There was a note on Vickie’s desk the next morning from Mr. Saunders, the head of the library. It asked her to stop by his office at the end of the day to discuss certain matters relating to her employment. She crumpled the note into a tiny ball and tossed it aside, cursing to herself.

Goddamn that Frye asshole anyway! Had he told Saunders after all? All these guys were alike. Once she’d blown them or fucked them they always spread the word. It just wasn’t fair!

She immediately sank into a deep depression. This could only mean one thing. Old Saunders was about to give her the axe. Why else would he want to see her? And after, she’d worked so hard! Up until this week she’d never done anything out of the ordinary. She’d been good at her job. She’d been efficient. Now this!

She wondered why they never wanted to see her when she did a good job? How come they only were interested in her if she fucked up? It wasn’t fair. Where would she find another job like this? She sat at her desk in a funk, frowning and running over and over in her head every possible explanation for the note. She kept coming to the sane conclusion: she was about to be fired.

She took an early lunch break and wandered around for a time in a daze, bumping into people on the busy sidewalks. She finally found herself entering a movie theater to get away from the noise and traffic. Sitting all alone at the back of the almost empty theater, she tried to concentrate on the movie to keep her mind occupied. But it was difficult. Thoughts of Saunders and her appointment late that afternoon kept her head spinning.

When some man sat next to her in the darkness, she barely noticed. When his brawny arm molded itself against hers, she hardly gave it a second thought. It wasn’t until his hand came to rest on her knee that she snapped out of her daze. Her whole body tensed and her breaths came quicker.

Her immediate reaction was to stand up, rap him across the mouth with her fist, and storm out of the theater. Who the hell did he think he was, pawing her in the darkness? But she didn’t move. She sat as still as ever, her body quivering, waiting to see what he would do next. For some weird reason she suddenly didn’t want to go.

The warm hand wriggled under the hem of the skirt, and when it met no resistance it snaked over the silky hose on her thigh. The fingers crawled over the taut nylon an inch at a time, as if the owner of the hand were giving her a chance to brush him away. But she didn’t. She didn’t look at him either. She simply stared ahead, unseeing, at the screen, her heart pounding at what she was allowing to happen.

And finally the fingers were at her crotch, scratching at her panties. She slipped down a little in her seat, spread her legs wide. She was giving the hand full access to her cunt. She didn’t want it to go away. She wanted it to molest her pussy.

There was a low snorting sound from the man as he leaned forward a fraction so that he could dig his hand deeper. His fingers were under the top of her panties, and they plunged inside, searching out her cunt slice with his middle digit. He found her pussy and thrust his finger inside her, drilling past the first and second knuckle in a flash.

Vickie sighed to herself. It felt so good! It felt so good to have a finger up her cunt again! She slid even lower in her seat, her eyes closing tightly. She swung her thighs in and out around the stranger’s hand, urging him deeper and deeper into her aching pussy. She felt herself wetting his hand, the juice dribbling down her twat in oily gushes.

Two of his fingers were prying apart her cuntlips while a third was probing inside her. He began to jerk in and out, moving his middle finger like a small cock in her juicing pussy. Gooey cunt sap soiled her underpants and dribbled into the crack of her ass. She became wet so fast these days!

She found herself reaching over into the stranger’s lap, fumbling for his fly in the darkness. She slid his zipper down expertly and let her fingers, do the walking inside his opened pants. She curled her band around his thick prick, and tugged it out into the open, forcing a short gasp from him as his prick caught briefly on his fly.

His cock was fat. As she began her expert pumping motions, his prick lengthened like a telescope. Wet sounds came up from his crotch. She glanced around to make sure no one knew what they were doing. There were people within a few yards of them, but they appeared to be absorbed in the silly movie.

The finger in her cunt rested a moment. She could sense the man savoring the feel of her hand on his growing cock. She jacked his cock for the better part of a minute, then she too paused, anxious to get his finger moving again. Sure enough, once her hand stopped, he resumed his probing of her cunt.

In the stuffy darkness of the theater, they masturbated each other, rubbing up and down on their sex parts as if they were lovers of long standing. They never looked at each other, but kept their eyes glued to the screen. Only the soft sounds of wet, jerking flesh betrayed what was going on.

At one point Vickie sensed that his prick was fully erect. His cock throbbed in her fist. She could feel the hot veins pulsing. She twisted in her seat, wriggled down so that his hand was forced out from the steaming heat of her wet crotch. Then she hooked up her leg, braced herself, and clambered over him, never for a moment letting go of his stiffened prick.

He immediately sensed what she was up to. Instead of sticking his hand back into her cunt, he helped her mount him, holding her by the waist and supporting her strongly. He dipped lower in his seat, and his cock soared up high in her grasping fist.

Her one free hand was gripping the tops of her panties and hose. She forced the damp garments down off her ass and pussy, shoving them down below her knees in a flash. Then she moved on over him, hunkering down with widespread legs atop the roaring hard-on. She planted his wet cockhead up against her soggy, hair-lined cuntlips and jiggled this way and that gingerly, getting her hole used to the idea of yet another penetration.

She noticed that he was middle-aged and not at all bad-looking. But she didn’t look at him long. Her head dipped, and she was trying to gaze at her darkened crotch, judging where to slot her aching pussy in order to suck, him rapidly inside. Her pussy was dripping wet.

