Vickie took a day off.

She didn’t really need to. But she felt she should, if only to put herself out of temptation’s way for a time. She’d fucked two guys in two days while on the job! In the library! At this rate she’d have fucked half the staff by the end of the week! It was only a matter of time before she got herself into trouble.

And so she phoned in sick, taking care not to open the sexy book that had triggered her horniness the past two days. She cleaned up her apartment and caught up on some laundry. At mid-afternoon, she packed a bag and walked down to the beach, determined to do no more than doze away the rest of the day. If nothing else, she’d go back to work well rested.

And it was quiet down by the water. She smiled to herself, happy that she’d come. The mid-summer crowd was gone and she could choose her spot, sit somewhere out of the breeze and let the sun warm her.

She found a spot among the dunes, way back from the water, and spread her blanket on the sand. Then she peeled off her shirt and lay down in her skimpy bikini. What a bikini it was! Good thing the beach was nearly deserted! The thing might cause a riot!

She’d never worn it before, convinced that it was just too daring for mixed company. It was a string bikini, four tiny flaps of silk that covered her ass, her pussy, and each of her tits. Barely. It was held up by tiny threads that looped over her hips and around her shoulders.

Her tits were so big, the bikini top didn’t support them at all. It simply covered her nipples and a few square inches of golden globe. Her tits puffed out lewdly over the top and her nipples stuck out the pale pink silk like thumbs. Her ass cheeks swelled out from the rear flap of the panties, and strands of cunt hair peeked sexily over the tiny pink triangle at her crotch.

An hour went by, and she might have dozed for a time. When she next opened her eyes, she was vaguely aware of strange sounds from somewhere near by. At first she thought she was imagining things, but then she heard them again and sat up quickly. It was moaning, as if someone was in pain. And near by. Just over the next dune.

Vickie stood up and began to move toward the sound, convinced someone was hurt. But she’d gone no more than a few steps when she came, to an abrupt stop, dropped to her hands and knees on the hot sand and held her breath tensely. Just over a hillock of sand, a few feet from where she’d been dozing for the last hour, two young people were wrapped in each other’s arms, naked. The girl had her legs hooked up around her partner’s back and was obviously fucking him drawing him into her with short little jerks.

Down at the beach, practically right in front of Vickie. Didn’t they realize this was a public place? It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t get away from sex if she wanted to. She was bombarded with it everywhere she went. Maybe she should say something. Maybe she should storm over there and demand that they stop, demand that they quit disturbing her!

She blushed hotly. She was a fine one to tell them to stop fucking in a public place! In the past two days she had fucked two different men in a public library! What was she thinking of! At least these two innocents weren’t fucking on company time. At least they weren’t being paid while they fucked.

She sat on her haunches in the sand and thought, her tits crammed against her thighs. Then, as quietly as she could, she crept back up the smooth sand dune and peeked over. She wanted to see them again. She wanted to watch them. Her tummy fluttered with a strange thrill.

They were both moaning softly, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms. Vickie had a perfect view of the young man’s pale ass cheeks as he pumped his cock up and dawn, back and forth, into the cunt of the girl beneath him. His red bathing suit was hooked around one of his ankles. Vickie could barely see the girl at all, just a flash of auburn hair and a pair of tightly-clenched eyes once in a while.

And Vickie began to get horny all over again. Her tits molded into the hot sand and her nipples started to burn. Her crotch tingled. She slipped a hand into the tiny triangle of her bikini panties and began to diddle her pussy. Her forefinger found her clit and began to wiggle it back and forth.

“Don’t forget to pull out!” the young girl gasped, glaring up tensely into, the face of her lover. “Don’t come inside me! Pull it out! Don’t forget!”

Vickie watched in fascination, waiting for what she knew would soon happen. It was like looking at some porno movie, except that this was for real. She flicked her clit madly and humped against the warm sand.

“Here it comes, baby! Wait for it, here it comes!” grunted the young man. Suddenly he was lifting up off his girlfriend, pulling his ass cheeks back, wriggling his hard-on from her sucking cunt. He took his glistening cock in his hand and primed it, holding it above the girl’s spasming stomach. He began to jerk off over her.

