The tutoring session wasn’t going as well as Elspeth had anticipated. Here they were, both naked and her teacher seemed interested only in casual conversation. And did she have to keep bringing up the subject of feet all the time?

“You don’t mind, do you?” Margalo shifted her body. “All right if I rest my feet in your lap like this?”

“I don’t mind at all.”

“Oh? It pleases you?”

Oddly enough, Elspeth did find the contact pleasing. But it puzzled her, too, the strange and unheard-of preoccupation with feet. Feet were for walking and running and dancing, not loving. But she knew what to say, though – when in doubt, toss a bouquet of flattery…

“I enjoy it. You have pretty feet.”

“Hmph! That’s what my maid keeps telling me. Only she says it with a lot more feeling.”

“Oh. Of course. She’s been with you a long time and I’m sure she loves your feet. They’re very shapely. And soft and smooth, too. Really quite beautiful.”

“Hmm, that’s much better, my dear. I’d consider it a truly well – put compliment if it weren’t for the fact that I had to drag it out of you.”

“But I mean it, Margalo. Your feet are beautiful.”

“Beautiful, eh? You don’t seem overly anxious to fondle them. I made you do that once, remember? You kissed my feet quite nicely, too. I should think you might want to do it again some time.”

“Oh…” Elspeth felt one foot move; the toes curled and the arched sole caressed her thigh. In a way, she recognized a certain excitement building up, an interesting sensation, really, even though she had just about reached the conclusion that Margalo Fitch was a bit phony as well as freaky. “I’ll kiss your feet if you want me to. Do you?”

“Hah! I’ll leave that decision to you. After all, I’ve practically wheedled you into it, isn’t that so? Just being willing isn’t enough, my dear.” The woman shook her head, her dark locks tumbling. “Oh, this is so silly. It’s getting late and we don’t seem to be hitting it off today, do we? Perhaps you should come back and visit me some other time, hmm?”

Freaky and phony, maybe, but nevertheless this experienced creature was still the most intriguing lesbian around, and Elspeth had no intention of giving up and leaving so soon. In tentative propitiation, she bent part way and lifted both feet to her lips. The kiss was light at first, almost experimental – until she felt the skin quiver. Then, abruptly, sensing the need within herself now, she kissed the soft flesh ardently, eagerly, hoping to gain a more intimate privilege but still finding a unique joy in this one.

“Ah, how nice, Elspeth. I’m glad you came around to my way of thinking. You have no idea what that does to me. I’m getting warm. Hot. Is that all right, darling? Is it all right with you if I get hot and sexy?”

“Mmm… yes.”

“I’ll make you suck my cunt.”

“Uh-huh. Love it.”

“Yes indeed, you do love it. You love cunt as much as any girl I know. Oooh! You suck my toes so nicely; I really believe you’re getting pleasure out of it. Don’t worry about leaving, you sweet thing, take all the time you want. Make love to me slowly and beautifully.”

Elspeth took time for a thousand kisses. The pretty toes, the slender ankles, the rounded calves and thickening thighs that trembled and parted invitingly – oh, it was sheer bliss to slip into this dreamy illusion of timelessness! She felt Margalo’s fingers entwining and toying with her hair, delicate in their touch and yet peremptory enough in their massage. The heavy hips undulated lazily, moving in a sensuous rhythm that was immediately picked up by her lips and tongue. She burrowed and sucked slowly – and beautifully, she hoped! – but was still aware of a twinge of disappointment somehow, a loss of involvement. This thing she was doing, where was the novelty? She had done it before, and surely something new and quite different should have been forthcoming in this lesson. Something more exotic. Something to study and practice and learn…



“Let me… uh…”


“Hold it. Let me turn…” Margalo’s torso went into a sinuous spiral. “There. It’s all yours.”


“You don’t want to?”


“Am I so ugly there?”

“N-no. You’re beautiful.”

