Vickie didn’t feel that much better for her day off. Her joints were sore from the heavy fucking and her jaw ached. Her asshole was especially sensitive. It felt like it had been reamed by a bat handle, and in a way it had. Rick’s cock was huge. Sitting down now was not particularly pleasant, though she was glad to be back at work if only to rest up a little.

Midway through the afternoon, she was visited by Gary Frye, a colleague from the first floor. She’d always avoided him because he so obviously considered himself a ladies’ man. His swagger and come-on manner always irritated her, and she’d played it cool with him. As long as there was one girl he couldn’t get to first base with, she figured, there was always a chance he’d learn a thing or two about humility. But he seemed to remain very interested in her.

And he didn’t appear too humble as he approached her desk. If anything, his manner was more confident, more leering than ever. Obviously Gary Frye was a very hard case. Same guys just never learned. They thought all chicks were turned on by overly aggressive men.

“What’s cookin’ Vickie baby?” he began, a wide smirk on his good-looking features.

Vickie almost laughed out loud. What a jerk this guy was! If he weren’t so pathetic, he’d be hilarious. What did all the girls see in him?

“What you say we take a walk? It’s about your coffee time, isn’t it?” he went on, gazing fondly at her enormous tits.

“Frye, I wouldn’t go for a walk with you for any price. Why don’t you just fuck off?”

He stayed where he was, glaring at her hungrily. “My friend Donald in the business section told me you just love to take walks with the boys. He said he had a little session with you the other day that left him tuckered out. ‘Couse if management ever found out that you like to get your exercise in library closets with no clothes on, they might take it badly. What do you think? How do you think old Saunders would react if he knew you sucked off your fellow employees in broom closets?”

Vickie cursed to herself. Damn that Donald asshole anyway! Why couldn’t he just keep quiet about their little session? Why did he have to go and spoil the whole thing? Saunders was the chief of the library. He was a stern supervisor, and she rarely saw him unless he was really upset with her. That’s all she needed, to have Saunders find out about her screwing around in closets! She’d be out of a job in no time!

“You’re a snake, Frye,” she sneered, her eyes flashing.

“Snakes I don’t know much about, except this one here in my pants. How about it? Do I get a blowjob or do I go see old Saunders?”

Vickie sighed. She eyed him up and down and thought quickly. Well, what the hell? It was easier than sitting here arguing with him. It was better than having to go to dinner with him or spend any length of time in his company. Why not? She could suck him off and get it all over with real fast. At least it would give her time to think things over.

“Well, what do you say, cockteaser? You going to wrap those lovely soft lips around my cock or what?”

“Where? We can’t do it here. Where should we go?” she asked softly.

“Closets aren’t my thing. Let’s go down to the basement,” he suggested.

He led the way, glancing behind him every so often to make sure she was following. He felt his cock growing more excited by the minute. The basement was a huge, cavernous place where old books were stored and they had the area completely to themselves. Frye tugged her into a shady corner and forced her to her knees without any preliminaries. He placed his hands on his hips and shoved his crotch at her face. There was an arrogant sneer on his lips.

“Unzip me and take out my cock,” he instructed, enjoying the sight of the prim librarian kneeling on the floor in front of him.

Vicky was wearing her glasses, and her blonde hair was again tied back stylishly. She was very lovely. Vickie reached up and did as she was told, tugging down his zipper loudly. She fumbled around inside, searching for his prick, but then gave up and decided to undress him properly. She unfastened the tops of his pants and let them slide to the floor. Then she tugged down his shorts and thrust them down around his knees.

There was a tremendous slapping sound as the great heavy log of his cock snapped up from his tight shorts and smacked her full in the face. His cock head grazed her cheek and bumped her glasses out of place before she knew what was happening. His prick was already two thirds erect.

“Ohhhhhh!” gasped Vickie, blinking. “You’re hard already! You’ve got a hard-on!”

“Of course I’ve got a hard-on, you stupid cunt! I’ve been creaming my pants all day looking forward to this! I’ve been dreaming of those soft lips for hours!”

Vickie blushed, curling her slender fingers around the heated pole of his cock. How flattering! To have a guy creaming in his pants for her! She smiled. His cock was large. His foreskin peeled back, and the shaft wriggled with thick blue veins. She might enjoy this after all! She might not mind sucking off Gary Frye one little bit!

“Well, are you going to suck the fucking thing or stare at it all day?” he croaked, his eyes wild with tension. “I came here for a blowjob, you know!”

Vickie ignored him, examining his cock carefully. Her hand slid slowly, easily up and down on his huge prick, priming him for what was to come. The tight piss-slit winked at her saucily. The outer skin of his cock slid slickly over the thick inner shank.