The young man’s girlfriend glared at his cock and Vickie watched with them, all three waiting for the moment of explosion. His reddened cock twitched and quivered in his fist. Suddenly long streamers of white cum were spurting out from his cock tip, shooting out in shimmering ropes onto the belly and tits of the nude young girl. Again and again and again.

“Ohhh lover, yes, yes!” the young girl moaned, staring at the jism as it sprayed her torso.

Vickie stared, too, remembering how she’d let Donald’s cock shoot off on her face yesterday. What must that have looked like? Boy, she should have had a camera! Then she could have run back movies of herself afterwards! How exciting it all looked, that lovely creamy paste shooting from the young man’s cock! It looked fantastic.

“Oh fuck, baby! Oh fuck!” the young man groaned. He appeared to be finished, his cock wilting in his fist, his spunk spread out like suntan oil all over his pretty girlfriend. He rested his prick on her pubic mound and rubbed it back and forth slowly.

“Yes! Oh yes, lover!” said the young girl, running her fingers through his sticky jism. She massaged the stuff into her belly and tits, covering herself with a fine layer of white.

God, how wonderful! thought Vickie, diddling her pussy crazily. She’d have to try that herself! Cum was such exciting stuff, and to have it splattered all over her skin was just too much! Again she thought back on the way Donald’s cock had spat out on her face. It had messed her up so! She couldn’t even see out of her glasses afterwards!

The two lovers were slowly coming to their senses, aware once more of their surroundings. Vickie, terrified of being discovered, slid back down the sand dune and crawled on her blanket. She mumbled to herself, cursing that she hadn’t gotten to come. Well, there was nothing else for it. She’d have to get herself fucked again. She’d tried to keep her mind off sex. She’d really tried.

She rolled up her blanket quickly, picked up her bag and strode off down the beach, her fine tits jiggling inside the bikini harness. Where could she go to get herself fucked? It had to be some place close. She couldn’t wait long. Her cunt was wet.

On her right she caught sight of a low concrete building set back from a couple of outdoor showers. There were changing rooms at each end. Though the place appeared deserted, she decided to try her luck. She hesitated only a moment, then walked right by the women’s entrance and straight into the mens. There weren’t many guys out on the beach. Maybe there’d be some in here.

Inside the place was one long narrow room, with benches running along the sides and down the middle. The concrete walls and floor were lit dimly by a weak overhead bulb. Vickie squinted a moment, gazed around warily, then saw two men standing naked at the far end of the room.

They were young men, tanned and healthy looking. They stood casually beneath a frosted glass window, talking quietly. Their brown bodies were well-muscled and sleek. Their hair was bleached blonde by the sun. One of them had a thick moustache.

Vickie immediately eyed their crotches. Except for a towel wrapped around each of their necks, they were both totally naked, and their soft cocks dangled loosely. One of them was circumcised, and the head of his prick shone purple in the dim light. The other had a wrinkled foreskin folded completely over his cockhead.

They stopped talking and stared at her, not quite believing what they were seeing.

Vickie took a step into the room, dropped her bag to the floor.

“I… I need help…” she began, her eyes drifting from their faces to their cocks, then back again.

Neither young man said anything for a while. They simply stared at her, examining her as frankly as she was examining them. They could see strands of cunt hair curling over the ridiculously brief bikini bottom. The beautiful young girl was literally falling out of her lewd bikini.

“Are you sick? What’s the matter with you?” one of them said at last. Neither one of them tried to cover himself up. It seemed totally unnecessary. Any chick who forced her way into a men’s changing room could hardly be shocked if she saw a cock or two!

“I’m sick, yes…” Vickie lied, her mind racing. How could she get these guys to fuck her as quickly as possible? She couldn’t wait. She really couldn’t wait. “Maybe you guys could take a look at me. I really need help.”

