Saunders was quite serious, Vickie learned later, when he spoke of a party that night. She hadn’t paid much attention at the time, but it turned out he wanted her to show up at his home around eight o’clock, dressed in her sexiest clothes. He added that she should be prepared to spend the night. She could always refuse to come, of course, but if she did, she’d lose her job.

Vickie didn’t want to refuse. She wanted to go to Saunders’ house. She wanted to know more about him. In some strange way he fascinated her. Perhaps because she knew now that underneath his cold exterior there was a raging sexual appetite. This made him very interesting in her eyes. Older men, she was learning, were not always what they seemed.

And so she soaked in a hot bath, douched all the cum from her cunt and gargled away all the clogged jism in her throat. It had been a busy day. She dressed herself in her sexiest clothes, as instructed, and took a cab to Saunders’ suburban home at the arranged time. She took an overnight bag, prepared to spend the night with her horny boss.

What she wasn’t prepared for was the scene in the living room when Saunders ushered her in from the hall. There were four men, besides Saunders, in the lounge area in front of an enormous fireplace. Donald and Frye she knew, of course, but the other two men were absolute strangers. She stared at Saunders, confused, wondering just what was expected of her.

He introduced the two strangers as Jason and Frank as he edged her slyly into the center of the group. They worked in library administration, he explained, and had wanted to meet her for months. She eyed them doubtfully, fairly sure she’d never seen the strangers before. They could easily have been guys that Saunders had picked up off the street.

“Don’t look so confused,” he went on, stroking her ass. “I said we were having a party tonight, and that’s what we’re going to have. It’s going to be a fucking and sucking party, and you’re the main attraction.”

Vickie stared at him blindly. Did he really expect her to fuck and suck all five of them? At the same time? In the same evening? One after the other? She stood in the center of the group, and to her dismay they all sat down on the couches surrounding the blazing fireplace and eyed her hungrily. It was as if she were a prize cow on display.

“Don’t be shy,” Saunders continued. “We’re all friends here. I believe you know Donald and Gary very well already, in fact. You can feel quite at home.”

The two men in question leered at her lustfully but didn’t say anything. She smiled weakly, feeling terribly self-conscious. There was a moment of silence, and she sensed herself being undressed by all five pairs of eyes. She suddenly wanted to get on with it, whatever it was they wanted her to do. If something didn’t happen soon, she’d just grow more and more nervous.

“What do you want me to do?” she whispered, looking directly at Saunders.

“Strip for us, to start with,” he answered. “I see you wore some of your sexiest stuff, as I recommended. Okay, now take off your clothes and let us see what you’ve got underneath.”

Vickie was glad to be given something to do, even this. She reached for the buttons of her dress, and she slowly undid them. Taking a deep breath, she began to undress.

She really had taken a great deal of care with her appearance tonight and each of the men had his own little erotic fantasy going within minutes of her starting to strip. She had not worn her glasses. Her platinum hair shone brightly and she’d pinned a pretty red rose over her right ear. Her flawless complexion damn near glowed. Both eyelids were heavily daubbed with dark-blue eyeshadow, and her pouty lips glistened with a coating of bright red gloss.

The scarlet dress soon opened and fell away from her amazing body. She flopped it over the arm of a couch and stood quietly before the five horny men, her strip over before it had begun. For there was nothing more she could take off that would help display her any more lewdly. The remaining items of clothing did more to emphasize her sex parts than conceal them.

She wore a black silk harness that was supposed to be a bra. It was no more than two large diamond-shaped holes formed by crisscrossed strings of lace. Her huge tits bulged through the gaps tightly, like misshapen balloons. Because of the way her tits were distorted, her nipples shot up and out like small erect cocks. They pointed far enough up toward the ceiling for a couple of heavy coats to be hung on them.

She wore no panties at all. Her blonde beaver tufted out in a triangle of bushy hair. But around her waist she had a black suspender belt. Dark silk stockings ran all the way up her slender thighs and were attached to frilly straps. She looked like a very classy whore.