“That’s it! That feels better!” he breathed, watching his cock grow in her gently pumping fist. Her fingers were cool and tender on his hot prick.

“This is some cock, Frye,” she muttered admiringly, her big eyes taking in every inch of his twitching prick. “Too bad you’re such an asshole. We could have gotten together before now.”

“Just suck the fucking thing, cockteaser!” he replied, glaring down at her.

Vickie leaned toward the looming cock and gave it a fast lick just below the head. Then her full lips sucked in, and his cock head was just inside her mouth. His prick throbbed hotly, laying on her velvet tongue. Her cheeks hollowed, then ballooned as she began to suck his prick.

“Yeah! Ohhh, yeah!” he groaned, staring at her dazedly. “Suck that cock! Suck that hot throbbing cock!”

The great fat head of his cock bumped the insides of Vickie’s cheeks. An inch of solid cockmeat followed, slipping between her lips and onto her tongue. She opened her mouth a little, turned her face this way and that, so that he could see what she was doing to his captured prickhead. Her pink tongue darted everywhere, supporting his cock underneath, then circling up alongside and over the crown. She closed her eyes in concentration.

“Feels good! Feels good, whore!” he praised. “You sure know how to use that mouth of yours! You got the mouth of a hundred-dollar whore!”

She was about to break off her sucking to tell him she could do without the commentary, but then she thought better of it. It was a hell of a time to get into an argument. She sucked his cockhead harder, determined to get him off as quickly as possible. Her fist shucked up and down on his prick, and her free hand came up to cup his swinging balls.

His cock had grown to full size in her hand and it bloated her mouth like some monstrous growth. She tilted her head, angled down her mouth, then sucked in two, three, four inches of his cock shaft. The head nudged the roof of her mouth and snaked quickly into her widened throat. Her lips wrapped tightly around his prick midway down its trunk.

“Ohhh, fuck! That feels so nice! That tongue of yours is really something, little lady! Suck my cock!” he urged.

Vickie paused, then plunged deeper on his pulsing prick. Her lips wriggled, and suddenly she was snorting in his crotch hair. All of his cock was embedded in her mouth. She removed her hand from his prick. His cockhead was now lodged firmly in her throat.

“You took it all! That’s the stuff! I knew you were a mean cocksucker when I first set eyes on you! There’s a librarian who can suck a mean cock, I said to myself!”

Vickie was backing up off his stiff prick, letting half the glistening pole out into the light. Then down she plunged, eating every last inch again. Up and down, up and down she sucked, pistoning her mouth on his cock and coaxing up his hot jism with her lips. Her fingers squeezed and teased his twitching balls.

“What a mouth! Ohhh, fuck, what a great little cocksucker you are!” Frye wheezed, delighting in the sight of her lovely blonde head bucking up and down on his cock. It might have taken him a while, but he’d gotten her in the end! He’d gotten this cold, standoffish little bitch to suck his cock!

Vickie continued her head movements. Then she lifted up off his cock a little so that she could suck faster. Her hand returned to the base of his shaft and she pumped up and down while her mouth concentrated on the top two thirds of his cock. Her bright blonde hair bobbed and spun in the air.

“Mmmmmmffffff!” she grunted, rolling her big blue eyes up to his face. Behind her huge glasses her eyes looked very large and round.

“What’s the matter little whore? Are you getting tired? Are you tired of sucking cock already?”

“Mmmmmmfffff! Come in my mouth!” she begged, pulling her lips off his reddened cock. “I want you to come in my mouth! Please!”

“I’ll come where I want to come, you little slut!” he sneered, driving his hips against her face. “In fact, I think I’ve got a better idea! Take off your blouse!”

For a moment Vickie was confused, but then she quickly did as she was told. She unfastened her blouse and let it slip from her golden shoulders. It dropped from her arms and fell noiselessly to the floor.

“And the bra! Take off the bra and let’s see those tits! I’ve been wondering what those tits look like for months!”

Obediently, she unhooked her flimsy bra and let her heavy tits jiggle free. They swelled out from her chest like ripe, swollen fruit. Her nipples were a dark-brown color and very hard-looking. They stuck out far from their circles of pink flesh. She looked up at him slyly, wondering what he wanted her to do next.

“Okay, leave your tits like that so I can see them. And suck my cock some more. I think when I come, I’ll do it all over your tits! What do you think of that, whore? How’d you like me to come all over your hot tits?”

Vickie felt a thrill in her belly. She grabbed his cock again and prepared to suck him to climax. Before she put his cock back in her mouth, she noticed a huge drop of pre-cum had seeped out the cockhead, ready to drip to the floor. She tilted forward, stuck out her tongue, and scooped up the delicious blob. She smacked her lips and savored the taste of the cum.