She was moving slowly toward them. When she was no more than two feet from them, she paused, looked them both in the eye, then reached back to tug at the clasp of her bikini top. Both pink triangles of silk fell away from her huge tits and her stiffened nipples popped free. She didn’t take the thing off completely, but let it drape from her shoulders. One string looped sexily beneath the globe of her right tit, the pink flap hanging over her rib cage.

“My tits are so sore. They need some attention,” she pouted, her voice suddenly childish and peeved. “And my pussy isn’t in much better shape. See for yourself.”

With a second quick tug of her fingers, the triangle at her crotch was falling away from the bristling V of her beaver. Apart from the bikini parts tangling about her, she was completely nude, her tits and cunt on full display for the two young men.

“Your tits look fine to me,” one of them said, getting into the spirit of her silly little game.

“And your cunt. Your cunt looks in swell shape,” said the other.

They took one step toward her and began fondling her, running their fingers over her lush tits and through her wet cunt hair. She felt their soft cocks nudge her thighs. She clasped one cock in each fist, began to play with them gratefully. Their cocks were beginning to fill up already, their puffy shafts growing and pulsing in her hands.

“I’m so horny!” she moaned, closing her eyes with pleasure. “You’ve no idea how horny I am! I need to get fucked so bad!”

“So, that’s your little problem, is it?” the one with the moustache said. “Hear that, Billy? The little lady wants to get fucked. What do you think? Could we possibly oblige her, do you think?”

“Well, Rick old boy, I always say that a well-mannered gentleman should be willing to oblige a lady. It’s the least we can do, if you ask me.”

Vickie groaned softly, savoring the feel of their hands on her tits, the touch of their fingers pulling at her cuntlips. They were kneading her lush tits harshly, tweaking her nipples. She suddenly had three or four fingers up her cunt as each of them explored her soaking crotch. She jacked off their growing cocks roughly.

“One thing I always like before a fuck though, Billy, is a blowjob. I always like my cock sucked before I move into action. It sort of gets you primed, you know?”

“I agree, Rickie my boy. Nothing like a good suck to start things off right. What do you say, little girl? You up to sucking the both of us before we fuck you? It would make us both feel a whole lot more cooperative.”

“Yes! I’ll suck you! Anything! I’ll do anything you want me to! Just fuck me, okay? Just be sure and fuck me real soon!”

She was wriggling out from the grasp of their mauling hands, dropping to her knees on the cold concrete floor. She pulled both cocks together, lined them up close and began licking their prick heads, running her tongue back and forth over the purple bulbs. The foreskin had peeled back from the one covered prick tip as she yanked on it and now both cockheads were free and shining.

“Atta, girl! Suck those cocks! Get them good and hard first, and then we’ll fuck you silly! Suck those cocks!” said Billy.

“Yeah! And my balls! Don’t forget my balls!” Rick added.

Vickie began to work hard between the two men, scouring her tongue up the length of each cock then dipping below to lick the velvety pouches of their balls. She frequently rose up and sucked each cockhead in turn, wrapping her tongue around the mushroom crowns and diddling their piss-slits. She tilted their cocks this way and that, then yanked and jerked on them strongly.

It was so much better than sucking one cock! Vickie thought proudly. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Why settle for one cock when you could have two!

“Shit, what a mouth! What a hot sucking mouth!” whispered Billy, his cockhead lodged over her right eye. “She sure knows how to use her tongue!”

“She’s a great little cocksucker! One of the best!” Rick agreed.

Vickie jacked off both cocks, then concentrated on their balls. Both pouches dangled heavily beneath the pricks. She twisted her head and sucked Billy’s ball into her mouth, pulling it in and bathing it in her warm spit. Then she opened her lips wider and siphoned in the other, capturing both nuts and running her tongue every which way on them.

Then she spat the whole pouch out and moved over to Rick’s balls, repeating the process carefully. She didn’t want one of these guys to think he was missing out! Rick’s balls squirmed hotly inside her mouth, bulging out her cheeks lewdly. Tiny bristling ball hairs caught between her teeth as she tilted her head.

“Eat them balls! Eat them balls!” encouraged Rick, glaring intently at the sexy librarian.

