The next man that came in, puzzled her. He was carrying something in his hand, and he put it down, and then she saw what it was – a double-dildo.

He got on the massage table, and she began to rub him down. As her fingers reached the swell of his mounds, he became excited, and said, “Use your finger up my asshole – I like that!”

Then, she slipped it up his tight anus. He did enjoy it, and pumped his buttocks back, to meet her finger-thrust.

“I’m anal orientated,” he explained.

“You’re what?”

“Anal orientated,” he smiled, “That’s the psychological definition…”

“I never was much on Psych,” she laughed.

“I teach it,” he smiled.

“That’s nice – you could give fucking lessons too – couldn’t you…”

“Of course,” he said, “Matter of fact I think I’m conducting one right now.”

And then he smiled, “Reach down there and see what I’ve got for you!”

“A double dildo – and a dildo on a strap,” she laughed, “What is all this for?”

“Our sex and games,” he nodded.

He got down off the massage table, and said, “Now you lie up there, baby, and let me massage you!”

As she got up on the massage table, his hand reached out, and he began stroking her breasts. Then, he bent over, and took each nipple and sucked on them. This excited her completely.

“Suck it for me,” she begged, as she pushed him down to her hairy vagina. She thought it would be a conquest of sorts to force a psychology professor’s face down in her hot, hairy moistening mound. He thought the same thing. And as his mouth moved down to her triangle, his tongue lapped her soft flesh.

“Ohhh, do me,” she whispered, stroking the professor’s head. Like any other man, his tongue delighted in licking away eagerly at her genitals, and he did a superb job of stabbing her gash with a perfectly stiff tongue.

Both hands held her in place.

“Eat me,” she begged, “Eat my pussy, honey – eat it!” The professor’s long tongue whirled around inside her, enjoying her hot, horny hole completely.

“Lick it,” she begged, “Nibble on my clit – ohhhh, yes, my love button loves it!”

Obediently, the professor flipped his hot tongue on her clitoris, and brought her to another climax.

“Suck my pussy,” she panted, pushing him tighter to her vagina, “Thata’ boy, professor, eat pussy!”

The professor enjoyed having a woman insisting he go down on her, for he’d suffered plenty in his classrooms with the mini-skirted girls who didn’t wear panties putting their pussies on display, particularly during test-times. The lure was almost unbearable, and when he’d succumbed to give a glance toward the rather forward young students, he caught one wiggling her mound, just as if a penis were being inserted in it. It stimulated his imagination to see such a sight, and it didn’t drive him to his wife. Instead, he wanted to pursue some young pussy that might be willingly offered, with no complicated strings attached. At the massage parlor, he’d hit what he was looking for.

Finishing, he lifted his face from her.

“Delicious – thanks for the feeding,” he grinned, getting off her, and then motioning with his hand for her to stay there, he smiled, “Now, stay where you are – stay right there, and I’ll bring the dildos over here.”

He brought the dildos over to the massage table, and gave one to the girl. The one that had the double-prongs. For a long moment, Terry looked at the plastic penises which were strategically placed on a strip of solid plastic.

“One goes into your asshole, the other fits into your pussy,” he smiled, “Isn’t this a lovely creation?”

“Lovely,” she nodded, and then he placed it in her hand so she could slip them in.

“Watching a woman drill both holes stimulates me,” he explained, “Now, baby, don’t ask me why – I don’t know. And I’m sure not going to any psychiatrist and lie on his couch and wait for him to tell me why I find this so damned enchanting!”

“If it makes you happy, you horny bastard,” she laughed, “It’s alright with Terry!”

“Okay, Terry – start pumping it into your asshole first!” Terry found the double-dildo extremely awkward. Nevertheless, she made the most of it, and first slid the one dildo up her rectum.

This was followed by edging the tip of the other dildo into her tight vagina. As both of the penises slid into place, the professor was completely turned on by the sight of it all. He suddenly began pumping with his hand, making quick, jerking movements.