“There’s going to be more of that, little girl! There’s going to be a lot more of that sticky juice for you to suck before very long!”

With a last glance at his flushed face, Vickie set to work on his cock once more, sucking half of it into her mouth, plunging up and down on it hungrily. Her fist slid up its length with strong, expert strokes, making him groan. The fingers of her free hand tickled his ball sac and teased up the swirling jism inside.

“Mnnnnn! Mnnnnn!” he wheezed, spreading his thighs apart. He seemed to be readying himself.

It couldn’t be long now, Vickie thought. A minute or two at the most. Up and down, up and down she sucked, her heavy tits wobbling, her nipples twitching. She wondered if he really meant to come all over her tits. She’d never had that done to her before.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” he grunted. Suddenly he was pumping his ass cheeks wildly, driving his cock into her mouth with long, vicious lunges. He glared down at her in fascination.

“Mmmmmmffffff!” Vickie complained, unable to control his jerking cock. She reared up, trying to get off his cock before he ruptured her windpipe. He gripped her by the back of the neck, holding her in position.

“I’m coming! Ohhh, you hot little slut! I’m coming for sure!” he groaned, folding his fingers over hers on the base of his cock, helping her to jerk his cock into her mouth.

A sizzling blob of jism filled Vickie’s mouth to bursting. She coughed, gagged, and spluttered strings of it from the corners of her lips. Then she was swallowing, drawing in the thick paste.

He pulled back, jerked his flexing cockhead from her lips, wrenched it from her clinging fingers. Taking his prick solidly in his hand, he then began pumping his cock with even strokes, pointing the head directly at her heaving tits. A long streamer of white jizz splattered above her left tit. It began to drool down to her nipple in a heavy stream.

“Ggglllggglll!” she croaked, her mouth overflowing with silver strands of cum. She watched in disbelief as he jerked himself off onto her lovely golden tits.

“Told you I was going to come all over your tits, and that’s what I’m doing!” he gloated.

His fist was a blur of motion on his spurting cock. The first blast had dribbled to her nipple and coated the thick nub with white cum. From there it flowed down, curling under the sweep of her plush tit until it reached her rib cage.

A jet of white shot from his cockhead and attached itself to her right tit, just to the side of her soaring nipple. It rolled down the lush globe, slithering over her golden skin like mercury. She bent her head to watch it, fascinated by the lewd sight.

And as his fist pumped on his cock, more and more hot jets of silver shot out, splattering across her heaving tits like spilt milk. He aimed his cock at her tits, tilting his cock this way and that to cover her tits completely with jism. The stuff shot at her in heavy ropes. Her tits were soon criss-crossed with wriggling streamers of white.

“You’re coming on my tits! You’re shooting your jizz all over my tits!” she marveled. Suddenly she brought up both hands beneath her tits, hefted them in her palms, made it easier for him to paint them with cum. “More! More cum! Cover me with it! I want my tits covered with hot jizz!”

Two more spouts of white spat out, one spinning over the top of her tit into her armpit, the other hooking itself to one stiffened nipple. The rest of his jism drooled down over his fingers in loose strands. A pool of white cum gathered in her cleavage.

“Look at it! It’s all over me! It’s all over my tits! I’m covered in cum! I’m all splattered in jizz!”

She gazed down at her cum-streaked tits and played with them, lifting and squeezing her tits, watching the silvery spunk wriggle about on her like worms. Cum dripped from her nipples. It clogged her pretty navel and slithered down to the top of her stylish skirt.

“Told you I’d come on your tits! I told you!” Frye muttered, pumping out the last strings of cum from his softening cock and letting them drop to her chest. The stuff dangled from his cock tip like loops of white elastic.

“All over me! All over me!” Vickie went on softly, and now she was smoothing her long fingers over her hanging tits, scooping up sticky wads of jism and massaging it into her skin. She coated each tit carefully, making sure she covered every inch. She even dabbed thick dollops of cream onto her stiff nipples. She was totally fascinated with the stuff and the way it made her plush tits gleam whitely.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Frye mumbled, amazed at what she was doing. He stood there with his cock in his hand, dripping spunk onto her. His pants were in a tangled heap around his ankles.

Vickie continued to play with his drying jizz for long minutes. It was as if Frye didn’t exist. She was completely wrapped up in making her tits shine with spunk. Thick white coils of the stuff webbed her fingers together and drooled down onto her skirt, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“So much jizz! You came so good!” she whispered, letting warm drops of cum drip from her fingertips onto her left nipple. Her tits were streaked and gleaming with white spunk.

“I don’t believe you, little lady! Librarians don’t do such things!” he wheezed.

“So much jizz! So much jizz!” Vickie chanted over and over.


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