“So I’ve been told. I have a beautiful ass. Wouldn’t you like to tell me that yourself? Or better yet, show me. Show me your appreciation. Show me you haven’t forgotten how to appreciate a woman’s body.”

Her teacher had spoken and Elspeth knew then that this was the lesson for today. And still she hesitated. Margalo Fitch dealt in novelty, sure enough, but…

“Come now, don’t keep me waiting!”

Elspeth lowered her head and began anew, finding a wealth of territory to cover. Another soft curve to receive her kisses. Another hill, another valley. She tasted the rolling flesh with her tongue, licking both buttocks and finding a weird pleasure in the little creased under curves.

“That’s it, lover. You’re getting there.”


“Between the cheeks now. That’s where it’s best. Best for me and best for you. I’m sure you’ll love it. Stick your tongue in. All the way. Do it!”

The sharp command shattered Elspeth’s last vestige of reluctance. She obeyed and licked deeper into the great dark furrow, at last reaching the limit and locating the tiny pucker with the tip of her now-elongated tongue.

“In! Push it in!”

A jab and in it went, right into the little hole, and Elspeth wrapped her arms around the lurching body and jammed her face in hard. I’m doing it, she thought crazily, I’m licking this lesbian’s ass, I’m fucking her asshole with my tongue! The very lewdness of the thought became an added source of excitement. She clung tightly and managed to maintain the pressure to the utmost, despite the wild gyrations that threatened to cast her out.

It was wild, all right, the gyrations and everything else, especially the thing that happened at the end. Somewhere, deep inside her own body, a bomb went off. And at that instant, in the convulsion of her unexpected climax, a vision flashed out of the darkness to astound her, the vision of her roommate, of all people… little Joan Talbot… naked…

Afterward, she didn’t even try to figure out why. It was enough to know that Joan meant so much to her, more than Margalo herself apparently. For that matter, Margalo had acted pretty phony right from the start – selfish phony, what with all that foot-kissing business – and the idea of taking lessons from her had lost some of its charm. Maybe “learning by doing” was the correct way to go about it, but Elspeth couldn’t see herself learning much by slobbering over a woman’s feet.

And then even the leave taking only added to her rising sense of disenchantment. Just before they parted, Margalo held out her hand and Elspeth took it in her own for a friendly and perhaps grateful handshake. Girl to girl, as it were. But there was no return clasp, only the limply extended hand, and a long moment passed before she realized what was being demanded of her. She did it, of course – more to keep the peace than anything else – she carried the limp hand to her lips and kissed it.

“Good girl.”


“I’m glad you understood. I dislike having to explain such simple things, you know.”


“From now on you’ll do that whenever you come for a lesson. You’ll kiss my hand when you greet me and you’ll do it again when you leave… You’ll do it humbly and respectfully; I’ll insist on that. Do you understand what I’m trying to get across to you?”

“I-I think so.”

“Well, you’d better. Because that’s the way it’s going to be. As I said before, I can’t really teach you; I can only show you. I’ll show you how one woman makes a slave of another. And if you do as I command, well, eventually you’re bound to catch on to the technique. I’d say you’ve already learned quite a lot, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, I have. Thank you.”

“My dear girl, there’s a better way to thank me and I’m sure you’re aware of that. Don’t do it now, just remember this the next time you’re here. More than anything else, I enjoy having my feet kissed. You already know that, so you should be doing it anyway – but just in case, my dear, don’t ever forget to kiss my feet when you’re making love to me.”

“I won’t forget.”

“I’ll tell you when I want my cunt sucked. Or my ass kissed maybe, if that happens to be my mood. But this is the last time I’ll mention my feet. You yourself should know what to do. Even the most stupid of slaves should have figured it out by now.”

Once on the other side of the penthouse door, Elspeth muttered a few curses to give vent to her exasperation. The most stupid of slaves. What a putdown! Oh shit, all that selfish bitch cared about was getting somebody to kiss her feet. Phony from the word go. Hmm. Were all lesbians like that? No, of course not – sweet little Joan was certainly real enough…