His cockhead slipped between the damp folds of her puffy cunt and she suddenly sat on him, allowing her whole weight to drop on top of his cock. His thick cock bulled into her, separating her soggy cuntlips and driving deep inside her. Her hungry cunt swallowed up his whole prick and she was soon sitting on his trembling balls, his crotch hair tickling her lower belly.

She sighed loudly. She found it tremendously exciting that neither one of them had said a word, that they were meeting like this, fucking like this, as absolute strangers who hadn’t even exchanged the time of day. This guy could be anyone, a lawyer, a teacher, or a bum off the streets. It didn’t matter. He had a cock inside her and that’s all she cared about.

Her body began to move on top of him, fucking slowly, sensually, increasing slightly in speed as she grew used to his huge hard-on. She placed her hands on his shoulders and propelled herself up and down, fucking him with long, even lunges that sent his cock into her to the hilt. Her pussy felt deliciously clogged with cock.

He sat there in his theater seat, content to let the girl on top of him do all the work. His hard-on parted her cuntlips viciously and drove far inside her each time she dropped down on him. He could no longer see the screen. He clasped his hands tightly around her fully-clothed waist.

Vickie closed her eyes, thoroughly enjoying the sparks of sensation that were coursing through her cunt. She was fucking a strange guy in a movie theater and she was enjoying every minute of it. She wasn’t even feeling guilty or self-conscious.

The man beneath her, began snorting softly. He didn’t say a word. He seemed just as determined as she was to remain silent. But he couldn’t prevent himself from gasping with lust. The sensation of her hot wet twat wrapped around his cock appeared to be getting to him.

Lewd squelching sounds came from their sex parts. Her juice was sluicing down over his cock in torrents, and it soiled his pants. She began to fuck quickly, driving her cunt down on his cock. She wasn’t far from cuming. Small tremors of pleasure were pulsing up and down her cunt walls.

She concentrated on the rich sensations sparking up from her clogged cunt. In and out, in and out, his slick cock fucked, filling her ravaged hole beautifully. She began to fuck him roughly, jerking up and down crazily. She felt herself going over the edge, flashes of pleasure coursing through her belly.

She bit her lip, tried to keep from crying out loud. She wanted to yell, she wanted to scream out in the musty old theater, letting all her pent-up feelings flow. But she didn’t. She spun and bobbed on top of him, thinking about the dirty words she wanted to scream: cock, cock, cock, and cunt, cunt, cunt. Fuck, fuck, fuck, and cum, cum, cum. She rolled her head back and forth.

And then he too was moving, jerking his ass up off the seat as best he could and knifing his hard-on into her hungry cunt. He gripped her by the waist and drove up into her, his balls quaking. It seemed his hot jism was sizzling in the pouch, ready to burst up and out into her steaming cunt.

In the middle of her tense climax, Vickie felt scalding bolts of spunk splatter her insides. There were tremors in his cock shaft and twitches in his prickhead. Hot globs of cum were spurting up her cunt, whitewashing the walls of her inner pit. Again and again and again she felt them, squirting off like blasts of molten lead up her cunt. It took very ounce of self-control to keep from screaming out loud.

He groaned softly, deep in his throat, as his balls emptied their steaming load up her hole. He jerked his prick in and out of her with short, rough lunges, and after each thrust a hot wad of jism spat far up inside her pussy. The squishing noises grew louder as his warm spunk mixed with her cunt sap and frothed back down onto his aching balls. The cream slithered into the crack of his ass.

More blobs shot off, clogging her deep channel like lava. His cock didn’t want to stop spewing. Again and again his prick twitched, firing sizzling ropes of jism far up her cunt. She humped up and down, her thighs split wide on either side of him, her cunt soggy with cum. Her pussy was nipping at him, massaging and sucking at his thick prick lovingly.

It was over as quickly as it had begun. His cock stopped spurting. She drove herself up and down on his cock slowly, her belly still rippling with pleasure. She laced her fingers behind his neck and bowed her head, as if very tired. Up and down she bobbed, squishing her cum-clogged twat over his cock tenderly. Wads of cream slithered out of her and messed up his crotch.

His prick started to wilt inside her. She could feel it. Before his cock had a chance to wither completely, she lifted up off him. A great torrent of spunk and cunt oil slopped out of her hole onto the floor. Streamers of it drooled down the insides of her thighs. She reached down between her legs and her fingers were immediately covered with slime.

She rolled over, back into her own seat, her legs-and crotch, shining with sap even in the darkness. She tugged up her tangled panties, flopping the brief triangle over her wet cunt with a soft snap. She refitted her hose as best she could and folded her skirt back down over her legs. Her pussy was still spasming from the last sparks of her climax.

He gazed blankly at the screen, his cock a limp wet noodle in his lap. He didn’t bother to dress. He simply sat there, his pants opened wide, spunk and cunt juice soiling him. He breathed deeply, as if he’d taken a long swim. His tongue lolled from the corner of his mouth.

Vickie didn’t even look at him. She finished dressing and stood up, wobbly. Then she turned abruptly away from him and walked out of the theater, not even acknowledging his presence. He didn’t seem to notice. He stared at the screen like a man in a dream.

She stepped out into the street and blinked at the light, a little surprised that it was still so bright out, that the streets were still so full of midday crowds going about their business. Somehow, for her, it felt like the dead of night. She strode rapidly down the sidewalk, trying to ignore the slimy cum that was seeping out her cunt and down her thighs.


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