There was an odd crumpling of bodies as everyone suddenly lost balance and fell in a heap. Cocks were pulled free of Vickie’s steaming holes and she was trapped among all the male limbs with her cunt and ass pouring out oily pre-cum juices. She gasped and panted noisily, sucking in great gulps of hot air.

“Let’s come on her! Let’s fucking come all over her!” someone suggested. “I wanna see her covered in cum!”

“Yeah! Fuck, yeah!” someone agreed. “Let’s do it! Let’s do it to the whore!”

Vickie was laid on her back on the carpet, her huge tits wobbling about in the lewd bra. She gazed up at the men from under her heavily-painted, lust-clouded eyelids. She wondered if they were serious. She wondered if they really meant to come all over her.

She found the notion weirdly appealing, she had to confess. All that jism at one time! She’d never get a chance to see so much cum at one time again, that was for sure. It sounded really quite thrilling! Besides, she didn’t seem to have much choice in the matter. Already the men were surrounding her, closing in on her, their cocks pointing at her.

“Yes,” she screamed. “Yes, jerk off on me! Cover me with cum! I want to see it! I want to see your sweet jizz!”

She raised herself up a little on one elbow, let her eyes drift from one cock to the next, waiting patiently for what she knew was about to happen. She helped each of the men in turn, wrapping her fingers over their pumping fists as they rapidly jerked themselves off over her. Her legs were spread wide and her tits heaved heavily in the lacy bra.

The men knelt over her, completely surrounding her lush, sweat-slick body. Frank and Donald were on either side of her head, pumping wildly. Jason and Frye were aiming at her tits. Saunders knelt between her legs and pointed his huge cock up the length of her torso.

“Oh God, I love your cocks!” Vickie moaned, her glance darting from one fat prick to the next. “I’ve never seen so many in one place before! So many cocks! So many cocks!”

“It’s a special treat for you,” Saunders sneered. “A special treat for my prettiest librarian. Seems you can’t get enough at work. Seems you like being bare-assed on the job with a cock in your cunt, or in your mouth. That can interfere with your work. Much better to get all you can handle and more in your spare time, don’t you think? If you’re gonna whore around, you shouldn’t do it while on the job!”

“That go for us too, boss?” leered Frye, priming his cock roughly. “Does that mean we can’t fuck our cute little librarian at work any more?”

“I’ll have to see about that. It’s going to be hard having her around all day without being able to fuck her, isn’t it? We’ll see. Maybe we can get her an office of her own. She could have a bed in there. Then, any time we get horny, we can go visit her for a blowjob, or an assfuck, or whatever! Yeah, that’s a good idea!”

“A whore in the library! What a great notion!” quipped Donald. He poked Vickie in her cheek with his greasy cockhead.

She ignored them all. They could think what they liked of her. They could call her whore, or slut, or all the names in the world. It didn’t matter. She was getting all the cock she wanted. She was the center of the attention. What more could she ask for? It certainly beat reading books all alone all day!

“Are you ready yet? Are any of you ready to come yet?” she asked, staring at their cocks. “Let me know when you’re ready. I want to be prepared!”

“We’re all ready, slut! We’re all ready to come!” Saunders grunted, leaning lower over her belly with his cock. “We’re all gonna let fly any second, you just watch! You just fucking watch!”

Five men whacked their cocks up and down over the willing librarian. There were moans and groans.

“Ohhh, shit! Ohhh, fuck! Here it comes! Here it fucking comes!” Frank wheezed, and he aimed his cockhead at Vickie’s pretty face as his balls exploded.

She turned her head toward him, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

“Come in my mouth and over my face!” she pleaded, her voice hoarse.

Frank fired off a searing blast of jism that splattered her full in the mouth and cascaded on up her face in a shining white line. She gasped, then coughed, not as prepared as she thought she was to receive the hot jet. It crashed to the back of her mouth and rolled down her throat, half filling her mouth and making her pink tongue gleam silver. And the rest of it clung to her face in a wriggling white ribbon, snaking up her cheek and over the bridge of her nose like a thick tear.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ggglllppphhh!” she gurgled, spouting strings of white from between her lips.

Frank shot off another blast, this one diving across both her cheeks in a thick rope. A long jelly-like strand of it slid down her jaw and drooled to her neck. The milky stream dripped off her face in juicy wads. It pooled in the hollow of her neck and slithered off down one tit.

“Ohhh fuck! Ohhh shit!” Frank moaned, his hand a blur of motion on his hard-on. He was staring wildly at Vickie’s pretty face, trying to aim for her mouth but splashing more jizz onto her face. A third jet fountained up between her eyes and disappeared into her hair, leaving yet another steaming rope of silver. It was as if someone had painted a pretty white line up the center of her face.

