Vickie didn’t spend much time fretting about her lewd and horny behavior. Business picked up a little in the library by late afternoon, and she was too busy to do much thinking. If she let her mind drift back to the sex session at all, it was with a thrill of excitement, a twinge of wonder that she had been so daring. What if someone had found them fucking between the shelves like that? What if her supervisor had come to check up on her?

Fortunately it was a large library, with several floors and many different sections. The area she’d been assigned to this week was usually one of the quietest. That was why she’d had time to read the sexy book in the first place.

She took the sexy book home that night, and to her amazement she had to jerk herself off to get to sleep. It was all very strange. Maybe she should see a doctor…

She dismissed the thought at once. She felt fine. A little dizzy perhaps, a little sore in the joints from fucking in such a weird position, but as healthy as a horse. As a matter of fact she woke up the next day feeling wonderful. She practically leaped out of bed as soon as her alarm clock went off, and she found herself singing loudly in the shower.

She chose an ice-blue bra and panties, a gray skirt and matching blouse. As she began to dress, she cast admiring glances at her bronzed body in the full-length bedroom mirror. Her legs were so trim and long, her tits so full and heavy. What most girls would give for a body like hers! And she had a gorgeous tan to boot!

The morning was a breeze. She went out of her way to keep busy, checking and rechecking lists of books that really needed no attention at all. Several times she caught herself humming softly.

It wasn’t till around two o’clock, when she had an unusually slow hour, that she dug the sexy novel out of her purse and began to read. It was taking her forever to finish the novel because she kept going back and rereading the sexy parts. In a way she didn’t want it to end. After half an hour she was so horny she had to get up from her desk and take a walk.

Maybe if she jerked off again…

Halfway down the hall she ran into Donald, one of her coworkers. He was walking quickly, with his head down, as was his habit, and he wouldn’t have noticed her at all if she hadn’t decided to block his way. He was head of the business section of the library and was rather an ordinary, humorless young man, but Vickie for some reason suddenly found him very appealing.

“Donald, I need to talk to you,” she announced, an idea half-formed in her racing brain. “Let’s go some place private. It’s quite important.”

He stared at her, not understanding. In all the time they’d both worked at the library, they’d spoken to each other no more than once or twice. What they could possibly have to discuss was beyond him. She gripped him by the arm, leading him down the hall.

“In here,” she said, glancing to the right and to the left, then tugging open the door of a cramped broom closet. “It’ll only take a few minutes. In here’s fine.”

“This is a closet!” he protested, glaring at her stupidly. “What’s the matter with you?”

Vickie gave him a quick nudge and suddenly they were both inside the tiny cubicle, face to face, their bodies touching. She thrust her tits at him, mashed them against his chest. Her arms circled his shoulders as she drew his mouth down to hers. She tongued him wantonly.

“Miss Sssppplllfff!” he mumbled, his mouth suddenly full of her tongue. He dropped the book he was carrying as she crushed him harshly against the rear wall of the cubicle. Her tits crushed his chest.

“I need you, Donald!” she hissed, breaking off their kiss and licking his chin lewdly. She slipped a hand between his legs and palmed the huge mass of his balls and cock through his pants. “I need you so bad! I want your cock! I want your cock inside me!”

“You’re crazy! You’re absolutely crazy!” he muttered, his eyes wide. Then her mouth was on his again and he could say no more. Her tongue was snaking in and around his mouth, exploring, curling this way and that.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, rubbing up and down on the bulge of his cock. His cock felt so big! It felt so beautiful! She had to have it! She just had to!

With a swift twist of her body she was backing off from him, leaving his mouth open and gasping. She was dropping to her knees in front of him, reaching for his belt and fly. And with several quick hand movements she had his fly down, his pants open, his shorts tugged down off his crotch. Her hand was between his legs.

“This is insane! This can’t be happening!” he complained. But he didn’t struggle. He leaned against the wall quite passively and stared down at her platinum-blonde head. His heart was pounding hard.

“What a lovely cock! What a fucking beautiful cock!” Vickie whispered, curling her fingers around his prick. His cock dangled from the hair of his crotch, its mushroom head glowing in the soft light.

