When Norm had gone, Terry and Laura left together. They didn’t do much talking as Terry drove back to their Lakeshore Towers apartment.

“Well, we really had a day of it, didn’t we?” Laura said soberly.

“I’ll say we did – we earned that money, didn’t we?”

“You know it!”

The two women went to their respective apartments and were so exhausted from the wild action that they got up late the next morning. The woman who managed the… Roman Massage phoned to tell Terry she and Laura had an opportunity to earn some good money if they could accommodate a couple of men in the afternoon.

“What about tonight?” Terry asked, “Does that mean we can pull a no-show – or do you expect double-action?”

“You and Laura can have a night off if you want to,” she insisted. “But it is important to see to it that these two men get some good action, and if anybody can give them that I’m sure you and Laura can.”

“I appreciate your confidence,” Terry assured her and hung up. She phoned Laura to tell her, and Laura insisted she come over to her place for the sex meet.

Terry hurried over to Laura’s place and awaited the arrival of the two men. “I’ve got to clean the place up,” Laura insisted, “Can you vacuum the floor?”

“Sure, I’ll be glad to,” she told her. Laura went to the closet to pick up the vacuum and give it to Terry. Terry hurried to plug it in and start vacuuming the floor. Laura, in the meantime cleaned the ash-trays, checked the glasses at the bar to make sure they were clean, and then went to the bedroom.

As she looked at the king-sized bed with the huge sheets that she had to change, she decided to wait until Terry had finished cleaning the floor so she could have some help. Terry finally finished, and when she put the vacuum cleaner away, Laura called out for her to come in and help her change sheets.

“I can’t change these awkward bed sheets all alone – can you help me?”

“Of course, I’ll help you,” Terry replied, going in to assist her. Laura had the dirty sheets tugged off the bed, and wadded up in a clumsy pile on the floor. Now, she was tossing Terry one end of a king-size pink sheet.

“Here you are,” she called to her, and Terry caught the end of it and tucked it in the bed corner. It didn’t take the two women long to get the beds made. Then, before they could do any more cleaning, the door chimes were sounding.

“They didn’t take long to get here,” Terry observed.

“When a man is horny, honey, it’s amazing how fast his balls can propel him where he’s going!”

Laura led the way to answer the door, and Terry sat in a chair near the window overlooking the lake as the early afternoon sunshine tinted it with gold and silver.

And then, as Laura opened the door, Terry heard her say, “Good afternoon – how are you?”

“Just fine,” the first man nodded. “Fine, thank you,” the second man spoke up quickly. The two men came over to the chairs, circling the cocktail table in front of the great window which afforded the fantastic lake view. Laura said quickly. “This is Terry – I’m Laura – and who might I ask are you?”

The taller of the two men, dark-skinned with sensuous brown eyes, and a pleasing face smiled, “I’m Gustin, and this is Vince.”

Vince was a shorter, slim, curly-haired man with a ruddy complexion, and bright blue eyes.

He looked at both girls carefully, and his expression revealed he was indeed turned-on.

“Hi, girls,” Vince smiled, sitting down. Laura and Terry chorused, “Hi…”

“A good way to get our little love in the afternoon session going might be to have a drink…”

“Right,” Vince smiled, “and run around in the nude!”

“Of course,” Terry smiled right back, “Let it all hang out. That’s what we’re here for – an informal good time!”

“Don’t mind if I do undress,” Gustin agreed, slipping out of his clothes quickly. When he got down to his shorts, he hesitated. “Now, I’m not going to do a strip show,” he complained. “If we all go nude – I will, but I’m not putting on some kind of naked exhibition – no way.”

“You won’t be alone,” Terry said, rising and swiftly slipping out of her clothes down to her panties and bra. The luscious, ripe breasts popped out of the bra, revealing everything but the nipple. The tight-fitting panties revealed her furry triangle, and Gustin was flipping out as he looked at her.

“Should I go on?” Terry asked huskily, feeling herself turning on under his hot-eyed scrutiny of her body.

“Don’t stop now, honey,” he smiled, “Keep undressing – keep undressing!”