She worked for maybe three minutes on his balls, priming their cocks all the while with even, practiced tugs. Then she began to lick her way up toward their cock heads, moving several inches up one shaft before switching to the other one and always resuming where she’d left off when she went back to the first. Once she reached their cock crowns, she began to suck each one in turn, curling her tongue lovingly around them as if she couldn’t get enough of them.

There was one more thing she wanted to try before their pricks got too big to deal with. She lined up their cocks side by side, mashed their purple heads together, and wriggled her reddened lips over both hot cocks at once. She slid her mouth several inches down the twin columns, her lips stretched to an obscene width around them.

“She’s sucking both cocks at the same time!” raved Billy. “Look at the little whore! She’s got both our cocks in her mouth at the same time!”

“Ohhh fuck! Ohhh fuck!” replied Rick, his voice tense.

Her nostrils flaring, her lips pulled cruelly apart, Vickie plunged lower on their cocks, taking in another inch of bloated flesh. But then she was backing off. She concentrated on their cockheads for a while, sticking them both in her cheeks and rubbing them back and forth like giant toothbrushes.

“What a cocksucker! What a fucking whore cocksucker!” wailed Billy, driving his prick in and out of her mouth.

“She’s such a filthy little slut!” crowed Rick, watching the huge swelling of Vickie’s cheek as it glowed in the low light.

Now their cocks were too big. They were splitting poor Vickie’s mouth apart. She let one of their cocks burst free of her mouth with a wet slopping sound and concentrated all her efforts on one prick. Up and down she bobbed her head, sucking in five, six, seven inches of hard cock at a time.

The other prick she jacked up and down in her fist, letting a thick pearl of clear pre-cum juice ooze on her forehead. Then she spat out the cock plowing her throat and switched to the other one, devouring it with the same hunger and drilling it deep into the back of her mouth on each lunge. Up and down, up and down she sucked, her hair flying. Then she moved back to the first cock and sucked that inside once again.

In this manner she moved from cock to cock, sucking first one then the other for several seconds at a time. Each prick grew huge in her hand.

“Mmmmmmffffff!” mumbled Vickie, rolling her eyes up to the faces of the tense young men. At last she pulled her mouth off from one thick cock. “Fuck me! One of you please fuck me! I’ll suck one of you while the other does it! Please! I can’t wait any longer!”

The two young men glanced at each other, winked, then stepped back to regroup. They didn’t speak. They simply pulled Vickie on to one of the benches in the center of the room. Then they lifted her onto it, still on her knees, and took up positions on either end of her.

Billy remained by her face, his cock sticking out at her mouth. Rick straddled the bench behind her, placed his hands on her luscious ass cheeks, spread them apart in preparation. He directed his bloated prick between her inverted thighs, found the wet hole of her cuntlips, and pressed forward, bulling his giant cock into her cunt.

“Oooooooh! Ooooooooh, yes!” Vickie groaned with a deep, satisfied sigh. “Shove it in me! Shove your big beautiful cock all, the way up my cunt!”

She closed her eyes with lust and tilted her face a little to one side. She didn’t see Billy thrusting his hard-on at her face. His cockhead scraped her cheek, smeared it with a clear trail of cum, then bumped up to poke her in the eye. She circled his cock with her fingers, brought it under control, opened her mouth wide.

“Yeah! Suck that cock!” Billy roared, jerking his crotch forward and watching with delight as the horny girl drew his stiff prick between her lips. He thrust six inches of meat into her mouth with one long lunge.

Rick had sliced his prick up Vickie’s cunt all the way. His cock was buried to the hilt, its head burrowing somewhere deep in her belly. His balls swung between the inverted V of her thighs. He started a vicious fucking motion, mangling her poor cuntlips as if they were slabs of rubber.

“Mmmmmmffffff!” Vickie bleated, suddenly impaled on a foot and a half of bucking cock.

The prick up her cunt drove her forward again and again, and each time she was reamed by the soaring cock in her mouth. Back and forth, back and forth they fucked her, knifing their cocks into her like weapons.

“What a cocksucker! What a mean fucking cocksucker!” Billy grunted, embedding every inch of his cock in her mouth. His balls smacked her chin time and again, and he could feel her hot breath on his pubic hair.