“Jesus Christ, look at that!” one of the men murmured. There was a general stirring of the group and a muttering that went on for several minutes.

Vickie began to warm up to their admiring glances. Her nervousness disappeared. They all admired what they saw to the point where several of them had to adjust their steadily growing cocks.

“Do you like me?” she asked. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“You’re pretty enough for our purposes,” answered Saunders. He stood up and came toward her. “Now how’d you like to wrap that sulky little lipsticked mouth around my cock? I think a little suck would be perfect right about here.”

Saunders stood confidently before her, his hands on his hips, a wide sneer on his proud features. He gripped her by the shoulders and pressed her down onto her knees.

Dressed in her lewd underwear, with all her intimate sex parts on display, Vickie sank to the carpet and reached for Saunders’ fly. She was very much aware of the other four men in the room. They were stepping up alongside her boss, in a line, and they were dropping their pants and peeling off their shorts. She concentrated on undressing Saunders.

Soon there were five hefty cocks dangling around her, all in a line and waiting for her to service them.

“Didn’t I say you could suck cock to your heart’s content tonight? Didn’t I say that?” Saunders leered. “Well, I meant it! There’s enough cock here to last you a month!”

It was true, Vickie realized. Never had she ever in her wettest dreams imagined this many cocks at her disposal. Five of them! Most women didn’t get to see that many in a lifetime! And she was going to get to suck and fuck them all in the same evening.

“Atta, girl, go to it!” Saunders encouraged, gazing down at her bright blonde head.

Vickie had pulled down his pants and shorts and was now gently fondling his balls in one palm while she shucked his cock up and down in her other hand. Then, she leaned forward and kissed his prick. Her lips felt the pulsing of a purple vein. Her tongue scoured up and down his cock.

Almost unconsciously, she let her hand drift over to the second cock in the line-up. Her fingers circled it and began jerking on it slowly, preparing it for when she moved her mouth over. The two cocks grew rapidly as she worked on them. Saunders’ cock swelled out her lips into a tight red oval.

“Suck it nice now, suck it nice!” Saunders encouraged, heaving his hips gently back and forth. “Get it nice and hard now, you sweet slut!”

She sucked his prick fat three or four minutes, moving her soft mouth up and down on him with steady, practiced strokes. The fingers of one hand jiggled his balls back and forth. Then she lifted off his cock altogether, surveyed her creation a moment, then smiled up at him warmly.

“Hard enough?” she asked, her eyes twinkling lewdly. “Or you want me to suck it some more?”

“Better give the other fellows a chance,” Saunders suggested, taking his cock in hand and keeping it primed.

She hobbled on her knees to her right and pulled the second prick towards her. It was very erect and soared out in her fist. She quickly sucked down three inches of hardening flesh. Her other hand moved on to the third cock and began exploring its gnarled contours.

In this manner she proceeded along the lineup of horny men, priming a cock in her fist while she sucked on its neighbor, then moving on down the line. Steadily the five cocks rose up from friendly floppiness to angry redness. They soared up from five hairy crotches like rockets on launching pads.

What was she going to do with five enormous hard-ons? She had raised them up, and now she was going to have to do something about getting them down! She looked from one to the other with misgiving. Then she sucked another cock inside and began running her mouth up and down on it harshly. She didn’t want to think about it. Not yet.

Somehow, while she’d been sucking cocks, all five men had stripped naked. Now they moved in closer to her, forming a circle. They leaned down as she sucked their cocks and fondled her tits. Their pricks loomed out at her like logs.

“Let’s fuck her,” Frye suggested, gripping her by the shoulders. He wanted to be the first to ram his cock into her gaping cunt.

“Yeah, let’s fuck her brains out,” Jason agreed, and he helped Frye haul her off Frank’s cock and pull her to the floor.

There was a confused tangle of bodies, and Vickie was laid out between the men like an offering. Frye was immediately between her legs, his huge cockhead prodding between the wet lips of her hair-lined cunt. He shoved and his prick disappeared inch after inch into her gaping cunt. Her pussy sucked at his cock and drew him rapidly inside.