Terry went ahead, and slid out of her panties, revealing her moist triangle. Just then, Laura interrupted with the drinks.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything, but here are the drinks – I’m bringing the bottles over, and the ice cubes, and you take your pick!”

“That’s nice,” Gustin smiled, “but the only drink I’m interested in right now is located between a pair of legs.”

“You sure are horny, honey,” Laura laughed, “but that’s what it was put here for – to enjoy…”

Gustin, still in his shorts, and Terry still in her bra, were joined in their undressing by Vince who slid out of his clothes completely, and stood there naked, his penis standing up, eager, and hot. Laura vied with Terry, sliding out of her clothes, letting her breasts jut out much to the delight of Vince who never took his eyes off her until she shimmied out of her panties.

“I’ll take this off for you,” Gustin said hoarsely, as he got in front of Terry, his penis bulging in his cotton shorts. Then, he removed her bra, and her giant breasts popped into view. The round red nipples fascinated him, and his eyes swept down to her moist triangle.

“Take my shorts down now,” he smiled, “I’m ready!”

“Yes,” she replied softly, as she knelt before him, Vince closing in to watch the action on one side of him, and Laura on the other.

Slowly, Terry pulled his cotton shorts down. As the tight elastic band pulled down over his penis, it flipped into naked view.

“Oh, wow,” Terry smiled, as she saw his swollen testicles, and his rock-hard cock. “You’ve sure got a long banana, haven’t you, honey?”

Grasping it, and pointing it to her mouth, Gustin smiled, “Nine solid, sucking inches, honey – and all for you!”

Opening her mouth, she allowed him entrance. As his buttock cheeks squeezed in, as he shoved his shaft into her mouth his buddy Vince wanted some of the action.

“Get down on your knees, cocksucker,” he smiled at Laura, “and give rue a super suck blowjob!”

Without saying a word, Laura obeyed. Opening her mouth, she allowed Vince entrance. His penis wasn’t quite as long as his friend Gustin’s was. But, he did have a good, hard one, and she thoroughly enjoyed sucking it. Her fingers reached down to manipulate his testicles while she sucked.

“Ohhhh, that’s nice, honey,” Gustin panted, lifting one leg, and putting it on a chair, while he slowly shoved it in and out of her face. When he’d stop shoving his shaft for a moment, this would give Terry an opportunity to let her tongue sweep around the head of his male member.

“That’s it,” he panted. “Lick the head of it honey – slow and easy – you’re doing a real nice job of it – suck it!”

The action continued, and she opened her mouth wider. At this point, Gustin turned on, and drove it down her throat.

He liked watching his huge penis plugging her mouth, almost making her gag. It gave him somehow a sense of domination, adding a keen edge of excitement. Her full-lipped mouth fastened tightly to the slick-sliding shaft, and he pumped it smoothly in and out, in and out, but Terry had neglected his testicles, and be insisted, “Jiggle my nuts, sweetheart -!”

Terry reached down and played with his testicles, exciting and stimulating him. And then the huge tool slid down her throat, almost making her gag, his testicles bouncing on her chin.

“Suck it, cocksucker,” he demanded, “come on, gobble that cock, honey! You’re going to get a throatful,” he panted as the hot sperm flashed down her throat.

Meantime, Laura was sucking on the head Vince’s penis, with Vince excitedly running his fingers through her hair. “Eat, eat it, baby!”

Laura’s hot tongue lashed his penis-head, and he got so excited his fingers bore down into her head.

“Keep it up,” he told her, “I’m getting closer, baby – suck, suck – suck that prick!”

Vince turned to watch Gustin. As he began watching him sliding his saliva-slick tool down Terry’s throat, he smiled because Gustin was turning to watch him fuck Laura in the face.

Patting him on the behind, Gustin smiled, “Isn’t this a good way to get your rocks off?”

“You know it, buddy,” Vince replied, vigorously sliding his tool farther down Laura’s willing throat.

Now, the two men were timing their cockthrusts down the women’s throats, with consideration of what the other man was doing.