“Look at her! Look at the hot bitch!” Frye was gloating, and suddenly he too was coming, firing off strings of spunk across her heaving tits.

He started up high, spurting streamers into the hollow of her neck and even splashing her once under her chin. But then he was pointing his cock lower, shooting jet after jet of cum onto her nipples, onto the upper globes of her tits, into her cleavage. The ribbons of white then ran together, pooling in a thick stream that ran down between her tits like spill-off from them.

“I’m gonna cover her tits! I’m gonna cover the sweet little slut’s tits!” he gloated, his eyes flashing. Hot wads of slime spat out from his cockhead and splashed time after time onto Vickie’s heaving jugs.

“More! More! In my mouth!” she begged, her throat finally cleared of Frank’s jizz. She tilted her head toward him and waited patiently, passively, with her eyes closed.

He moved closer, shot out one, two, three jets of white straight into her gaping, yearning mouth. Thick silver ropes of spunk overflowed her sweet lips and drooled down her chin. They dangled from her jaw.

“Ggggglllggggg!” she gasped, trying to swallow and keep her mouth open at the same time.

“I don’t believe it! Look at her!” Frye went on, watching her face as he splashed out his cum across her tits. “The little whore loves it! She wants more! She fucking wants more cum!”

“And she’s gonna get it! The little slut’s gonna get it!” grunted Donald. He moved closer to Vickie’s cum-splattered face, aimed the head of his cock at her mouth. He began to shoot jism. His first jet slithered down her cheek.

She turned from Frank’s nearly emptied cock and immediately concentrated on this new source of jizz. Her mouth was still full to overflowing with steaming paste, but she gamely forced open her lips, waited anxiously for Donald’s next blast.

Donald squirted a great swirling jet of cum into her gaping mouth. Once again she was forced to cough raggedly. More scalding silver spunk frothed from her lips and dribbled messily off her chin. She looked like she’d been hit in the mouth with a snowball.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” Donald groaned, his hand whipping up and down his spraying cock with lightning-fast strokes. Another string of jism spat free. Then her mouth was full. She was forced to close her lips a moment. And the rest of his spunk sprayed out hopelessly on her pretty face.

Vickie did not wince or try to move her head during this onslaught. She waited patiently for the jism to splatter her full in the face with noisy wet blasts. Her lips smacked together hungrily as she swallowed. She kept her eyes open now, anxious to see who was coming and who wasn’t, who had finished and who was just beginning.

Donald jerked off into her face strongly. Her lashes were matted shut immediately. A thick ball of jizz clung to the corner of her eye.

“Gggglllppphhh! Gggglllppphhh!” she groaned, helpless under the blizzard of cum.

The men watched in fascination as she was covered by wriggling snakes of jism. Frank sat back, his balls empty, his cock dripping slime to the carpet. Frye, his eyes wild, shot his last short blasts onto her right nipple, enthralled at the way the long nubbin shone under its erotic coating of spunk. And while Donald poured out the last of his juice, Saunders and Jason whacked themselves to climax.

She swallowed noisily, sucking wad after wad of steaming paste. This was madness! Absolute madness! This was like nothing she’d ever read about in books! God, how strange life was!

“Ohhh! Ungh! Ungh!” Donald moaned. Another hot blast of cream rose up from his balls. This one rolled out his cock tip and just hung there, like a white ornament on the end of his prick. It gleamed in the light a moment, then drooled down in a rubbery string and attached itself to Vickie’s eyelash. Both eyes were now clogged with spunk.

Jason began to moan softly, and his prick started shooting jets of cum across her tits and down her belly. The white streamers crisscrossed with the cum-lines Frye had painted across her. It was hard to tell whose jizz was whose. The stuff dripped from both her nipples like milk.

And he suddenly pointed his cock higher, and streams of spunk shot off into her blonde hair. Cum slopped down her cheek and along her jawline. He moaned softly to himself.

“Quite a shower you’re getting, huh, slut?” croaked Saunders, gazing up her steaming body. Her face was no longer recognizable. “You want the last of it? You want the last of the hot cum all over you?”

He knelt between her gaping legs and jerked himself off, proud that he was the last to come. There was a tense grin on his face and he began to growl deep in his throat. His hand whacked up and down on his cock so fast it was a wonder he wasn’t hurting himself. Then at the last minute he tilted his stiff cock downwards, aiming for her yawning cunt.

Vickie had been fucked so many times tonight, her pussy was a gasping pink slice of raw flesh, the lips pried wide apart by all the cocks. It was wet and soggy with pre-cum juice and pussy fluid, and her pubic hair glistened as if oil had been poured all over it.