“Oh fuck, what a cunt!” Frye groaned, watching as his cock vanished completely inside her pussy. His crotch hair meshed soggily with hers. He began to fuck roughly in and out.

“Suck it! Suck it!” Donald groaned. He was stationed near Frank on either side of Vickie, and together they were poking their cocks at her, each trying to be the first to snake his prick inside her lips. She satisfied the both of them by tilting her head from side to side, sucking in first one, then the other cock.

Saunders and Jason knelt at her flanks. They grabbed her hands and curled her fingers round their steaming hard-ons. They helped her get started by pumping her fists up and down on their pricks, but soon she was jacking them off all by herself.

“She sure sucks a cock nicely,” Donald said. “She uses her tongue like a professional.”

“I’d no idea librarians knew how to do such things,” Frank said, nudging her cheek with his dickhead. “This little whore is an expert.”

“She’s one of the best. She’s one of the finest cocksuckers I’ve ever come across,” added Saunders. “And she worked in the library all this time without me realizing it!”

Vickie pumped the two cocks rapidly in her hands, tilted her head from side to side between the looming hard-ons. And all the time Frye drove his cock high into her pussy. Her body quivered and quaked. Her tits jiggled. She was as relaxed and as content as she’d been in quite some time. Something about cocks always seemed to bring out the best in her!

But suddenly Frye was pulling his cock out of her, sweat dribbling down his face. “I’ve gotta rest a while. I’m about to come!” he groaned, a strained look on his features.

He lay down on the carpet on his side, his hard-on a great wet spike soaring from his crotch. His cockhead twitched. And immediately his place was taken by Saunders, who poked his own prick in through all her cunt sap without any hesitation. He began fucking her wildly, bucking his ass cheeks and cranking her knees into a wide split with his hands.

Vickie was only vaguely aware of what had happened. She felt the emptiness when one cock withdrew, but it was replaced so rapidly with another blazing hard-on that she barely had time to fret. She willingly split wide her thighs and welcomed a new cock into her shivering cunt.

Jason was suddenly straddling her middle. He lifted a leg over her and planted his ass on her heaving rib cage. He slipped his balls into the base of her cleavage, and lodged his hard cock in the groove between her tits. His prick rode over the tight silk strap of her bra and roared on up the channel of her tits into her face. As he started to hump her, his cockhead bumped her again and again under her chin.

She sucked hungrily on Frank’s lunging prick, allowing it to bulge her silky cheek with its mushroom crown. He had it bored between her cheek and gum and was pushing it back and forth like a gigantic toothbrush. It swelled her face totally out of shape.

Donald let his cock cool off a moment by steering it about on her face. He poked the head into her eye socket and smeared clear pre-cum juice over her lid and onto her forehead. He grabbed a wad of her gorgeous blonde hair and wrapped it around his cockshaft, then began to jerk off slowly.

“Ohhh fuck, she’s too much!” gasped Saunders. Suddenly he too was pulling back from her sucking cunt, letting his prick sway and drip in the cool air. He also was very close to coming. His cock skin had felt like it was being slowly peeled off by her hungry hole.

Frank pulled his prick from her soft mouth and crawled down between her legs as Saunders sank back to rest. He drilled his cock into Vickie’s aching cunt in one fast movement and began plunging in and out. Her cunt accepted him gratefully, bathing him in slimy juice.

She dipped down her head, formed a perfect oval with her red smeared lips, and allowed Jason to slot his cockhead again and again into her mouth. His prick seemed to have grown as it bucked between her tits. Each time he drove forward, two inches of his shaft disappeared between Vickie’s lips.

“Sssppplllfff!” she slobbered merrily.

Donald’s cockhead rested contentedly against her right eye.

“Sit her up! Sit her up!” Frank suggested, his cock pistoning in and out of her steaming cunt. “Then we can fuck her up the ass too!”