She shucked her hand up and down on his prick half a dozen times, judging its weight and girth in her palm. Then she leaned over and licked its head quickly running her tongue up his cock and diddling his tiny piss-slit. Her lips came down over the cock crown and ducked forward, guiding it back over the velvet pad of her tongue till she had several inches of shaft inside.

“Ohhh! You’re sucking my cock! You’ve got my cock in your mouth!” he marveled, glaring down at her. “I don’t believe it! What’s the matter with you!”

“Mmmfffhhh!” she commented, sweeping her tongue every which way on his helpless prick, bathing it with her hot saliva. Her cheeks hollowed then puffed out, spasming back and forth as she worked on his captured cock.

His cock was growing steadily, inflating in her mouth, forcing her lips farther and farther apart. His cock was now eight or nine inches long, bumping the roof of her mouth.

“Ohhh shit! Ohhh fuck!” he groaned, rolling his head back. His pants and shorts slipped lower on his legs till at last they fell in a tangled heap around his ankles.

Vickie wrapped her fist around the slowly hardening base of his prick and began to jack it up and down. Her head started a series of gentle pumping motions, sinking down maybe four inches on the stiffening shaft then raising up till only the cockhead remained in her mouth, resting contentedly on her tongue.

“Cocksucker! Cocksucker!” Donald began to babble. His hips humped gently back and forth, feeding her long lengths of cock.

“Does that feel good? Does my mouth feel goad on your cock?” she asked suddenly, lifting off his prick and rolling her lovely eyes up to his lust-clouded face. She held his prick tight in her hand, pointed it at an angle toward her face. His cock seemed to be nearly ten inches long now.

“Put it back in! Put it back in your mouth, you stupid slut!” he growled, trying to spear her face with his looming erection. “Suck it! Suck my cock! Don’t fucking stop, you silly cunt!”

Smiling, Vickie lowered her head and sucked his cock once more. She resumed her pumping on his prick, tugging him closer and closer to climax. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted this gorgeous prick deep up her cunt. But there was no harm in warming him up first. Might as well get his cock good and hard before trying anything!

She increased the speed of her movements. Her pretty blonde hair began to bounce. Her free hand came up to cup his dangling balls, squeezed and caressed them wantonly. This was going to be a blowjob that young Donald wouldn’t ever forget!

“You sure know how to suck a cock! What are you doing working in a library? You should be sucking cocks for a living!” Donald jerked his hips back and forth steadily, drilling his cock through her fingers and into the lush wet oval of her sucking lips. Her lipstick had smudged off into his shaft, decorating it strangely.

“Mmmfffhhh!” she agreed, inching his prick deeper and deeper into her throat. Her nostrils twitched as they sucked in air.

His prick was now enormous, a great pulsing boom of flesh that shot out from his crotch strongly. His cock no longer needed any support from her hand. For a time she clamped both her palms onto his muscular thighs, sliding her mouth back and forth on his cock without touching it. But then his prick was tilting higher, growing even more, and she had to grip it in one hand to hold it straight and keep it aligned with her mouth. She continued to pump at its base.

Vickie’s mouth was crammed, clogged to capacity with his prick. His cock was jerking back and forth, stretching her lips as wide as they would go. His cock was pressing down her tongue and bloating out her cheeks. And it was burrowing far into her throat, as if it wanted to drill to her very stomach.

“Mmmmmffff!” she snorted. With a dip of her head, she was breathing into his pubic hair, every last inch of his colossal prick embedded in her mouth. She held the position for several seconds, just to show she could do it, then backed off till only the pulsing head of his cock throbbed on her tongue. She drew in great gulps of air and her eyelids fluttered closed.

“You sucked in all my cock!” he praised, gazing down at the spit-shiny column of his prick as it emerged from the young librarian’s mouth. Sexy smudges of her lipstick were smeared all the way up its length.

She wasn’t listening. With a quick head movement she was sucking in the shaft once more. Her fist pumped him harshly, without let-up. Weird squeaking noises game from her corkscrewing lips. Four, five and six inches of cock disappeared each time she dipped her head.