“Here it comes! Here comes the last of the juice!” Saunders wailed. He pumped his aching cock one last time, and it began to spit out thick bolts of silver onto her cunt. Once, twice, three times, the blasts shooting directly onto her cunt flesh, pasting it with scalding spunk.

He hit her erect clit one time, then bathed her puffy outer cuntlips. Then he blasted a jet or two onto her crotch hair. Finally he, too, was pointing his cock upwards. Shot after shot spat up over her belly, flowed into her navel, slithered up between her tits.

He crawled up over her, pumped out a blast that hit her solidly on her left nipple. And then he soiled her already splattered face. He jerked out the last of his jism into her mouth, adding to the already spilling overflow.

“Just what you wanted! Just what you wanted, little girl! A face full of cum! A steaming face full of hot spunk! Ohhh, what a sight you are! What a filthy, obscene sight you are!”

Vickie shone white under the coating of hot spunk. She was covered, from cunt to hairline, with wriggling pools of white. Her cunt oozed it, her belly gleamed with it. Her mammoth tits were as slick with cum as they could be.

Her face was an incredible mess. Thick juicy ropes of silver jizz hung off her hair, drooled down her forehead. Her blue eye shadow had turned a darker shade. Her eyes were two wide circles of quivering cream.

Layers of cum coated her cheeks and dribbled off her chin. One nostril was completely blocked off. Her mouth was a ghostly wash of silver, plugged completely with jism she hadn’t yet had time to swallow. It overflowed her scarlet lips and smeared the lower half of her face totally. Heavy white strings of spunk dangled from her chin.

“What a sight! What an incredible sight!” Saunders muttered, the last of his juice pumped out into her face. “You’re covered in it! You’re fucking, covered in cum! How does it feel? How does it feel to be buried under all that spunk?”

Vickie couldn’t answer. It felt kind of neat, in an odd way, but she didn’t want to think about it just then. She was too busy trying to clear her mouth and throat of cream. She was too busy trying to breathe through her one clear nostril.

“Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ,” Jason said at last, flopping onto his back on the floor. His cock was wilting in his hand. It drooled fluid onto his thigh.

The others lay around in a daze, their balls empty, their cocks slowly withering between their legs. They stared at Vickie with mixtures of awe and disgust, as if they hadn’t had anything to do with messing her up this way. It was as if they were watching a movie of what had happened. Only Saunders was up on his knees, still straddling her, dripping cum onto her.

And Vickie swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. She felt bloated, as if she’d been force-fed something heavy and oily. She felt as though she wouldn’t need to eat again for a whole week. Her throat made wet croaking noises.

“Sweet little librarian! Sweet little librarian!” Saunders chanted. “You’re a horny little bitch and no mistake! You took all we had to give you, didn’t you? You swallowed down jism from five guys! Incredible! Fucking incredible!”

Actually there was more jism splattered on her face and body than she’d swallowed, mused Vickie, but she wasn’t about to argue. She’d done a hell of a job, whichever way you looked at it. She’d handled them all, let them all fuck her, and she’d brought them all off. It was some accomplishment. Not bad for a quiet little librarian who had not had much experience in these matters!

And where would she go from here? How could she possibly top this? A girl only had so many holes, after all. She only had so many places she could stuff a cock. Five guys would seem to be about the limit. Unless she took them in shifts. Unless she fucked them one or two or three at a time and made the others wait their turn.

She flushed at her lewd thoughts. She certainly had been liberated this past day or two! She had no idea she was capable of this kind of thing. And look what had happened! What a difference in just a day or two!

There was only one thing that mattered in all this, and that was the fact that she enjoyed herself. She got off on what was said to her, what was done to her. And now that she’d broken out from the prison of her past life, she could go on exploring this strange new world with all its kinky aspects.

A lot had happened to her in the last little while. She’d done some pretty wild things. But there were lots of other things to do out there! There were lots of other ways to enjoy herself sexually! And she was determined to do it. At least she’d have a hell of a good try!

She sighed contentedly, confident that her life from now on was going to be all she could possibly want. She swallowed, drank down yet more of the cloying spunk in her mouth. And she twisted and squirmed on the damp carpet, stretching her gorgeous body like a lazy cat. She brought her hands up the length of her torso, scooping up warm layers of jism with her fingers.

Her body gleamed under its layers of spunk. And she spread it on her skin, bathing her belly. She caressed her huge tits, massaging the sticky paste into her full globes and over her nipples.

And then she touched her face. Her fingers traced up over her cheeks, smoothing the jizz into her skin like balm. She touched her forehead and gathered the stuff pooling in her eyes. She ran a finger down each cheek and finally dug one into the corner of her mouth. And then, sticking her tongue out prettily, her face broke into a wide, girlish smile.

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