A Star Original

Her right foot began to tingle. It was an extremely unpleasant feeling, much worse than pins-and-needles. Vaguely alarmed, she raised herself painfully on her elbows and looked down.

Something was moving under the blanket down by her feet. Shocked, she flung the blanket to one side and froze… Her right foot had disappeared. Beyond the cuff of her jeans there was nothing. Just empty space.

The awful tingling sensation was in her left leg now as well. She saw it was covered with a black, glistening liquid and that a long tendril of the same substance ran across the floor from the end of the bunk… She remembered the woman with the black, slimy worms hanging out of her mouth.

She tried to scream but it was too late. Her upper torso was now under attack as well. Her shirt caved inwards and her head fell back onto the pillow. With wide terrified eyes she stared helplessly at the ceiling, her mouth working frantically as she tried to suck air into lungs that no longer existed.

Then the substance moved over her eyes and the light faded. She waited for merciful oblivion.

It didn’t come.

For Jools