Vickie’s mind reeled. She was surrounded by cocks. Overwhelmed by them. And now they wanted to fuck her up the ass! They weren’t content with her mouth and her hands and her cunt. They wanted to fuck her up the ass as well! And she wanted them to! She wanted them to do it! She wanted every hole plugged with cock!

Jason continued fucking her between the tits, thrilling at the sight of his erect cock slipping time and again between the librarian’s lush red lips. But then Frank was tugging at him from behind, hauling him down off the helpless girl so that they could change position. Good-naturedly, Jason rolled to the floor, then helped prepare the girl for her ultimate gang-fuck.

Frank was taking charge. He withdrew his cock from her seething cunt and raised up on his knees. His scarlet hard-on tilted up toward the ceiling. “Jason, you wanna fuck her?” he said. “You’re next, I think.”

Vickie allowed rough hands to grab her, raise her up, tilt her down over the willing Jason. He lay on his back beneath her, waiting while her cunt was lowered down onto his looming cock. He directed his cock between her soggy pussy lips. In seconds the thick log of his prick had disappeared into her hairy slice. She sighed, and her huge tits flopped down over Jason’s chest.

“I’m in her! I’m completely inside her!” he growled, clamping his hands on her waist. Her legs were on either side of him. Her ass sat on his thighs.

“Here, let me fuck her up the ass,” Saunders put in, and he was coming up behind her, cock in hand, guiding his hot pole into the girl’s splayed ass cheeks. He found her puckered asshole right away and drove forward, drilling the first three inches of his cockmeat into her with no trouble. He rested a moment then bulled on, shoving inch after inch into her willing ass till his crotch hair tickled her satin cheeks. He mauled her lovely globes with his fingers.

“Okay, who’s next?” Frank wondered.

Suddenly Donald and the recovered Frye were coming up alongside her, allowing her to curl her fingers around their steaming hardons. All that remained was for Frank to crawl around in front of her and slip his prick into her gasping mouth. He did so, and all five men began to hump her at once.

“What a fucking slut! What a fucking whore!” Saunders gasped. His face was tense and scowling, as if the sight of his horny librarian getting gang-banged was too much for him. He bulled his cock in and out of her asshole with strong lunges. His balls smacked against Jason’s on every downstroke.

Vickie thought for a while she was going to faint. Her body was wracked, pulled and tugged every which way by the driving cocks. Her ass and cunt were being drilled mercilessly, and she couldn’t even cry out. Her mouth was crammed with prick, her lips warped by Frank’s bucking hard-on. She clutched two cocks in her fists for support, and shucked them up and down with short, crazy hand movements.

Five cocks! Five cocks at the same time! It was too much! It was too much for any girl to handle! They’d split her in half! All these wild and bulling pricks would tear her apart! She clenched shut her eyes and tried not to think about what was happening to her.

She couldn’t help wondering in her mind’s eye what this grotesque situation must look like. One girl and five men! My God, it was crazy! Her legs were spread wide, her ass cheeks splayed far apart. Her arms were stretched out as if she were trying to fly, her fists a blur of motion on the twitching hardons. And all the time her mouth was impaled on yet another cock, her head bucking back and forth with wild jerks and lunges.

She wondered how much more of this she’d be able to stand. Her neck was sore, her chest was sore, her cunt and her ass were sore. Her arms ached from pumping up and down, and her jaw felt like it would be permanently locked in a wide-open gasp. It couldn’t last much longer. Several of the men had said they were close to coming already. Surely it would all have to end soon.

“Aaannnggghhh!” Frank growled, lunging back from her sucking mouth. He sank in a heap on the floor and stared at his cock dazedly. “Fuck, I almost came! I almost came in her mouth!”

“That’s what I wanna do! I wanna come in her mouth!” Donald croaked, and he too was backing off, freeing his prick from her tugging hand. He had vivid memories of how she’d sucked him the other day in the broom closet. He remembered how his cum had spurted out and splattered her glasses.


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