“You should try her cunt later!” Rick exclaimed. “It’s fucking fantastic! Sort of sucks at you, just like her mouth!”

“Mmmmmmfffff!” slobbered Vickie, her eyes rolling wildly.

Rick was reaching beneath her, capturing her swinging tits in his hands. Her nipples were nearly an inch long and he pulled on them, tried to milk them. He dug his fingers into her tit flesh and kneaded them like dough.

Vickie began to feel wonderful. She swayed back and forth on her knees on the narrow bench, impaled by the stiff cocks. Her string bikini dangled uselessly around her shoulders and across her thighs. And she let the men fuck her as they wanted, content for now to be no more than a fuck machine. She wanted long minutes of fucking and nothing more.

She had really lucked out. She’d been horny as hell, in desperate need of a fuck, and she’d come across not one, but two willing men. Within a matter of minutes. Now she was stuffed with cocks. Thick, hard, bucking cocks. And she was loving every minute of it. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply.

“Hey, Rick, how about a sandwich?” Billy suggested, his balls smacking against Vickie’s chin.

A sandwich? Vickie didn’t know what he meant.

“Good idea,” Rick answered. “The last time we did that was with that whore in San Francisco, remember?”

Sandwich? Whore? San Francisco? What were they talking about? Vickie wondered.

“Here, I’ll get underneath,” Billy went on, suddenly jerking back his hips and pulling his cock from Vickie’s gasping lips. He was gripping his prick, squatting down on the bench, lying down on his back. His hard-on soared up to the ceiling like a rocket.

“Come on, little slut, time to change positions!” Rick instructed, pulling his own cock from her sucking cunt and letting it drip cunt syrup and pre-cum to the concrete floor. He stood straddling the bench and waited for Vickie to move.

She knelt on the bench a moment, in a daze, not understanding what was expected of her. Why had they withdrawn their beautiful cocks? Didn’t they like her? Were they going to quit, leave her when she needed them most? Her gorgeous tits hung like heavy sacks beneath her. Her lovely ass rose up in the air. She gazed about her in confusion and her lips began to quiver, as if she were about to cry.

“Come on, whore! Sit on my cock!” Billy ordered, gripping her by the arm and tugging her forward. Her tits swung lewdly beneath her.

“Go on! Do it, you stupid cunt!” Rick put in, crawling up behind her on the bench.

Vickie didn’t understand. What were they doing? What did they want?

Billy was pulling her up over him, forcing her to sprawl on top of him, poking her flat golden belly with the wet spike of his cock. Rick was pushing her from behind, digging his hard cock into the plush globes of her ass. They were going to fuck her some more after all, was that it? They weren’t going to leave her at all!

“Sit on it, you stupid slut!” Billy commanded, kneeing apart her thighs and forcing her to sit down on his cock. His prick was like a stiff branch between her legs, nestled cozily in the groove of her cunt, its head in her pubic hair. He was holding her by the waist, trying to maneuver her pussy onto his stiff prick.

“Such an ass! Such a gorgeous fucking ass!” Rick exclaimed. Suddenly the wet head of his prick was plowing up and down the furrow between her ass cheeks, lubricating the narrow channel with pre-cum. Then his cock stopped, planted firmly up against the puckered circle of her asshole.

Suddenly a light flashed in Vickie’s head and she knew what they were talking about. Sandwich! My God, of course! They were going to make a sandwich out of her! They were going to come at her from both sides, fuck her up the cunt and up the ass at the same time! My God, they really meant to do it! They wanted a sex sandwich, and she was the main course!

“You in her yet?” asked Rick, ready to fuck his prick into the rubbery circle of her asshole. “You got your cock inside her?”

“Not yet. Hang on. Come on girl, spread them legs! Sit on my cock! We’re in no mood to fool around! You got a couple of hard-ons to deal with here, and the sooner you do it the better!”