“I’m going to come soon! If you don’t stop, I’m going to come in your mouth!” he wheezed. A fine film of sweat was glistening on his brow. He was biting his lower lip tensely.

“It’s okay,” she breathed, slipping her mouth off his cock. “It’s okay to come in my mouth. In fact I’d like it. Yeah, come in my mouth!”

“Ohhhh!” he moaned, her words driving him mad. He fucked his prick back and forth in her fingers and let her siphon it back between her luscious lips. Her tongue wriggled lovingly around the bloated shaft.

Up and down, up and down she pumped her pretty blonde head, clutching the base of his cock in one hand and the swinging sac of his balls in the other. Her huge tits heaved inside her blouse. And suddenly she was snorting, coughing and gagging at the same time, her mouth and throat plugged to capacity with steaming wads of hot spunk.

“Ggggnnnn!” he strained, shooting the scalding jism up his cock stem and into her sucking mouth. He drove his ass cheeks back and forth, drilling her with six and seven inches of stiffened prick.

Vickie gurgled, swallowing huge blobs of jism. It felt so weird going down! Like egg whites! It was so slimy and thick!

“Eat it! Eat all my cum!” he ordered, glaring at her bobbing face as he humped her. “Suck it all down! Suck out every fucking drop of it!”

Vickie tried. She swallowed jet after jet of cum. But she was still coughing, not yet recovered from the first blast that had surprised her so. She lifted her face up off his spurting prick, tugged it recklessly before her gasping face, stared at it as if she knew what was coming.

A streamer of spunk shot out from his cockhead and laced itself across her face diagonally, from chin to temple. It shot across one cheek and over the bridge of her nose, splattering the left lens of her glasses and veering onto her forehead. Trails of white began to wriggle down onto her cheek. Her eyelashes were matted together with sticky paste.

“In your mouth, you stupid whore!” he yelled at her. “Suck it! Suck my fucking cock! Shit, I’m coming all over your stupid slut face!”

Vickie tilted the cock in her hand, nudging her chin with its still-spurting head. She opened her mouth. Her tongue stuck out.

Another tracer of white jizz spat up the length of her face. This one rose up like a fountain in a long silver line, between her eyes and into her lovely hair. The cum clung to her nose and dripped into her panting mouth. She licked her lips and sucked the stuff inside, savoring its tangy taste.

Her gagging finally ended. She pumped his cock strongly in her fist and seemed to aim the jetting spunk straight into her passive face.

“In your mouth! In your fucking mouth, you filthy slut!” he groaned, watching as rope after rope of white jism spat out into her pretty face. He tried to reach for his cock, but she wouldn’t let him have it. She grasped his cock tightly and refused to let him hold it.

She held open her mouth inches from his spasming cock tip. A long jet of cream shot out onto her tongue. It disappeared into the depths of her mouth in a flash. She smacked her lips noisily and let the warm spunk ooze back into her throat. It drooled and dribbled messily over her chin and down the curve of her neck like thick milk.

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” he chanted, letting her have her way. What a kinky chick! She appeared to want the greasy cum to splatter her full in the face!

And just when he thought he’d shot his last bolt, another steaming blast of white struck her eyebrow, plastered shut her one open eye, split into two streams that ran down her cheek thickly. She curled out her tongue to capture one drooling string and the other veered off down her face to her jawline. It dripped steadily to her shoulder.

“Ohhh, fuck! You’re all splattered with cum!” he groaned, leaning back against the wall. “It’s all over your face! All my jism all over your fucking face!”

Vickie smiled, tilting his prick this way and that in case he had any more to spurt. But he was finished. A syrupy drop of cum seeped out of the cockhead slowly, soiling her fingers, but there were no more long streamers. She jerked him off more slowly, licking his purple cockhead with her tongue.

“You’re all finished!” she pouted, apparently disappointed. “You don’t have any cum left!”

“Is it any fucking wonder?” he grunted, his balls aching. He couldn’t remember when he’d come so fast or so hard. That sucking mouth of hers had him boiling in seconds.

“Do I look pretty?” she asked him, tilting her spunk-splattered face up toward him teasingly. “Does little Vickie look real pretty with your jism spurted out all over her face?”

