“About what happened at the house.”

Brenda ran her finger gently down the length of Bobby’s hardening prick. “You don’t need to apologize, Bobby. I think I understand how you felt.”

“H-have you been sleeping with that guy for a long time?”

“Honey, I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but that was the very first time I’ve slept with a man since your father died.”

Bobby said nothing. His prick was fully erect now, standing tall and virile in his mother’s fist.

“I want to please you, Mom – do everything for you that Dad did.”

Brenda sighed, a tear, edging out of the corner of her eye. “You do please me, baby. But you please me in your own way. And what would really please me now is to take that big beautiful prick of yours into my mouth.”

There was a sharp intake of breath, and Brenda could tell by Bobby’s sudden tensing that her suggestion had really turned him on.

Slowly but firmly, she ran her fist from his prick root to his cock head, taking special care to exert pressure on the sensitive rim between head and shaft.

“Ungh! Umph!” He ground his ass into the sand, his legs trembling with excitement.

Again, Brenda stroked his cock, continuing her hand job till she felt his whole cock vibrating with arousal. Then, when she judged the time was right, she lowered her face over his smooth, shiny cock-knob and ovaled her lips.

“Mmmmmm, you look delicious!” she sighed, and in a flash, she took his prick head into her mouth, bathing it in warm saliva, petting it with long, sensuous strokes of her tongue.

“Aaaaah! Mom! God!” Bobby tensed, his legs stiffening, his toes curling. As the pressure mounted, he dragged his fingernails through the sand, leaving deep grooves.

The heavy, rubbery feel of Bobby’s prick head in her mouth really turned Brenda on. Eagerly, she rolled her son’s knob around her tongue, now and then stabbing into his piss-slit and eliciting a little yelp of excitement from him.

Then she loosened her throat muscles and angled her head and neck so she could take his whole prick into her mouth, deep-throating it with a marvelous skill she had not lost over the years.

“Ungh! Shit!” Bobby cried.

Her throat muscles clamped around his prick, squeezing tight and then undulating up and down, like a supple pussy.

Brenda loved sucking prick. The more she squeezed and milked her boy’s thick fucker, the more her clit began to pound with arousal.

“Mom, oh Mom!” Bobby groaned. He slammed his feet against the sand, shifting his weight from ass cheek to ass cheek as sexual tension built in his balls.

Now Brenda began to kiss the back on his cock, drawing her throat and mouth away from his balls. She loved the slick feel of his prick shaft sliding up her throat, nudging her tonsils. As it emerged from between her lips, it glistened lewdly in the moonlight.

Finally, only his prick head remained in her mouth, its bulk weighing delightfully on her tongue. Brenda again began to play with it, stabbing it, then sucking and laying it.

“Oh Christ, oh Christ!”

The way Bobby was humping and crying out, Brenda knew his climax was close at hand, so she pounced on the whole prick again, taking it down into her throat, squeezing hard, and then pulling her mouth back up toward his prick head.

She did this three times and started on the fourth. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Bobby cried. With a tremendous thrust, he rammed his fucker down her throat, squirting her full of hot cum.

Though she had been expecting it, his violent orgasm threw Brenda off balance. She coughed and spluttered and his prick shook up against the roof of her mouth. It was shrinking, slinking its way back up her throat, touching on a thousand sensitive nerve endings, until at last she let the head slip from her mouth.

“Such a wonderful cock,” Brenda murmured as she gazed down at her son. Before her eyes, his prick shrank and softened until it lay small and shriveled on his ball sac. Bobby’s eyes were still closed, his face swollen and strained.

Lovingly, Brenda ran her fingers through his unruly hair, soothing him, and in less than five minutes, he was fast asleep.

Brenda, hot as a bitch in heat, lay back on the sand, trying to cool off. There was a gnawing itch of lust deep in her cunt that she was trying to ignore.

But in spite of her resolve, her aching clit kept her attention fixed firmly on her pussy. Visions of her boy’s hard prick intruded on her brain. At last, she sighed to herself, deciding to indulge in the pastime that had helped her survive the past four years without men.

She spread her pussy lips wide and ran her finger down her gooey slot, gasping with pleasure as her cunt muscles tensed with excitement.

Next, she sought out her hard nub of a clit, and as soon as she touched it, she began twisting and smashing it.

She shuddered violently. A thousand pinpricks of pleasure raced through her clit.

She slipped her index finger against her cunt hole and began running it around and around the rim, evoking delicate, tickling sensations that had her moaning and rolling back and forth on the sand.

When she could stand it no longer, she jabbed her finger deep into her pussy.

Hastily she began sawing her finger in and out of her pussy, working up a rich foam of cunt juice. Her tits ached with arousal, her toes pointed out straight, her nipples jabbed straight up at the stars, long and stiff.

“Ungh, fuck! Fuck!” she gasped as her pussy muscles contracted around her intruding finger.