As if in a dream, Vickie found the floor with her feet, slid backward, then forward, reaching between her legs for the colossal log of Billy’s cock. She tilted it up in her hand, directed his prick at the gaping wet hole of her cunt. She wriggled the head inside her spongy twat lips and sat down, letting her full weight rest on his soaring cock. His prick bulled into her belly like a baseball bat.

Then she grabbed her satin-smooth ass cheeks and tugged them apart wantonly, baring her puckered asshole for the invading pole of Rick’s cock. She held her breath, hardly believing she was going through with this, that she was welcoming two cocks into her body in such a manner. Whoever heard of such a thing! Getting fucked up the ass and the cunt at the same time!

Then she sighed heavily. The granite-hard bulb of Rick’s prick was lodged up against her asshole and was boring hard, straining for entrance to her precious rear channel. His hands were placed firmly alongside her own and together they were spreading her cheeks, urging the lovely twin globes as far apart as they would go. She couldn’t believe it! She was helping this guy to fuck her up the ass! And she already had a cock lodged firmly up her cunt!

“Ram it up her ass!” urged Billy. “I’m in her all the way! Let’s get this show on the road! Oh fuck, her cunt is so wet!”

“She’s tight! Her asshole’s so fucking tight!” Rick complained, his cock bending in the middle as he tried to plow it into her. “Her asshole’s so fucking tight!”

“I can feel it! I can feel your cock straining to get inside!” Billy raved. “Go ahead! It’ll go! Don’t fucking worry! Just cram your cock all the way inside her! She’ll love it! She loves it already! Just fucking look at her!”

It was hard to tell what Vickie was feeling. Her face was distorted, as though she were experiencing the greatest pleasure or the most intense discomfort. Her eyes were closed and there was a thick film of sweat on her forehead. Blonde hair stuck to her temples. Her even white teeth dug into her lower lip.

“Ggggggnnnnnn!” she moaned, bucked downward onto Billy by Rick’s thick cock. Rick’s prick head had pried apart her asshole and was slowly, deliberately, digging into her rear channel. Her thighs jackknifed as her body was bent double over Billy’s chest.

“Yeah! It’s going! It’s going up her ass!” Rick beamed, his face red and straining. “What an ass! So fucking tight!”

The rubbery circle of Vickie’s pink asshole opened wider, and finally it began to suck in the thick log of Rick’s cock. First the head, that swollen, purple, shining mushroom of flesh. Then an inch of cock shaft. And another. And another. Till nearly half his huge prick had disappeared. His prick was so thick.

“Gggggggnnnnnn!” Vickie wailed, her ass splitting on the invading pole. It couldn’t be happening! This couldn’t be happening! A cock fucking up her ass while she had one embedded fully up her cunt! It was too much! She’d faint dead away! She’d lose consciousness!

“Feel it go! Feel it go, whore!” Rick sneered. Another two inches of stiff cock vanished up the sweet librarian’s sucking shit chute. “Gonna drill this sucker all the way into your belly!”

“I feel it! I feel it!” Billy encouraged, remaining perfectly still beneath the straining couple. His prick throbbed contentedly in Vickie’s cunt, ready for action. There was no danger he’d lose his erection. Not with all this going on above him. The only problem was holding back his climax.

“Gggggggnnnnnnn!” Vickie groaned, her face turning red. Rick had split her ass in half! He’d surely split her ass in half with that cock! How could she take it? How could she ever take the whole thing? It must be damn near nine inches long!

“Yeah! Oh yeah!” Rick grunted, staring down at his prick.

All but three inches of his cock had disappeared. With a last mighty effort, he drove forward and buried the last of his cock inside her ass. Every last inch. His pubic hair brushed against her lush buns and his ball sac was nestled alongside Billy’s. Their cocks were inside her to the hilt. Their cocks were buried deep in the twin holes of the helpless girl. They rested a moment, their pricks spasming.

“You’re in her all the way! I can fucking feel your cock up her ass!” croaked Billy. “I can feel your balls! Fuck, she’s taken us both all the way! That San Francisco whore couldn’t even do that!”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Rick grunted.

“Ggggggggnnnnnn!” Vickie moaned, her body stuffed with cocks.