Donald groaned. What was she trying to do to him? Why couldn’t she rest and be quiet, like other chicks after sex? Maybe because she hadn’t come herself… she’d sucked him dry, but she hadn’t gotten off herself yet. That was probably why she was still teasing him.

“How about when I do this?” she wondered, poking his cock into her face and starting a series of circular motions on her cheeks with its head. “Do I look sexy when I smear your stuff around like this?”

Donald groaned deeply. This chick was out of her mind! What kind of girl was she, to let him come all over her face, then talk this way while she smeared spunk about all over herself? Was she kinky or what?

“It feels so good! Your spunk feels so good on my face! Like jelly! So thick and sticky! I love it! I fucking love it!”

She ran his cock everywhere on her face, plowing his jism into her eyes beneath the cum-smeared glasses. She tilted his prick up along the side of her nose, up her cheeks and across the sweep of her forehead. The oval of her pretty face shone like a white mark in the dim cubicle light. Curls of blonde hair were stuck to her face with drying cum.

“Please, enough!” he moaned, glaring at her in fascination as she decorated herself with his cream. “Do you really have to do that?”

Vickie rubbed his cock against her face for several more seconds, making sure she had the jizz evenly spread on her lovely, ghost-like features. Then she turned her face up to him.

“Let’s fuck!” she announced.

Donald glared at her in disbelief, his cock still caught tightly in the circle of her fingers. She couldn’t mean it, not after what she’d just done to him! How could he fuck in his condition? He felt drained, all his energy sucked out along with his cum. He just wanted to rest.

“Fuck me till I can’t stand up!” she exclaimed, letting go of his still-stiff cock and standing up shakily. She turned her back on him, pulled her skirt up over her ass, and dug a hand into the tops of her panties and hose. She thrust down, forcing the tangled nylon down her thighs quickly. The undergarments were soon stretched like an elastic rope between her outspread calves. Her naked ass gleamed at him invitingly.

“What an ass! What a fucking ass!” he raved, studying her lush ass and the taut muscles of her slender upper thighs. She’d spread her legs so wide he had a perfect view of her cuntlips.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded, leaning forward and planting her hands on the far wall of the tiny cubicle. “Shove that big hard cock into me and fuck me till I can’t take it any more!”

Donald’s cock was still hard, much to his surprise. He suddenly gave up all thoughts of resting. He took his thick prick in hand and stepped forward, directing the purple head under the inverted V of her rear. Her puffy damp cunt lips sucked at his cock hungrily as he planted the mushroom crown against them.

“Oooooh, yes! Put it in! Ram that big beautiful cock deep up my twat, please! I need it! I need it so bad!”

She reached beneath her and used two fingers to spread the hair-lined flaps of her cuntlips. Her ass cheeks slid back a fraction, and suddenly her pussy was wrapped over his cockhead, drawing it inside like a long-lost friend. Inch after inch of cock shaft followed, and in seconds her cunt was crammed with his huge prick, his pubic hair tickling the cheeks of her ass.

“Ohhh shit! What a cunt! What a deep, sucking cunt!” he wailed. He began to thrust into her, driving his cock again and again into the wet soggy folds of her hungry snatch. His balls swung, jiggled back and forth by his harsh movements.

“Feel my tits! Feel my tits!” she urged, tugging open her blouse.

He reached beneath her, and together they freed her swollen tits from the tight harness of her ice-blue bra. He began to squeeze and caress her tits toughly. He tweaked her long nipples and dug his fingers into the plush, swaying flesh. Both tits hung out over the bra and blouse at an odd angle. They were jerked back and forth as he fucked her.

“So deep! So fucking deep!” she mumbled, forcing her ass back against him. She was bent over at a sharp angle, making it easier for him to drill her deep.

“I’d no idea you were so beautiful! All this time I’ve worked here and I barely noticed how sexy you are!” he muttered, pile-driving into her with his stiff cock. “Maybe it’s the glasses. Funny, though. I never even noticed your tits!”

He squeezed her tits for emphasis. He rammed his hips against her satiny ass cheeks, driving his cock far into her cunt on each stroke. Her ass quivered and quaked as he fucked her.

