas. Slowly licking along each other’s slits, they tantalized with lapping tongue movements.

“Lick that cunt – lick it,” he cried like a young kid, enjoying a sex sideshow, and using his hand to excite himself. The hand action was timed to the tongue-thrusts.

“That’s it – suck that cunt!”

Terry’s mouth was pressed tightly to her girl friend’s vagina. Her eyes were closed, and she licked the liquid walls of her vagina happily as she stimulated her the best she knew how. Laura was enjoying the action immensely, and she jabbed it up her girlfriend’s juicy vagina. Laura had her tongue movements down to a skill, and she flipped her tongue about inside the ether woman in quick, darting movements that so excited Terry she was writhing in sexual ecstasy.

“Suck off,” the man panted, as he pulled, “Eat pussy!” The girls, acting as if hypnotized by the man’s erotic cries, continued sucking, and their passions were building, building, building to fever-pitch.

“Ahhhh – ohhhhh, suck that cunt! Come on pussy-eaters, eat that snatch – eat it -!”

Terry watched out of the corner of her eye, and she got turned-on looking at him pulling on his penis. She flicked her tongue on the clitoris, and it brought Laura to her climax.

Pressing her lips tightly over her vagina, she sucked the juices out, and this excitement triggered her own erotic response, as she juiced.

The two women were sucking on each other’s holes, and Norm was delighted, as he jerked himself to a close climax.

“Hey you two cunt eaters,” he cried out, “Get over here and lick my asshole, Terry – and you Laura gobble my prick!”

Now, Norm was on the bed, on all fours. Terry got behind him, and gripping his firm round buttocks, she inserted her tongue and let it slide up there.

The tongue pumped in and out, and his ass wiggled, as she stiffened, and thrust. In the meantime, Laura crawled under him, and pulled his long, hard penis into her mouth. She jiggled his testicles, as she let him thrust it in and out of her mouth.

With the twin action, of tongue stabbing anus, and mouth opening to accept the penis, Norm was finding their three-way sex tremendously exciting.

“Eat my ass,” he turned to smile at Terry, with her face buried in his buttocks. The hot, thrusting tongue glided smoothly inside his tight anal channel, and for a moment Terry felt as if his buttocks would smother her.

Her piston-precision tongue thrusts so excited him that his testicles were swelling, and his penis getting longer, and harder as be stabbed, it up Laura’s mouth.

“Eat it,” be panted, “Eat my prick! C’mon – eat that cock!”

The hot cock thrusts continued until he unloaded his cum in her mouth.

“Suck it – suck that prick,” he told her excitedly, as he kept shooting off in her mouth. “Eat it! Eat that stick, stuff – eat it – baby, eat it!” She gobbled it up, and it dribbled down the sides of her mouth. Terry continued her tongue jabs up his asshole, as long as he continued his cock thrusts down Laura’s throat.

When he pulled out of her mouth, sticky cum dripping from the head of his prick, and plopping on the sheets, Terry let her tongue slip out of his tight anus.

“That was what I call fun,” Norm smiled, “but there’s still one thing I’d love to see…”

“What’s that?”

Lying back, he laughed, “You using a dildo on her!”

“Alright, if that turns you on…”

Laura stepped over to the corner, where she reached in a large plastic handbag, and picked up the dildo. She strapped it on herself, and strode across the room with a big smile on her face.

“Doesn’t this look like fun?” she smiled, gripping and squeezing the dildo.

“You bet it does,” Norm smiled, “Now, come over here and fuck her like a man, and while you’re fucking her cunt, I’m going to have the honors of sucking your ass out!”

“Sounds wild,” Laura smiled, “I’m game – and so is my ass – hope you’ve got a long tongue!”

Sticking his tongue out, Norm chuckled, “Is that long enough for you, luv?”

And then the game began. Terry lay back, and spread her legs invitingly for Laura. Stroking, and massaging her vagina, she smiled up at Laura – who was straddling her now with the plastic penis pointing at her moist mound.

“Want it?” Laura said softly.

“Every inch,” Terry nodded.

“Sounds like love!” Norm chuckled, “Now, shove it!” The shaft of the plastic penis slid smoothly into Terry’s hot, eager hole.

“Are you ready?” he asked, getting behind Laura, and bending over so his face was poised between the cheeks of her behind. Then his hot tongue suddenly stabbed her there, and he drove it swiftly in and out. The hot tongue jabs produced an instant response for Terry wiggled.

“Keep it up,” he panted, “That’s it – keep fucking her and my tongue will keep time to your dildo-drives.”

Trying to develop a good pace for her plastic penis, Laura slammed into her girlfriend. “Take this, fucker – and this,” she smiled excitedly, as her dildo drove high into Terry’s twat. The dildo, gripped in the coils of the young woman’s vagina, produced fantastic pleasure. It was a copy of a good sized penis, and Laura was skilled at using it most effectively.

But what made the performance complete was the super tongue-jabs of Norm, as he buried his face in her buttocks and eagerly thrust inside her tight anus, enjoying the sliding of his tongue in her tight channel.

Laura looked in the mirror, and as she saw her dildo driving dramatically into Terry’s gripping vagina, she found an electric excitement from just watching.

“Fuck it,” she demanded, “Fuck – fuck – fuck it,” she cried, and her intense excitement increased. “That’s it – now – drive it up there,” she panted, glancing back to watch Norm sliding his feverish tongue up her hot anus.