Then there was a bustle of movement, and both men were lunging into her, driving their cocks in and out of her with deep, vicious jerks. Billy’s movements were confined to a series of short upward jabs, but he succeeded in burying his prick far inside her deep-sucking cunt. Rick had more room to maneuver. He plunged his cock in and out of her asshole as if he hadn’t been laid in months. His balls swung between his legs, smacking up against Billy’s on every lunge.

“Yes! Ohhh yes!” Vickie screamed. “Fuck me! Both of you! Fuck me deep! I need it! I need both your cocks!”

Her abrupt change of mood surprised her. Only moments ago, she’d been a little scared, not quite knowing what to expect from the colossal cocks. Now she was comfortable. She’d taken them both. All that remained was to get off. To let herself be overwhelmed by their plunging pricks and allow them to push her over the edge. There’d be no discomfort. There’d be no pain. She’d gotten the worst over and it hadn’t been half bad. All that was left now was the sheer pleasure of the incredibly erotic experience.

“What a cunt! So deep! What a cunt!” raved Billy. “It’s eating me alive, I swear!”

“You should feel her ass! My cock feels like it’s being peeled!” responded Rick. “This little whore’s got a couple of hot holes! Too bad Dave isn’t here to shove his cock in her mouth! She could take three cocks easy! She could probably take more!”

Vickie damn near swooned between the two bucking men. Three guys at the same time! Maybe more! How fantastic! How utterly fantastic! They were right. She could take them all. She’d never get enough cock. If fucking two guys at the same time felt this good, what would fucking three or more be like? She resolved to try it at the first opportunity. A gang bang, that’s what she needed! Maybe that would help put out her fires!

Rick’s lunges were becoming sharper, more rough. He was slouched above her ass, drilling his stiff prick between her lush buns like an oil drilling bit. The jism was sizzling in his balls. “Hey, Billy, you about ready to come?” he snorted after a moment or two. “I figure we should try to come at the same time. Spurt off inside her both at the same time! What do you say?”

“I’m almost there! I’m almost fucking there!” grunted Billy, jerking his cock up into Vickie’s pussy with twitches of his ass. “Give me another minute! I’m getting so fucking close!”

Vickie groaned deeply. Both at the same time! Both cocks going off inside her at the same time! How amazing? How incredible! What would it feel like? How would she handle all that jism? She was about to find out, she had a feeling. Both men seemed to be getting very near the edge. They were snorting roughly, ramming their cocks into her with vicious lunges.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” Rick groaned. He was leaning low over Vickie’s back again, his chest grazing the back of her shoulders. He nuzzled his face into her platinum hair, smelled her sweetness. He licked her ear and tugged at the lobe with his lips.

Vickie’s face mirrored pleasure and pain. Her eyes, crinkled shut. Her nostrils flared. Her mouth was a snarl. She clenched her teeth tightly together. Her make-up was smeared and messed and her face glistened with sweat. She hadn’t worn her glasses to the beach, and it was just as well. They’d have long since been lost in the tangle.

“Yeah! I’m there! I’m coming up her cunt!” Billy screamed, his voice a strangled whine. “I’m shooting up her cunt! I can’t stop myself! It’s pouring out!”

“Me too! I’m coming up her ass!” Rick growled, pistoning his ass cheeks back and forth. He reached below to squeeze her tits, but Billy’s hands were already mauling them.

“Mnnnnnnnn! Mnnnnnnn!” strained Vickie, her eyes opening in a wild stare. “Yes! Do it to me! Come inside me at the same time! Fill me full of jizz! Both of you! Ohhh fuck! Ohhh fuck! I feel it! I fucking feel it!”

Thick blobs of jism were pouring out from both cocks, deep into her ass and far up her cunt. The pricks bucked and twitched, their heads spitting and belching out sizzling globs of white. Again and again and again, each time they thrust into her. The stuff coursed up both channels, whitewashing her insides with spunk.

“Ohhhh, fuck! I love it! I fucking love it!” Vickie wailed, her head twisting with lust. “Spurt it inside me! Spurt it all the way up inside me! I want to choke on it! I want gallons of lovely, creamy jizz!”