She needed more bulk thrust into her spasms big cunt so she jabbed yet another finger inside. With overpowering need, she shoved two fingers in deep, and the result was breathtaking.

Every nerve in her pussy erupted with sensation, and in less than ten seconds, she had propelled herself into a mind-boggling climax.

“Oh, oh, oooooh!” she cried, tears pouring down her cheeks. It was a short, intense burst of relief, and shook her to her marrow.

Almost immediately, she went limp as a rag doll, her legs splayed obscenely in the sand. She thought that she couldn’t move even if her life depended on it, and before long, she drifted off into a deep, satisfying sleep.

“Bobby? Bobby?” When Brenda woke up, the first thing she did was reach out for Bobby. As soon as her hand met the reassuring warmth of his smooth skin, her fear dissolved.

“Mom,” he moaned, barely able to arouse himself.

“Bobby, we’d better get back to the house before somebody comes by and sees us.”

“Bobby, honey, did you hear me?” She began to shake him out of his stupor.

At last he opened his eyes and sat up, yawning. He eyed her big, bouncing tits and her sand caked thighs and smiled lazily.

“You’re the greatest, Mom,” he said, hugging her and kissing her on the lips.

“Hell, I know that!” she laughed, feeling on top of the world.

Though a powerful charge of sexuality was still operating between them, they knew it was dangerous to stay on the beach much longer, so at last they managed to get up and make their way back to the shack. They put on their clothes and arm in arm walked to Brenda’s car.

As they were driving back to the house, Bobby put his hand on his mother’s knee and said, “This hasn’t all been a dream, has it?”

She put her hand on top of his. “No, baby. You and I really and truly fucked our brains out on the beach!”

Bobby smiled and pinched her gently. Then, in a more serious tone he added, “But – what I mean is – this isn’t the only time is it? We’ll fuck again, won’t we?”

“Bobby, honey, we’re going to be fucking and sucking each other for a long, long time!”

His face cracked into a big grin, and he boldly slid his hand up to her crotch and began scratching at her cunt through the denim of her pants.

“Ooooh, you little devil!” she giggled, sliding back in her seat to give him easier access.

They were still fooling around when they pulled onto their street, but when they approached the house, Brenda suddenly sat up straight, going very pale. She pulled Bobby’s hand away from her cunt and ran her fingers through the hair, shaking lose the sand in it.

There was a police car parked in the driveway, and Brenda knew that David must have gone to them with the hair-raising tale of his encounter with Bobby.

She parked the car and composed herself as best she could, knowing that everything depended on it. Then she and Bobby got out.

David and a tall, gray-haired policeman emerged from the police car, obviously relieved to see Bobby and her.

“Brenda! Thank God!” David exclaimed, coming toward her. He took her in his arms so passionately that he didn’t notice how stiffly she responded to him.

Bobby hung back, an ugly look on his face. “Are you all right ma’am?” the police officer asked, drawing closer.

“Yes – perfectly all right, Officer. We had a little misunderstanding earlier. But that’s all over now.”

“I’m afraid not, Miss. We’ll have to take the boy down to the station.” He looked gravely at Bobby, who fidgeted under his scrutiny.

“Officer… it won’t happen again, will it, Bobby? We’ve worked the whole thing out,” she insisted, wringing her hands.

Bobby looked down at his feet, then up at the policeman. “I-I’m sorry for what I did. I just went a little crazy. It won’t happen again.”

“Tell that to Mr. Green.”

Bobby swallowed hard, trying to keep his hatred for David from surfacing.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Green,” he said, extending his hand.

David shook it, looking curiously at the boy. “Officer, I’m inclined to let the matter rest. I don’t think the boy will cause any more problems.”

The officer nodded. “Still, I think I should take the gun.”

Bobby started to protest, but Brenda gave him a warning glance.

“All right, Officer, if you think it’s best,” she said.

She saw that he already had it in his car, and she shrugged wearily. Then she put her arm over Bobby’s shoulder, and they both turned toward the house. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, it’s been a very rough evening, and I think we should all try to get some sleep.”

“Brenda…” David grabbed her arm, searching her face.

“Later, David. Later,” she sighed.

He looked hurt, but Brenda didn’t care. She just wanted to be alone with her boy.

When David and the police finally left, she and Bobby went into the house, got undressed and crawled into Brenda’s king-sized bed. By this time, the sky had paled at the horizon and the first dew was on the ground.

Brenda put her arms around her boy, prepared to fall into a much deserved sleep, but to her amazement, he nudged her groin with his prick head.

“My God, Bobby! Don’t you ever stop?” She giggled.

“Please, Mom,” he pleaded, humping up eagerly at her.

She shook her head in disbelief, though she was secretly pleased at the boy’s virility.

Right on cue, her pussy began to throb with arousal, churning with fresh hot pussy juice. Brenda spread her legs and grabbed his prick shaft, helping him ease his meaty load inside her pussy.

“Do me good, baby. Do me good,” she sighed, opening herself fully to him.