“Fuck her face,” Gustin panted, as he watched his friend Vince’s ass tighten, as he’d pull out, and drive down her. Faster, still faster, Vince rode Laura’s mouth, now and then letting his slippery penis slide down her throat, and then pulling back so she could lick the head of it. The action went on like this, and Gustin rammed harder too.

“Take this,” Gustin panted, stabbing it down her throat, “and this – and this!”

The hot piston-like thrusts of the penis increased in pleasure, and the testicles bounced on her chin. Terry grew to turn-on with the feel of his testicles, enjoying the sweaty smell of Gustin’s loins, and waiting eagerly for the cum-load the swollen testicles promised to deliver.

“Suck! Suck it!” Gustin cried out passionately enjoying the sliding action of his penis as it stabbed down her throat. “That’s a good cock-sucker – suck!”

The hot cum exploded, and he gripped her head tightly, telling her emphatically, “Keep your lips around it tight, honey – you don’t want to lose any.”

Terry knew enough about giving blow-jobs by now so that it really wasn’t necessary for Gustin to explain the importance of fastening her lips to his shaft, so no sperm would drip. She savagely sucked, and he threw his head from side to side, as the sexual excitement surged through his naked body. “Ohhhh, abhhhh, that’s it – suck it like that, baby! Yes, ohhh, yes!”

Vince was achieving his climax now. Thrusting his rod down Laura’s willing throat, he gasped, “Ohhh, wow!” And his hands clawed into her head, as he got his rocks off in her mouth.

Delightedly, Laura sucked his mainstem. She’d long been a cum connoisseur, and when Vince shot her a good load of the creamy sticky substance erupting from the head of his jackhammer, she eagerly gobbled it up.

“That’s it, cocksucker,” Vince grunted excitedly, “Eat it, eat it up – good for you, baby – go after the juice!”

Laura hardly had to be told to go after the juice, for she’d been so eager for Vince to unload, that once it started shooting, she wouldn’t quit sucking.

Finally, both men pulled their penises out of the girls’ mouths, and they slumped into chairs, and stretched out, relaxing.

“What a nice view,” Gustin laughed.

“The lake is beautiful from here…” Terry agreed.

“Your ass honey – not the lake. I like the lake, but I was speaking of your beautiful butt – anybody ever fuck you up the backdoor?”

“We need something to drink,” Laura suggested, reaching for a bottle of whiskey, and pouring some for herself. The men both joined her in drinking. As they looked out at the lake, Terry asked Vince, “Have you seen Brando in The Godfather?”

“No,” Vince told her, “I haven’t, but I hear he’s great in that flick!”

“He sure is,” Laura grinned, “Brando is such a stud, wow!”

“I thought of being an actor one time,” Gustin admitted, “When I was in college – we had a big comedy and a talent scout was there.”

“Did he notice you?” Laura asked, curious to know the outcome.

“No,” Gustin shook his head. “But he did notice the chick I was acting with a brown-eyed girl named Gloria. She was built like you know what. And, when he got a load of her – well, he put her under contract.”

“Sure,” Vince laughed, “When he was hunting for talent, he was obviously looking for a starlet for the studio whore stable. A cute little plaything for the lot producers to screw.”

“That’s exactly what happened,” Gustin laughed, “She went there and they gave her a couple of bits in some flicks that never did get her anywhere. But, she got fucked…”

“How did you find all this out?”

“I went out there and visited her, and she’s the one who got me horny for wild sex. She took me to some orgies you wouldn’t believe. Makes my prick stand on end to think about it.”

“I’m sure you hated that,” Laura laughed, “because you are a good little boy – who would never do anything naughty like suck cunt, and eat ass and fuck up the backdoor.”

“You’re right,” Gustin laughed, “I do all that I may be a naughty little boy, but I’m sure as hell not a frustrated one. I make it a point to get my rocks off regular – just the way I want to.”

“Good for you,” Terry smiled, “I like to hear a man admit he likes every kind of sex action from sucking ass to licking dick, to sticking it up a woman’s asshole. It means, he’s honest about it, and I think he is a lot more satisfied than the men who say they don’t care far variety in sex – when if they’d only be honest – they do!”

“Agreed,” Gustin smiled.


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