She was coming, her cuntlips spasming and sucking around Billy’s invading cock, her cunt getting bathed in steaming jism. The thick outer lips of her cunt wiggled up and down on Billy’s embedded prick, massaging his cock shaft and coaxing out more cum, urging the stuff up from his balls. Her lower belly felt numb.

“It’s pouring out! I can’t stop it!” moaned Billy, his face contorted. He squeezed her tits and bucked up into her belly with his thick, squirting cock. His balls seemed like they were on fire.

“She’s such a whore! She’s such a cockteasing little whore!” roared Rick, driving his cock deep up her asshole with every jerk of his hips. “Her ass is sucking out every drop! She’s so hungry!”

In and out, back and forth the two cocks plunged, spurting thick wads of cum far into the librarian’s willing body. They fired off again and again, great scalding jets of cum. Their spunk filled her up, clogged her steaming insides. A syrupy white paste began to ooze from her cunt and from her asshole, bathing their balls with grease.

The gunk was whipped up into a silver froth, clinging to tiny ball hairs. Cum slithered down into the crack of Billy’s ass and coated the wooden bench beneath. Vickie’s poor ragged cuntlips were slimy with it.

“Come inside me! Don’t stop! Come inside me as long as you can!” she bleated. “I want it all! I want all your sizzling jism! Shoot it all! Shoot it all inside me! Up my ass and up my cunt! Shoot it all out!”

Both men fucked her roughly, fucking their erect cocks into her for long minutes. And time after time the blobs of spunk shot off, fired from their balls deep into the depths of Vickie’s aching body. Her pale ass cheeks were reddened and sore from all the friction. Her thighs were locked in their jackknifed position. She wondered if she’d be able to walk, after all this.

“I’m finished! I can’t shoot any more!” complained Billy, and beneath her he finally came to rest, content to let Rick provide all the motion. He kneaded her tits and tweaked her nipples.

Rick pistoned into her for a little while, jetting out the last of his spunk far up her ass. Then he too was slowing, driving his cock between her lush buns with more relaxed strokes. He raised up off her back and slid his hands up and down her flanks, marveling at the slenderness of her frame. She was really so small, and yet she had such big tits.

Vickie closed her eyes, savored the sweet waves of pleasure that still coursed through her cunt and belly. She lay flat on poor Billy, mashing her tits against his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder and let her feet dangle to the floor. Her ass cheeks were split wide by Rick’s pulsing prick. She might not be able to sit down again for a week.

“What a fuck! What a Goddamn hot chick!” Billy muttered, still playing with her nipples. “She took the both of us! She fucked the both of us at the same time!”

Rick was silent. He studied his glistening cock as it drilled leisurely in and out of her tortured asshole. All up and down the furrow between her cheeks a milky froth was shining. He dug his fingers into her plush buns and pried them apart.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! I love your cocks! I love both your stiff, delicious cocks!” Vickie moaned, dazed with pleasure. “I’ve got so much spunk inside me! I feel so bloated! I feel like I’ve swallowed two milkshakes!”

“Such a whore! Such a cockteasing little whore!” Rick mumbled, still pumping his hips. “She’ll take anything! She’ll just take any fucking thing at all!”

Vickie wondered if he was right. Would she? Would she take anything! Just how far would she go with her sexual adventures? A couple of days ago, she would never in her wildest dreams have imagined herself making it with two guys, even two guys she knew well. Now here she was, naked with two young strangers. Guys who looked on her as no more than a cunt, and who she looked on as no more than a couple of cocks. Who could have predicted she’d do what she’d just done with them?

She couldn’t have, that was for sure. She’d led such a quiet life up to now, content to work at the library, surrounded by all those books. And now she was acting like some sexed-up porno star.

Vickie groaned deeply. The quart of jism shot off inside her seemed to slosh about in reply. What was happening to her? Just what in hell was happening to her? Was this the price she was going to pay for leading a quiet life? Maybe she should see a shrink.

She rammed her ass back a fraction and felt once more the delicious thrust of their cocks.


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