Vickie’s body was rammed forward again and again into the cubicle wall. She supported herself with her hands, but his thrusts were so strong. Her tits swung back and forth even in the grip of his palms. Her face expressed both pleasure and pain. His cock was digging very deep.

“I don’t believe your ass! It’s just fucking gorgeous! It’s so tight and firm! Fuck, it’s beautiful!” He released her tits and began to knead and spread her taut ass cheeks. He spread them wide, as far apart as he could get them, watching his slick prick plow in and out of her cunt below.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she groaned, her face forced closer and closer to the wall of the tiny cubicle. It felt as though someone was ramming a baseball bat in and out of her hungry snatch.

“So you like this, huh? You like my cock up your cunt?” He pulled back till only the head of his slimy cock was lodged inside her creamy cunt, then he plunged back harshly, burying every inch of stone-hard shaft inside her.

“So much! So much!” she crooned. “Your cock feels fantastic! I love it! I’ll never get enough! I’ll never get enough cock!”

They lunged and bucked at each other in the cramped broom closet, half-naked and sweating. Their pace was slow and leisurely to start with, as if they were both recovering from the blowjob. But then it began to increase, and soon he was lunging at her like a man possessed, fucking his prick deep into her and ramming her into the wall. She met his every thrust with a jerk of her ass.

“Ram it deep! Ooooooh, yeah! Ram that lovely cock as deep as it’ll go!” she pleaded, her face twisted with pleasure. Her head was turned to one side now. She was shoved up against the wall, her cheek clinging to it tightly.

“I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come again for sure!” he wailed, his ass pumping back and forth.

“Yes! Me too! I’m gonna come too!” she grunted, her eyes fluttering behind the cloudy-white glasses. “Come inside me! Shoot all your lovely jism deep up my cunt!”

“Aaannnggghhh!” he strained, humping her with a series of fast, short lunges. “Gonna come up your sticky hot cunt!”

He crammed her several more times with cock, and Vickie felt a delicious dissolving sensation between her legs. Then she was coming, her cunt quaking with hot little twitches. Her cunt was sucking him inside, her pussy walls molded tightly around his bucking prick. She clenched her eyes shut with lust and pleasure.

“Nnnnnnnn! Nnnnnnnn!” she moaned.

“Aaaaannnnggghhh!” he screamed, burying his cock one last time and feeling it explode deep inside her. The blowjob had left his prick a trifle numb, but his spunk still shot out of his cock and into the willing body of the horny young librarian.

“You’re coming! I can feel your jizz up my cunt! Oooooh, yes! Do it to me! Come all the way inside me! Fill me with spunk!”

Again and again his cock contracted, spat out wave after wave of squirming hot jism. His prick writhed and wriggled up her hole, squishing along her pussy walls and far up into her insides. Cum seeped back along his cock, slithered out her cuntlips, bathed his pubic hair and balls. It ran down the inside of her thighs like wax.

“Such a hot little cunt! Such a hot little whore!” he groaned, pouring out his second torrent of jism in fifteen minutes. His prick sliced through all the cum and cunt juice, splitting her wet pussy lips wide. Jet after jet of creamy jizz fired off, painting her hole white and clogging her pussy to capacity.

She felt wad after wad of heated cream spurt out inside her aching cunt. So much spunk! And that guy yesterday had done the same! Two guys with so much jism. Did most guys have as much as they did, or were they both exceptions? Maybe she could find out. Maybe she could do her own scientific study, to find out just how much cum the average guy had!

“Take it! Take it all!” he muttered, cramming his prick into her cunt again and feeling the last of his spunk flow out. “Such a hot little slut! Such a whore!”

Vickie wondered if it were true. Was she really a slut? She was horny and she loved sex, at least this last day or two. If that meant that she was a slut or a whore, well then okay. She couldn’t help the way she felt. She loved a hot cock inside her. She loved the taste and feel of spunk. What was wrong with that?

“Take it all! Take every last ounce of jism, slut!” he grunted.

“Give it to me! Give me all you’ve got!” she answered, driving her cunt against his cock. Warm cum slithered and slopped from her hole to the floor.


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