“Ohhh – yes – yes,” he gasped, “That’s beautiful!” And he reached down between his own legs to grip his tool. Pulling on his penis, he began jerking it to a quick climax.

“Fuck it, Terry – just like you had a couple of men drilling you. That’s what I see in my imagination – one man driving his cock up your sweet asshole, and the other ramming it up your tight twat!”

“Sounds good,” Terry smiled, sliding them at a faster and faster pace, noticing that he was pulling on his penis at just about the same tempo she was pushing the dildos into place.

“Keep that up,” he insisted, “That’s it! Keep it up!” The action built, and the pleasure grew.

“Fuck it,” he gasped, “Fuck your asshole! Fuck your cunt-hole!”

The double-barreled approach to screwing was producing not only pleasure to the watcher, but indeed producing some superlative sensations for Terry – who thought to herself, the old professor indeed knew what he was doing.

“Fuck it – fuck my cunt – fuck my ass,” he cried, as he pulled his penis off, and for a moment Terry was forced to wonder if it was a case of projection. Was the psychology, professor projecting himself into her place, and imagining the dildos were penises. It became so complex for her she couldn’t determine for sure what was his hang-up.

All she knew for sure was that he was getting some kind of a kick. Getting off and watching the two dildos slide up her two holes.

Faster and faster, he pumped his hand as he jerked. She pushed the dildos quicker, and quicker, until she saw the juice gush out of his pulled on penis.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he cried, rushing over to her, and telling her, “Turn your head, honey – let me feed you some hot cream fresh from my pecker.”

Turning, she opened her mouth and let him slip his dripping penis inside her mouth. It thoroughly stimulated her, and she was delighted to suck on.

“Ahhhhh – ohhhhh, baby, that’s beautiful,” he moaned, enjoying watching her cheeks suck in as she finished eating him.

As she gulped the juices, she gave a small gasp, and turning at this angle, she almost gagged on the cum. Finally, she managed to get it down, and then, he smiled.

“Now, you get off the table,” he said, “and rub me down. By then I’ll be ready for some more action.”

He got back on the table, and she promptly proceeded to use her hands on his body. Effectively pushing down at the nerve centers, she massaged him so that he enjoyed it immensely.

“Keep it up,” he said, “you’re bringing me back to life.” From the way she saw his asscheeks tighten as he pressed down on the massage table, she knew this was indeed happening.

And then, she let her hands slip between the crack in his behind. He tensed some more, telling her quietly, “Ohhh – I like it when your hands slip between my legs!”

She slid one finger up his tight anus, and this pleased him too, as he accepted her finger as if it was a small penis. Then, pointing to the other dildo in the container on the floor, he suggested, “Terry, honey – go strap that on, will you?”

Stepping over to it, she took it in her hands and proceeded to strap it on her body. It held good, and then, with it projecting straight out, she went back to the massage table.

“Shove it,” he smiled, as he flipped over, and held his legs up and out.

“You really want me to?” she smiled, almost sadly as she looked at the eager professor, holding his ass up, eager, hot to satisfy his strange lust.

“Yes – hurry up, honey,” he insisted. Terry kicked herself mentally for making any kind of a fuss. If this was the kind of action that they wanted, this was the kind of action they obviously required. She got up on the massage table, feeling terribly awkward with the big dildo sticking out. From the way the professor was parting his buttock cheeks, she knew what he wanted. Grasping it in her hand, she guided it into its target spot.

“Shove it,” he requested, “Give it to me!” From the wild, insistent, passion-filled look on the professor’s earnest face, Terry deduced this action meant much to him. Smiling, as best she could, she laughed, “Alright, professor – here it is!”

Saying no more, she rammed it up there, and he howled in pain as the first thrust past the anal ring hurt like the devil.

“Take this,” she panted, “And this – and this!” Inch by inch, she thrust the dildo up the professor’s tight behind. He seemed to like it too.