The trio was having a sensational time, and Terry was quickly discovering with what ease it was possible for a woman to replace a man in bed. If anything, there was the additional stimulation of the female breasts crushing against other female breasts. As their breasts pushed, the nipples touching, Terry whispered, “Kiss me, luv – kiss me…”

“Yes, baby,” Laura panted, still thrusting the smooth, slick dildo in her hot, gripping, twisting hole. As they kissed, Norm found himself slowing down to match the slowed-down tempo of her dildo-driving.

But, as the kisses increased in intensity, as the erotic passion overpowered Laura again, the tongue stabbed up Laura’s tight anus in the same wild, rampaging pace that it had before. It was impossible for Norm to understand why sliding his tongue up a woman’s behind, when she was drilling another woman with a dildo should produce such stimulation for him. He didn’t know why – but it did.

“Fuck me,” Terry finally cried out passionately, urging Laura to ram it to her. “Ohhhhh, ahhhh – yes, lover, yes – faster!”

Now, Laura pumped it to her with hard, driving thrusts, faster, ever faster.

“Fuck it,” she cried, her fingers clawing Laura’s back, “Ohhhhh – ahhhhh – do it, baby, baby do it!”

It was almost as if her body was no longer her own, and she’d become a reflection of the sexual desires of her girlfriend. The hard, driving penis-thrusts continued.

“More – I want it! Give it to me, fuck – fuck – fuck it,” she gasped, as Laura rode her. “Ohhhh – ahhhhh, I’m coming,” Laura finally blurted, as the hot vagina juices gushed from her slit. And the other girl, joined her in an on target climax.

“I’m right-on, baby,” Terry smiled up at her female lover. “Right-on!”

Terry came too, the juice gushing from her vagina, and when Norm heard this, he wanted to lick her. Taking his tongue quickly out of Laura’s hot asshole, he begged, “Let me lick the milk! Let me lick the pussy milk out of Terry’s sweet snatch!”

Begrudgingly, Laura pulled out of her, and flipped over on her back, with the dripping dildo standing up on end, the juices rolling down it. Now, Norm got in place.

“Honey, just wrap those lovely legs around me,” he smiled, “and I’ll lick your cunt clean!”

“Go ahead, long tongue,” she smiled.

“That’s a good one,” he chuckled, “Nobody ever called me long tongue before!”

“I’m ready to make it again, if you dive in there, and lick it for me,” she smiled excitedly.

And then the tongue stabbed her gash, and Norm began doing his thing, lapping up the juices from the sex round she’d completed with the assistance of Laura’s driving dildo, and now he was working diligently to lick her labia, push his tongue to the neck of the womb, and flick it across her clitoris until he gut her there again. He thought of something that might further intensify his delight, and suggested, “Hey – why don’t you stab that ramrod up my asshole.”

“Me – this dripping dildo?”

“Why not?” Norm chuckled.

“Yes, why not?” Laura laughed, as she got up, and then straddled his behind.

“Raise your ass up, honey,” she said casually, “That is if you want me to shove this shaft up there!”

Norm must have been a glutton for punishment, for he arched his buttocks up to receive her dildo. She gripped both cheeks, and then squeezing, she stabbed his behind.

“Fuck it,” she gasped, as she rode his behind, and then rutting into him, she playfully slapped his behind. “Like this, baby – that’s how it’s done – sure!”

“Oh, that feels good,” Norm surprised her, “Yeah – I never had anything but a tongue stabbing my asshole before!”

“Now, you’ve got eight inches of plastic prick,” Laura laughed, as she rode his anus.

“Hey, don’t forget me,” Terry insisted, “I’m here – remember!” And then, he apologized, “Sorry, honey – I didn’t forget you now, I just got carried away for a moment!”

Now, Norm’s tongue lashed away inside her vagina, with new found sexual excitement surging through his turned-on body, as the dildo drove up his behind.

“Yes, yes,” he panted, “I like it! I like it!”

“Sure you do, fucker – take this – and this – and this last inch,” Laura cried out, as she rode into him.

The plastic penis was indeed producing sensations for Norm now that he never knew existed. But what was also surprising to him was how this young woman in front of him enjoyed his tongue inside her so much. She was wiggling, and running her fingers through his hair, and passionately begging, “Lick it – lick my love button, baby – lick mama’s snatch!”

His tongue whipped around her clitoris, and Laura built up her steam, as she drove it. He could almost feel his balls shooting, as the sensations grew more intensely pleasurable. The three of them had become one, in their equal desire to achieve far-out sexual thrills. Norm’s tongue sliding around inside her vagina, and Laura’s dildo thrusting up his tight, twisting asshole. Pitching her pelvis up, Terry felt herself gushing generously. “Ahhhh – ohhhhh – I’m coming, baby, lap it up, long tongue, lap it up!”

Norm’s long tongue joyously ate her juices, and she sighed, and lay back. Laura finished stabbing his butt, and eased out of him.

“Slow down,” he told her, “Don’t drag that thing out too fast or you’ll tear my asshole to shreds!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Laura said, slowing down. “You’ve got such a nice fucking ass – I want to save it – so I can screw it again!”

“I don’t know as I could survive another round of sex like you two chicks gave me tonight,” he smiled. “You were on fire – so help me, both of you chicks were on fire to fuck!”

“You come here to get your rocks off,” Laura assured him, “and we aim to please – every way we know how!”


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