“Fuck!” he begged, “Fuck my asshole!” Apparently, he was indeed anal-orientated. The only way he could satisfy this strange sexual desire, and still feel at all normal, was to find a woman who’d use a dildo up his hot behind.

But, he obviously expected more, for Terry observed the professor was turning his body around so that his huge, thick penis was standing up eager, ready!

“See, baby – this is what I want! A mouth on my dong, and a dildo driving up my rectum!”

“You shall have it,” Terry smiled, trying ever so hard to angle her body so she could keep the dildo from slipping out, and so she could get her mouth over his meat.

“Ahh – ohhh – you almost made it,” the professor eyed her, as her mouth came closer, closer to his cock.

“Now, just let your tongue out,” he begged her as she came within tongue’s length of it. Her tongue shot out, licking the swollen head of it, and then, he angled his body around and it slid smoothly into, her mouth.

Terry was becoming a specialist at cock-sucking, and thought, she could write her own book on suck-action technique when she had finished her masseuse career.

“Ahhh – obhhh – yes, baby, yes,” he moaned, “Do it – do it, sweetheart – do it!”

The pleasure surged through his body, as he felt himself getting dual-action. The hot delight of her sucking mouth, and the exciting action of her dildo driving up his tight behind, both produced a lot of pleasure for him.

“Suck that prick,” he whispered, “Ahhh – ohhh, drag your lip, mouth girl – make my cock quiver!”

Terry remembered about letting her lower-lip drag over the penis-head, and as she did this, his penis quivered.

“Ohhh – ahhh – yes – yes,” he gasped, “That is beautiful!” Apparently, Terry was turning the old professor on. He reached over to a glass with an ice cube in it that he’d brought into the massage room with him. He told Terry, “Slip your mouth off my rod a minute. Honey and put this ice cube in your mouth!”

Terry wasn’t eager to do this, as she had almost succeeded in bringing him to orgasm. But, now she was doing what he told her, as he was the man in the bread, and that was what counted in this kind of action.

His penis flipped out of her mouth, and she took the ice cube into her mouth as he placed it there before her lips. Then, the professor explained, “This is hot and cold fucking, honey! The cube gets the mouth nice and cool. I call it refrigerated fucking!”

When her mouth had cooled off with the ice cube, she slipped it out and took what was left of it, and tossed it on the floor.

“Alright, baby, now open your mouth and let me fuck you!”

His penis-head popped into her mouth and she sucked. The cool of the ice cube had given her mouth a comfortable feeling, and as the hot penis slid into her mouth, she sucked smoothly. The professor was enjoying himself immensely now.

“That’s it – suck my prick, baby – suck it for me!”

The action continued, and excitement built to a peak, and he finally could hold back no longer. His hands went out, and he guided her over his rod.

“Eat it, baby, eat my prick!”

She gobbled up the juices, lapping it up pleasurably. As she ate his prick, he begged, “Now, honey – fuck my asshole at the same time. It’s the double-action I dig. Fuck and suck. That’s it – shove it up there. Don’t worry about hurting my asshole. I can take it! Shove it!”

Driving the dildo higher up his rectum, she sucked at the same time. And as the sticky sperm continued shooting in her mouth, she quickly deduced it was the double action that created the excitement for him.

Slipping her mouth off, she slid off his penis, and then promptly let the dildo slide out of his anus.

“You gave me a good screwing,” he smiled, “I really enjoyed it!”

“Beautiful,” she smiled, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, professor. It took a lot of psychology to satisfy your asshole, as well as your pecker.”

“A little out of the ordinary,” he smiled, and then he looked at her strangely.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because you’re different!”


“You’re not like the other women around here. They’re hard as nails. Would you mind if I kissed you?”

“No,” she shook her head slowly, “not if you want to.”

“Funny, but I want to,” she smiled, and wrapping his arms around her, pressed his lips to her, passionately.


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